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F^ff TUHL1C 





/fa^ in /n? 
United States 

The Bedford Flag, commissioned to Cornet John Page 
in 1737 by King George II of England, was carried by his 
son, Nathaniel, who fought with the Bedford Minutemen 
at the Battle of Concord Bridge, April 19, 1775. 








MLcec way 

EECNE (€17) 27S-17CC 


1995. The year of the 50th anniversary of the end of World War 
II, 130 years since the end of the Civil War, and 25 years since the 
lottery jackpot reached $ 1 ,000,000. And, we too have been a part 
of history. In our lives, we've seen world events take place such as 
the coup in Russia, the handshake between Arafat and Rabin, the 
destruction of the Berlin Wall, and the Persian Gulf War. Other 
events, like immigration policies and the economic depression, 
really hit home. There were times when many parents were out of 
work and sacrifices had to be made. We will never forget these 
events; we will always look back on the past and remember. And 
we will remember the friends we've made. 

One day, twenty years from now, when you have a job, a family, 
and a home, you may think about being a kid again. While this wish 
can only be granted in the movies, you will still have your memories 
of being a teenager. You'll reflect upon those times you crammed 
until one o'clock in the morning for a test or trying to finish that 
paper, or how you had the best time staying after school with your 
friends, doing absolutely nothing but having a great time. But these 
memories only skim the surface of what your experience at Bedford 
High School meant to you. This was the place where you changed 
from a child into an adult. It was the time when you first tasted 
freedom and wonder and became an addict, insatiable for new 
experiences. It will represent all your dreams and ambitions. And, 
whether you've lived in Bedford since birth, or just moved onto 
Hascom Air Force Base, Bedford High School will, someday, hold 
a very special place in your heart. 

2 Reflections 





Table of Contents 3 

Kelly Gullage and 
Eileen Hartwe 
saddle up for yet 
another English 

4 Student Life 

Hola, clase. Como estan, Uds?" Esta es una clase de frances. Oui. 

v4r. Lord explains the 
lynamics of an edit 
nachine, while Jim 
tnd Craig rejoice at 
laving finally cap- 
ured the elusive 
relemedia guru on 

Hola Greg Ross. Como esta? Greg looks tired as he rests on a 
park bench at the Junior Prom. 

Wanted: DaveStorer. Dead 
or Alive. Reward: $10. 

Brendan Jones and Nadia 
Volicer have been attached 
at the hand for quite some 

rhis was a common sight at many a football game this 
ear ... Eileen and Stina, smiling. 

Joanna Thoren and Kelly Dutton were among the throngs of 
happy freshmen at the football games. 

Haneef Terry and Angela 
Williams, the Comedy and 
Tragedy of BHS. 

Chopsticks 101 

Student Life 5 



Bedford High Senior Eric Green and his friend Mike Mazzone, from Shawsheen Tech, co-host, co-write, co- 
produce, and co-edit this talk/variety show under the direction of Andrew Schwerin. The show features comedy skits, 
music videos, reviews, and interviews with local celebrities (one episode featured an interview with Boston Bruins Steve 
Leach and Dave Reid). "The thing I love about it," Eric says, "is the creative freedom we have. We can do whatever 
we want, whether it's mini-movies, comedy, music, interviews, or commentary we can do it. There's no limit." The 
show, which is prerecorded, is shown every week until Eric, Mike, and Andrew bang out a new show, which is usually 
a month to two months. The trio tries to make each episode worth that wait. 

6 Student Life 

Student Life 7 

Vilas searches desperately for his 

date, but Michelle, Christina, Jen, Bow down and pay homage to 

Catherine, and Kate don't seem to their royal majesties, prom king 

know where she is. Hey, V! Check and queen Mike McAllister and 

the refreshment table! Rhea Desilva. 

Adam Chiocca and 
Chris Carson refresh 
themselves. Mmm, 
Sprite ... 


Da Posse hams it up for 
our ace prom photogra- 
pher. We see you, Gil- 

Trina Limoges, Sarah 
Carvey, Craig Wiley, and 
Aarti Kapuria take "Twist 
and Shout" a tad too liter- 
ally. In the background, 
Vilas searches on ... 



lie Allain and Michelle Cronin enjoy 
time away from their dates. Phew! 

alvin Wilder and Andrea Russo display 
e results of years of expensive dental 

Preparation for the Junior Prom be- 
gan months in advance. Everything had 
to be perfect. Dresses had to be bought, 
tuxes had to be rented, flowers ordered, 
hair scheduled, dinner reservations made, 
and dates arranged. 

The day before the big event, the 
prom committee worked hard to trans- 
form the new cafeteria into a magical 
city of "Lights." Mrs. Gullage, along 
with Prom Chairpersons Carla Inferrera 
and Jaqui Brown, did all they could to 
make things run smoothly. 

For most people, the night of May 
fourteenth started at approximately 5 

o'clock. After dinner, it was off to the 
dance. The night consisted of mingling 
with friends, dancing, and the crowning 
of the Prom King and Queen. The 
Prom Court included Courtney 
Donovan, Tara Slavin, Kelly Gullage, 
Eileen Hartwell, Chris Carson, Adam 
Chiocca, Dan Gray and Matt Giusti. 
The Royal Twosome were King Mike 
McAllister and Queen Rhea DeSilva. 
The prom came to an end around mid- 
night and groups of friends went on to 
their individual parties. All in all, it was 
a very successful night ... one that will 
never be forgotten! 

All rise ... the Prom Court is here! Judges 
Courtney, Tara, Chris, Dan, Chock, Juicy, Kelly, 
Eileen, and their royal highnesses, Mike and 
Rhea, presiding. 

American Field Service 

AFS stands for American Field Service, a 
cultural exchange program that is rapidly grow- 
ing in our high school. This organization pro- 
vides the means for foreign students to come live 
in our town as well as for Americans to spend 
time living with host families in other countries. 
It also provides an incredible experience through 
which one learns so much about people, the 
world, and oneself. 

The Bedford chapter of AFS was very active 
this year under the enthusiastic supervision of 
Mrs. Sherry Estrada. A record number of 
students went abroad with the program last 
summer. These students included Adam Chiocca 
(France), Andrea Russo (France), Eileen O'Pray 
(France), Joey Zupkus (Costa Rica), Katharine 
French-Fuller (Chile), and Kristin Horrigan 

Unfortunately, for the first time in years, 
Bedford residents did not host any AFS students 
for the academic year. Hopefully, the hosting 
tradition will be resumed next year. 

BHS is fortunate to have several international 
students studying here on private arrangements 
this year. We were happy to have Tim Kullman 
from Germany, Kayatanah from Spain, and 
Fiona Ng from Hong Kong as active students at 
BHS. We hope to see underclassmen carry on 
the strong tradition at BHS. 

Andrea Russo and her host family (Fabian, Florence and 
Karine) commune with nature at the municipal pool in la 
belle France. 

Bonjour! Eileen O'Pray and Kristin Horrigan try hard not 
to look like tourists as they enjoy their Language Camp 

experience in Nice, France. 

■ 12 AFS 

Eileen O'Pray and Kristin Horrigan are so proud of Bedford that the\ 
plaster its name everywhere ... even on this stolen van! 

Under the splendor and majesty of the Eiffel 
Tower we find the splendor and majesty ... of 
Kristin Horrigan, enjoying a leisurely float down 
the Seine. 

Random foreigners (and Adam Chiocca). 

On the outskirts of San Jose, a beautiful 
mountaintop restaurant is despoiled by yet 
another filthy American tourist. But this time 
it's Joey Zupkus, accompanied by his host 
sister, Anna. 

Katharine French-Fuller contemplates life, the 
universe, and everything. 

The AFS group waits for their plane, blissfully 
unaware that they will soon be mugged. 

After years of waiting for good "Old MacDonald had a farm, 
weather on Bedford Day, this E-I-E-I-O; and on that farm he 
past Day was a hot one. had some chicks, E-I-E-I-O ..." 


Every year, Bedford residents gather in celebration of 
our town's founding on September 23, 1729. Bedford 
Day has always attracted companies, clubs, and institu- 
tions from around the entire community to walk in the 
parade, which goes from Friendly's to BHS. Some of 
this year's participants included the Greater Lowell 
Indian Cultural Society, the Bedford Chamber of Com- 
merce, members of the D.A.R.E. program, the Bedford 
Historical Society, the Republican and Democratic 
Town Committees, the Toni Barrie Marching Band, 
several Girl Scout troops, supporters of of Babe Ruth 
Baseball, and members of United We Stand America. 

After the parade, the crowd travelled to the back 
parking lot of the town center, which had been trans- 
formed into the sight of the afternoon's excitement and 
the perfect place for food, friends, and games. The 
diversity of the boothes — from face painting to informa- 
tion on the Targeteers to arts and crafts — gave kids and 
parents hours of exploration. Crafts and food were also 
sold by the Bedford Women's Club, the Rotary Club, 
members of the Bedford Chapter of the National Honor 
Society, and P.O. M.S. 

The days events came to a close around 4 o'clock, and 
everyone went home after a day full of friends and good 

14 Bedford Day 

Chris Carson has just applied the tra- 
ditional face paint that is required of 
all Bedford Public Library volunteers. 

Parce que. 

Jen Clerkin and Cara McNamara dr. 
alike, drink alike, pose alike, sm 
alike ... maybe they're twins who wc 
separated at birth ... maybe not ... 



Meg Boschetto show that there's more to life than the 

The Targeteers are a group of Bedford High School 
students that use their energies to fight tobacco addition 
amoung Bedford's teens and inform non-smokers about 
why they should not start. One of the weapons in their 
fight is the television. The Targeteers have a weekly 
T.V. show that combines rock videos, movie satire skits 
and info-mercials that address their smoking message. 
On November 17th, the day of the Great American 
Smokeout, "the Targeteers broadcast a live telethon com- 
bining the Bedford premier of "Killers From Space" 
with an auction of donated goods that bidders paid for 
with packs of cigarettes instead of money. In adddition 
to the televisoion shows. The Targeteers publish news- 
letters, speak in classrooms, and the have a live show 
with music, dance, and skits that they perform for area 

The dedicated members of the Targeteers: Advisor Denis McDonald, Jeremy Nash, Carla 
Inferrera, Eric Green, Eileen Hartwell, Lexie Ross, Kelly Gullage, Matt Guisti, and Becky 
Venuti. (Not pictured but also active members of Targeteers: Elicabeth Cameron, 
Michelle Donnelly, Katie Roche. Dan Grey, 

Eric Green attemps to recruit new Targeteers 
while dancing the night away at last year's 
Junior Prom. 

Targeteers 1 5 


Neil Fluckiger and Jason 

McCormick are placed in exile for Colleen Sullivan and Lynn Mee 
showing too much spirit. c heer each other up at Spirit Day. 

Members of Team Hot Whee 
mark their territory. 

Spirit Day! 

"Spirit Day? What's that?" These guys are just proud 
to be a part of Bedford High School. 

Members of last year's freshmen class enjoy their very 
first Spirit Day. 

Spirit Day, held last June, al- 
lowed everyone to show their 
school spirit. Each class wore 
the same color shirts — the Class 
of 1 997 in red, the Class of 1 996 
in white, and the Class of 1995 
in blue — to signify team unity. 

The classes competed against 
one another in games such as an 
egg toss, a cracker and whistle 
contest, and many other fun 
games. The track and the foot- 
ball field were covered with 

people having a great time, 
was to have some fun with yo 
class and the rest of the people 
your school. I hope we ha 
another Spirit Day this yeaj 
commented one participa 
from the Class of 1997. 

Spirit Day was definitely 
success and, hopefully, we cj 
look forward to another one 
the future! 

18 Spirit Day 

A Week to Remember 

Spirit week is the week during 
qich the students and teachers of 
i dford High School display their 
jirit for their school and come to- 
;ther as a group. To get ift off to a 
;eat start, Monday was pronounced 
"estern Day" and was ended with 
day as "Blue and White Day". 

Having Cowboys and Cowgirls 
liming the hall might seem a bit 
irculiarto some people, but to those 
m Bedford High Shcool it repre- 
lted spirit and pride for our school, 
se Haw!" explained one sopho- 
>re when asked to comment about 
: event. 

Tuesday had a double theme: 
*|)rk Day and Roll Out of Bed Day. 
ny students could be seen roaming 
halls in their Friendly's aprons, 
idford Farm's sweat shirts or their 
orite flannel pajamas and slippers. 
On Wednesday, Bedford High 

celebrated the 1960's. Clothes ranged 
from the 1990's to the 1960's. Many 
wore bell - bottoms, butterfly collars, 
clogs, and love beads. The whole 
school was transformed into hippies. 

For Thursday's Student - Teacher 
Day, teachers dressed up as students 
and visa versa. Can you imagine 20 
Ms. Messmers roaming the halls? How 
about Mr. Corliss, Mr. Hunt, Mrs. Rainis, 
Mr. Sullivan, and Ms. Messmer wear- 
ing jeans, baseball caps, and trying to 
look like teenagers? Nobody looked 
like themselves, it was really hard to 
figure out who the real teachers were. 

Everyone was dressed in their fa- 
vorite blues and whites for Blue and 
White Day. Face paint, hair paint, and 
nail polish were popular accesories. 
This year, as in the past, Spirit Week 
was a huge success. It was great to see 
everyone show off their Bedford Spirit! 


This year's Pep Rally was one of the most successful in Bedford'.' 
history. The entire student body came together in the gym to gei 
psyched for that evening's Homecoming football game and to honor the 
fall athletes. 

"I screamed so loudly that I could hardly speak for a week afterwards 
complained one student. Indeed, there was definitely a lot of yelling 
going on! One of the biggest welcomes was for the Varsity Soccer team 
for making the state soccer tournament. After all the teams had thei 
moment on the gym floor, the captains said a few inspiring words. 

Also at the Pep Rally, the Homecoming Court was announced. Thi. 
year's nominees for Homecoming Queen were: Jaqui Brown, Kelb 
Gullage, Carla Inferrera, Stacey Porter, and Sharlene Tobin. Th< 
nominees for Homecoming King were: Mike McAllister, Chris Carson 
Bryant Chisholm, Matt Dwyer, and Matt Guisi. 

20 Pep Rally 


Every year students, parents, and other Bed- 
ford residents gather together to watch the 
exciting Homecoming Football Game. Some 
come to watch the game; some come to witness 
the crowning of the Homecoming King and 
Queen; and others come just to be a part of the 
excitement. Homecoming also lures many BHS 

This year's game was especially exciting, as 
we won against Weston. Additionally, the Home- 

coming King and Queen were announced during 
the halftime show. Every year the senior class 
votes on five guys and five dolls who has the best 
qualities to be on the Homecoming Court. This 
year Jaqui Brown, Kelly Gullage, Stacey Porter, 
Sharlene Tobin, Chris Carson, Bryant Cnisholm, 
Matt Dwyer, and Matt Guisti were the elected to 
the court with Mike McAllister and Carla Inferrera 
as King and Queen. 

Hey, who let the parents in?!! 
look like they're having fun ... 

Oh, well, they 
let 'em stay. 

Homecoming Royalpersons Mike 
McAllister and Carla Inferrera pose 
for their traditional Yearbook 
photo, the first of their many du- 
ties (including cutting the ribbon 
at an official Restaurant opening, 
Knighting the Archduke of B-Wing, 
and, of course, having the tradi- 
tional Royal Affairs.) 

Long live they king! Friends give 
homecoming King Mike McAllister 
a bachelor party he'll never for- 


2 1 Homecoming 

Mike. Courtney, Maria. Michelle, 
Jen. and Greg enjoy the small, hu- 
mid, dense box that is the Semi- 

Cara Stein and Sean Waldron enjoy 
a slow dance despite the flowery 
growth on Cara's wrist. 

22 Semi-Formal 

Semi-Formal Dance 


Once again, this year's Semi-Formal was Sure, the DJs were pretty awful and the • 

an immense success! Upperclass-hupers music was lacking soul, but the crowd was • 

and their dates rocked the floor of the determined to have a good time. With the I 

Billerica Irish American Club till the clock guys all decked out and the girls dressed • 

struck midnight, and, even then, the par- to kill, everyone "Jungle Boogied ,, down • 

ties were just beginning for many people, and had a lot of fun! • 


24 People 

Hanscom Air Force Base 

Bedford High School has a 
wide cultural diversity. Part 
of this is due to the fact that 
Hanscom Air Force Base 
sends its students to Bedford. 
Kids from all over the world 
come because their parents 
are stationed here. These stu- 
dents have a diversity of be- 
liefs and views to share, mak- 
ing it a more interesting and 
vibrant. They have secured 
an integral place in our high 
school environment. 

Hanscom 2" 

The Metco Posse: (top row) Carlie Reynolds, Kianga Eccles, Aisha Mondesir, 
Barbara Johnson, Akilah Garnett, Felisha Bruno, Asha Mondesir, Shara Reynolds, 
Rhea DeSilva, Delanda Sydney (bottom row) Jamal Jones, Marcell Bittle, Devin 
McPhie, and Cedric Townes. 


METCO (Metropolitan Council 
for Educational Opportunity), is a 
private non-profit, voluntary asso- 
ciation. It began through the deter- 
mination of urban and suburban 
parents, educators and others who 
believed that quality integrated 
education should not have to wait 
for the state's Racial Imbalance Act 
to be implemented. 

The Bedford METCO Program 
started on September of 1974, un- 
der the leadership of Ms. Michele 
Foster. Today the METCO Coordi- 

nator is Mrs. Irene Parker. She has 
been the coordinator for 18 years 
now and her work has been 
greatly appreciated by many. One 
of her goals is to integrate the 
Boston students into the Bedford 
Public School System, and the 
class of '95 is proud to say that she 
has met that goal. 

Mrs. Parker, we all thank you 
for all you have done. You will be 

by Angela Williams 

Rhea DeSilva, overjoyed to exit the METCO 
bus, is seconds away from discovering she's 
in Idaho. 

"he Varsity Seniors show off what they 

Preeeesenting....Sir Cedric and his Babes 
of the Caf Table! Bow and scrape here. 

Metco 29 

Thespian Club 

Cara and Terri, outstanding Thespianettes of the 
BHS stage, perform their latest and best work: 
pretending to actually enjoy high school. 

The Drama Club had a dramatic year! 
The curtain opened with the election of 
club officers: President Naveen Wadhera, 
Vice President Kate Leary, Secretary 
Terry O'Reilly, and Treasurer Emily 
Ulmann. Act I featured the production 
of Tournament of Plays in November. 
The Seniors performed "Blues," the 
Juniors performed "Me and My Chorus," 
the Sophomores performed "Creeps by 
Night," and the Freshmen performed 
"Games." The Junior Class had the Best 
Production of the evening and went to 
regionals in March. Acts II and III were 
the student-directed plays at Student 
Production Night in February and the 
Spring Play in May. During February 
intermission, members of the Drama 
Club went to New York City, where they 
saw "Miss Saigon" and "Grease." We 
anxiously await their encore presenta- 

Fervid thespians live for the BHS Drama Club. Here, we present "The 
Club Officers" starring Naveen as Emily, Terri as Naveen, and Emily as 

SSI ' ' 

Je Actress Formerly Known As Kate 
kry changed her name to an 
(pronouncable symbol following her 

• ction to the Drama Club. "Would you call Mrs. Sorgi the advisor of the Drama Club, or what?" 

) ma Club: (back row) Katie, Jesse, Alison, Ben, AJvin, Gwen, Liz, Joanna, Sewon, Adam, Gilbert, Adrian, Curtis, Shaun, Eric, 
I Jeremy, Greg, Nate, Jen, Lisa (fourth row) Michelle, Meredith, Meg, Elisa, Caroline, Meredith, Pam, Heather, Dina, Susan, 
arina, Eric, Vanessa, Ellen, Kate (third row) Krista, Molly, Joanna, Sarah, Trinity, Beth, Ingrid, Emily, Terry, Alyssa, Catherine, 
1 helle, Katie, Jen, Beth, Jen, Phil (second row) Shawn, Danny, Colin, Andy, Meredith, Kerri, Jessica, Kamah, Cordelia, 
p larine, Carrie, Becky, Colleen, Michelle, Miranda, Tiffany (front row) Michelle, Tim, Naveen, Craig, Aarti, Chris, Kelly 

Drama Club 31 


Drama Club President Naveen 

Student Production Night was held in February. The play "Who Shot Willie" was directed by Michelle Pulsil 
and Stacey Porter and featured Andrew Schwerin, Lisa Looney, Jen Tsang, Becky Venuti, Michelle Sampson,! 
Mike McAllister. Another play, "Gray Bread," was directed by Kate Leary and Emily Ulmann; the characters 
played by Jen St. Sauveur, Aarti Kapuria, Trina Limoges, and Gwen Kremer. "The Psychiatrist in Spite of HimI 
featured Craig Wiley, Kate Geary, Shawn Fillion, Jenn Kiger, Miranda Hillyard, and Jeff Haynes under the direJ 
of Chris Carson and Ben Waterhouse. The play "Dirge" was directed by Terry O'Reilly and Alyssa RobinsonI 
featured Alyssa, Glenn Farley, Greg Ross, Ingrid Ahlgren, Caroline Leary, Michelle Martin, Jon de Arfl 
Stephanie Eschmann, Jessica Heely, and Eric Green. The final play, "The Waiting Room," was directed by Na'I 
Wadhera and Cara McNamara and featured Naveen, Cara, Nathan Ahlgren, Sewon Im, Theresa McGomI 
Meredith Campbell, Krysta Robinson, Kristin Mead, Shawn Downs, Julie Dubitsky, Jeremy Ciacca, and Jel 
Amos. All should be congratulated on a job well done! 

Guys & Dolls 

This year, the Music Department at BHS put on the Broadway musical comedy "Guys and Dolls." This hila 
look at the lives of gamblers, sinners, and missionaries tells the stories of Nathan Detroit, a life-long crap she 
(played by Naveen Wadhera), his old acquaintence Sky Masterson (played by Ben Waterhouse), and their 1 
— Miss Adelaide (played by Kate Leary) and Sgt. Sarah Brown (played by Michelle Pulsipher), respective 

"Guys and Dolls" was presented with the most energy anyone could want. And, such musical selectio. 
"I'll Know," "Guys and Dolls," and "Luck Be a Lady" added to the sensational performance. The satisfaction^ 
the group was truly heartfelt after three successful productions, which were directed by Barry Low. 

32 Student Production Night & "Guys and Dolls" 


Senior Autographs 33 

Ye olde rogues' gallery: Greg Simpson, 
Colleen Devlin. Michelle Pulsipher and 
Trina Limoges line up for more wassail. 

Naveen displays medieval charm, wit, and 

Jan Tsang seems delighted to be in medi- 
eval times. Jen, um, that physics test is still 

Jamme with Ye Olde Royal Recorders! 
Christina Carvey, Jen St. Sauveur, and 
Catherine Weicker warm up the crowd. 



Choir, the largest singing group 
offered at BHS, meets every other 
day. Their songs range from gospel 
to native chants to traditional Ameri- 
can. Choir is the only class that is 
allowed to wear those funky robes 
at concerts. 

Gospel Choir, the newest group, 
was created by Barbara Johnson. It 
is a volunteer choir that meets after 

school, and their first year has been 
terrific. Show Choir is another en- 
semble that is non-elective, though an 
audition is required for admittance. 
This year, they performed many spirit- 
lifting tunes. 

The two student run groups are, for 
guys, Men's Octet and, for dolls, Double 
Sextet. They are both completely 
accapella and require a singing audi- 

tion before a panel of memb 
This year, Chris Carson was 
Men's Octet's student leader, J 
Michelle Pulsipher and Jennifer .) 
Sauver led Double Sextette. Th u 
groups in conjunction with Ma i 
gal and the Flute Choir perfornu 
special parties and events arranjj 
by Mr. Low, the director for all vera 

Choir: (row the toppeth) Anna, Emily, Meg, 
Robin, Molly, Krista, Jessica, Keri, Shaun, Sabrina, 
Meredith, Ingrid, Chao-Yen, Chris, Curtis, Casey, 
Adam (row the secondeth) Heather, Joanna, 
Carrie, Rachel, Meredith, Jenn, Michelle, Emily, 
Becky, Jen, Kirsten, Ken, Mike, Robin, Ginny 
(row the third) Danny, Colin, Jesse, Jen, Sarah, 
Jessica, Patrick, Dan (row the lasteth) Stephanie, 
Alvin, Heather, Beth, Gilbert, Sewon, Johnny, 
Bethany, and Alison 

36 Choirs 

rteen members of the 
)ir, randomly selected 
your approval. If they 
to your liking, they 
sing s merry song at a 
ival held in your 

The power, glory, and fingernails 
of the Double Sextette. (top 
rowette) Christina Carvey, Trina 
Limoges, Colleen Devlin, RehtaeH 
YhtraCcM. Sharlene Tobin, 
Catherine Weickeuse. (bottom 
rowette) Pepe the Incredible 
Shrinking Woman, Jen Tsang, Jen 
St. Sauveuse, Cara McNamara, and 
Michelle Pulsipheuse. Not pic- 
tured: Kate Leary. 

Men's Octet, (top 
diagonal rowish 
thing) Naveen, 
Chock, Ben. Jeffie, 
Jeremiah (bottom 
diagonal, but less 
so, rowish thing) 
Shed ( hiding exten- 
sive chemotherapy 
treatments), Chris, 
Andrew. Octet 
means eight! 

Show Choir, (tiny row) Shaun Downs, 
Jesse Belknap, Shawn Pillion, 
Jeremiah, Jeffie, Andrew Schwerin 
(next) Jen Tsang, Shed, Katie Car- 
penter, Ben Pulsipher, Carson. Meg 
Hamel, Jo-Jo, Kathryn Ellen, Keri Evjy, 
Miss. Ulmann, Ingrid Ahlgren, Alison 
Brooks, George Gershwin. Cordelia 
Primmerman (big row) Chock, #22, 
Becky Venuti, Nadine Volicer, Devlin. 
Johnny, Gilbert Tsang, Sewon Im. 
Sharlene Tobin, Naveen Wadhera. 

An accident with Krazy Glue 
makes Kristin Sylva and 
Carrrie Huxsaw into the 
world's first and only set of 
fraternal Siamese twins. 
Naveen, Ben, Chock, the only remaining members of Men's 
Octet to survive the radiation. 

Christina Carvey, the Backlit 
Beauty, is involved in a 
Myriad of Musics. Interest- 
ing, Isn't It? 

37 Choirs 

Twirling Girls 

The colorful performing of the flag squad tradition- 
y brightens up every half time show at BHS football 
mes. Unfortunately, this year, the tradition almost 
me to an end when the rumors spread that there 
puld be no flag squad accompaniment to this year's 
1 volunteer marching band. After a shaky start caused 
\ missing band camp, the flag squad had to move at 
( i accelerated pace. Even with several rookies, the 
gs managed to put a show on the field after only two 
?eks of hard work. They continued to work through 
ng practices everyday after school to keep up with the 
Did performance schedule. 

When the flag squad received this year's marching 
nd music from Disney's The Lion King , they won- 
: red if this Disney theme was going too far after last 
f ar's Aladdin . But, the girls soon warmed to the 
aceful "Circle of Life" and "Can You Feel the Love 

Tonight" as well as the upbeat "Hukuna Matata" and "I 
Just Can't Wait to Be King." As usual, the dance number 
was a group favorite. 

The loss of several experienced members was ini- 
tially discouraging to the squad, but other experienced 
flags stepped in to take up the responsibility. The four 
seniors and three juniors remaining from last year 
bonded together to choreograph their own routines 
and pull the field show together. Four new members, 
despite the frustrations of playing catch-up, enlivened 
the group with energy and unique personalities. The 
overall result was another enthusiastic flag squad that 
brightened the stands with their cheering and dancing. 
The four graduating seniors are sad to be completing 
their last year, but they wish the best of luck to those 
who will remain to carry on the flag squad tradition. 

"Urn, Brian... sssst, hey, Brian!" Vilas tries in vain, but Brian 
steadfastly remains asleep at the proverbial wheel. This is one 
of the main problems of being a junior. 

"They look alike, they walk alike, sometimes they even talk alike 
... you can lose your mind ... when siblings are three of a kind..." 

Vilas is trying for the part of the Big Bad Wolf in this year's 
musical, "The Three Little Pigs." (I'll puff nad I'll blow ... in this 

Chris Carson and Jeremy Ciaccia enjoy a good 
laugh, apparently at Katharine's expense. 

40 Marching Band 



This season was the best by far for the new 
Bedford High School All Volunteer Marching Band. 
Despite the fact that this year, the requirement for the 
Wind Ensemble members to be in the Marching Band 
was dropped, the band has improved tremendously. 

The addition of Mr. Brian K. Reagan as the new 
band director was just another change that has 
helped reshape the face of the BHS Marching Band. 
He has promised that the band will continue to 
improve over the next few years, but if you have 
been to a football game this year, you've seen that it 
will be hard to do. 

There was much more enthusiasm, responsibility, 
dedication and pride put into practice and perfor- 
mance. Many people commented that the all volun- 
teer band was a great improvement over those of the 
previous years. A reason for that may have been that 
every member present really wanted to be there. 
Although numbers were lower, overall performance 
was by far better. 

The repertoire this season consisted of selec- 
tions from Disney's The Lion King. The songs 
included "The Circle of Life," "Hakuna Matata," "I 
Just Can't Wait To Be King" and "Can You Feel the 
Love Tonight?". The band played exclusively at 
the BHS Varsity Football Team's home games this 
season and made an appearance at only one 
Marching Band competition: the Abington Band 
Jamboree in November. The Drum Majors this 
year, Seniors Jeremy Nash and Jennifer St. Sauveur, 
had phenomenal success in getting the home 
crowd more involved in the games. Jen and 
Jeremy are both very excited about the future of 
the BHS Marching Band. They are confident that 
the band will continue to thrive and maintain its 
current level of excellence. As Jen commented, 
"If you have never heard or been in the Bedford 
High School Marching Band, you are missing out 
on a lot. They are the best, and they always will 

Co-Drum Major Jeremy Nash 
looks absolutely smashing in 
his sailor suit ... er ... uniform. 

The 1994-95 Bedford High 
School All Volunteer Marching 

Marching Band 41 

In Tune with the School: 

BHS Wind Ensemble 

Okay. You're walking down by the offices, last 
period. You're dreaming of that heavenly sound of the 
1:55 bell when you are suddenly brought back to reality 
by another sound. Although it may not seem quite as 
beautiful as that final bell, what you are hearing comes 
pretty close to it. After a long day of school work, the 
Bedford High School Wind Ensemble is ready to do 
more: make music. 

For the past six years, the Wind Ensemble has been 
under the direction of Mr. Stephen Barbas. That is, until 
now. In August, Mr. Barbas went to Waltham High 

School, leaving the BHS music department in a m: 
fury. Despite their lack of time, they couldn't have doi 
a better job. They came up with was Brian Reaga 
Straight out of college, Mr. Reagan has transformed t] 
Wind Ensemble into something truly special. In 1 
Bedford debut, the POMS concert, he conductt 
selections from Les Miserables, proving that althou 
he may be young, he is definitely what the Wii 
Ensemble needs. As for the future, it is guaranteed 
be bright for both the Wind Ensemble and Mr. Reaga 
We wish him the best of luck! 

Wind Ensemble: (back row) Greg Ross, Nathan Alghren, Ingrid Alghren, 
Marie Tanzer, Jeremy Ciacca, Brian Deardorff, Jon DiaRuzio, Vilas 
Sridharan, Joey Zupkus, Dave Wolf, Brian Geary, Mike Ross, Brian Nash 
(middle row) Tara Chapman, Katie Carpenter, Katharine French-Fuller, 
Ben Pulsipher, Kara Volpicelli, Jean Connely, Jason Lee, Alison Turner, 
Beth Sokolik (front row) Ben Waterhouse, Phil Toole, Michelle Shwiomer, 
Cordelia Primmerman, Jen Tsang, Tiffany Bowlby, Jen Mills, Chrissy 
Guilfuss (on floor) Jen St. Sauvar, Jeremy Nash, Cara Stein 

Hard Copy catches 
Jen Mills in the very 
act of skipping Wind 
Ensemble. Ah, the 
secret lives of BHS 
students ... put the 
cuffs on her. 

42 Wind Ensemble 


' "What? Yes, master. I ... must destroy 
... Mr. Reagan ..." Greg Ross about to 
run amuck. 

Wind Ensemble '94: Three days of 

peace, love, and music. Bring your This photograph will self-destruci in 5, 4, 3, 2, 
own mud, man. Carpenter thinks Wind Ensemble is a real blast! 




Concert Band: (back row) 
Will Steiglitz, Melissa-Sue 
Willey, David Lloyd. 
Bethany Lesure, Alissa 
Dangel. Tom Webster. 
John McGrath (front row) 
Jeff Beckwith, Katie Boyd, 
Michelle Martin, Michelle 
Sampson, Liz Brutti, 
Rachel Kern 

43 Concert Band 

Erin Peebles is ... oh, uhm, well 
'11 come back later, Erin. 

uh, Welcome to the Chamber of Music! 
(top row) Heather McCarthy, 
Meredith Dill, Yung-Tsyr Chen, KT 
Yo-Yo, Jeff Haynes' top half. Jesse 
Belknap (bottom row) Jen Clerkin, 
Andrea Rupp, Christina Carvey, Jeff 
Haynes' bottom half, and some neg- 
ligible bits of Jesse Belknap. 

Kristen Horrigan dreams about the 
next Orchestra class. Wow, must've 
been something she ate ... 




Bedford is very lucky to have a great string program! 
nd, the BHS Orchestra is very lucky to have Mr. Philip 
affa as its director. 

The Orchestra consists of twenty-six students, the 
lajority of whom are upperclassmen. Thus, the overall 
all and technique is higher than it has been in quite 
while. However, Mr. Maffa jokes that the perfor- 
iance level would be even higher if anyone besides 

Eric Luke, the concert master, ever bothered to practice. 
The ten members of Chamber Music meet every other 
day opposite Orchestra. 

For the first time, the Orchestra participated in the 
MICA competition, which was held in April at Lexing- 
ton High School. A great deal of time and effort was 
placed into extra rehearsals, and the concert was a huge 

tie Esposito, twenty-five min- 
ts late for Chamber Music, tries 
t make up for lost time. 

Stare into space with the Orchestra! (Ye Olde Top Row) Her Royal Majesty Rachel Siegel, Hunter 
Koh, Devin McPhee, Her Distractedness "Tiny Tim" Espy, His Highness (ha ha) Jeff Haynes, His 
Long-Namedness Sanju Shewakra-dooby-doo. Adam Weston. Shaun Fillion (Ye Olde Middle 
Row) Sarah Toole, Vanessa Vitiello, Meredith Dill. Christina Carvey, His Grumpiness Yung-Tsyr 
Chen, Joanna Mclnnis, Miranda Hillyard, His Greasiness Jesse Belknap, His Silentness Justin 
Hastings (Ye Olde Botton Row) Kristen Horrigan, Bruyere McCarthy, Her Newness Lisa, Andrea 
Rupp, Kamah Hittle, Her Kyperness Lady Kathleen, Jen Clerkin, and Her Lastness Lady Jeannie 
of the Kim. Uhm, Katie and Miranda, the picture's over here. 

45 Concert Band 

Eric's World! Party Time! Excellent! 

Hey guys, where's the chicks? Wah, ha haaa!!! 

Telemedia 46 


'BHS Live!" the Bedford High School morning show airs for only tei 
minutes each day, but the peopl;e who produce it spend many hour 
in the studio to bring each eposode to televisions across the towr 
They work in the mornings before the show and after school... as we 
as numerous hours of study time at home. The cast and crew of th 
daily program participate on a voluntary basis but the experiences th 
take away last a lifetime. Their primary goals are to make ai 
interesting show for public viewing and to learn how to use televisioi 
equipment but they also learn responsibily and teamwork. The sho^ 
itself consists of an opening (filmed by the participants) and schoc 
ammouncements (major events, news, weather and sports ths 
occasionally accompanied by filmed accounts of life at BHS... a 
created by the telemedia students). This year's producer/directc 
core consists of veterans such as Andrew Schwerin and Craig Wile 
as well as newcomers such as Katharine French -Fuller. Other job 
filled by the able telemedia cast/crew are: camera operator, floe 
director, audio engineer, character generator operator and talen 
There are several volunteers for each position. The volunteers rotoat 
from job to job with the changing weeks to give each member a ho 
of experiences that could lead (at best) to a career on audio-visuj 
work or (at the very least) just a collection of great memories. 

Don't worry guys... during the sum- 
mer we'll hire some moderately burly 
men to make the roof just a little bit 

Smile big guys ... mayebe Mr. Lord w 
notice that we just brole the monitor. 

SADD: Matt, Aaron, Jen, Beth, Genja, Maria, 

Sharlene, Meghan, Miranda, Jen, Becky, 

Kristina, Carrie, Ellen, Jen, Trinity, 

Alison, Jen, Ann-Michelle, Eric, 

Lindsay, Kate, Megan, Dave, 

Michelle, Caroline, Eileen, 

Brian, Keri, Emma, Jen, 

Candice, Vanessa, 

Dina, Elisa, Gina, Katie, 

Sarah, Steve, Scott, Gilbert, 

Adam, Sewon, Kristin, Colleen, 

Andrea, Lisa, Amita, Rachel, Beth, 

Corey, Carla, Johnny, Adrian, Naveen, 

Pat, Katharine, Christina, Michelle, Ingrid 




French Club: (front row) Rachel Siegel, Jesse 
Belknap, Alvin Tsang, Andy York, Kristin 
Horrigan, Adam Chiocca, Kristin Mead, Heather 
McCarthy, Kristin Flynn, Meredith Campbell, 
Kim MacGregor, Molly Waterhouse, Katelyn 
Merrill, Cordelia Primmerman, Heather Stewart 
(second row) Katie Esposito, Colin McDonough, 
Danny Liss, Stephanie Eschmann, Cara Stein, 
Emma Berca, Ryan Anderson, Theresa O'Reilly, 
Dina Zolotusky, Alissa Dangel, Meg Hamel, 
Kelly Jones, Tom Kotwal, Bethany Russo, Chris- 
tina Ciccone (third row) Mrs. Rainis, Alison 
Brooks, Pam Worth, Vanessa Vitiello, Genja 
Williams, Andrew Schwerin, Nathan Alghren, 
Michelle Shwimer, Meredith Dill, Jeff York, 
Ellen Gersh, Michelle Pulsipher, Christina Carvey, 
Chris Carson, Ben Waterhouse, Tiffany Bowlby, 

Nadine Volicer (fourth row) Dave Matteo, , 

Colleen Devlin, Ms. Gwen, Eileen O'Pray, An- 
drea Russo, Ben Pulsipher, Jeremy Ciaccia, Jen 
Mills, Vilas Sridharan, Sanju Snewakramani, Curtis 
Wright, Greg Simpson, Ingrid Alghren, Emily 
Ulmann, Michelle Donnelly, (back row), Tom 
Webster, Heather Wilder, Amy Leshin, Carrie 
Huxsaw, Chris O'Reilly, Julie Dubitsky, Cara 

Latin Club: (front row) Johnny Yang, Adrian Gerstel, Corey Gelormini, 
Carla Giannetta, Matt Veits, Amanda Watts, Bobby Hartwell, Brian 
Waldren, Kamah Hittle (second row) Emily Neil, Crystal Carrol, 
Ethan Gray, Melissa Willey, Kate Geary, Carla Inferrera, Eric Green, 
Jen St. Sauver, Brian Deardorff, Becky Venutti, Sarah Watts, Jo 
Lowery (third row) Brian Geary, Caitlin Buxton, Sarah Higham, 
Emma Berca, Sarah Baird, Dara Morris, Jeannie Kim, Sharon 
Schofield, Suzanne Schmuhl, Linda Pearson, Kristen Sylva, Miranda 
Hillyard, Jerry Parisella, Latanya Davis, Christina Carlo, Asha Mondesir, 
Matt Nerney (fourth row) Pam Worth, Danielle Taylor, Nicole Brilla, 
Doug Mix, Andy Boourneuf, Sanju Shewakramani, Jesse Belknap, 
Bethany Guisti, Nick Defino, Jay William (back row) Eric Gibbons, 
Alexis Presti, Dave Chapman, jaskson Buckley, Jason Towlinsky, 
Chris O'Reilly, Nathan Campolli, Kristin Mead, Joey Savitch, Courtney 
Donovan, Snarleen Tobin, Nick Anderson, Michelle Cronin, Eric 
Kovall, Sean Waldron, Aaron Gerstel, Matt Hansen, Christine 
Valente, Greg Cohen, Sam Richards, Sean Kennery, Matt Thomas, 
Mike McAllister, Josh Oien, Doug Robinson, Dan Macisaac 

48 Language Clubs 

McNamara, Kris Sarajian, Sam Richards, Anurag Chhabra, Andy Katz, Gilbert 
Chris Betz, Devin McPhie, Josh Montgomery, Marie Tanzer, Craig Brown, Kri;jj 
Roussak, Adrian Reeves, Kenny Verville, Jean Connelly, Alison Turner 

Club Offic- 
ers: Kristin 
and Kristin 

German Club: (front row) 
Kristina Roussak, Kamah 
Hittle, Jennifer Williams (sec- 
ond row) Susan Bayliss, 
Adrian Reeves, Tim 
Kullmann, Stacey Porter 
(back row) Rebecca 
Davidson, Melissa Willey, 
Anna Manchor 


Latin Club Officers: Corey 
Gelormini, Carla Giannetta, 
Eric Kovall (NOT), 
Sharlene Tobin. Mike Lord 

Spanish Slub Officers: 
Meredith Sledge, Caroline 
Alba, Jen Brown, Agata 
Brys, Greg Ross, Jen Tsang 

nish Club: (front row) Stephanie Crook, Kara Volpicelli, Candice Tanner. 
i-Michelle Levangie, Tarie Thumser. Kelly Dutton, Jaqui Brown, Latayna 
is (second row) Meghan Watkins, Liz Brutti, Emily Gleason. Kim McGregor, 
edith Sledge. Catherine Weicker, Genja Williams, Maria Koen, Bath Ela, 
harine French-Fuller, Joey Zupkus, Katie Carpenter, Susan Bayliss, Bryan 
iner (third row) Sarah Baird, Rachel Steiglitz, Bethany Leisure, Heather 
wy, Sharon Schofield, Christine Perino, Caroline Alba, Jen Brown, Agata 
s, Greg Ross, Jen Tsang, Kathleen Kyper, Amita Bharat, Maria Gallant 
arth row) Anurag Chhabra, Adam Chiocca, Jen Clerkin, Theresa McGovern, 
i Sheflin, Jeff McGrath, David Storer, Greg Cohen, Bethany, Giusti, Suzanna 
muhl, Miranda Hillyard, Beth Sokolik, Elisa McGovern, Jen Milligan, Kristin 
N'a (fifth row) Sewon Im, Dara Morris, Jeannie Kim, Gina DiSanzo, Shawn 
>vns, Justin Hastings, Allison Kiessling, Shawn Fillian, Robin Grace, Kerri 
)ican Shawn Kennery, Chet Rao, Keri Evjy, Casey Hill. Trinity Dunne, John 
d^rath, Geri Parisella 

With the addition of the newly- 
formed German Club, BHS now 
has four Foreign Language 
Clubs. The other three are 
French Club, Latin Club, and 
Spanish Club. The clubs have 
afterschool ice cream socials, 
Halloweeen costume parties, 
Salon du Thes, lectures by local 
foreigners, and many other fun 
and exciting activites. 

49 Language Clubs 

Interact Club Officers: (top) 
Jeannie Kim. Kristin Mead. 
Rebecca Green, Stacey Porter, 
Sharlene Tobin, Caitlin Buxton 
(bottom) Julie Dubitsky, Adam 
Chiocca, Gina Corea, & Becca 

Kristin Mead and Adam 

Interact Club 

The Interact Club is made up of thirty students dedicated to helping the school 
and the local community. It was started in 1992 with the suggestion from the local 
Rotary Club. Today, the Interact Club assists with the Rotary Club's sponsored 
functions, like their annual breakfast with Santa and a duck race. 

Interact members also volunteer at battered women's shelters, at the Bedford 
Pantry, and at Carleton-Willard Village as part of several on-going community service 
projects. Additionally, the Interact Club participates in many fundraisers such as 
raffles at Bedford Day, Kiddie Games, and Leaf Raking. Proceeds from these 
fundraisers go to battered women's shelters throughout Massachusetts. 

50 Juniors 

NHS & 

In the Land of Lisas, Ms's Chock, Juicy, KFF. and Aarti in the 
Paschewitz and Schiern land of nicknames. Together, they 
practice their award-win- make up the Boys' and Girls' Stat. 

Apart, they are ... just plain silly. 

Katherine French-Fuller, Chris 
arson, and Katie Carpenter 
amuse themselves by gaily 
decorating a locker, until 
\atherine forgets why. 

Honor Society Members: (front) Sam Jay, Cara Stein, Eileen O'Pray, Elisa Banner, Yung-En Chen. 
Katie Esposito, Greg Ross, Rachel Siegel, Craig Wiley, Sanju Shewakramani (kneeling) Chris Row. 
Dara Morris, Heather Wilder, Katherine French-Fuller, Caroline Alba, Maria Koen, Jennifer Brown, 
Heather McCarthy, Marie Tanzer, Joey Zupkus, Dina Zolotusky, Katie Carpenter, Jennifer Tsang, 
Michelle Pulsipher, Tom Kotwal (sitting) Nicole Barrilla, Dina DiSanzo, Alyssa Robinson, Terri 
O'Reilly, John Cadotte, Ron Blanchette, Jens Kullman, Craig Browne, Alissa Dangel, Christina 
Carvey, Rachel Stieglits, Meredith Dill, Michelle Shwimer, Tara Chapman, Agat Brys, Kristin 
Horrigan, Lisa Schiern, Lisa Paschewitz (back) Advisor Mrs. O'Malley, Cara McNamara. Kristin 
Mead, Julie Dubitsky, Ben Waterhouse, Mike Hursch, Jesse Ryan, Andy Katz, Vilas Sridharan, Curtis 
Wright, Jeannie Kem, Jennifer Clerkin, Naveen Wadhera, Sewon Im. Matt Dwyer, Andrew 
Schwerin, Gilber Tsang, Adam Chiocca, Nathan Algren. Andrea Russo. Chris Aumann. Susan 

NHS/Boys & Girls State 5 1 

Student Government Assembly 

The Student Government Assembly meets every 
Thursday at 7 A.M. in Faculty Advisor Mr. Reynold's 
room. Eating Munchkins from Dunkin' Donuts the 
group discusses issues that affect the students (and 
sometimes the faculty) at BHS. This year, these issues 
included the reinstatement of Hall Decorating, the 
possibility of Open Campus, the prolonging of the 
number of hours the school library is available to 

students after school, and the election of a Stud< 
Representative to the Program Administrator meetin 
With last year's ratification of a new School Consti 
tion, the group's meeting are no longer run by f 
Reynolds. These new leaders — Moderator Kate Le; 
Assistant Moderator Cara Stein, and Secretary Cu 
Wright — preside over the meetings, which are oj 
to attendance by any and all students and faculty. 

Student Government Assembly: (top row) Curtis Wright (Secretary), Megan Watkins, Chris O'Reilly, Miranda Hillyard, Jeannie I 
Kristin Mead, Cara Stein (Assistant Moderator), Liz Brutti, Meredith Campbell, Justin Hastings (front row) Mr. Reynolds (Advi 
Nick Defino, Aaron Gerstel, Carla Giannetta, Becky Venutti, Tim Sheflin, Dina Zolotusky, Cara McNamara, Michelle Shwimer, 
Dubitsky, Kelly Dutton, Rachel Siegel, Michelle Pulsipher, and Katharine French-Fuller. Not pictured: Ben Waterhouse and 
Leary (Moderator) 


Student Representatives to the School Com- 
mittee Members Carla Giannetta & Craig 

School Council Members: Freshman Eliza- 
beth Cameron, Junior Kathleen Kyper, Senior 
Russo, & Sophomore Chris O'Reilly 
52 Student Life 

Captain Rajul Patel, consistantly 
wins numerous medals and cer- 
tificates for his skill and profi- 
ciency as a BHS debator. 


For years, the Bedford High School Debate Team has been recognized 
as one of the best. While the team had to reorganize as most of last year's 
team members graduated and left for college, this year is no different. 
Seven new dedicated students have joined the team and have shown their 
skill under the coaching of Mr. Milliken. The team's captain, Junior Rajul 
Patel, has already received numerous medals and certificates for his highly 
skilled debating techniques. In fact, Bedford brought home a trophy at the 
first meet of the year! The team hopes to continue receiving the recognition 
for which they have worked so hard and obviously deserve. 


Debate Team is all smiles: Mr. Milliken (who looks like Tommy Lee Jones), Adrianne Reeves (who is the army-surplus-store girl), 
ul Patel (see above), Bob, Danny Liss (who is a froshman). Josh Montgomery (who is wearing a cool watch), Vanessa Vitiello (who 
)linded by the sun on her shirt), Eric "The Converse Man" Gibbons, Cordelia Primmerman (who tries to play high notes on the 
tr|npet), and Jesse Belknap (who is debating whether or not to look at the camera). 

Debate Team 53 


Under the supervision of Mr. McCarthy, this year's 
Forum staff published monthly issues in the Bedford 
Minuteman to inform the community of the high chol's 
activities. The staff has been the largest in years, 
producing not only articles, but also cartoons, creative 
works, and photographs for the paper. 

Editor-in-Chief: Katelyn Carpenter 
Photographer: Nathan Ahlgren 
Cartoonist: Jeff York 
Faculty Advisor: John McCarthy 

54 Forum 

Math Team 

lurag Chhabra grapples with a particularly complex math problem. 

While the Bedford High School Math 
Team has expanded over the past couple of 
years, their membership is still not big 
enough to equal that of their five big 
competitors in the league: Acton- 
Boxborough, Canton, Concord-Carlisle, Lex- 
ington, and Weston. Yet, the small size of 
the team doesn't discourage the team. Mr. 
Stephenson and Ms. Matthews (the time 
coaches) and Dina Zolotusky (the team 
captain) organize practices where mem- 
bers work on practice problems. 

Also, the team has performed better this 
year than in the past. These successes can 
be credited, in pan, to the teams five 
Seniors - Nathan Ahlgren, Yung-En Chen, 
Kristin Horrigan, Lisa Scheiern, and An- 
drew Schwerin — who have put a lot into 
the team and have helped to train the 
younger team members. 

We've replaced the fine math problems nor- 
mally served here with Yung-En and Anurag. 
Let's see if Weston can tell the difference. 

The math team carefully studies the mating 
habits of pocket calculators. Play carefully, 

"Ah'm a-callin' yew out, Stephenson! Yew've 
got five sec'nds tah draw a graph!" On 
average, there are six armed showdowns in 
the halls of BHS every day. 

$ = + = % = / 

Math League 55 

Bedford High's Future Scientists 

The Bedford High School Science Team, coached by Mrs. Catherine Krueger and Mr. Lawrence Ullman, 
competes against 14 other teams in the West Suburban Science League. On September 22. 1994, at Concord- 
Carlisle. Bedford finished eighth at the Science Bowl, sixth in the Fermi Questions, third in the Scav enger Hunt 
and sixth overall. At the October 13th meet in Shrewsbury, the Bucs came in first in the Bio-Tech event, fifth 
in the Write It Do It event and fourth in the Eggonautics event. Bedford took home the trophy designated 
for first place finishers. 

The Bucs also competed in many other events this season. The events included (in no particular order) 
Mousetrap Car, Consumer Science, Guestimation. Ecology. Mission Impossible and Balancing Equations.. 

Eileen O'Pray. Nathan Ahlgren. Kristin Horrigan, Andrea Russo, Aarti Kapuria, Craig 
Browne, Craig Wiley and Jennifer Tsang returned to lead the team to a very respectable 
record in their final season. Through encouragement and example from the aforemen- 
tioned members, the BHS Science Team will be assured of respectable records for many 
years to come. 

The Team: Back Row: Christina Carvey, Fiona Im, Sanju Shewakramani. 
Nathan Ahlgren, Dina Zolotusky, Jeffy Haynes, Jean Connelly, Brian 
Cocks, Michelle Simpson. Rashme Kaul. Bethany Russo. Middle Row: 
Mr. Ullman. Kamah Hittle. Braig Browne. Eileen O'Pray, Craig Wiley. 
Andrea Russo, Jen Tsang. Kristin Horrigan. Front Row: Aarti Kapuria. 

The Club: (back row) Vilas Sridharan, Jen St.Sauver, Fiona! 
Casey Hill, Dina Zolotusky, Devin McPhee. Hunter Ko, Najl 
Algren, Aarti Kapuria (middle row) Kristin Horrigan, Chrilf 
Carvey, Miranda Hillyard, Jeff Haynes. Craig Wiley. Jean Conr 
Justin Hastings. JenTsang (front row) Kamah Hittle. E: fl 
O'Pray, Andrea Russo 

5 6 Science Team & Club 

le ROTC crowd. Top row: David Chapman. Tom Bleckley, Alexsis Presti. Allison Keissling, Jen Verville, Jarnee Wilbur, Jill Lavoie, Kathleen Kyper. Lori 
heiern, Launa Olsen, Stephanie Canoll, Michelle Sampson, Natasha Dilahunt, Cathy Rowe, Becky Davidson, Terena Hartford, Shannon Prentice. Amanda 
)lland. Reagen Schwartz, Adam O'Brian, Casey Hill, Chris Betz. Middle Row: Ben Croxford, Tricia O' Brian, Jeremy Nash, Fred Gableman, Simon Mungia. 
rsten Bushey, Rhea DeSil va, Charlie Axtell, Tara Chapman, Rebecca Holland, Lisa Scheierein. Lisa Pashkewitz, Ron Blanchette, Andy Croxford, Chea Kenyon. 
>ttom Row: Brian Lox, Andy Bourneuf. Jim Cox, T.C. Rand, Gabriel Miane, John Anderson. Frank Kyper, Bernd Kullman, Rick Alkins, Doug Yabut. 

ie DRILL TEAM Struts its Stuff: Top Row: James Cox, Alison Keissling, Fred Gableman, Jen Verville. Tim Kullman, Charlie 
ctell, Kathleen Kyper, Chris Bets, Tara Chapman, Becky Holland, Becky Davison, Ben Croxford, Ron Blanchette. Bottom Row: 
>ri Scheiern, Simon Mungia, Lisa Pashkewitz, Lisa Sceiern, Alexis Presti, Cathy Rowe, Andy Bourneuf, Jaime Wilbure, Brian 
bx. Need I say more? 



by Jeff York 
hired goon 

You've probably heard the rumors. 

If you're lucky, you may have even seen one, scampering 
away out of the corner of your eye. 

Far back in the darkened corridors of BHS, or so the 
legend goes, live an ancient and withered race of gnomes, 
tirelessly slaving their whole lives away, butting heads daily 
on a project that seems hideously unfinishable at best, only 
emerging, blinking and pale, into the daylight a few times 
in their tragically short lives to return to their caves with 
more Diet Coke. 

Well, we do exist, and are more commonly known as the 
Yearbook staff, one of the most underrated and over- 
worked organizations in the school. Picture yourself on a 
giant roller-coaster on an endless drop, tumbling and 
screaming, with no brakes, and you've got an idea of what 
working on Yearbook is like. Now, picture yourself 
upside-down, naked, and on fire, and you've got an even 
better idea. Looking for a fun, easy way to donate a few 
spare hours, no commitments, to a group? Yearbook is not 
the place. It's much like quicksand; put one toe in. and you 
don't stand a chance of making it out alive. Not to 
discourage anyone from joining. 

There are essentially two types of Yearbook staffers. 
There is the hardworking, down-to-earth type who takes 
his/her/its responsibilities very seriously, meets all dead- 
lines, produces top-notch work and is mourned and missed 
by all of us. The second type wanders in every week or so, 
looks around the room, maybe sifts through a few photos, 
sighs, leaves, and then shows up at the year-end party. 

Of course, this year we were extremely lucky to have 
Rachel Lynn Siegel as our editor-in-chief. Rachel, our self- 
styled Yearbook goddess, sacrificed the tattered reminants 
of her personal life to the Yearbook cause, working on the 
Yearbook every day as if the four Horsemen were chasing 
her down and jabbing her with pointed sticks demanding 
to know where page 69 is, sleeps on a mat in the corner of 
the room, and subsists entirely on Diet Coke, three meals 
a day. (I suspect that if it was Caffeine-Free as well, she'd 
collapse.) All this has tended to make our poor dear Rachel 
a tad high-strung, so I'd like to remind you that she is in the 
position to ruin anyone of you in print ("How about THIS 
photo?" "Noooooo!"). So I would be very nice to her and 
do for her the little things she asks. 

Other busy drones on the staff include Joey "Blaze" 
Zupkus, financial wizard (which means that if any money 
turns up missing, we know whose house to send the FBI 
to straightaway); Dina Zolotusky. article woman, who 
manages to look very harried and busy without actual ly 

58 Yearbook 

conveying the impression that she's doing anything rela J 
to Yearbook: The Captioneers (Jeff York. Ellen Gerl 
Katie "Pepe Yo-Yo" Esposito. and Bethany Lesure). a Id I 
brow and sinister group of rabblerousers who wrote aim I 
every caption in the Yearbook except the ones yl 
personally did not like; Mr. Rinaldi. the mandatory fact J 
supervisor, who I would say is the glue that holds I 
Yearbook staff together, except that libel is illegal in ts 
state; and occasional guest appearances by Dave Jones \ 
Sarah Carvey. the Seniors who Refused to Die. 

There were many other staff members who somehL 
deluded themselves into thinking they were useful: Xatln 
Ahlgren. Megan Albani. Amita Bharat. Tiffany Bowljj 
Caitlin Buxton. Katie Carpenter. Christina Carvey. Tn 
Chapman. Adam Chiocca. Bryant Chisholm. Greg Coh| 
Gina Corea, Michelle Cronin. Colleen Devlin. Meredith II 
Trinity Dunne. Matt Dwyer. Keri Evjy, Neil FluckiJ 
Katharine French-Fuller, Kate Geary, Carla Giannetta, 1 1 
Gibbons. Dan Gray. Eric Green. Jeff Haynes, Mirarl 
Hillyard. Kamah Hittle. Kristin Horrigan. Gina Janot, J<| 
Kullman. Frank Kyper (who was last seen actually huggl 
a computer monitor). Kathleen Kyper, Ms. Leavy. Arji 
Manchor, Ms. Matthews, Mike McAllister. Theresa McGova| 
Mr. Milliken. Josh Montgomery. Jeremy Nash. EilJi 
O'Pray, Rajul Patel. Linda Pearson. Michelle Pulsipher. J 
Ratichek (for his plane), Mrs. Rochefort. Andrea Russo, I 
Ryan, Jen St. Sauveur. Andrew Schwerin, Mrs. Shefl 
Michelle Shwimer, Beth Sokolik, Cara Stein, Rachel Stiegll 
Delanda Sydney. Candice Tanner. Danielle Taylor. Phi 
Toole, Kuran Wadhera, Naveen Wadhera, Ben Waterhoil 
Mrs. Mitchell. Mrs. Waterhouse. Megan Watkins, Angl 
Williams, and Mrs. York. In all seriousness (well, I 
thought we'd try), thank you all for everything (no ma i 
how big or small ) you did! 

So day after day, the Yearbook staff worked diligerh 
much like a dog so enamored of its master that it fail.'! 
realize he has died. We dealt with lost photos, old and si 
computers, power failures, lack of money, missing capti 
and articles, general disorder and chaos, and we all 
often ran out of Diet Coke (and getting Rachel int 
straitjacket is no picnic — that girl can kick! ) But despitt 
this, we somehow managed to create a Yearbook, this t 
with words, and. finally, we staff members stagger ou 
the room that was our prison for months, carrying our d I 
and wounded, each of us shaking our heads and sayl 
silently to ourselves, "never again." 

So whaddaya think? Sounds like fun, right? Great! It 
start the '96 Yearbook in two days. 

lup Photo: (back) Eric Gibbons, Caitlin Buxton, Gina Janot, Linda Pearson, Joey Zupkus, Nathan Alhgren, Beth Sokolik, Jeremy 
h (middle) Josh Montgomery, Jeff York, Ellen Gersh, Rachel Stieglitz, Dina Zolotusky, Anna Manchor, Tiffany Bowlby, Delanda 
ney (front) Rinaldo, Katie Esposito, Editor-in-Chief Rachel Siegel, Kamah Hittle, Phil Toole 

C'Mon, Keri, wakey wakey ... just 
look at Trinity! See, if she can go for 
three weeks without sleep, so can 

It's hip to be a square! Ace captioneer 
and part-time sane person Jeff York 
shows off a Cropper. "And look," he 
says, "I bet I can fit my whole head 
through this telescoping hole here 
..." He is now fully recovered. 

t le Editor Dina Zolotusky tolerates the 
i raman as he interrupts the sacred 
a When she leaves, we will break out 
e>iet Coke and have a multiple human 
Q ice over the roaring pyre. Ever won- 
?i *a here all those foreign exchange 
ui'nts go? 

The three original members of that happy- 
go-lucky crime fighting organization, the 
Captioneers, share a smile, a laugh, a joke, 
and a Prozac back in the early carefree 
days of Project X, before the goons in 
charge began applying the electrodes. 
(Note: if you have the time, take a magni- 

Yearbook 59 


The Senior Class officers this year are President Michelle 
Pulsipher, Vice President Julie Smith, Secretary Tara Slavin, 
Treasurer Matt Dwyer, Prom Chairwomen Carla Inferrera and 
Sharlene Tobin, and Class Liason Carla Giannetta. The Seniors 
made children happy by painting their faces on Bedford Day. 
They also sold coupon books, sponsored both the Homecoming 
dance and the first dance of the year. The Talent Show was also 
organized by the Senior Class. As a community service, the 
seniors held a Holiday Dinner to benefit charity. 

The Junior Class officers for this year are President Rajul Patel, 
Vice President Bethany Guisti, Secretary Julie Albanesi, Treasurer 
Tim Sheflin, Prom Chairwomen Cindy DeYoung and Kirsten 
Bushey, and Class Liason Cara Stein. The group has been 

working hard to raise money by selling chocolate candies I 
Halloween, washing cars, and holding a fundraiser at Pa 
Gino's. For a community service project, the Junior Ck 
collected canned foods at Bedford Day. 

The Sophomore Class is led by President Becky Venu 
Vice President Miranda Hillyard, Secretary Christine O'Reil 
and Treasurer Meghan Watkins. They sponsored a 50/ 
lottery at the football games, dances, and did other fundraise 

The Freshmen Class officers are President Danny Rash! 
Vice President Peter Agneta, Secretary Patrick Dwyer, a 
Kelly Dutton. They worked hard on hall decoratir 
fundraisers, and helping their class adjust to BHS. 

Senior Class Officers: Carla Giannetta, 
Tara Slavin, Michelle Pulsipher, Julie Smith, 
Sharlene Tobin, Matt Dwyer, & Carla 

Freshmen Class Officers: Peter Agreta, Pat 
Dwyer, Dan Rashba, & Kelly Dutton 

60 Class Officers 

Junior Class Officers: Cara Stein, Julie 
Albanesi, Cindy De Young, Tim Sheflin, 
Bethany Guisti, Kirsten Bushey 

nior Class Secretary Julie Albanesi. 

eghan and Becky grin as they support 
e Sophomore Class at the Pep Rally. 

Sophomore Class Officers Meghan Watkins, Becky Venutti, Chris O'Reilly, & Miranda 

Class Officers 61 




9{athan A. Ahlgren 

Nate, Big Nate, Grand Pierre, 
Buzz, NATO, White Llama 

It's a dog eat dog world and 
I'm wearing milkbone underwear. 
— "Cheers" 

Blessed are the meek, 
lor they will inherit the earth. 
Blessed are those who hunger and 
thirst (or righteousness 
for they will be filled 
-- Matthew 5: 5-6 

Love is like quantum physics, 
you just don't understand it! 

Caroline A. Alba 

Alba, Al 

Got to keep an open heart, 
Got to keep an open mind 
Got to keep working hard, 
or you'll get left behind 
Got to keep loving, 
Got to keep giving, 
Got to let nothing get in the way of living 

Megan %athleen AlSani 

Meg, Albani, Wolfie 

Don't walk in front and try - to lead me; 

Don't walk behind and follow; 
Just walk beside me, and be my friend. 

-J. C. 

9\[atalie Alexander 

Nat. Chubbs, Black Nat, 
Big Draws 

As long as you do your best, 
Goodness will always come your 
way in the long run. 
-- Brenda Alexander 

Christopher Aumann 

(Danielle Lee Allain 

Dan, Dannv, Darren, Darnell 

Tears, idle tears, 
I know not what they mean. 
Tears from the depth 
of some divine despair 
Rise in the heart, & gather to the eyes, 
In looking in the happy autumn fields, 
And thinking of the days that are no more. 
- Alfred, Lord Tennyson 
I can't ... -- D. A. 

Charles Amtell 

Charlie, Chuck, 
Chuckie Charlie 

No nation can safely trust its martial honor 
to leaders who cannot distinguish from 
right and wrong 
-- General Douglas MacArthur 

Ask not what your country can do for you. 
Ask what you can do for your country. 
— President John F Kennedy 

< Marcell ( Bittle 

Cell, Cell-Dawg, Sweetheart 

What you see is what you get. 

— Computer-users 

One picture is worth a thousand words. 

- Chinese Proverb 

66 Seniors 


Kgnald'BtancheUe, Jr. 

Ron, Ronno, Kid, Mac, 

Yesterday is history, 
tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift. 
That's why we call it "The Present" 

You cannot do a kindness too soon 
.'cause you never known how soon it will 
be too late .-- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

f you aim high, you never shoot yourself 
in the foot. 

Jennifer Sharon 'Broum 

Jen, Jennie, Sunshine, 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart. 
: ! lean not unto your own understanding 
In all your ways acknowledge Him. 

and He shall direct your paths, 
et my heart be sound in your statutes. 
O Lord, that I be not ashamed. 
Praise ye the LORD! 
- Proverbs, Psalms 

Andrew (Brauft 

Brault, Beavis 

A truly wise man does not play 
leap-frog with a unicorn. 

Don't let school interfere 
with your education. 

Too bad about your Rectocranial Inversion. 
Get well soon. 

Picture Not Available 

Craig % 'Broivne 


To me a winner is someone who 
recognizes his God-given talents, 
works his tail off to develop them into 
skills, and uses those skills 
to accomplish 

his goals. 
- Larry Bird 

Jaqui LaVonne (Broum 

Kee, Keeks, Jakwa, Keylolo, 
Puddin, Crochita 

Aw damn, we had homework. 

If my parents ask, I stayed at your house. 

It's been a fun ride 
but this is where I get off. 

Caittin (Button 

Caitie, B, B-ness 

Cherish yesterday. Dream of tomorrow 
Live for today. 

Be yourself, who else is better qualified? 

Jennifer 'Brozm 

Though I know I'll never lose affection for 

people and things that went before 
I know I'll often stop and think about them 
In my life I loved you more 
- The Beatles 

John C. Cadotte, Jr. 

Seniors 67 

l Katetyn 3- Carpenter 

Katie, KT, Carp 

You are never given a wish without also 
being given the power to make it come 

- the poster in my room 

What would life be if we had no courage 
to attempt anything? 
—Vincent Van Gogh 

Christopher Joseph Carson 

PJ, C 2 , Carson, Shunk, 
Chrissy, Ego Man 

Love is friendship, loyalty, and faith. 
- C. J. C. 

Music is well said to be the speech of 
— T. Carlyle 

I never think of the future. 
It comes soon enough 

Christina "Elizabeth 

Junior, Stina, Carvey 

It is literally true that this world is 
everything to us, if only we choose to 
make it so ... 
- R L Nettleship 

Jennifer (DeCynn Casey 


When the last thing we notice is the color 
of skin 

When the first thing we look for is the 
beauty within 
When we're free to love anyone we 

When this world's big enough for all 
different views 
Then we shall be free. 
— Garth Brooks 

Simon Cervantez 

Tara Anne Chapman 

Music is the soul of the universe, 
and the wings of the imagination. 
-- Plato 

Mon coer s' ouvre a ta voix mon cher. 
— Camille Saint-Saens 

Wendy Lynn Chase 

Wen, Wendle, Wee-Wee, 

Friendships aren't perfect, yet they are 
very precious. For me. not expecting 
perfection all in one place was a great 
-- L. C. Pogrebin 

Sometimes there is someone who takes the 
time enough to listen, to care about us 
when we lose, and who love us when 
we're STRONG. 
— me 

'Jung-'En Chen 

Yung-En Chen 
(aka Yung-En Chen) 

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, 
peace, long-suffering, gentleness, 
goodness, faith, meakness. temperance: 
against such there is no law. 
— Galatians 5:23-24 

To be awake is to be alive. 
-- H D Thoreau 


Adam "Eugene Cfiiocca 

Chock, Chock-Dude, 
Chock-Man, Chuckles, 
Chuckle-Balls, Frenchy 

If you can fill the unforgiving minute 
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run, 
Yours is the Earth 
And everything that's in it, 
And, which is more, you'll be a Man, 
my son!— Rudyard Kipling 

I ran into a tree. — me 

'Bryant Chishotm 

Chiz, B. Chiz, Chizam 

Time is like a clock whose hands cannot 
be turned back. So make the most of the 
time you have left for you can never make 
up for the time you've lost. 
— someone 

It doesn't metter if you win or lose, 
Just as long as you look good. 

Qreg ory L. Cohen 

Greg, Heeb, Nacho Man, 
Lungs, Nails, Driftwood, 

If it seems that I have seen 
farther than others. 
It is because I have stood upon 
shoulders of giants 
— Sir Isaac Newton 

Back to the fact I'm the mack and I know 
- N. F., 1994 

Kids, who needs 'em? 
-- G. C, 1994 

Qina Marie Corea 

Sheen-na, Shee-roy, Sheen, 
Geener, Sheen-oy 

Quello che una gita lunga 
strana che e strato. 

Do the Ditty 

So many faces in and out of my life, 
some will last, some will be now and then; 
life is a series of hellos and good-byes; 
I'm afraid it's time to say good-bye again. 
- Billy Joel 

Cha Cha Cha 

James W Co^ 

fMichefk Cronin 

Cronin, Cron, Crowbar, 
Crony, Darren 

Yesterday's over my shoulder, 
so I can't look back for to long, 
there's just too much to see 
waiting in front of me, 
and I know that I just can't go wrong. 
— Jimmy Buffett 

The only mistake a man can make is being 
afraid of making one. 

Intellegence is not a letter or score printed 
on paper. It is your ability in life to 
perceive from every viewpoint. 

To those of you who laughed at me, 
I pity you. 
To those of you who laughed with me. 
I thank you. 
To those of you who never laughed, 
I understand you. 

LcfTanya Marie 'Davis 

Tanya, T-Money, T, La-T, 

Just let it go. 
Now dats just rude. 
Right. Rhiii 

Do what you want, when you want, 
and don't worry 'bout what people say. 

Look at dat boy ova dere sleep. 

Seniors 69 

Michael Paul Donaldson 

Donny, Don, D 

<Rfiea l Hicok %ene DeSilva 

Ree, Ree-Ree, Miss Rhea, 

Only YOU can make yourself succeed: 
and when we leave (his world, leave 
something behind 

It doesn't matter what people say about 
you; chances are they are just jealous 
—Nicole Bogan 

'Timothy James Dejbung 

Is this the beginning of the end 
or the end of the beginning 
or the beginning of the beginning 
or the end of the end? 

Jessica % Dibble 

Dibbs, Dibble, Dribbs, 
Skibbles, Wa-Wa 

Love each day as if it were the first one 
you had ever seen and the last one you 
were going to see ... 

There is a champion in every heart, our li 
task is to find that champion— Lou Gehri 

You don't love me, you just love my 
Donny style. -- me 

Show me a good and gracious loser and I 
show you a failure— Knute Rockne 

Nefver before have we had so little time i 
which to do so much— F. D. R. 

Courtney %pse Donovan 


A friend is one soul in two bodies. 
— Aristotle 

If the good die young ... 
I'm going to live forever. 

'Kimberly Marie Duda 

Doo-Dah, Kim, Co-Co, D, 
Barly, Party-Girl, Knee-G 

All these changes taking place ... 
hearts and thoughts they fade. 
— Pearl Jam 

It's not how far you fall, 
but how high you bounce. 

It's not the size of you pencil, 
it's how you write your name 
— Dave Mustaine 

Matthew James Divyer 

Kurt Dweere, Kurt, Matty, 
Matt, D 

A man does what he must — 
in spite of personal consequences, 
in spite of obstacles 
and dangers and pressures -- 
and that is the basis of all human morality. 
-J. F. K. 

I hate to lose more than I like to win 

- me 

"Elizabeth Courtney 

Beth, Bela 

There's no difference here 
We all share the same impossibilites 
We reach for them each day 
We cut them up by pieces 
Divide them by time. 
- B. E. 

Our devotion to emotion is more thai 
evident to most minds that are open 
It's you we represent. 
We hope that you have enjoyed the tin 
that you have spent. 
- R. H. C. P. 

70 Seniors 

Stephanie 'Elaine 

%ristine Amanda 

Krissy, Kris, Drub, KFC, 

Katharine E. 
Jrencfi- gutter 

Ka, Perky, Kath(y), Kati 

Always be wondering what you want 
you keep getting older faster. 
- Lint 

It is fun to have fun. 
but you have to know how 
- The Cat in the Hat 

Never waste an opportunity to tell 
someone you love them 

Take a chance, 
it could only make U stronger. 
— Prince 

Yesterday is gone, but tomorrow is forever 
- The Greatful Dead 

9\(ei( Jluckiger 

Fluke, Flukadork 

Anything worth doing is worth doing for 

The old believe everything; 
the middle-aged suspect everything; 
the young know everything. 
-- Oscar Wilde 

Religions die when they are proved to be 
true. Science is the record of dead 

— Oscar Wilde 

Only the shallow know themselves. 

— Oscar Wilde 

True happiness comes when you can look 
at yourself and like w hat you see. 

— Anonymous 

JredJ. W. QaSeCmann 

Jude, Roadmap, Gabe 

Winning isn't everything - 

it's the only thing 
- Coach Vince Lombardi 

ccept the challenges, so that you may feel 
the exhilaration of victory. 
- General George S. Patton. Jr. 

Only those who dare to fail greatly can 
ever achieve greatly. 

We are what w e repeatedly do 
excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. 

Do not follow where the path may lead. 
Go instead where there is no path 
and leave a trail. 

%athken Marie Qeary 

Kate, Katie, Geary, Gearling 
Katrina, Lois 

We cannot discover new oceans unless we 
have the courage to lose sight of the shore. 

Someday we'll all be gone, 
but lullabyes go on and on ... 

They never die, 
that's how you and I will be 
-- Billy Joel 

Corey A. Qe(ormini 

Jelly, Core, Core-Dog, Jello 

Did I get hit or something? 
-- Chris Ryan 

If you reach for the moon and miss, 
you'll still be part of the stars. 

Do it right the first time, 
or don't do it at all. 

If you believe, you can acheive. 
-- Lou Tompkins 

Aaron fM. Qerstet 

Girlscout. Gargamel, 
Gershbomb, Gloves, Irepick 

Freedom is just another word 
for nothing else to lose.- Janis Joplin 

I'm your Huckleberry? 
- Dr. Holiday. Tombstone 

Aloha. Mr Hand 
• Jeff Spicoli. Fast Times at Ridgemont High 

Seniors 71 


'Eric Michael Qreen 

Ric, Air, E.G., Evergreen 

Carta Joy Qiannetta 

CJ, Carl, Carna, Giggles, 
Cawa, Sponge, 22 

Ambition has no rest. 
-- B. G.. BHS Class of '68 

It takes 53 muscles to frown; 
but only 13 to smile ... why work so hard? 

Be a leader; Remember the lead sled dog 
is the only one with a decent view. 
— »505 Life's Little Instruction Book 

Matthew C. Qiusti 

Matt, Juice 

I promise to keep on living my life as 
though I expected to live forever. Nobody- 
grows old by merely living a number of 
years. People grow old only by deserting 
their ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin 
but to give up interests wrinkles the soul. 
— General Douglas MacArthur 

I can honestly say I'll never quit 
not even on the day I die. 
-- C. M. Muir 

%elly 'Marie Qullage 

Kell, Kell-Bell, Bell, Kelly, 
Gullugee, Kewee 

We ain't too pretty, we ain't too proud 
We might be laughin' a bit too louad, 
but that never hurt no one. 
-- Billy Joel 

Don't get called out on strikes, 
go down swinging. 

Cayetana Qutierrez 

Vive segurd de que eternamente 
Tendra's claro renombre de valiente 

Tu patria sera en todas la primera 
Tu sabid autor el mundo unico y solo 

^artiei Charles Qray 


Live life the way it should be. 
go scuba diving 
— Dan Gray 

If I listened to everything that they sail 
to me. I wouldn't be here. And if I too 
the time to bleed from all the tiny lip 
arrows shot my way. I wouldn't be het 
The ones who don't do anything are 
always the ones who try to put you dow 
-- Henry Rollins 

Being an adult means facing responsibil 
yet still taking the time to have fun. 
— Jim Morrison in "Wayne's World 2" 


Matthew David Hansen 

Matt, Goose, Tyco, Habibe 

I'm like school in the summer, no class. 
-- Fat Albert and the Gang 

I never try anything. I just do it ... 
Wanna try me. 
-- White Zombie 

"Liken Hartwell 

Loon, Loonatic, Een, Stretc 

You have to forget about what othei 
people say. You have to go on and 1 
crazy Craziness is like heaven. 
-- Jimi Hendrix 

Life moves pretty fast, 
if you don't stop and look around 
once in awhile you could miss it. 
— Ferris Bueller 

Scott <D. Oiartwell 

Tico, QT, Q-Bone, Bone, 
Boner, Boner T. Washington, 
F.B., Scottypants, Limpy 

Long you live and high you fly, 
smiles you give and tears you'll cry, 
all you touch and all you see, 
is all your life will ever be. 
- Pink Floyd 

Sarah Jiigham 

'Kristin Morrigan 

Pride makes us do things well. 
But it is love 
that makes us do them to perfection. 
— Anonymous 

Sezvon Im 

X, Xanthus, Dr. X, SeGeek, 
Sejwan Chicken, Sutan 

Carpe Diem Seize the Day! 
ohn Keating, "Dead Poet's Society" 

A pessimist is an experienced optimist 
- Chuck Daly 

What a geek! 
- A. G. 

Carta Qrace Infermra 

Carlota, C.I., Grace, Infa-red, 

I hope life treats you kind 
And I hope you have all you dreamed of 
And I wish you joy and happiness 
But above all this I wish you love. 
-- Whitney Houston 

Don't poke sticks at the monkeys. 
— Gumpisms 

Samuel Andrew Jay 

Sammy, Duke, Sambo Rambo 

True friends are the ones 
who you turn to by instinct. 

— Sam Jay 

Rip wheels, .smoke 'em, lay a slab. 
— The people who first said them 

Don't concentrate on your mistakes in life, 
live off your accomplishments. 

— Sam Jay 

Life is what happens when you're busy 
making other plans. 
-- Martha J. Verville 

(BarSara f Iheresa Johnson 

Barbara, B, Baba B, Barbara 
Jean, Ms. Johnson, B.J., 
Yellow Girl 

And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these 
three; but the greatest of these is charity. 
- 1 Dorinthians 13:13 

It is better to have loved and lost then 
never to have loved at all. 
— Unknown 

LoCa SideUe Johnson 

Lola - B, peaches, deli, 
boopie, HI' momma 


:30 in the morning half the day done gone 
— Jamie Fox 

Bang , Bang 

I love u Lilliam & Eddie. 

Seniors 73 

!Aarti %apuria 

Atari, India, Tiger Lily, Arts, 

Live for life, die for love. 
— me 

Its not how many breaths you take, 
but how many breath-taking moments 
there are. 
- Walt Disney 

Pardon me, but do you happen to have 6 
fingers on your right hand? 
-- "The Princess Bride" 

'David Joshua "Kern 

Dave, DJ, Kernball. Rex, 
Magic Hair Boy, Pauly 

Remember, the light at the end of the 
tunnel may be you! 
-- Aerosmith 

All work & no play makes Jack a dull boy 
-- The Shining 

It's so important to make best friends 
in life, but it's hard when my friend sits 
with blank expressions. 
- Pantera 

Jennifer 9{icole %iger 

Jenn, Jennie, Jenny-Penny, 
Kigger, Kosher, Kiger. Daisy, 
Autumn, Boogie 

To err is human, 
but when the eraser wears out ahead of 
the pencil, you're overdoing it 
— J. Jenkins 

The best and most beautiful things in the 
world cannot be seen or even touched. 
They must be felt with the heart. 
- Helen Keller 

'Maria Stella %pen 

Here's to the songs we used to sing. 
Here's to the times we used to know, it 
So hard to hold them in our arms agair 
But it's so hard to let them go. 

— Neil Diamond 

May the road rise up to meet you, 
May the wind always be at your buck 
May the sun shine warm upon your fac 
And rains fall soft upon your fields 
And until we meet again may God 
Hold you in the palm of His hand. 

— Irish Blessing 

'Eric %pvatl 

E.K., EAK, Rick 

Whenever I see a blue flower, I reminisce 

about the time I wandered off from my 
mother in the women's department at J. C. 
Penney's. Dancing aimlessly through peach 
silky's, fingering frilly's, I was overcome by 
a cool breeze of navy and pink ... soon 
finding myself lost and entangled in it's 
feminine powers. -- Peter 

You ought to have your head examined! 
— guy in the jacuzzi 

74 Seniors 

Jens 1. %ultmann 

If a man hasn't discovered something 
that he will die for. he isn't fit to live 
- Martin Luther King, Jr. (1963) 

Carter H. Lanou?c 

Slug, BOOYAA, Lanutz, 
Lanutcase, Bzzz-Bzzz, Abeo 
Ya, Big CL, Boobs, C-Rock, 
C-Dog, Radioactive Boy 

I wish 

I was a catfish, swimming high 
and low in the deep blue sea. 
- Jimi Hendnz does the Blues 

It's not how many times you get thrown. 
It's how many times you get back on. 
- an ad 

%atej. Leary 

Foooool, Katie 

Far away there in the sunshine 
are my highest aspirations. 
I may not reach them, 
but I can look up and see their beaut- 
believe in them, 
and try to follow where they lead 
- Louisa May Alcott 

I was gratified to be able to answer 
promptly, and I did I said I didn't km 
-- Mark Twain 

It is a rare gift to feel reverence 
for your own life and to want the be^ 
the greatest, the highest possible, 
here, now, for your very own. 
To imagine a heaven and then not ti 
dream of it. but to demand it. 

(David Hreatfiette 

Brett, Greenback, Toady 

Now it seems I've painted myself in to the 
corner of an artist dream. 
-- Soul Asylum 

Lisa %risten Looney 

Looney, Loon, Lisa-2, Lis, 
Moe, Aphrodites, Lees, Lee, 

And remember a heart is not 
judged by how you love, 
-it by how much you are loved by others. 
- Wizard of Oz 

Tim Li/(ps/q/ 

Coc, 187, T.L. Smith 

Let's do it. 
— Bedford Soccer '94 

Is mediocre good enough for you? 
- Alan Barnett 

9A.ichae( ( L. McflfCister 

Mike, MMC, MCA, Mikey, 
Vice Grip 

Destiny is not a matter of chance. 
It's a matter of choice. 
— Pete Cacciola 

Trina ( J(enee Limoges 

Trina, Tree, Tryna, Trinish, 
Lamogez, Pong, Chirp Chirp 

For memory has painted this perfect day 

With colors that never fade 
And we find at the end of a perfect day 
The soul of a friend we've made. 
— Carrie Jacobs Bond 

Promise you'll never forget me ... ever. 
-- Winnie the Pooh 

Always remember to live your life so that 
you never have any regrets. 

Jeremy Scott 9{asfi 

Jeremy, Jermy, J, Ghandi, 
Iceman, Goober, Beethoven 

I play the notes as they are written, 
but it is God who makes the music. 
-J. S. Bach 

We are the best, so there. 
- George N. Parks 

Lieutenant Colonel Joseph J. Ciampa! 

There are two types of people in this 
world -- those who make music, and those 
who don't 

Alrighty, then!- "Ace Ventura 

(Dina Maria Lipczer 

Dinina, Dinah, D, Lippy, 
Dinie, Deener 

Remember that what's right 
isn't always popular, 
and what's popular isn't always right. 

Learn the rules, then break some. 

Remember that everyone you meet is 
afraid of something, loves something, and 
has lost something 
- HJ.B.Jr. 

All-righty then!— Ace 

(Emifio Cartos (h[azario 

Carlitos, Bee Chu 

Que viva Puerto Rico! 
soy boricua 
La casa latina! 
que viva la salsa! 
que bonita bandera! 
These quotes have made me who 1 am - 
Proud-to-be-Puerto- Rican 

Seniors 75 

'Liken 'Marie O'Tray 

O'Pray. Leen, Leenie, Helene 

There is determination hidden in quiet 
— Unknown 

If I have been able to see farther than 
others, it was because I stood on the 
shoulders of giants 
— Isaac Newton 

After all, tomorrow is another day. 
- Margaret Mitchell 

James Taredes 

Jiona Hoi Jan tyj 

Lisa Ann (PaseRf^ezLHu 

Lis, Puff: the fearless, laughing 

If you believe in yourself enough 
and you know what you want 
your gonna make it happen. 
And if you get down on your knees at 
night and pray to the Lord 
He's gonna make it happen 

Ain't gonna stop until I'm satisfied. 
— Richard Marx 

76 Seniors 

Linda Ann Tearson 

Pearson, Rose, Rosy, Lou, 
Linny, Linda Lou, Ren 

Remember, your character is your destiny. 

RESPECT ... give it to get it. 
- Angela Williams 

Sometimes it's so easy to let a day slip on 
by without even seeing each other at all 
-- Billy Joel 

When one falls, another stands. 
- L.A.P. 

Hi, Christine. 

Christine 'Daum Terino 

Perino, Rino, Chris, lung, 

Bye, Bye, then! 

■ — Ace 

No, no see it doesn't work that way. 
— me 

I think it's time to give this game a ride. 

I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry 
with the saints. 
-- Billy Joel 

Hi Linda! 

Aaron Tarmer 

Michelle Diane Tietchel 

Pietchel, Wolfie, DARREN, 
D.... Bert, Wa-Wa 

This is the time to Remember 
Cause it will not last forever 
Thee are the days to hold on to 
Cause we won't although we want to 
- Billy Joel 

Mow and steady wins the race!— S. T. 

All I w ant is my nylons off!- M. K. 

Anastasia (Porter 

Stacey, Porker, Stakey. 

Don't get lost in tomorrow 
before you find today, 
and make every struggle you go through, 
lead you in the right way. 
— me 

Michelle 'Pulsipher 

Pully, Mitch, Shell, Pulsipher, 
Pulsi, Meesh 

Different is good - Be an original. 
- K. H. 

After all. tomorrow is another day. 
- Scarlett O'Hara 

tie source of all sorrow. 

James A. f^atiche/^ 

Jim, Ricechex 

The sky's the limit. 

jrlie 9\[elqsha Hfeynolds 

Kizzie, Boo, C-Dogg 

To love oneself is the beginning 
of a life-long romance. 
- Oscar Wilde 

ere is no such thing as a great talent 
without great will-power 
- Balzac 

i mind is a terrible thing to waste. 
- United Negro College Fund 

Stephen James %gbinson 

Steve, Robbo, Robby, Rob. 
Steveo, Stephen S. Manning, 
The Sandman 

Success seems to be largely a matter of 
hanging on after others have let go. 
- William Feather 

Ate^ndra Campbell 9{gss 

Lexie, Leslie, The Funnanator 

Do what you love, and the rest comes. 

Be your own 

Oh won't you promise me 
that you'll never forget, 
all the things that have happened to us 
since the day we met. 
As the years bring new faces and friends. 
I won't let these memories end. 
So no matter what changes we see 
Oh won't you promise me. 
— Michael W. Smith 

Qregory Michael H(pss 

Punk, Rosster 

There's something wrong 
with the world today 
1 don't know w'hat it is 
Something's wrong with our eyes 
We're seeing things in a different way 
And God knows it ain't his 
It sure ain't no surprise 
We're livin' on the edge! 
- S. Tyler 

Seniors 77 

Lisa 9{ico(e Scfieiern 

%gussak z c Montgomenj 

Shmo, Sov, Daz, James, 
Lady Dougless, Platypus 

That's the trouble with reality, 
it's taken far too seriously. 
- Anonymous 

Who, being loved, is poor? 

In the middle of difficulty 7 lies opportunity. 
- Albert Einstein 


Sharon Schofiefd 

Shar, Charona, Shaz, S & S 

Well the night's busting open these 
two lanes will take us anywhere 
We got one last chance to make it real, 
to trade in these wings on some wheels 
— Bruce Springstein 

One night will remind you, how we 
touched and went our separate ways. 
— Journey 

78 Seniors 

Andrea 'Beth 'Russo 

Russo, Angle 

Time flies like an arrow, 
but fruit flies like a banana. 
— Groucho Marx 

Never, never, never, never give up 
-- Winston Churchill 

You grow up the day you have your first 
real laugh — at yourself. 
— Ethel Barrvmore 

Michael W. Sands 

Mike, Sandman, 
Michael Michael 

A Tout Le Monde 
A Tout Les Amis 
Je Vous Aime 
Je Dois Partir 
These Are The Last Words 

I'll Ever Speak 
And They'll Set Me Free. 

A new command I give you: Love one 
another. As I have loved you, so you mu 
love one another By this all men will kno 
that you are my disciples, if you love on< 
another.-- John, 13: 34-35 

All righty then! - "Ace Ventura" 

Do you have enthuasism? Nope. 
Are we having any fun yet? Nope. 
Holy smokes! - Mr. Sabourin 

You are never a failure until you stop tryir 

F i 


Andrew Otiver Schiverin 

Drew, Drewsbie, Drew Dog, 
Dre Day, Drool 

Your saying to me you don't understand 
me is praise beyond my worth, 
and an insult you do not deserve. 
- unknown 

Tara %e[[y Stavin 

Tuffy, T. Slavin 

Challenges can be stepping stones 
or stumblin' blocks, 
it just depends on how you view them. 

Even if you're on the right track, 
you'll get run over if you just stand there 

Jutte A. Smith 

Jules, Jule-Bug, Sweetes 

Adam Sparrow 

Jennifer Lynn St. Sauveur 

Jen, Jenny, Jenny-foo-foo, 
Stimpy, Yenny-fer, St. Sauveur 

To love another person is to see the face of 
God— Les Miserables 

Muds cannot be explained in mere words. 
It must be felt from within and heard with 
your heart — me 

You are what you think you are. 
You become what you believe— me 

Truly there are many types of people inthis 
world. Madame Yet each must be true to 
himself— Hercule Poirot 

Raefiel <Betfi Stieglitz 

Rach, Rachie, Ray of 
Sunshine, Raquel, Rosalinda 

We all end in the ocean, 
We all start in the streams, 
We're all carried along by the river of 
-- Billy Joel 

Throughout ovr lives, 
we will meet several different individuals, 
but only the special ones will make an 
impression in our hearts and our souls. 
— Rachel Stieglitz 

It's the circle of life and it moves us all. 

Jeffrey Sullivan 

Jeremy H. Tate 

patient with everyone, but above all 
with yourself. 
- St. Francis De Sales 

' will to win is not nearly as important 
as the will to prepare to win. 
- Bobby Knight 

Sharlene %. ToSin 


Don't be afraid to be weak, 
Don't be too proud to be strong 
Just look into your heart my friend 
If you want, then start to laugh 
If you must, then start to cry 
Be yourself don't hide. 
Just believe in destiny. 
Don't care what people say 
Just follow your own way 
Don't give up and use the chance 
To return to innocence. 
- Enigma 

Jason Tolivinsfci 

Tftilip £. Toole 

Phil, Kiwi, Filter, Horn. Pablo. 
Felipe, Flip. Philly 

War is much too serious a matter 
to be left up to the military 
-- Tallyrand v . 

There is nothing more difficult „ 
than to take the lead in the introduction 
of a new order of things. 
- Machiavelli 

Seniors 79 

Qitbert Tsang 

Gil, G, Sweats, 
Flyin Hawaiian, Sparkly 

What matters is not the size 
of the dog in the fight, 
but the size of the fight in the dog. 
Coach Bear Bryant 

Success is getting what you want. 
Happiness is liking what you get. 
— unknown 

Where's my car, who stole my car!? 
— me 

Jennifer Tsang 

DBHC, HC, Jen, S.W., Tsang 

What is a friend? 
A single soul dwelling in two bodies. 
— Aristotle 

You can never be too fine, too kind, 
or have too many cool things 

— Cool Beans 

Give me a firm place to stand, 
and I will move the earth. 

— Archimedes 

The music in my heart I bore. 
Long after it was heard no more. 
-- William Wordsworth 

Everything ends in songs. 
— Pierre-Augustin de Beaumarchais 

Jiaveen Axon < Wadfiera 

Dillan, Dream, Geekveen, 

To do nothing and get something 
is thy veritable sign of genius. 
— Benjamin Disraeli 

Why are you calling? Seinfeld's on! 

- N.W. 

Sean <D. Wafcfron 

Lavern, Waldo 

The will to win is not nearly as important 
as the will to prepare to win 
-- Bobby Knight 

I will finish the game. 
- Billy the kid 

It's real and it's been fun 
but was it all real fun.-- Green Day 

Heather M. <Watker 

Heather #2, Echo, Lestat, Taz, 
Buddah, Toothbrush 

A beast we are lest a beast we become. 
— The Masquerade 

I have more memories than 
if 1 had lived for a million years. 
- The Flowers of Evil 

What would you do if ... 

80 Seniors 

Catherine J. Weicl^er 

Kathy, Weickah, Way-de-Be 

How happy is he born & taught 
the serveth not another's will; 
whose armour is his honest thought 
and simple truth his utmost skill. 
-- Sir Henry Wotton 

I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have 
it all to myself than be crowded on a velvet 
- H D Thoreau 

Scott Wiener 

Ween, Ween Man, The Man 

... dreaming, dreaming of how 
it's supposed to be, hey, 
what are you waiting for, dreaming, 
dreaming me, I feel like i'm disappearing, 
getting stronger every day, 
but w hen I open my eyes to see, 
i'm bigger in every way, she said ... 
you aren't never going anywhere 
— Kim Gordon 

... and through the portal 
they can make amends, hey, 
would you say whatever 
will blanket from ... 
- Tori Amos 

Craig S. Miky 

Wiley Coyote, Wiley, Wooly 

It's not ]ust a game, it's an adventure 

-- C W. '94 

I may not agree with what you say, 
but I will fight until I die 
for your right to say it. 
- Voltaire 

Live as you will wish to have lived 
when you are dying. 
— Chnstian Gellert 

ngela Michelle 'Williams 

jigie, Ange, Misha, Angina 

Lose, not courage, lose not laith. 
go forward. 
— Marcus Garvey 

Pretty can only get prettier, 
but beauty compounds itself 
-J. Kenneth Ellington 

;re's a hero if you look inside your soul 
don't have to be afraid of what you are. 
-- Mariah Carey 

Johnny Yang 

Qenja May Williams 

Ganja, Geny, Jenga, G-Force! 

Hold fast to dreams, 
For if dreams die. 
Life is a broken-winged bird 
That cannot fly. 
-- Langston Hughes 

J-Luv, #1 Luv'r, Johnny Luv, 
Yang. Da Luv Machine, J, John 

In a universe of ambiguity, 
this kind of certainty comes only once, 

and never again, 
no matter how many lifetimes you live. 
- R. Kincaid in 
The Bridges of Madison Country 

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow. 

for tomorrow w ill worry about itself. 
Each day has enough trouble of its own. 
- Matthew, 6:34 

Hey Johnny! Be good! 
— Christi Horn 

Jessica < D. MSritton 
'Richard Corrigan 
Qlenn C. parley 

Marc finch 
'Kendricf^ Qibson 
John Oiaystrand 

Michael Villa 
'Kristof f TSioS6el 

Pictures Not Available 

Qlenn C. parley 

Seniors 81 

Loveliest Locks: Dave Kern & Caitlin Buxton 
Class Couple: Matt Guisti & Kelly Gullage 

Best Ail-Around: 
Mike McAllister & 
Michelle Pulsipher 

Definitely Dramatic & Sassy Singers: Naveen 
Marvelous Musicians: Jeremy Nash & Jen St. Wadhera & Michelle Pulsipher 


Superbly Spirited: Christine Perino Best Looking: Stacey Porter & Dan Grey 

Senior Superlatives 

Most likely to write a scientific report on sea shells ~ Nathan Algren 
Most likely to attend the prom in jeans -- Michelle Pietchel and Wendy Chase 
Most likely to be run over by a deer - Ron Blanchette 
Most likely to fall in the Charles River and then ask "Do I look okay?" - Sarah Higham 

Most likely to hit a parked car - Johny Yang 
Most likely to finish each other's sentences and then forget what they were talking 


— Trina Limoges and Aarti Kapuria 

Most likely to conduct "foreign affairs" — Katharine French-Fuller 
Most likely to stop at green and go on red - Jen Brown 
Most likely to get a tatoo and then write a poem about it - Heather Walker 
Most likely to wear cowboy boots and talk about them all day -- Charlie Axtell 
Most likely to videotape himself videotaping himself — Craig Wiley 
Most likely to wear shorts in the winter — John Haystrand 
Most likely to root for the Canadians at a Bruins game — Carla Giannetta 
Most likely to be on "America's Most Wanted" — Mike Pilla and Jessica Albriton 
Most likely to get convicted of computer fraud — Andrew Brault 
Most likely to wear spandex — Greg Cohen 
Most likely to think about walking into a pole and then do it — Jennifer Tsang 
Most likely to start his own fan club — Bryant Chisholm 
Most likely to become a broadway star in "The Sound of Music" — Michelle Pulsipher 
Most likely to graduate in 1996 — Brian McGrath 
Most likely to find a good use for binoculars in a parked car 

— Danielle Allain and Michelle Cronin 

Most likely to play field hockey without her stick — Genja Williams 
Most likely to charge his own kids for gas money — Aaron Gerstel 
Most likely to be caught on fire — Caroline Alba 
Most likely to be seen on the back of a motorcycle, riding the streets of Rome ~ Carla 


Admirable Artists: 
Beth Ela & Greg Cohen 

Admirable Art (but not 
by an Admirable Art- 

Senior Superlatives 85 

86 Underclassmen 






Julie Albonesi 
Jose Amaya 
Nicholas Anderson 
Sarah Baird 
Elisa Banner 
Erin Barret 

Nicole Barrila 
Jennifer Barry 
Susan Bayliss 
Michelle Bayne 
Emanuela Berca 
Thomas Bleckley 

Andy Bourneuf 
Agata Brys 
David Bueno-Hill 
Kirsten Bushey 
Matt Callahan 
Nathan Campoli 

Megan Carpenter 
Scott Carroll 
Ron Celeste 
Yung Tsyr Chen 
Jeremy Ciaccia 

Jennifer Clerkin 
Amy Corrigan 
Benjamin Croxford 
Alissa Dangel 
Angela Day 
Brian Deardorff 

Nicholas Defino 
Cynthia DeYoung 
William Dick 
Meredith Dill 
Gina DiSanzo 
Julie Duhiisk\ 


After two years of hard 
ork, juniors have finally 
lade it to the point where 
yerything really counts, 
o more excuses. This 

ar, you must prove that 
)u are the best that you 
in be. And, PSATs are 
st the first step. Sud- 

denly, colleges and uni- 
versities are bombarding 
you with mail explaining 
why their school is abso- 
lutely perfect for someone 
with your qualifications 
and interests. 

But, after all the hard 
work and tremendous 

stress, everything pays off. 
Privileges like unassigned 
and cars are given to you. 
The junior prom comes 
along and adds more 
memories . One day, ev- 
eryone will look back at 
this year and realize that 
studying all night and not 

bothering to go to bed 
was worth it! (really) To 
yourself, you '11 thank those 
nagging teachers and bless 
your parents for being 
there and making sure you 
became the best. 

Kerry Duncan 
Kathryn Esposito 
Matthew Fanelli 
Akilah Garnett 
Christine Geilfuss 
Ellen Gersh 

Adrian Gerstel 
Jacquelline Giacalone 
Bethany Giusti 
Jeremy Gomes 
Melissa Gray 
Rebecca Green 

Ethan Grey 
Jeff Haynes 
Rebecca Holland 
Corey Hooks 
Mike Hursh 
Gina Janot 

Brendan Jones 
Andrew Katz 
Shaun Kennery 
Alison Kiessling 
Jeannie Kim 
Russ Kleekamp 

Thomas Kotwal 
Tim Kullman 
Kathleen Kyper 
Sabrina Lanza 
Jill Lavoie 
Jason Lee 

Amv Leshin 
Bethany Lesure 
Heather Loewy 
Michael Lord 
Jo Lowery 
Eric Luke 

Daniel Macisaac 
Lisa Maranian 
Gretchen Marston 
Michelle Martin 
Adam Marto 
Scott McBreen 

Heather McCarthy 
Jason McCloud 
Theresa Mc Govern 
Brian Mc Grath 
Jeff McGrath 
Cara McNamara 

Kristin Mead 
Lynn Mee 
Doug Mix 
Josh Montgomery 
Amy Morgan 
Dara Morris 

Matthew Nerney 
Patricia O'Brien 
Joshua Oien 
Matthew Ondovchik 
Theresa O'Reilly 
Amy Parsons 

90 Juniors 




u • 

Rajul Patel 
Steve Pierre-Louis 
Patrick Pisani 
Leeland Pope 
Alexis Presti 
Chet Rao 

Jamie Reid 
Sam Richards 
Alyssa Robinson 
Tammy Robinson 
Catherine Rowe 
Andrea Rupp 

Christopher Ryan 
Jesse Ryan 
lames Sands 
Kristopher Sarahian 
Susanne Schmuhl 
Timothy Sheflin 

Sanju Shewakramani 
Michelle Shwimer 
Rachel Siegel 
Greg Simpson 
vlatt Skavenski 
Vilas Sridrahan 

Hilary Stanley 
Cara Stein 
Dave Storer 
Colleen Sullivan 
Delanda Sydney 
Lindsay Sylva 

Juniors 91 

Mohamed Abdi 
Ingrid Ahlgren 
Katie Akillian 
Michiel Alexander 
Jeffery Anderson 
Anthony Aumann 

Matthew Barden 
Christopher Betz 
Amita Bharat 
Tiffany Bowlby 
Paul Bradfield 
Jonathan Brome 

Felisha Bruno 
Christopher Bussey 
David Campbell 
Kristina Carlo 
Krystal Carroll 
Nathan Casserly 

David Chapman 
Michael Chester 
Anurag Chhabra 
Chao Yen Ching 
Christina Ciccone 

Michael Clarke 
Jean Connelly 
Thomas Cook 
Stephanie Crook 
Rebecca Anna Cavidson 
Melissa Davis 

Simon Davis 
Colleen Devlin 
Michelle Donnelly 
Shawn Downs 
Scott Dugal 
Trinity Dunne 

94 Sophomores 

Little, tanned, 



This fall, 160 tanned, relaxed 

Bedford High School students 
returned to upper A. their be- 
loved hall. Members of the 
Class of '97 were looking for- 
ward to many new opportuni- 
ties, friends, and challenges. 
With later curfews and friends 
with cars, the Sophomores be- 

gan the life that they had only 
dreamed of as Frosh. 

That is not to say that Sopho- 
more year is easier, because as 
any Sophomore will tell you. 
it s not. The work load is roughly 
tripled and. w ith many new ac - 
tivities, sleep is no longer a 

luxury. But instead of sleeping, 
they attend Friday night foot- 
ball games, dances and parties, 
and return to school on Mon- 
day just as tired as when they 
had left. 

Even though this life is oh- 
so-hard, they love it! 

Kianga Eccles 
Angela Elkins 
Keri Evjy 
Melissa Fagan 
Aron Feiring 

John Franks 
Maria Gallant 
Brian Geary 
Joseph Giaquinto 
Michael Goodwin 

Kristine Hanson 
Christopher Harris 
Justin Hastings 
Jessica Healy 
Casey Hill 

Miranda Hillyard 
Kamah Hittle 
Carrie Huxsaw 
Tawnya Jardine 
Oderra Jones 

Hunter Koh 
Pornpimol Kulholm 
Jorge Lang 
Niccole Larsen 
Anne-Michelle Levangie 

David Llovd 
Stephen Lua 
Matthew MacDonald 
Kim MacGregor 
Anna Manchor 

Sophomores 95 

Gary Martin 
Thomas McCreedy 
Elisa McGovern 
John McGrath 
Devin McPhie 
Jennifer Milligan 

Jennifer Mills 
Gerardo Molina 
Aisha Mondesir 
Asha Mondesir 
Jameel Moore 
Rochele Morello 

Maurice Naylor 
Emily Neal 
Christine O'Reilly 
Brian Oates 
Jennifer Opalenik 
Todd Ouellette 

Geri Parisella 
Michael Piantedosi 
Cordelia Primmerman 
Jay Randazzo 
Adrienne Reeves 
Michael Reid 

Richard Remington 
Lauren Richards 
Christopher Rizzitano 
Jennifer Robb 
Michael Robertson 
I)c >uglas Robinson 

Katie Roche 
Joseph Savitch 
Lori Scheiern 
Thomas Shepard 
Steven Simmers 
Meredith Sledge 

96 Sophomores 


Freshmen Year. There is no way to describe 
t, but, at one time or another, it's something 
ve've all experienced. In September of 1994, 
he Class of 1998 walked through the doors of 
Bedford High School. 

At first, all the halls seemed to look alike, but, 
oon, the weeks of getting lost ended. The 
eniors, once big and scary weren't so intimidat- 

ing and somehow, to your surprise, were actu- 

High school is a time when things start to get 
a lot more confusing and responsibilities begin 
to pop up around every corner. Still, when 
you're having fun, the stress of it all is soon 
forgotten and you begin to realize just how great 
life at BHS really is. 

Benjamin Abt 
Matthew Abt 
Peter Agneta 
Jessica Amos 
Rvan Anderson 
Suzanne Baker 

Jeff Beckwith 
Jesse Belknap 
Jennifer Bieren 
Adam Bleseer 
Robert Borges 
Michael Boucher 

Katie Bowen 
Katie Boyd 
John Brady 
Alison Brooks 
Letravius Brown 
Elizabeth Brutti 

Elizabeth Cameron 
Meredith Campbell 
Robert Carlo 
Stephanie Carroll 
Acquila Chambers 
Ned Chaney 

Brian Conway 
Michael Cassette 
Brian Cox 
Andy Croxford 
Nick DAgostino 
Jonathan DeAraujo 

Freshmen 99 

Jaclyn DePreist 
Angelo Defino 
Eric Denmark 
Natasha Dillahunt 
Meghan Duke 
Brent Duncan 

Kelly Dutton 
Patrick Dwyer 
Gregory Elkins 
Fartun Jama Farah 
Shaun Fillion 
Kristin Flvnn 

Jacquelyn Franks 
Karen Friesen 
Andrew Garofalo 
David Giannetta 
Eric Gibbons 
Emily Gleason 

Robin Grace 
Hannah Grey 
Jennifer Hager 
Margaret Hamel 
Terroma Harford 
Robert Hartwell 

Amanda Holland 
Angela House 
Kelly Jones 
Rashmi Kaul 
Kacie Kennedy 
Chea Kenyon 

Rachel Kern 
Caroline King 
Kristen Knieriemen 
Michael Korik 
Gwen Kramer 
Mark Kruger 

100 Freshmen 

Chris Shuler 
Shannon Simmons 
Jennifer Simpson 
Stephanie Skavenski 
Erin Slavin 
Robin Smith 

Heather Stewart 
Michael Sullivan 
Jonathan Tate 
Ayesha Marie Thomas 
Joanna Thoren 
Mark Tolwinski 

Sarah Toole 
Sara Trelegan 
Alvin Tsang 
Kelly Valente 
Elena Vasilakis 
Amber Vaughan 

102 Freshmen 


Ms. Bosak 
CMSgt. Braga 
Mr. Cacciola 
LTC. Campbell 
Ms. Carlow 

Mr. Conolly 
Mr. Corliss 
Ms. Devaney 

Mr. DiPietro 
Ms. Donovan 

Mr. Donovan 
Ms. Drenas 
Ms. Dubitsky 
Mr. Duggan 
Ms. Earl-Bogan 

Ms. Estrada 
Mr. Flynn 
Ms. Freed 
Ms. Giddis 
Ms. Gullage 

Mr. Haley 
Mr. Hentz 
Mr. Huff 
Mr. Hunt 
Ms. Jordan 

106 Faculty 


Mr. Judge 
Mr. Kelly 
Ms. Keltner 
Mr. Keup 
Ms. Kreuger 

Ms. Laver 
Ms. Leavy 
Ms. Leehan 
Ms. Light 
Ms. Lohrum 

Mr. Lord 

Ms. Lovecchio 

Mr. Low 

Ms. Luke 

Ms. MacGreggor 

Ms. Maczko 
Mr. Maffa 
Ms. Malkis 
Ms. Malouin 
Ms. Matthews 

Mr. Maxwell 
Ms. Mays 
Mr. McCarthy 
Mr. McDonald 
Mr. McGowan 

Faculty 10" 


Ms. Messmer 
Ms. Metcalf 
Ms. Miele 
Mr. Milliken 
Ms. Mitchell 

Mr. Modzelewski 
Mr. Morse 
Mr. Norton 
Ms. O'Malley 
Ms. O'Neill 

Ms. O'Shaughnessy 
Mr. Palmer 
Ms. Parker 
Mr. Pavao 
Ms. Pelligrini 

Mr. Petrillo 
Ms. Piantedosi 
Mr. Pilla 
Ms. Rainis 
Mr. Reagan 

Mr. Reynolds 
Mr. Rinaldi 
Ms. Rocheford 
Ms. Rull 
Mr. Sabourin 

108 Faculty 

Ms. Gullage 

By Michelle Pulsipher 

It's time for students to thank their teachers and give them the credit that 
they deserve for preparing us for the world. And, one teacher in particular 
deserves special recognition: Ms. Paula Gullage. Not only does Ms. 
Gullage teach her students history, she teaches responsiblity, delegation, 
and morals. As well as being a teacher, Ms. Gullage is a gymnastics 
coach, the coach of the flag squad, and co-advisor of the Senior Class. 

When the Class of 1995 graduates, she will know that their fututre 
success will be partly because of her many efforts. Thank you, Ms. Gullage 
— for everything! 

Ms. Sakelakos 
Mr. Sheinfeld 
Ms. Simberg 
Ms. Sorgi 
Mr. Spinosa 

Mr. Stephenson 
Mr. Sullivan 
Ms. Sullivan 
Ms. Supprise 
Mr. Ullman 

Faculty 109 


Coach Sab worries 
about the number of 
injuries suffered by 
the other team in the 
last game. 

Red Rover, Red Rover, 
send Doug Mix ... no, 
wait, send him back. 

The referee runs to call Hard Copy as Will Dick attempts to attract the attention 
of a passing UFO. 


by Bryant Chisholm 

The Bedford Football Team has come a k 
way since last year. This past season, we resto 
pride and victories into our football program, j 
we did it together as a unit and as a team. The 
that we had only three Seniors - Glenn Far 
Mike Donaldson, and I — on the team didn't d 
us from reaching our preseason goals. This yJ 
Juniors Will Dick, Russ Kleekamp, Jay Willia 
and Brendan Jones were asked to play major ro| 
while other players advanced, making the tra 
tion from J. V. to Varsity. There were many ol 
players who also contributed to this past sea.' 
including Chris Harris, Gary Martin, Nick Def 
and Brian Oates. 

This year's coaching staff, led by Coach Saboi 
kept the team together through both the g« 
times and the bad. Coach Petrillo, Coach Sulli 1 
Coach Cambell, Coach Mike, and Coach H. 
helped make this past season a memorable ( 
Our program is on the rise, and I feel that, i 
year, Bedford has the chance to be a real fore 
the D.C.L. I'm glad that I've had the chance to ] I 
for such great coaches and to be a part of a J 
great team. I wish the best to next year's tefli 


Remember your goals and think about wini 
the Super Bowl! Good luck! 

112 Football 

"The goal post, you fools!" Matt 

Thomas shows his teammates what Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's 
to aim for. the fairest of them all? 

Bryant Chisholm prays for the souls of his "Hey, where the heck did everybody else go?' 
enemies. Just kidding! He wants to kick It's no fun playing football during flu season, 
their butts in! 

Football 113 

Caroline Alba streaks down 
field with the greatest of ease.. 

the Varsity Field Hockey Bottom : Danielle Allain, Genja Williams, Caroline Alba, Beth Ela, Carla Gianetta, 
Brown, Maria Cohen, Middle: Kate Leary, Catherine Weicker, Lisa Looney, Charlene Tofc 
Michelle Cronin. Top:Bethanv Geusti, Cara Stein, Amy Leshin, Emma Berca, Gina DiSanzo, C 
McNamara, Kristen Mead, Becca Tomassian 

Field Hockey Co-Captains Carla 
Giannetta and Beth Ela. 

Bottom: Alissa Dangel, Suzanne Schmuhl, Danielle Taylor, Lindsay Sylva, Nicole Barrilla, Terry OR 
Alyssa Robinson. Middle: Keri Evjy, Jennie Mills, Ann-Michelle Levangie, Kim MacGregor, 
McGovern, Candice Tanner, Robin Grace, Stephanie Skavenski, Trinity Dunne. Top: Meg Hal 
Meredith Campbell, Heather Stewart, Erin Peebles, Kara Volpicelli, Caroline King, Krista Robir 
Andrea Mesquita. 


The start of the fall season opened a new era this 
year for the Beford High School Field Hockey 
team. With the retirement of head coach Helen 
Groferer and the hiring of Jane Cassidy-Wood and 
Doreen Soner, the Buccaneers were able to begin 
this year with a totally new outlook. 

Dressed in the familiar blue and white, varsity 
was able to show off their new shirts (white for 
home, blue for away) this season. Jayvee, on the 
other hand, inherited varsity's old polos from last 
year. (No comment on this predicament.) The 
new uniforms looked great and helped to raise 
spirit on the field. Speaking of spirit, Bedford has 

no lack of this important emotion. Among "psychi 
bags", singing on the bus, wearing uniforms t< 
school, and many other acts, the Bucs were able t< 
keep the fun in this very competitive sport. 

On the field, both teams played better than the 
have in years. Captains Carla Giannetta and Betl 
Ela did a superb job on and off the field. Thes 
two, along with Maria K., Caroline A., Michelle C 
Danielle A., Jen B., Lisa L., Catherine W., Sharlen 
T., and Kate L., will be missed very much whe 
they head off to college in the fall. Thos 
remaining athletes will be thinking of them, thougl 
when Bedford heads off into an even better seaso 
next year! 

bv Candice Tanner 

1 14 Field Hockey 

Grumpy old men: Boys Varsity Soccer. Top row: Mark Kruger, Dan Rashba, Tom Webster Mike Hursch, Curtis Wright. Middle 
Row: Dave Wolf, Matt Ondovchik, Dave Storer, Chris Ryan. Andy Katz, Tim Sheflin, Ben Waterhouse. Front Row: Gilbert Tsang, 
Corey Gelormini. Mike McAllister, Carter Lanoux, Jesse Ryan, Matt Giusti, Tim Likosky, Sean Waldron. Jason Tolwynski, and Geremy 
Tate. C'mon guys, say cheese...! Please? 

The 1994 Boy's Varsity Soccer team was by far was one of the best that Bedford High School has seen in man 
years. Under the excellent coaching of Dave Wilson and the able youth guidance of its captains, Tim Likoslc 
Matt Guisti, and Jesse Ryan, this years' Bucs were a real triumph. Although Jesse Ryan was injured early in th 
season with a knee problem, Bedford fought on and went undefeated in their first 7 games. The team advance 
to the State Tournament in November where they suffered a heartbreaking loss to Arlington Catholic after sever 
overtimes. On the whole, the team looked sharp, especially with no hair. Many returning starters made the teai 
formidable. Andy Katz and Tim Sheflin played great striker positions, scoring numerous goals apiece. Tr 
midfield was supported by Matt Ondovchik, another high goal scorer, Tim Likosky, Corey Gelormini, and Mil- 
McAllister (since all the papers forgot to mention Mike, the yearbok figured it should.) The team was backe 
by a solid defense, directed by sweeper Matt Guisti. Carter Lanoux, Sean Waldron, and Gilbert Tsang gave tr 
defense structure. Not to be forgotten is goal keeper Chris Ryan, who completed his third year as Varsity Goal 
with smashing success. The team's great success came from a combination of terrific individual skills, hardwor 
and dedication. BHS Varsity Soccer 1994 will not be easily forgotten! 

116 Boy's Soccer 

Friend and foe alike gape in wide wonder 
as Mile McAllister prepares to send an- 
other soccer ball into low earth orbit. 

Gilbert's no slouch either, so intent on 
scoring that he hasn't noticed the game's 

Shiny happy people: the boys' JV team. 
If your here, you know who you are. If 
you're not tough. I don't have time for 

Boys' Soccer co-captains Matt Giusti, 
Jesse Ryan, and Tim Likosky enjoy a 
serious moment, as they try to recall 
where thev left the handcuff kevs. 

Boy's Soccer 117 

Girls' Varsity Soccer. Back row: Emily Gleason, Susan Mara, Jackie DePriest, Katie 
Akillian, Nadine Yolicer, Hrin Peebles, and Coach Kristin Maskelenko. Middle row: 
Plana Visalakos, Rebecca Green, Jen Robb. Theresa McGovern. Pepe Yo-Yo. Laura 
Olsen. Front row: Lexie Ross, Kim Duda, Tara Slavin, and Stacy Porter. Don't they look 

The 1994 BHS Girls' Soccer Teams were coached by Kristin Maskalenko 
and Mike McEachern once again this season. Coach Kristin has become 
the mother of a baby boy, Derek. Last year's seniors composed almost 
two-thirds of the varsity team in the fall of 1993- Clearly, there was a very 
large hole in the team roster immediately following graduation in June. 
The varsity soccer team began their extensive rebuilding process even 
before the beginning of the school year. This past year, the class 
contributing the most number of players was the freshman class ... 
indicating a strong future for girls' soccer in Bedford. Regardless of the 
obvious lack of experience of the 1994 team, the ladies did their best to 
maintain their poise and enthusiasm throughout the season. Co-captains 
Tara Slavin and Kim Duda (as well as the rest of the veteran team 
members) were very helpful to the younger players who looked to them 
as examples of sportsmanship and overall skill. 

The team branched out a little bit as well this past season. At the end 
of September, the ladies participated in the Bedford Special Olympics at 
John Glenn Middle School. They spent the day with potential BHS soccer 
players, teaching as well as performing drills. Granted, the 1994 Girls' 
Varsity Soccer Team wasn't able to continue the winning ways of its 
predecessors, but the members were among the most spirited and 
enthusiastic players to ever wear the Bedford blue and white. 

118 Girls' Soccer 

Amigas para siempre ... Kim Duda and 
Tara Slavin, girls' soccer captains, know 
that complete trust and friendship are 
essential for leadership. 
Goalie Jen Robb looks confused. I'll bet 
she's still thinking about that math test. 
Unnoticed by her teammates, Theresa 
McGovern gives a Boston Latin player a 
good, swift kick in the goal. 

"Okay, ball, it's just you and me ..." Susan 
Mara psyches up. 

~ JP* >^ Lexie Ross - Ki ™ Duda, Tara Slavin. and 
Stacey Porter think evil thoughts about 

Girls' Soccer 119 

Jeremy Gomes, living up to his per- 
sonal credo of "Vada Vie Che Sa Di 
Aglio", likes to warm up before a 
game by playing miniature golf at 
Big Ted's Fun Barn. Hey Gomes! No 

Adam Chiocca. determined to finish 
under par, sets his jaw and swings 
determinedly away. Don't break his 
concentration, and whatever you 
do, don't tell him that the hole is 
behind him. He has a club. 

(Opposite page, below) I warned y 
not to give them all that medicati< 
Now look at them! Their tongues ; 
swelling up! How are they going to p 
now??! Um, do you want to tell them 
should I...? 

The Bedford High Golf Team 
Utter perfection... with clubs 

120 Sports 

Golf Team 

by Adam Chiocca & Jeremy Nash 

The 1994 Bedford High School Golf Team was led by 
Coach Reynolds and Captain Adam Chiocca. Although 
:he fall season was not a winning one, the Bucs gained 
in areas of talent and experience. Leading the pack in 
:he number one Varsity spot was John Thoren, whose 
Drofessional style of play set a great example for the 
earn. Adam Chiocca, Sam Richards, Mark Pietchel, 
Vlatt MacDonanld, Adam McCormick, Jeremy Gomes, 

and Jason Lee were also solids throughout the season. 
And, athough Seniors Jennifer Tsang and Eileen O'Prey 
were the only two members of the Ladies Golf Team, 
they were very spirited and supportive of the Varsity 

We don't remember the wins or losses, but we will 
remember the camaraderie and friendship, whether in 
the bus, on the course, or in Chiocca's jeep. 

Sports 121 


This year's Bedford Cheerleading Squad 
started their season during the summer, by 
going to a cheerleading camp at Springfield 
College. There, the team performed really 
well, earning trophies for the best stunts, most 
spirited, best all around routine, best cheer, 
best jumps and also receiving the Grand 
Champs award. 

During the fall they cheered on the football 
team, providing great motivation to the play- 

ers. They also went to competitions at 
Medford and Woburn, where they placed 
fourth and third, respectively. In February, 
the cheerleaders won the first-ever Dual 
County League cheerleading competition, 
which was held here in Bedford. 

Christine Perino, Jaqui Brown, and Adelle 
Johnson led the team throughout a successful 
and great season. They wish the best of luck 
to the squad in the years to come. 

It's three... three... three cheerleaders in one! New, from 

122 Cheerleading 

Jaqui, Christine, Kerry, Hillary, and Kaitlin hog the spot-light, displayi| 
their beautiful pearly whites. 

Cheerleading Captains Christine Perino, 
Adelle Johnson, and Jaqui Brown, with 
their pet Fry Guys. 

How many cheerleaders can you fit in 
a box? Kristen, Katie, Colleen, Jaqui, 
Tarie, Kristen, Adelle, Christine, Hilar}', 
Amy, and Christine want to find an 
answer to that age-old question. 

BHS Cheerleaders hang out on a very nicely mowed lawn. 

Cheerleading 123 

The Runners: Back: Paul Bradfield. Deb Robertson, Sarah Watts, 
Ethan Grey. Aron Feiring. Yung-En Chen, Alvin Tsang, Adam Weston, 
Peter Agneta, Brian Geary; Front: Christina Carvey, Caroline 
Leary, Amanda Watts, Yung-Tsyr Chen, Pat Dwyer, Matt Dwyer, 
Naveen Wadhera, and Sewon Im. 

Boys Cross Country Co-Captain 
Steve Robinson and Navee. 
Wadhera, pose with their coacl 
Barry Dymon. 

Cross Country: Back: Andy York, Pat Dwyer, Adam Weston, Peter ». 1 
Agneta, Deb Robinson, Alvin Tsang, Caroline Leary; Middle: Coach 
Barry Dymon Yung-Tsyr Chen, Ethan Grey, Brian Geary, Paul 

Bradfield, Anurag Chhabra, Aron Feiring, Chris Betz; Front: Carla Our heros compete 

Infererra, Johnny Yang, Matt Dwyer, Steve Robinson, Naveen three-day meet. 

Wadhera, Sewon Im, Yung-En Chen, and Christina Carvey. team later died 

t i o n s . 

in a grueli 
Half of 
of compli< 

124 Cross Country 

he girl's cross country team members handcuff themselves to 
ach other for the semi-annual sixty-four-legged race. 





Concord Carslile 



Newton South 






Lincoln Sudbury 



Boston Latin 



Acton Boxborough 



Westford Academy 









Concord Carslile 


Newton South 




Lincoln Sudbury 



Boston Latin 



Acton Boxborough 



Westford Academy 






Running to the Finish Line 

What's the first thought 
hat comes to mind when you 
tear the word running? 
'ain? Torture? A fate worse 
iian death? Well, the mem- 
ers of cross country would 
isagree. Running takes 
etermination and a high 
}lerance for pain. Coached 
y Barry Dyment, the teams 
njoy a long season of 
rogress, success and, most 
f all, fun. 

This year, the boys' cross country 
am, lead by senior co-captains 
eve Robinson and Naveen 
adera, raced to a DCL record of 
e wins and three losses. Their 
cord reflects the talent and deter- 
ination of the team, made up of 
nners who refused to slack off, 

even when facing easy competition. 

Senior Steve Robinson was 
Bedford's number one run- 
ner throughout the season. 
Following closely behind 
were Paul Bradfield, Sewon 
Im, and Brian Geary. Other 
team members included Yung- 
En Chen, Matt Dwyer, Ethan 
Grey, Aron Feiring, Peter 
Agnetta, Pat Dwyer, Adam 
Weston, Alvin Tsang, and 
Corey Moy. They all raced 
strongly the entire sea- 
son, and for the first time 
in many years, qualified as 
a team for the States by 
finishing third in their 
division at the Eastern Mass. Cham- 

For the first time in many years, 

there was also a girls' cross country 7 
team. Despite its formation after the 
season had already begun, the girls 
were able to win four of the five 
meets in which they ran. Amamda 
Watts consistently finished first for 
the Bedford girls. She was followed 
by Sarah Watts (who raced despite 
an injured ankle), captain Christina 
Carvey, Caroline Leary, and Debbie 
Robertson. And, at the end of the 
season, Amanda Watts qualified in- 
dividually for States. 

Cross Country 125 

Basketball wonder Theresa McGovern "ji 
does it." 

Girls' Varsity Basketball 
Team: (back row) Coach 
Sullivan, Katie Akillian, 
Katie Roche, Kacey 
Kennedy, Nadya Volicer, 
Geri Parisella (front row) 
Theresa McGovern, Eileen 
Hartwell, Carla Infererra, 
Joanna Mclnnis, Lindsay 

Captains Eileen Hartwell 
and Carla Infererra pose 
with Coach Maureen 
Sullivan after a victory. 

The JV Girls take a tour to the 
top floor of the Sears Tower 

126 Girls' Basketball 


The 1994-95 season for the Girls' Basketball Team was full of challenges. The season started without 
the presence of Senior Co-Captain Carla Infererra on the court due to an injury, but the Lady Bucs proved 
strong. During the winter break, Bedford girls won the Stoneham Tournament defeating Tewksbury and 
Stoneham with Senior Co-Captain Eileen Hartwell as the MVP of the tournament and Infererra as an All- 
Star. Another challenge was presented to the Lady Bucs with a knee-injury that took Hartwell, leading 
scorer of the DCL at the time, out for the rest of the season. 

In a twist on the old magic 
trick, Geri pulls a ball from 
the mouth of a Wayland op- 

Girls' JV Basketball Team: 
(back row) Coach Surpprise, 
Kelly Jones, Deb Robertson. 
Bree McKay, Jaqui DePriest, 
Angela Elkins, Clarissa (front 
row) Meg Hamel, Rashmi 
Kaul, Laura Olsen, Jennifer 
Williams, and Shannon 

Boys' Varsity Team: (top) Jesse 
Ryan, Brendan Jones, Dave Storer, 
Haneef Terry, Chris Ryan (bot- 
tom) Jeff McGrath, Will Dick, 
Corey Gelormini, Matt Dwyer, 
Cedric Townes, and Gary Martin. 
Nice new sweatshirts gang! 


Boys 1 Basketball i 


Hard, Smart, Together! 

by Matt Dwyer 

The 1994-1995 Basketball team had its ups as well as 
its downs. It was a year characterized by transition. 
First year coach Jim Byrnes brought with him a refreshing 
new attitude and team philosophy to a rebuilding program. 
"Hard, Smart, Together" was engraved into the hearts and 
minds of each player as they brought their battle cry into 
each game. The team, although not always victorious, 
could always look themselves in the mirror after a game 
and be satisfied with the effort they gave. Sometimes 
the team was just overmatched by the larger Acton-Boxboro 
and Newton South teams of the Dual County League; but they 
always gave these teams a run for their money. 

team was led by their two Seniors, Captain Matt 
and varsity rookie Corey Gelormini. These two 
exemplified the heart and determination of this 
team. The many Juniors of this team included Will 


Dick, Jesse Ryan. Chris Ryan, Cedric Townes, Dave Storer,! 
Jeff McGrath, and Haneef Terry. The promising under-l 
classmen included Sophomore Gary Martin and Freshmanl 
Danny Rashba. 

128 Boys' Basketball 

Daaaaa-dump. Daaaaa-dump. 
Dun dun dun dun dun dun 
dun dun dun dun dun dun. ... 
Susan Mara stalks her unsus- 
pecting lunch. 

Caroline Leary knows the im- 
portance of stretching before 
every dive ... as well as eating 
three square meals a day, look- 
ing both ways before crossing 
the street (uhm, Jeff ...), and 
brushing and flossing her teeth 
after every meal. 

"Aaaakk! Caught ... by ... hairball! Going ... under! [glub] Notify ... next 
blub] ..." Curtis Wright, latest victim of poor pool maintenance. 

of ... kin! [glurgle blu 

"Oh ... my ... gosh. Where did 
all the water go?" Silly Kara, 
look behind you! 

130 Swimming & Diving Teams 

Team Co-Captains Vilas Sridharan and Andrea Russo pose 
team Co-Seniors Andrea Russo and Charlie Axtell. (Poor Anc 
having to wear two hats!) 

Sinn Mara, Jen Mills, and Andrea Russo smile after learning that 
m have qualified for Sectionals. 

IH Team: (diving board) Kara Volpicelli, Susan Mara, Curtis 
■ ;ht, Mike Ross, Sarah & Amanda Watts, Joey Zupkus, Nathan 
^2 poli. Tiffany Bowlby, Elana Vasalakas (deck) Coach Brian 
M;zko, Jen Mills, Heather Stewart, Vilas Sridharan, Bethany 
Rt o, Beth Sokolik, Andrea Russo, Ann-Michelle Levangie. 
-Hie Axtel, Emily Gleason, Caroline Leary, Coach Sandy 


by Joey Zupkus & Beth Sokolik 
Bedford High's swim team demonstrated, once again, 
it's insurmountable enthusiasm and spirit. This year, 
the team was led by Senior Andrea Russo and Junior 
Vilas Sridharan, who were always willing to lend their 
wisdom to some of the less experienced swimmers. 
Juniors Sarah and Amanda Watts were ever-present 
powerhouses; Senior Charlie Axtel did an outstanding 
job in the breast stroke; Susan Mara showed a remark- 
able butterfly; and Jen Mills' backstroke was something 
with which to be reckoned. 

The diving team saw some new blood this year with 
the additions of Freshhupers Kara Volpacelli, Caroline 
Leary, and Elana Vasalakis. 

In one way or another, every member of the swim- 
ming and diving teams saw personal triumphs. And it 
was their positive attitudes — not the chlorine-soaked 
hairballs lurking on the bottom of the pool — that 
proved to be the inspiration to the teams' successes. 

Swimming & Diving Teams 131 

Skiing is the only sport that greatly de- 
pends on the weather. Weather conditions 
aren't that essential for other sports. If 
there is rain, soccer or softball could 
compete another day, but there is no cure 
for no snow. How can there be snow at 60° 
F outside in the middle of January. After 
a short January winter, in which the team 
was able to have several meets, spring 
came early in January; it just couldn't wait 
till March. The boys' varsity downhill ski 
team had time to place 4th at two meets, 
under the leadership of Jens Kullman and 
John Thoren. The girls' varsity team, under 
the leadership of Danielle Taylor and 
Danielle Allain was able to place 3rd and 
5th at the two meets. While the downhill 
team skied on the slopes, the cross-country 
team practiced their ski movements while 
roller blading on the bike path. They also 
went to the Weston ski track for practices 
and competitions. Their captains, Chris- 
tina Carvey and Brian Deardorff motivated 
the team, and they excelled to the best of 
their abilities. 

Ski Team Co-Captains: Jens Kullman, Greg Cohen, J 
Thoren. Danielle Taylor, and Danielle Allain 

Down Ski Racers: (top row) Coach, Charles Bertoli, Greg, Jens, Matt, John, John, Ricky, Brian, Can 
Erin, Danielle, Becca. (middle row) Nick, Dave, Mark, Bernd, Danielle. Rebecca, Allison, Alison, C 
Cordelia, (bottom row) Jason, Paul, Meredith, Joanna, Erin, Kelly, and Alison 

32 Ski Team 


Under the leadership of Coach William Keup, 
the Rifle Team practices their prone and off-hand 
shooting of 22 caliber rifles daily at the rifle range 
in the basement of BHS. ( We bet you didn't know 
that we had a rifle range at BHS. ) This year's team 
is all male (which hasn't been the case in several 
years ) and includes Senior veterans John Cadotte, 
Craig Browne, and Jason "Twinky" Tolwinski. 
Cadotte holds the prove average record at 97.125 
(the highest score is 100-8x). Sophomore Mike 
"Goody" Goodwin, who has been beating Bedford 

records since joining 
the team last year, is 
the holder of the off- 
hand total record 
(88.25), combination 
(off-hand and prone) 
record (184-6x), and 
off-hand record (88- 
lx). This year, 
Bedford continued to 
do well aginst the 
Rogers, Gloucester, 
and New Bedford 
teams. Other mem- 
bers are Sophomores 
Mike Piantedosi and 
Jeff Anderson and 
Freshman Brian 

Team members Mike Piantedosi. Mike Goodwin. Brian & 
Jason Towlinski. Jeff Anderson. John Cadotte. and Craig 
Browne take time out from practice to pose for the ever- 
present Yearbook photographer. 

Rifle Team 133 


❖ %j> 
rj* rj* #j% 

This year's indoor 
track team, coached by 
Coach Dougherty and 
Coach O'Brian was once 
again a predominately 
male team, with only 
three female members. 
The captains, Bryant 
Chisholm, Matt Guisti, 
Sean Waldren, Steve 
Robinson, and Katie Car- 
penter led the team 
through the good times 
and through the bad. 
This year the team was 
more balanced. There 
were people in all events: 
dash, 300, 440, 600,1000, 
shot put, hirdles, long 
jump, and high jump 
relays. Stronger and 
more competitive, the 
team had a great year. 
Maybe not all wins, but 
they tried their best and 
that is most important. 

Why, it's simple! You just sprinkle this fairy dust and think lovely thoughts! 

Eric Sullivan focuses and concentrates before his race. 

134 Indoor Track 

Just as amazing pro athletes advertise 
food and clothing, so does Sean Waldron 
advertise Adidas and Nike at an incred- 
ible profit margin! 

Even with an injured knee. Jay Williams 
forges on — the Nancy Kerrigan of Bedford 

Indoor Track 135 

Matt Hansen, Aaron Feiring. and Neil 
Neil Fluckiger's hat tricks clinch another Fluckiger celebrate another spectacular 
victory for the icemen. goal! 

7* VL 

Captain Jeff Sullivan surveys the ice, wait- 
ing for his next chance to mutilate an 

Joe Savitch gets mentally prepared for the 
upcoming game. 

136 Ice Hockey 

Chris Bussy turns away another shot with- 
out even looking at the puck. 

The team: (top) Ryan Anderson, Meredith 
Sledge, Hannah Grey, Mark Lorusso, Matt 
McDonald, Doug Robinson, Mike 
Robertson, Mike Sullivan, Brent Duncan 
(middle) Tom Shepard, Adam Marto, Nick 
Anderson, Dave Giannetta, Adam O'Brian, 
Ned Chaney, Adam Feiring, Brad Sylvester, 
Brian Weiner (front) Matt Nolan, Joey Sylva, 
Neil Fluckiger, Jeff Sullivan, Matt Hansen, 
Joey Savitch, Chris Bussy 

Captains Neil Fluckiger, Jeff Sullivan, and 
Matt Hansen pose with Coach Steve Burns 
and Paul Dontremont. 


e ICEMEN have had the best 
ison in YEARS! The Bedford 
Hgh School Hockey Team was 
j"aded by Captains Jeff Sullivan, 
tt Hansen and Neil Fluckiger. 
Ijice the hockey team consisted of 
>stly Freshmen and Sophomores, 
vas a continuous effort through- 
t the season to teach the younger 
pyers how to compete at the 
jfsity level. In the past, the hockey 
m had to deal with the threat of 
' program being cut, but this year 

the hockey team was able to concen- 
trate on playing instead. Subse- 
quently, the hockey team won four 
games and finished with their best 
record in over five years. This achieve- 
ment could not have occured with- 
out the help of the coaching staff and 
to all those who have supported the 
team. This years' accomplishments 
are only the begining of what lies 
ahead for Bedford Hockey in the 

Ice Hockey 13" 

The 1995 season of 
baseball started out 
with team practices, 
coached by Mr. 
Sullivan, Mr. Reynolds, 
and Mr. Sabourin. They 
played very hard, giv- 
ing it one hundred per- 
cent at every game. Se- 
niors Jeff Sullivan (sec- 
ond base), Jason 
McCormick (third base 
and pitcher), Jeremy 
Tate (outfield), Sean 
Waldron (center field), 
and Jeremy Levangie 
(center field) led the 
team with inspiration 
and dedication. 

Boys' Baseball 

J.V. Baseball: (back row) Rajul Patel, Dan Macisacac, Steven Lua. Adam McCormk 
David Storer, Coach Reynolds (front row) Todd Oulette, Scott Duncan, Michael Re 
Gary Martin, Tim Dolan, Jeff McGrath 

¥ ^ 

140 Baseball 

Varsity Baseball: (back row) Coach Sullivan, Andy Katz, Jeff Sullivan, Jesse Ryan, C\ 
Ryan, Jason McCormick. Doug Mix, Tim Sheflin, Coach Sabourin (front row) Se 
Waldron, Jeremy Levangie, Wayne Sullivan, Matt Gallant, Jim Sullivan, George Ch< 
Brian Fagan, Aaron Gerstel 

Girls' Softball 

iris' J.V. Softball Team: (top row) Kenethia Green, Jen Verville, Kristine Hanson, 
hristine O'Reilly, Lisa Scheiern, Katie Ferrill, Jen Kiger, Coach Steven Morris (middle 
>w) Elisa McGovern, Lisa Maranian, Christina Griecci, Becca Tomassian, Maria Gallant, 
elly Clay (front row) Katie Akillian, Suzanne Schmuhl, Julie Albanesi, Becky Venuti, 
nnifer Williams, Katie Mills, Jessica La Valley 

Kelly Gullage hits one out of the park. 


Varsity Softball: (top row) Coach David Wilson, Geri Parisella, Theresa McGovern, 
Jennifer Robb, Lexie Ross, Carla Giannetta, Coach Roland Boutwell (bottom row) 
Krissy Farrington, Tara Slavin, Carla Infererra, Kelly Gullage, Eileen Hartwell 

C< :h David Wilson preps the team for a 
bi; game. 

Softball 141 

"Row, row. row your boat ..." Work it. Use it. Pump it. Own it. 


B8|3fc f raining 

Cross Country Ski Team 

Ski Team 143 


Hans Moleman Productions //, 
Presents: Man Getting Hit by 
Tennis Ball. yy 

The team: (back) Coach Arlene Deardorff, Mark Pietchel. Dave Wolf. Will Stieglitz. 
'//, Sam Richards, Jeremy Ciaccia. Brian Deardorff, Sanju Shewakramani. Josh Smith. Vilas 
Sridharan. (front) Craig Browne, Naveen Wadhera, Florian Lerchbacher, Adam Smith. 
Corey Gelormini. Henrik Patel, Rahit Kaul, Sewon Im 



Mrs. Ooga Booga & the Javeliri 

The Epic Tale of a Woman and her Invention 

by Mrs. Leavey 

We've all heard creation stories in- 
vented by prehistoric men and women 
to explain the creation of the world and 
its wonders. Here is one such story: 

Ooga Booga, the cavewoman, peered 
from her cave and gazed in awe at the 
world around her. She marveled at the 
golden orb in the sky that nightly melted 
into the hills across the valley. She looked 
at the beasts in the field which Mr. 
Booga hunted and brought to her to 
prepare for food. As night came, Ooga 
thought very hard ~ which hurt quite a 
lot considering her limited brain power. 

Now, Ooga had looked upon these 
scenes hundreds of times, but they had 
never before caused her little brain so 
much discomfort. This was, however, 
the first time Ooga had wondered how, 
why, and what had created her world. 

Ms. Tobin and the Discus. The Epic Tale of a 
Girl and her Flying Saucer. 

146 Spring Track 

As the sky began to rumble, Ooga's 
over-taxed brain grew very sore as she 
had another great thought. It occurred 
to her that there must be some life- 
giving, all-powerful force that creates 
her world; there must be a great Ooga in 
the sky. Maybe the clouds and the angry 
rumbling occurred when the great Ooga 
had a similar ache. 

Ooga was troubled as a dazzling, 
jagged bolt raked through the sky, for 
she had just had a similarly piercing 
thought. She was also troubled because 
the jagged bolt had just hit the raw meat 
she had set out for Mr. Booga. The 
Ooga family hopped around the flam- 
ing meat, trying to save their dinner. 
They fanned it with leaves and they 
threw grass on top, but the crackling 
mass grew more intense. Ooga's mouth 
began to water as she smelled the most 
delicious aroma emanating from the 
heap. She fetched a stick and speared the 

flaming meat. Popping it into her mou , 
her taste buds were enthralled. T 
burnt meat was delicious! 

Ooga had another thought. The - 
mighty Ooga had sent them this glc- 
ing spear to cook their meat, to light ( 
darkness, and to warm their home. W I 
Ooga did not realize was that this si j 
stance also had a dangerous and tl 
capacity. But, hey! That is anot I 
creation story. ... The Booga fanjj 
would go on to harness the power oft I 
substance they named "Fire." And, tljj 
carved daggers out of wood in hono I 
the almighty Ooga and the lighten g 
He had sent them. Mr. Booga also ull 
this wooden lightening bolt to help \ ■ 
hunt the beasts of the field. The Boc is 
named this helpful tool a "javelin". 

And, it is a little known fact that O ;a 
was our very own Mrs. Leavey's grk 
great..., great, great..., great Grandla 

Greenwood and the Team. The Epic 
of a Guy and his Girls. 

Spring Track 147 


Head. Heart. Hustle. 

At the start of the spring la- 
crosse season, the picture looked 
extremely dim for the Bucs with 
the loss of head Coach Dennis 
Goodwin and '94 grads. But, as 
the Bucs geared up for the start 
of what turned out to be a great 
season, they came together as 
one strong cohesive unit. With 
returning assistant Varsity Coach 
Keith Schmitt on the sidelines, 
the Bucs showed their adoring 
fans what "Buc Wild Lacrosse" 
was all about. 

Control of the midfield was 
the Bucs strongest point and 

their key to victory. Starters 
Mike McAllister, Matt Callahan, 
and Mike Lord and Attackmen 
J.D. Thoren and Doug Mix 
proved to be constant threats to 
their opponents. 

By the end of the season, the 
Bucs had adopted a motto which 
fit their season appropriately - 
"Head. Heart. Hustle." in the 
footsteps of sports dynasty Syra- 
cuse Lacrosse. 

Overall, the Bucs realized the 
satisfaction of playing with de- 
termination and reaping the re- 
sults of such hard work. 


A split-second save showcases the savvy of our skilled stopsman. Such style! 

Jamie Reid ponders how on earth to get out of his helmet. 

148 Lacrosse 

"Hold still! There's a bee on your butt!" A 
Burlington player scores a major point 
against our side. 


"I said get that damn camera out of my 
face!" Matt Thomas snaps under the pres- 
sure of the game. 

"All for one ... and one for all!" The 
Eighteen Musketeers prepare for battle. 





Boyz N da Lacrosse Team: (top) Jamie, Mike, Matt 
(middle) Matt, Russ, Doug, Matt, Matt, Nick. John 
(bottom) Da Coach, John, Carter, Steve, Mike. Chris, 
Brendan, Mike, Rob 

"Come back here, you've got a bee on your face!" 
Revenge can be very, very sweet. 

Lacrosse 149 

What a Beautiful 

1. Kimberly Duda 36. 

2. Jens Kullmann 37 

3. Andrea Russo 33. 

4. Kristin Horrigan 39, 

5. Craig Wi;ey 40. 

6. Katelyn Carpenter 4i # 

7. Jennifer Brown 42. 

8. Jennifer Kiger 43. 

9. Adam Chioca 44. 

10. Michelle Pulsipher 45. 

11. Cortney Donavan 45. 



13- Stacy Porter 

14. Sharlene Tobin 

15. Alexandra Ross 

16. Eric Green 

17. Dina Lipczer 

18. Michelle Cronin 
10. Krissy Farrington 53. 

20. Eileen Hartwell 54. 

21. Matthew Hanson 55, 

22. Ronald Blanchette 56. 

23. Nathen Ahlgren 57. 

24. Sewon Im 53. 

25. Rhea DeSilva 59. 

26. Angela Williams 60. 

27. Maria Koen 6l. 

28. Cory Gelomini 62. 

29. Trina Limoges 63. 

30. Kate Geary 64. 

31. Eilieen O'Pray 65. 

32. Scott Hartwell 66. 

33. Elizabeth Ela 67. 

34. Emilio Nalario 68. 

35. Tara Chapman 

Jeremy Nash 
Jennifer Tsang 
Carla Giannetta 
Michelle Pietchel 
Caroline Alba 
Catlin Buxton 
Kate Leary 
Julie Smith 
Naveen Wadlhera 
Aaron Gerstel 
Gen Brown 
Natalie Alexander 
Eric Kovall 
Rachel Stieglitz 
Jennifer St. Saveur 
Jonny Yang 

Katharine French-Fuller 
Linda Pearson 
Jennifer Casey 
Catherine Weicker 
Jeremy Tate 
Andrew Schwerin 
John Cadotte 
Megan Albani 
Neil Fluckiger 
Sharon Schofield 
Wendy Chase 
Jennifer Brown 
Marcell Bittle 
Jason Tolwinski 
Jessica Dibble 
Michael McAllister 
Arti Kapuria 

Babv Pictures 155 

Nathan Ahlgren 

106 ConcordRd. 

Activities: Science League 2,3,4; Math 
League 3,4; French Club 2,3.4; Flute 
1,2,3.4; Pit 2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Drama Club 
3,4; AFS 4; Forum 4; X-Country skiing 3; 
Track 3; Vanagon Chauffeur 3,4. 
Thanks to: First to my parents, for their 
support and the guidance they have given 
me. Even thougn I don't show it all the 
time, I love you! Thanks to my brother for 
always letting me tag along, playing 
hockey and other addictive games with 
me. and for being there all the time; to my 
sister for letting me use her as a punching 
bag, for reminding me each and every 
day what a poop-head I am , and for being 
my fashion consultant; to Craig for being 
my fishing buddy even thougn I always 
caught all the bass, his systems control 
support during all of my Apollo missions, 
giving me all of those shashzam slam 
dunk passes while playing B-ball. faxing 
me. lunch at Taco Bell, and for helping 
construct luge tracks: to Greg for being 
my only friend when 1 first moved back, 
helping push the Vanagon up icy hills 
(unlike other people who couldn't be- 
cause of broken legs), proving to me that 
I'm not the only confused person in the 
world, and for always being there to talk 
to; to Eric for always keeping me in- 
formed of what's current in rock, finding 
backwards messages on albums. Peer- 
pressure Guy, all the good times we had. 
and for laughing at me; to Kurt for being 
my best buddy, his guidance as a great 
youth pastor, posing for my photgraphy 
project, teaching me how to cannonball it 
(it's a little harsh), sckitching. and for 
being a cool old guy ( just kidding. I mean 
about the old part); to Mrs. Krueger for 
being a great chemistry teacher, her styl- 
ish office and complementary candies, 
and for putting up with Science League; 
to Christina for naming the Vanagon; to 
Kristin for not making fun of my bad 
driving experiences with Zeus (O.K. what- 
ever) and for reminding me how many 
times I stalled on Page Road; to Wiley for 
his Amazon animal noises; to Jen T. for 
understanding my allusions to the 
Simpsons (but the frogurt is also CURSED!): 
to Bob for rolling my back with paint; to 
Jim for scuzzy ports; to Andrea for not 
ripping my head off after I crashed through 
her door and for ruby-red grapefruit 
juice; and finally to all of my other friends 
for putting up with my animal imitations 
and luch table antics and just for being a 
great bunch of people. 
Future Goals: To own a VWMicrobus and 
Beetle, to design the first biological com- 
puter interface, to marry a Swedish girl, 
and to become the next Jacques Cousteau. 

Caroline Alba 

Activities: Field Hockey 1.2,3,4; Tennis 
1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 1.2, Vice 3, Co-Pres 
4; Latin Club 3; Interact Club 3.4; SADD 
1,2,3,4; Medical Explorer 3,4; NHS 4; 
Forum 4: Peer leadership 4; Concert Band 
1,2; Prom Decorating Commitee 3.4; Gym 
Decorating Commitee 1,2,3; Mr. Pilla Fan 
ClubPres 1.2,3,4; Rica Riding 2.3.4: Bowl- 
ing The Crew 1,2. 
Thanks to: Most importantly mami y papi 
for bringing me into this world, showing 
me right from wrong, molding me, and 
always supporting me. Lisette - for being 
my big sister who I will always look up to. 
for tricking me into picking up your tovs, 
sharing a room, closet, bathroom, and for 
taking my clothes. Meme para todo tu 
carino y supporte. te quiero mucho. Os- 
car - for being cute. Thanks to the very- 
best friends in the whole wide world who 
have been an important part of my life, 
thank you for all the great times: Beth - 
stock I+II (more to come). Springs Brook! 
getting kicked out of Greg's, rolling in the 
grass, A-N-A-I-S, marching in parades, 
introducing me to new music, squatting in 
bushes behind 7-11, Z's in the bathroom 
on the Steve Miller bus, Giddis's hell class. 
Michelle - for being a best friend since 7th 
grade at Nashoba. pecker head! wearing 
a small pinny like me. bike riding, writing 
notes. Pilla's class "same as Caroline's," 

for planning out relationships having par- 
allel ones. 4some, Sub, Avo, Pretz, Micro. 
Tomatoe. staring at Junior guys, nun tree. 
Prom '93 and '94, being late, not shower- 
ing, the cape casbah, Wayland boys. Je - 
for our talk at F.H. camp, being my fellow 
Hispanic, jumping to conclusions, spilling 
food on yourself. Papadams! (-5?), the 
tennis and baseball buses, captains of J.V. 
F.H.. What's that noise? Sarah's house, on 
the floor, and our Harvard Square expe- 
rience. Court - for talks in Bio - Shut up 
Luke, we're trying to talk here!, our fight 
at Sarah's, being responsible, giving great 
advice. Tufts. 80 s in Sully's class, escap- 
ing to Boston, your beach house, for 
saying "It happens". Gina - for driving me 
to school and everywhere else, scooters 
and crank calling, birthday parties and 
weegie boards, being the ultimate Rica 
chick, Harley! Bowling? Billiards? packing 
12 girls in your car. P.S. - KELLY! Sarah - 
thanks for vour first party and all others, 
Friday nights, your mom dancing, me 
hiding in your sister's room and being 
caught. Danielle - for being short and out 
of it. playing the clarinet, shh. keeping it 
low. "I am a Freshman!", Freshman math 
class, peaches, pretz, being obsessed w 
Junior guys, basketball game "He picked 
up Gappv!" Maria (Kelly) - for being a g.h. 
Hispanic like me, Doy , Doy, DOY, DOY!!! 
Bueno regresssa a classsse. Sarah's party 
What's that noise? Who's that ugly girf? 
Me, twin schedules 2 years in a row. Kelly 
class and the annoying idiots is running - 
a derivative?, being an insomniac, and 
hating physics. Genja - for being caught in 
obscene pictures w/Cronin. for finally 
coming back from Germany. Katie "Did 
you change the sheets?", thanks for being 
a friend. Michelle P. - for pitcher and table 
cloth, history class sophomore year, ice 
skating and straddling the crate, fighting 
over purple passion, Big Al - being a 
wonderful friend that I wish to spend 
more time with. Kate - for gummy, going 
to the moon, freshman English bagel, 
puck, puddles, uni. having stricter par- 
ents than me, the hellish babysitting situ- 
ation - are you ugly? yesss, and being 
someone I can always turn to. Sharlene - 
for being the totally awesome 80 s chick 
We Built this City!, and for almost failing 
math for being absent w/me. Lian "get 
away from that old man!" Stacey thanks 
for your get togethers; Megan thanks for 
the 80 s report; Catherine - thank you for 
being a best friend since 1st grade, for 
wearing white bell bottoms and leopard 
jeans, for getting beat up by Steve Clark, 
and for the "flower incident" freshman 
year. Gilbert - "my brother ", trading stick- 
ers and playing basketball. Springs brook 
incident, see you in college. Steve R. - 
thanks for going out w/me twice in JGMS. 
being a best friend, my partying and 
bathroom buddie, and being out of con- 
trol w/me. Christine - for being pretty and 
a great friend; Jaqui - for your birthday 
party in 6th grade, and Mr. Kelly's class; 
Cayetana - gracias por ser una buena 
amiga; Greg - for kicking me out of your 
house and being a mathematical genius, 
Adam - for all our late night chem talks; 
Eric - for being a riot; Charlie - for all our 
good times in Middle School; Carla - for 
F.H. and for being a great friend; Linda P. 
- for the Washingtonbus: Marissa - for the 
"hot. steamy, trayline night"; Chris - for 
the help in physics and for our time spent 
together; Carter - for beating on me in 
history; James and Rich - for having nice 
cars; Paul - for all the rides; Steve C - for 
being a wonderful guy, and for all or 
memories ; Scott H. - for having people 
over; Aaron. Eric, Greg, Jeff, and Neil - for 
throwing food at me; Craig - for freshman 
year; Simon - for the high wire; Tim - for 
being a jerk; Bryant - for flirting with me; 
Neil Diamond - for writing a song about 
me: Angela Williams - for putting a tack 
on my chair in 4th grade: I'd also like to 
thank: Carla I. Marcell, Aarti. Kate L .Matt 
D., Yung-en, Jen T., Naveen, Nathan A., 
Eileen, Kelly, Lexie, Michelle P., Mrs. 
Donovan, Mr. Keup, Mr. Kelly, Mr. Pilla. 
Mr. Hunt, The Field Hockey Team for the 
+ attitude and four great years, Ms. G for 

teaching me how to play, and Coach 
Wood for my love of the game. I would 
like to thank the entire class of 1995 for 
making my four years at BHS unforget- 
table. After we graduate, although we 
will no longer be together, the memories 
of my class will remain close to my heart. 
Future Goals: To continue gaining knowl- 
edge until my brain is full, fulfill my 
dream of becoming a doctor, be ser- 
enaded by Neil Diamond, move to Spain, 
get married, have many kids w/blonde 
hair, never give up, and always have a 
positive attitude. 

Megan Albani 

Activities: Soccer: JV 1,2, V 3: Basketball: 
JV 1,2; SADD 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 1,2,3,4; 
Interact 4: Yearbook 4; Steve Miller Band 
Concert 2,3.4; Nun Tree Runs 2.3.4. Hall 
Gym decorating 3,4; Powder Puff 3,4; 
Prom Decorating 3,4. 
Thanks to: First of all and most important 
to mom. dad, and Scott. I love you all so 
much. I appreciate all the love and sup- 
port you have always given to me. I could 
have never made it through the last four 
years without you all. To all the "girls" I 
just want to thank you all for being the 
best friends I have ever had. I wish all of 
you the best. The Nun tree runs were the 
best. Fifteen people in a six passenger 
car. Who else would show up in a clown 
car at a party? Thanks for the Steve Miller 
Band Concerts, Kenny the bus driver 
ailed. Maria - " Basically it's a bus and it's 
crazv. it's the crazy bus." Did you put 2 1/ 
2 laddie on that Sundae. 2 1 / 2 inch peeks. 
The weazel 2d dancing at the club. In 
Italy our tour guide "and um ohh. " Danielle 
and Michelle C - Thanks for making 
painting so fun. Never forget the YM ski 
trip, the robesnatcher. Protecting our room 
( my gun had extra power). Danielle thanks 
for always being scared at the nuntree 
Don't forget going bowling (have I had 
you before). Jen - Thanks for always 
having a comment Italy Bashing. The 
Handicap bathroom at Steve Miller. Gina 
- Sorry I left you when I went to Davis. 
Rica Riding. Italy. Sharleen - The fight 
from Belmont. Always being dramatic in 
dance and pictures. Lianna - for always 
being so polite all the time. HB lives!! 
Thanks for the sleepovers this summer. 
Bickford runs. For always having the 
coke can. Caroline - SAT Math class the 
wolf man. Kate G. - Thanks for hitting 
your head in Italy. Stacey - Sophomore 
soccer. The ground crew this summer. 
Football at Sarah's house. Gymnastics 
Dancing on the way to the party. Katie - 
For all the B/C runs to Friendly's. Cam ( 
what else needs to be said), the night 
train, slam dancing. Beth - Homecoming 
(Sarah's house) Courtney - For I'm 18 I'll 
take full responsibilitie for this. Sarah - 
first off I want to say how good a friend 
you are to me. Thanks for the summer 
sleep overs. Lazy days on the deck. After 
school parting. Cruising in the Lincoln. 
Danci ng over the summer, the DH dance 
at all the school dances. Friendly's break- 
fast runs once a week. Hippi day. Pep 
Rally. For being weider than I am. Sarah 
I wish you the best of luck. Michelle P. - 
What can I say to the Wolf Girl. I want to 
thank you for being my best friend for 18 
years. We've been through so much good 
and bad. I just want you to know where 
ever we are next year will still be best 
friends. Never forget our many trips: Ft. 
Lauderdale, Colorado. Italy. (Roomies al- 
ways!!) Freeze Frame dancing. Eddv and 
the Cruisers. Belmont (M2). SAT Math 
(Wolfie). Sleding in the front yard. Family 
night (singing in Boston), Mr. Lowe (need 
I say more). You being Gilbert Godfree. 
punching me in the face. Bruins games. 
How can I write all of the memories there 
are so many more to come. Wolfie - 
you're not just my best friend but a sister. 
I love you and wish you all the best. 
Dibble - Junior vear gym class. Your party 
this summer, the Gambler dance rules. 
Chip's house junior year. I think I 
embarassed you. The war wagon is the 
best. Special thanks to the Pietchel family. 
Thanks for always making me feel at 

home. Thanks to Markie, you're the bes 
Thanks to the guys. Mike McAllister. Je 
Sullivan (this ride's for free, everyone gi 
on ), Greg Cohen (thanks for Mega-Phone 
Neil, Carter. Tim. the Trojans. Eric Koval 
Brian McGrath. To Aaron for finally cu 
ting loose, for always having a corrimer 
about me. I know you wouldn't do it 
you didn't like me. I definitely will nevt 
forget you - good luck to you in even 
thing you do. Hansen - thanks for tri 
after school fun. Kim. Krissy. Tara an 
Wendy - thanks for all the junior hig 
memories. Prom (Wendy in jeans! Hous 
Party. Best of luck to all of you. Good luc 
to Jaqui, Carla G., Dina. Christine. Rhe; 
Angela. Linda P. (Cheerleading bashin 
'94) and all the '95 girls, thanks for th 
great time in high school. Good luck t 
the '96 girls, have a blast next yea 
Thanks to Adrian and Jarrod for alwa\ 
laughing at me. The senior lunch tabl< 
Jen K. Julie S., Stacey, Sarah and Michelli 
Best of luck to all the class of '95. We a 
made it. 

Future Goals - To never lose touch wit 
my high school friends. Go to college, r 
a successful teacher. Live across the strei 
in a house my Dad made for me. And t 
be neighbors with Michelle P. for the re 
of my life. 

Natalie Alexander 

I would like to start off bv saying thar 
you to God for everything he has done f< 
me. Thanks Carlton and Brenda for beir 
there when I needed you. Bryan thanl 
for all the advice you have given me. 
really do appreciate it. To my one ar 
only Pooh (Paschal) I love you kno 
matter what! I would like to say thank yc 
to Mrs. Parker, Mrs.MacGregor. and Mi 
Jordon for helping me when I needed 
I would like to make a shout out to rr 
sisters Cha-Cha and Keima. I love y's 
fools! To Shaneen and Aquilah peace o 
I would never forget you. I would like 
make a shout out to all the Metco st 
dents: Barbara, Rhea. Carlie. Angela, B 
Head, Felicia, The Twins, Keianga, B 
Draws, etc. Peace Out. 

Danielle Al la i n 

6 Sibley Dr. 

Activities: Field Hockey J.V. 1. varsi 
2.3,4: Ski team 1.2.3. Capt. 4: Tennis 1. 
SADD 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 1.2.3: Yes 
book 4; Interact 4; Gym Hall decoratii Prom decorating 3; Steve Mill 
2,3,4; Buffet 3.4; The Crew 1.2; Paintii 
2,3.4; Rica Riding 2; Youth Ministry 3. 
V.A. Hospital 2.3,4. 
To: My family . Mom and Dad you bo 
have done so much for me. I could ha 
never done it without you. Mom I lovi 
being able to always talk to vou. D; 
you'll always be my only noodles! I lo 
vou both. Michelle C. my other half. V 
have become the best of friends and tl 
memories together will never be forgi 
ten. Darren (352 - ieb) - road trips ai 
everyday laughs. Thank you for alwa 
being there for me. I love you for it. Je 
we've had some great times over the p; 
years, even some scarv. Halloween 
watch out for those apples. Carter's hou 
we decided to be sneaky! Courtney - 
night and an experence never to 
forgotten, follow the Yellow Brick Roj 
Caroline - LCA basketball game i 
picked up my jacket". Mr. Happy boc 
Bagle. Michelle P. my fellow retard - 1 
, your peeing on my shoe. Sharlent 
Prom '93 table talk, you can be my wi 
man anytime B.S. you can be mine. Cat 
and Maria - neigborhood fun. Richie Vale 
family. Catlin - wearing leg warmers 
the middle of summer. Maria - bei 
paranoid with me and hiding in the woe 
at Sarah's. Gina - Rica Riding being c> 
nered in, RDPNU. Harlies. Megan -Yen 
Ministry ski trip the ROBE, times in t 
Lincoln. Genja - flowers, being concern 
about violence in Boston. Beth - fre.- 
man and sophomore vears C. Band a 
Big. B (hell). Sarah - Halloween bl 
pops. Sparkler *4. Kate G. - Steve Mil 
go get Drew! Jessica - the girls' night 
your house, sorry we tied up your ph< 

158 Senior Thanks 

le all night. Stacey - the nun tree men 
ith chains jumping on the car. Liana - for 
:ing the most caring person. Girls we 
ive had so many good times together 
id hopfully in the future there wil be 
any more. Kim and Tara - ski trip being 
■apped with our gats waiting for the 
be stealer. Linda and Dina - senior gym 
:'s play "coral". Christine. Carla G., 
itherine W. - we've had some good 
nes together. Kate L. - junior high years, 
impton beach. Mr. Groovy. TA - DA. 
lgela - fashion, love expert. Now the 
ys. Mike M. - we've had some memo- 
Die times. Mom. I'm just cold (more 
)doz). Tim - we'll be roommates at St. 
ke's. hopfully we won't get lost. Corey 
the Semi-Formal, people staring at 
nici'a. Steve - the magnet machine, 
ting me call you S-T-E-V-E. Carter - 
ike sure to check behind your dad's car 
er Jen and I leave your house. Neil, 
ron, Matt H., Jeff - Halloween '94 we 
t you guys. Greg - we've had some 
od times in the past, squeel piggy. 
Ibert - your house after the Semi- 
rmal, it was short but fun. Eric - for hugs 
d being my big teady bear. Brian - 
u've always been there for me and this 
•ant a lot to me I love you for it. Never 
get NH nights. Junior Prom (carnival) 
anks to the Trojanz for being the nicest 
ys, Johnny. Mike D. Scott. Matt D. Also 
links to Adam. Sewan. James P. (Jimmy) 
n - you're a great friend with common 
erests. junior high dance "you two 
i;ak it up ". Jens - I'm glad we became 
jd friends, ski team. English classes, 
ner special thanks to the field hockey 
m these four years have been so much 
I Mrs. G. and Coach Wood - you were 
E:h great coaches. Thanks to the ski 
(m, Danielle T. blue eyes. Also the '96 
l's Bethany, Nicole, Suzanne. Amy L. 
;1 the rest. David B. freshman year, 
pies, Goonies. our times were always 
i;resting. Jim S. (slim Jim) for being 
I mby and sound effects. Also freshmen 
Iredith and Meg and the Freshmen 
i'S. A very special thanks to The Paint- 
s' We had two long summers of fun. 
s ;atv (quality, not quantity). DPWwork- 
e DARREN. One last man I would like to 
t nk is Jimmy Buffet, vou have effected 
I greatly. Thank You The Class Of 1995 
f making mv high school life so memo- 

E,ure Goals: To marry a big burly man. 
I in Vermont with my St. Bernard and 
Says be happy. Make sure to stay in 
tich with Michelle and go visit her in the 
c . 

C "tries Axtell 

#vities: AFJROTC 1.2,3.4; Cadet Staff 
84; Varsity Swimming; Varsity 
Lrosse 2.3,4. 

I nk you God. for getting me through 
ttpast four years. A very special thank 
f to my family; Mom. Dad thanks for all 
y have done for me and all the encour- 
a.'ment you have given me. Grammy 
tliikyou for baking me cookies so often, 
y know how much I appreciate it. 
■Spy, thanks for teaching me to play 
takers. Auntie, you may not remember 
ti but thanks for taking me to buy 
Sjirfs so many times. Rich, it has been 
o heck of a pleasure being your college 
rc nmate. Thanks foryour support. Chief. 
C>nel, you guys have taught me more 
li I you know. From you I nave learned 
k 5ns in life that only each of you could 
tejh. Thanks to my country". God Bless 
tr' JSA. Jen, you have been the very best 
giriend a guy like me could ask for. I 
w never forget you. Don't forget all the 
gf t times we've shared. Matt "Ask me 
ai hing Rooster" Ondovchik - even 
th gh you're gone every time I fish I will 
re;mber our summer job, Stay Honkie 
ineorgia. If the hunting fishing is good 
d( n there give me a call and I'll visit. 
Tliks again Matt, you've been great. 
M, "Juice" Giusti - you've given me so 
mil advice, I thought I would give you 
SC ; - don't sell that ole' truck - it's too 
ni" Lino "Vulcan" Miani, you're my idol 
caje you're at West Point you Wappa - 

Rican. Sam "Sammy" Jay - people may 
think you're a crazy driver now, but at 
least I'll be able to say I knew you when 
you were in the same league as Earnie 
Irvine. Matt Fanelli - when my Escort 
breaks down, will you fix it? Cheers to all 
my roof rolling buddies. I heard a rumor 
it will be a new Olympic sport. All you 
guys that went to HONKWILLE stay 
honky I'll never forget you. Thanks to 
everyone in ROTC vou're the best troops 
a commander could ask for. Carla G. - 
vou're one of the greatest friends I've 
had. don't forget the fun times we've had, 
i.e. the bathing suit incident or our bike 
rides. Thanks Dina, Sharon, Mike L, and 
Phil A. Thanks to anyone I ever swam 
with or played Lacrosse with. Thanks 
Major Novak, Col. Kemp, Lt. Brian Ippalito. 
and Lt. Steve Sharpe. and any other 
swimming coach I have missed. I couldn't 
have made it without your encourage- 
ment. A special thanks for anyone I left 

Future Goals: Graduate from college, be- 
come commissioned in the L'S Military, go 
to Airborne and Ranger School. Get mar- 
ried, buy a Pickup, bass boat and Harley. 
And also buy two Labrador Retrievers 
and live one heck of a happy life. 

Marcell Bittle 

Give my Mom and Dad mad props for 
waking me up at 5:00 a.m. every morning 
for 9 yrs. Mad shout-outs 2 my brother 
who always came back home after being 
kicked out his girl's house at 2 o'clock in 
the morning. Much love to Adelle who 
put up with me for 3 1/2 yrs and we'll 
always keep in touch. Tojaqui and Tanya 
for helping me out through the H.S. yrs. 
Say Angela will you ever stop grabbing 
on all the boys in Bedford? Carlos maybe 
we'll hook up one of these days. Haneef 
and Corey stay in class and get an educa- 
tion. To the Metco Posses (A.M.. J.B.. F.B., 
A.M.. K.E., S.R., J.M., A G.. C.T.) stay out 
of trouble and don't get kicked out of 
Metco. Thanks to Mrs. Parker. Krissy are 
your fingers broke? Kim "Ah, my nose." 
Carlie what's up with you. keep in touch. 
To my nephews and cousins, to M.H.J.S., 
H.T., C.H., - mad izzy' yo! John B. you're 
in charge of the bus. don't let me down. 
Nat tell your man I said. Hi! Rhea you 
know I hate you, so no props for you! My 
homies back in Boston "THE DAWG 
POUND" (Cam, Neil, Adrian, Bryan. 
Charis. Hieon) you guys helped me out 
with the honies (NOT), Yo Dawg Pound 
4 Life! To my baby Shevon. I Love You 
Boo (143) Yo Bedford its been long but 
now I'm out " Bra". Much love in '95 and 
the yrs. to come. Peace. 
Future Goals: I plan to go to college, 
become an Engineer, then own my own 
hotel chains and become rich like that. 
I'm gonna have 2 cars. 2 kids, 2 wives, a 
fat house with tinted windows (right 
Adelle) and chill. 

Ronald J. Blanchette, Jr. 

31 Selfridge Rd. 

Activities: ROTC 2.3.4; Orchestra 1.2; Span- 
ish Club 1.2.3; AFS 3; Athletic Traning 3; 
Rifle Team 1,2.3,4: Tennis 1; Track 2; Boy 
Scouts Of America 1,2.3,4: NHS 3,4; Drill 
Team 4: Belmont Country Club 4. 
Thanks: To mv family who's had to put up 
with my "garbage" (Mom) and my pro- 
crastination (Maxwell) for the past sev- 
eral years. Thanks for being behind me 
every step of the way. Mom and Dad. I 
don't know what I'd do. or where I'd be 
without you. Ah Shucks... I love you guys! 
To my sister Michelle for being so sup- 
portive and kind to me even though I was 
a "dork". To the rest of my family, for 
providing me with their support. To my 
long time friends of Selfridge Rd., Casey 
and Chris, for being the best friends a guy 
can have (when they return your calls. 
Yuan!). To the Hill family and the Chens, 
for being there. To Mr. Maxwell, the best 
English teacher in the world and a great 
friend, for all of your support and help in 
getting me through the rough times. To 
Peter Meyers, my Scoutmaster, confidant 
and friend, for being Barney. To all of my 

other great friends in Troop 114. Thanks 
to Nat "The Cat" Ahlgren, for such an 
interesting lunch period, and for cheezy 
board games late night at your house. To 
Chuck for getting me involved in ROTC. 
To Brault for being a very confusing 
individual. To Craig "Bud" Brown. "There's 
Keupster, Twinky get your head down. 
Dat not Mista Keup." No more tours of 
Belmont. MacGyvaaa! To Cadotte, Go 
Rifle Team! To Fluke: Kid. no more sitting 
at the back door under the poplar tree. To 
Air. That's the movie with that guy." 
Great time with the Mazzones lav you're 
a dork! Easy with that laugh. OK. To Jens 
for helping me out in Analysis and Phys- 
ics, and Jeremy for vour funny laugh. To 
Roosta for the "Perfect Ten". To Tate for 
sticking with Spanish and Estrada Kid 
"Gimme the Guante". To Twinky for 
sounding dead over the phone. Sorry 
about the knee. Thanks to the Three 
Lisas, Becky, Amanda, and Kristen K. for 
listening to my crazy stories during lunch. 
To Amanda and Becky for their crazy 
stories. To everyone who wrote down the 
homework. ToSarj forfootball. Chen and 
the ladies room, baseball, and blabbing. 
To Croxford for lots of fun on the '94 
Spring Trip, jogging, and "What's that 
bang?" To Mr. Sabourin, Colonel. Chief, 
Mr. Milliken. and all of my other fantastic- 
high school teachers for all of your help. 
To Mr. Keup for the great Rifle Team 
experience. To Pete Cacciola for a very 
interesting season as an Athletic Trainer. 
I wish all of you the best of luck. Thanks 
again, for everything. 
Future Goals: To graduate from college, 
become a career officer in the United 
States Marine Corps, and to live life to the 

Jenn Brown 

4 Bedford Village 

Activities: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Indoor 
Track: Tennis 1, 2, 3; Spanish Club 1; 
sec. 2, 3. co - pres. 4; AFS 1, 2, 3; SADD 1. 
2, 3. 4; Choir 2; Interact 3, 4; Gym 
Decorating 1. 2, 3: Prom Decorating 3; 
Mr. Pilla Fan Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Crew 1, 2; 
Rica - Riding 3. 

Thanks to: My Mom for being supportive 
& understanding. I may not always show 
it, but I appreciate everything you do for 
me. Katie, thanks for all the advice & your 
room. Papa. Monica. Fco., y Kevin - les 
quiero mucho. Court, thanks for being my 
friend for so many years, imagining the 
worst with me. & all our deep talks. 
Caroline for loving Kelley. liking it. hav- 
ing a positive attitude & being a good 
listener. Danielle for junior high, fresh- 
man yr, Sarah's 1 party, Halloween apples. 
Maria for 3 Musketeers, Babson. Italy 
buddy & late night phone calls sopho- 
more yr. Sharlene for Gap, all our phone 
talks & your impersonations. Michelle P 
for being my friend since 1 grade, 3 
Musketeers & all the other memories. 
Michelle C. for track it stalking. Kate for 
David and being an '80s freak. Gina for 
being my best friend in junior high .S: Rica 
- riding. Katie for wearing leg warmers & 
the plane ride to Italy. Megan for Italy 
bashing & being sarcastic. Beth for always 
needing a phone. Genja for always being 
concerned. Sarah for Davis & your par- 
ties. Liana for crashing at your house after 
Carter's. Stacey for being a nice person. 
Jessica for history jr. yr. Johnny-roof - 
thanks for being one of my closest friends 
& being easy to talk to when you're not 
teasing me. Sorry" about UMASS but we'll 
still stay in touch. Mike D. for always 
being nice in analysis. Matt D. for being 
funny, what are you looking at scumface? 
Scott for early childhood & your house. 
Steve for letting me call you Robby. Greg 
for being a pig. & Spanish. Adam for 
being friendly and fun to talk to. Brian for 
doing a 3-pt. turn on the highway & vour 
house. Carter for beatings, check behind 
the wheels of the car. Tim for freshman 
yr. Eric for teasing me. Gilbert for rap- 
around after the semi. Corey for playing 
with coins at Scott's. Aaron for analysis & 
making my life interesting. Neil for all the 
good times we shared - good luck in the 

future. Carla G. for field hockey & hang- 
ing out Lexie, Carla I., Kelly. Eileen for 
Italy. Tara for Davis. Catherine W. & Kate 
L. for field hockey. Matt H., Jeff, Mike M.. 
James P., Naveen. Sewon & Katherine FF 
Coach Wood & the field hockey team - 
especially the Jrs.. Meredith & Meg. Thanks 
to all my teachers especially Mrs. Sullivan. 
Mr. Palmer, Mr. Spinosa, Mr. Pilla & Mr. 
Sabourin. Finally, thanks to the Class of 
1995 for four great years and good luck in 
the future! Future Goals: To go to college, 
get married and have 2 children, always 
be happy and keep in touch with all my 
high school friends! 

Craig Brown 

Activities: Soccer 1; A T. 2,3; Rifle 1,2,3,4; 
Tennis 1,2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; French Club 
2,3,4; Science Team 4. 
I would first like to thank the Lord for 
guiding me through this wonderful High 
School experience. Mom. Dad and Sage 
and family, well you know what I'm 
thanking you for. Seth for all those Bell 
runs, Celtics games, bridging it. Pulse 
delivery, camp, and all the other crazy 
things we've done. Nate for being my 
smartest Kwajalaneac friend. I will never 
forget Buzz and the Apollo 11 crew. 
Remember it takes just a little KN03 to 
cause some trouble. Whatever you do, 
never let your parents get rid of the 
Vanagon and the hilarious memories tied 
to it. Thanks to the entire lunch crew over 
the years, especially Ron, Wiley. Eric. 
Greg, Jim, Dave, Twink, Tate, and Drew 
for making the seemingly boring into the 
funniest and most memorable part of the 
day. Wiley, I won't ever forget finishing 
those projects at 3 on Monday morning. 
Thanks for making and editing all of those 
great History 7 movies for Reynolds' class. 
Ron, kid. Mac will never die. When we 
have our 10th class reunion. I hope you'll 
still have all 100+ episodes of MacGyver 
on tape. Eric. I don't know where to start 
but those impression sessions were the 
best. Ross, never forget all of our flippy 
conversations as Freshmen. Jim, stop talk- 
ing, and keep flying; don't lose your 
scuzzy sense of humor! Dave, thanks for 
the funny times we've had together. If I 
ever need a laugh, I know you are always 
there to do something stupid. Twmk, 
thanks for the great New York talk over 
the chipwiches. Tate, hopefully we will 
never have the luck to run into coach 
again. Finally thanks to all the teachers 
who have left a mark on my life especially 
Pete, Ullman, Huff, Stephenson, Mr. 
Reynolds and Mrs. Rainis (Liz). 

Caitlin Buxton 

First, I want to thank my family: Mom and 
Dad. thanks for always being there for me 
and putting up with me. Ginger, Jim, 
Conor. John. Jane. Matt. Tern, and Dave, 
I love you all and I'm lucky to have such 
a wonderful family. Thanks to all my 
friends. I love you all. There are so many 
memories, Steve Miller, nun-tree runs, 
sophomore year. Italy, summer of '94. 
Bentley. late night early morning 
Bickfords. Friendly's B+C etc. Maria, 
thanks for being my friend since 2nd 
grade, you're like my sister. Cancun - 
Tequila - Hotel Margarita. Maine - Aqua 
Lounge. Brian, the mutant. Italy. B.B.C. 
with Tob. Bentley. Valens Family. Luck of 
the Irish - N.D. Melissa - thanks for being 
my closest friend and an A C. dropout w 
me. Never forget A. C. years, Brian, R F.W . 
K B. 3am phone calls AE'stay away from 
12 year olds". Fanuel Hall. MP - RG - ADD 
in the alley on longest day ever. Hallow- 
een dance - CM yuk! We'll always be best 
friends. Love Ya. Liana, thanks for being 
one of the genuinely kindest people I ve 
ever known. Thanks for being there for 
me for anything. Remember Bentley - 
Free Willey. Roy Rogers, ZBT. "Do you 
know Jim?" Hotel Daugherty - Riff the 
mattress man. The barn "Is he on fire?" 
B.C.Twv Sarah Little Red Corvette - twins! 
Julie, you're one of my best friends and I 
love ya! St. Francis years, hanging out in 
the square, at the mall. Thanks for being 
the only Bedford wanna-be. Summer of 

Senior Thanks 159 

'94. Night Train - need I say more? Buck 
is a stallion. Remember Maine, Lexington 
Carnivals - J. L A. Sharlene, thanks for all 
the late night therapy sessions and always 
being there forme. Remember Tufts BBC. 
Belmont Crew. Bentley - Crack (sorry, 
couldn't resist), "By the way. seen any 
good movies lately?" Michelle P., all I 
nave to say is D's on the beach - York 
Beach Maine - Rich "Wanna go for a ride?" 
Summer of '94 Bentley - Montana. Italy. 
Belmont Crew, Sophomore Year, Hellen 
Keller. Springs Brook "Hey. when did leg 
warmers come back in style?" Thanks for 
being such a good friend. Love Ya. Jes- 
sica, thanks for being bosom buddies. 
McD's. stalking in the war wagon. Bentley. 
wa-wa, sweet J, B+C at Friendly's. Meg. 
thanks for being a Brownie. Remember 
summer of '94, you're a dancing machine. 
Nun - tree runs in the Lincon, Belmont 
Crew, Italy, Bickfords, B+C, The elite! 
Sarah, thanks for no matter what, always 
being fun (except during prime sun hours). 
Summer of '94. the flop house, and the 
parties. Remember B+C+T last year. Jen + 
Court, thanks for Tufts "Hey there are 
people sleeping in the lounge" Court - 
DC; Jen - Italy. Danielle, thanks for being 
my neighbor and always fighting w/me 
when we were younger. Remember 
Valens family and your big orange house. 
Thanks for rides to school in the savage. 
Michelle C, thanks for trying to make a 
fool out of me all the time sophomore 
year. Kate, thanks for being a good friend. 
Remember Italy. Stacey, thanks for mov- 
ing here sophomore year. I can t imagine 
things without you. Thanks for the talent 
show and for being a good friend. Caroline. 
Beth, Genja. thanks for the talent show 
and being good friends. Thanks to all the 
'95 guys - Team Hot Wheels, Matt H. 
Mike M. Carter, Neil, Aaron, Brian, Greg. 
Eric, Jeff. The Trojans, Corey, Gilbert, 
Scott W., Bryant. Choc - Dude. Thanks to 
the rest of the Class of '95. Best of Luck! 

Katelyn Carpenter 

38 Dunster Rd. 
Activities: Indoor and Outdoor Track 
1,2.3 Captain 4; Musical 1 ,2,3,4; Marching 
Band 1,2,3,4; Forum 2,3. Editor 4; 
Telemedia 2,3,4; Drama Club 1 .2,3,4; Show- 
Choir 1 ,2,3,4; Spanish Club 1 ,2,3,4; AFS 4; 
Athletic Training 1; National Honor Soci- 
ety 3,4. 

Thanks to: Mum and Dad. for your sup- 
port and encouragement. Krysti for all 
you have taught me. Michelley. through 
thick and thin, my best friend for life. 
Craig for green eggs and pine needles, 
Rafeeke & Zazu. and being the corner 
brownie of my life. Kristin, my dancing 
buddy, for understanding each other. 
Katharine, what will classes be without 
you. Chris for MB organizing, my bloomers, 
and our moms. Kate L. for musicals since 
6th grade and our Honey dolls. Aarti for 
Physics jokes; OK, you're a cab. Andrea 
for marriages at recess and Seinfeld con- 
versations. Jim for approving of my driv- 
ing. Nate for your crazy ways. Christina 
for climbing my tree and riding my trol- 
ley. Eileen for our Health and gym classes. 
Carrie & Jeremy, my brother & sister, for 

making me be the mother. Trina, squak 
and Queen wave. Jen St. S.. master hur- 
dler, drum major. Jen T. for remembering 
and making me laugh. Joey forourshows. 
Brian D.. Marie T., Tara C., fellow clari- 
netists. Ben for remembering me from 
St. Paul's. Naveen fortrack and Sociology. 
Catherine for sandcastles in Hampton. 
Chrissy, my high - jumping buddy. Phil for 
not making such comments. Emily for 
going along with our crazy ways. Ron. 
fellow acolyte and confirmand. Lora for 
musicals, June dancers, and keeping in 
touch. Mrs. Mclnnis for having faith in me. 
Gurley, family for cookies done right and 
spoons on our noses. I love you all. 
Future Goals: To attend college, travel, 
have a big family, see all of my friends 
succeed, and brighten everyone's day. 

Chris Carson 

80 Page Rd. 

Activities: Marching Band; Drama 
Club 1.2.3,4; Rifle Team 1; S.P.N. 1,2; 
Director 3,4; Tournament 1,2.3,4; Show- 
Choir 1,2,3.4; Men's Octet 1.2,3, Leader 4; 
Sr. District Chorus 2,3.4: All - State Chorus 
3; Yearbook 1,3; French Club 1,2,3,4; 
Lenny Palmer Fan Club 2,3.4; Gospel 
Choir 4: Musical 1.2,4: Spring Track 3,4; 
Madrigal 2. 3. 4: 1st Annual Madrigal Bond- 
ing Weekend Survivor 4. 
Thanks to: My sister Jen, for keeping me 
in line my freshman year. Thanks for 
always being there for me. Mom and Dad. 
thanks for putting up with all of the crap 
I have given you. Thanks for being the 
best parents a person could ask for. Aarti. 
"WOW!" this past four years has been 
"BRUTAL", to quote two gods. There 
have been many ups and downs, we have 
been friends through it all. I will always 
go pick you flowers during school if you 
want me to. if it is legal. Katie, thanks for 
always being there to give me a good stiff 
slap in the head when I needed it. Just 
one thing - could you use a little less 
strength in the future, because I now 
have some minor brain damage from it! 
Remember, we both know how things 
came together last summer. You are a 
great, true friend. Don't ever change. 
Craig, you are the wackiest person I 
know. You do have to admit that your 
ideas are kinda strange. Who else would 
think of going to the Homecoming Dance 
as the Village People. Jen S., I don't 
possibly have enough room to fit in 
everything, so I'll write everything that I 
miss in your yearbook. The past seven 
years have been nothing short of event- 
ful. There have been good times and bad. 
I can't believe that it has been seven 
years. Thanks for always being there 
when I needed someone to lean on, 
literally and figuratively. You are like a 
sister to me. Kristin, wow you do talk! Just 
joking. I have loved every bike ride that 
we have been on. Thanks for making me 
Sumac-ade. I'll try not to be too neutral 
anymore. Kate, thanks for picking on me 
freshman vear. it really made me feel at 
home with everyone. I'm glad that we 
feel the same way about so many things, 
that we can speak so frankly. Frankly, 
that's an understatement. Lora, let's do a 
baseball game, oh! no! they canceled the 
season. I am a better wrestler than you 
are. Hey. I still haven't gotten any sleep 
yet. Oh! well! Am I ever wrong about 
anything, well O.K. I was wrong about 
one major thing. So shoot me! NAOMI!!! 
Thanks for being a great listener, and 
most of all thanks for being you. Katharine, 
I have the worst timing? Sure. Whatever! 
What a four years huh? I have loved every 
one of our heated politically oriented 
discussions. I really enjoyed having some- 
one that would go head to head with me 
on issues. You're great! To Andrea and 
Eileen, the other Republicans in Bedford 
High School. Where were you when I 
needed someone on my side (just joking ). 
Eileen. I can't figure out why people 
would say that you are a quiet person, 
because I certainly don't see it. You're 
great Kid! Don't ever let anyone tell you 
anything different. Andrea, wow!, who 
are you. Great to have you here though. 
I tell you. I am glad to see that you are 
finally crazy like Craig. Katie. Trina, and 
me. I think that everyone should be that 
way! It is so much more fun. Christina, 
who else could I have talked to about all 
of the vital issues in homeroom this year. 
There is nothing better than putting that 
black marker next to parts for the 
MADSCRIPT. Jen T. what would march- 
ing band be without you? Pretty dull at 
times, that's what! You never seem to 
have a lack ot words, and thai is great, 
considering the fact that I usually have a 
huge lack of words! I will always remem- 
ber our politically correct song! Ben 
Waterhouse: Enough said! No really 
though thanks for being the other person 
with the ego. You do realize that without 
out each other, our egos would be huge. 
Of course. I was better at keeping control 
of your ego than you were of mine! Phil, 
the answer is NO! I don't even want to 

know what the question is. You have 
done a great job of disgusting people at 
lunch this year. Good luck in the future. 
Carrie, we shared a great summer. I'm 
sorry that things didn't quite work out. I 
will always consider you to be one of my 
absolute best friends. I'm not going to 
make any Kennedy comments! Adam, 
well gosh what to say! I don't even know- 
where to begin. It's been a great four 
years. Thanks for putting up with the crap 
that I always managed to give you. Of 
course, our attitudes did tend to comple- 
ment each other rather nicely. Thanks for 
the Christmas Condoms last year. You are 
wacky!!! Michelle, I have always just won- 
dered how you have remained so posi- 
tive about everything, even during the 
pressures of Senior year. That is some- 
thing that I have never been able to do. 
Thanks for being such a good friend. 
Simon. Where did you go? Oh, there you 
are. I found you. It has definitely been an 
interesting six years. All those weekends 
of dodging the SP's. Gosh they're dumb! 
Hey listen. I dare you to shave your legs!!! 
At this time I would like to recognize 
Mike, Corey, and Kelly. We must all 
always remember and celebrate May 26th. 
For this is the day of orgasm, and what 
would life be without it. Last, but defi- 
nitely not least: Trina. that darn Bonding 
Weekend did us in! I'm gonna have to 
have a talk with Mr. Low about that trip. 
After all. who does he think he is letting 
us get together during that weekend. 
Really though, if you think about it, our 
relationship has been kinda. shall we say, 
different. I have enjoyed every minute of 
it, and I am looking forward to enjoying 
more of it. I'm so happv that we are 
together now! I can't believe that you 
even remembered the movie Xanadu, 
that is so wicked cool. One more thing: 
try not to take a nutty anymore! 

Christina E. Carvey 

1 )aniels Drive 
Activities: Orchestra 1,2,4; Chamber Mu- 
sic 1.2,4; Choir 1; Madrigal 1,2,3.4; Mad- 
rigal Dinner 1,2,3,4; SADD 1,2,3.4; Sci- 
ence League 1,2,3,4; AFS 2,3,4; French 
Club 1,2,3.4; JV Tennis 1;JV Cross Coun- 
try 2, Varsity 3, Captain 4; Show Choir 2,3; 
Double Sextet 2.3,4; NHS 3. President 4: 
Skiing 3.4; Musical 1 ,2,4; Crew 3; Track 2; 
Training 3; Adv. Chem. 3. 
Thanks to: All of my truly wonderful 
friends who have made my school years 
bearable. Bernie, thanks for becoming 
my best friend in grade 10 - camping was 
the most fun (Woodboy was "wicked 
mint" i. Thanks for pretending to be Frenc h 
with me at Canobie, for being my Brook 
buddy - we're SO sneaky!, for talking fast 
and acting crazy with me, for sharing eggs 
with me. for giving our hair egg treat- 
ments, and for all the other cool stuff 
we've done together. We are the queens 
of Wrath of the Gods & Dinosaur Safari. 
Andrea R. what can I say but thank you so 
much for being such a great friend for the 
past 12 years and for really caring and 
listening, and just being there for me last 
year. Camping was really cool - a must do 
senior trip! I'm so glad that no matter how- 
many arguments had. we've always man- 
aged to remain friends. Thanks to Barry 
and the entire X-C team for making prac- 
tice so much fun and for supporting me 
no matter how bad I was during the three 
years I've run. I probably would have quit 
if not for you guys. Caroline, Debbie. 
Sarah and Amanda, you were the best 
girls team. . . what can I say but Catch it 
and Kiss it Sucker! Eileen O P. thanks for 
being a great f riend and especially for our 
car stealing joke. Thanks to Kate L. (a.k.a 
Dacier, Madame Curie, etc.) for being my 
report buddy. We are the report queens! 
But of course we do know Turtle did the 
most work on that one report - ummm. 
not quite! Thanks to Joey Z. for the semi 
formal and the junior prom - it was a 
wicked good time. Thanks to Allissa D. 
for being my ski team bud - you showed 
me that X-C skiing can be fun. also for 
doing crew- (I must have Mame's apart- 
ment!) and training (how ever did we 

pass?). Thanks to Lisa L. for being era. 
and one of my bestest friends (ev| 
though I never see you). Driver's Ed. v 
way too cool for us! Thanks for sumn 
running with me. and especially for < 
Mt Lafyette hike - we must do it aga 
Thanks to Chris C. for being mv homeroi 
companion for four years - how did 
manage to survive homeroom in grade 
anyway? ( It's point-set -tee-ah! ) Thank.' 
Katharine for being a great pal. for all < 
Wedgew-ood summers, and especially 
our unforgettable trip to Italy - I lc 
being blonde! Kristin H. thanks for n 
ning (okay, pretending to run) with 
summer of '92. for helping me survive 
excitement of Driver's Ed., for our fav 
ite class - ceramics, for being my fell 
violinist for the past seven years - but t 
of our chamber music duets had t 
Thanks to Jennifer T. for just being y 
and for always having a little anecdot«| 
share, for blabbing on the phone with \ 
for hours about nothing, and for keepi 
me awake during boring classes (Ro 
do you copy? Over.). Thanks to Aarti, I 
Nate for our little excursion to the Hil 
and our search for Tyler - and of cou 
Nate, for driving Zeus, and foreggonauB 
and name that organism! Michelle H 
how would I have lasted an entire yeaB 
D.F. without you - you made learnl 
how to measure flour (for the tenth till 
bearable. Thanks to all my great teach fl 
esp. Mrs. Krueger for Adv. Chem. andl 
being such a sweetheart. Fro. thanksB 
being such a great older sister, for talk! 
in weird voices with me. for our flip noB 
and for a million other things. ThaB 
Andrew (BAB, Appleboy. DrummfcB 
TI B) for being a really cool younl 
brother and especially for biking w ith 
to visit the llama and lending me y 
way too big Rollerblades. Thing, tha 
for just always saying okay - I love 
dearly and I'll always give you celery 
dessert instead of ice cream. And Th 
clean your room. Thanks Mom for rr 
ing me dresses, for getting me infon 
tion on and for typing my reports, 
making my lunch for the past 12 yt 
and for being there for me. Dad. tha 
for all your help on extra credit rn 
problems and for taking my friends I 
me on hiking and camping trips - yoB 
the best dad! Thank you family forstaB 
ing by me no matter what I've put 
through. I'm so grateful for everyt 
you've done for me. Thanks and I 

Jennifer Casey 

First of all I'd like to thank my parent; 
helping me get to where I am tod; 
owe everything to you guys. For gi 
me a loving home to grow up in, alv 
being there for me. and actually b< 
pretty cool. It's going to be rough 
year but we'll make it, I love you 
Mom - for teaching me the art of si 
ping, its been fun! To all my family ii 
and MS, you guys mean the world to 
I wish you weren't so far away. To my 
brother Ryan. I hate to admit it but 
missed you since you left home, 
you the best of luck with Greta an 
ev erything that you do. I love you! 1 
and thanks for being friends with Tc 
Jill - It would be impossible to talk al 
everything we've done together. The 
four years hold a lot of special memo 
All the concerts. Florida '93, Dallas 
trips to NH. walking in the rain, enc 
talks in my room, putting up \\ ith al 
problems, helping me get through 
surgery, shopping trips. Seriously, 
want to thank you for being the 
friend I could ask for. It's been great 
you'd better come down to FL and 
which I'm sure won't be a problem - 
ya. Jen B. - for all of the rides to sc 
and talking about the important thin 
life. Eileen - for being a great neig 
and helping me with homework - C 
Luck. To Steph - for moving here 
being as crazy about FL as I am. 
Luck with Dave - and let's keep in tc 
Tara - for making my move to M 
much easier, FL '92, walks arounc} 

160 Senior Thanks 

omplex, long talks, and of course for 
hasing S.R. around the halls with me. 
;hris - for taking me to a rodeo, getting 
ie hooked onto country, and just being 

nice guy. Thanks to everyone at the 
'outh Center, it's been fun. To my long 
jst best friend, Lindsay in TN - we've 
ome a long way - love you. To Erika, in 
V, for the long walks, making my move 
) Bedford much easier, and of course for 
producing me to Charlie. Charlie, what 
an I say - we've come a long way. You've 
een so much more than a great boy- 
tend, you've been my best friend. It 
■ould be impossible for me to write 
own what you've done for me, you've 
hanged my life. We've made so many 
reat memories together. J.B. concert. 

H star gazing, nights just spent relaxing 
n my couch. Whatever the future holds 
prus, you've got yourself a special place 
l my heart that will always be yours. 
Sways remember John Michael 
Montgomery's, I Love the Way You Love 
(e. — I Love You — Thanks to the entire 
, xtell house for all of the homemade 
jinners and always making me feel at 
pme. Florida - here I come! 

mi >ii F. Cervantez 

5 Heritage Road 

ctivities: AFJROTC 1,2,3,4; Drill Team 
3,4; Color Guard 2,3. JV Soccer 1,2; YC 
iftball 3; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Drama 
lub 1,2,3; Choir 1.2; Spring Musical 1,2,4. 
lank You: First, I would like to say 
ank you to my Mom (Thanks Mom! ) and 
my family for putting up with me. 
■condly, my thanks to the Carsons for 
:ing my second family and for throwing 
e out of their van (Without a drag- 
tute I while flying down my street at 90 
ph. To Shorty and Matt, I wish only the 
;st for the both of you and I had better 
•t an invitation! To Chris, "Who said they 
live eyes?" Thanks for being a great 
end and someone I could always talk 
, I still don't know how we made it 6 
ars without killing each other (Joust- 
g). To Dave (Hamster) thanks for al- 
ays being a friend and for kicking my 
itt at Rummy when at Dunkies (Shot- 
in!). To Scott (The Rash) Where ever 
m may be, thanks for always being able 
make me laugh no matter how bummed 
vas and for always scratching on the 8 
.11 (The King of BS Shots). To Ryan 
j7art), even though you're not in this 
hool but for being worth mentioning. 
> Erica M. (Sis) for being the little sister 
iever had. To Ron B. for being the only 
det who is worse off than me and for 
ling great stories. To Rhea (Mortal 
imbat) for always acting like a lady and 
nother to me and for dreaming things 
« won't be mentioned!!! To Alexis, for 
ing respected!? And for having an in- 
ise conversation at Homecoming about 
rson A and Person B. To Lisa (Puff) for 
vays asking for my pants and for always 
tting my Physics papers. To Jeremy 
handi) - "Joseph J. Champa!" To Fred 
•all the adventures in the Bondojeep. 
Cadet Axtell for being proud to be a 
1 neck. To Trish because she told me to 
mtion her name and also because she 
es fishing. To LTC. Campbell for teach- 
; me about leadership. To Mr. Sabourin 
always pushing me to go further and 
;her. And finally to any one else I left 
t. Thank You!!!!!! 

ra Chapman 

ank you. Mom and Dad, David, Cindy, 
1 Kevin. You've been wonderful these 
it four years. Kristi, wherever you are, 
nks for the new paradigm. Kim and 
t, what can I say. You two inspired me 
say anything and everything. "Like a 
corn lollipop in an eager child's mouth." 
apist literature rules. Never shave 
:haniel. Thanks to Mr. I. You'll always 
the leader of the band. Stephanos 
itt-lip). I wish you love and happiness, 
a, honey, you're the best, and so is 
lr mamma's friend chicken. Thanks 
dsay and Erika. We certainly had some 
when it came to Stephanos. Thanks to 
the teachers who did their job and 

taught me to get a thrill from learning: 
Fripp, Tremble, Ironmonger, Panoff, 
Reynolds, and Chief. Phil. man. what can 
I say. Beauty and the Prince rule. Maybe 
someday we'll find our magic fain' tales. 
Thanks for being there when I really 
needed you. Don't forget Dracula, Ber- 
tha, Buella, Hallmark Man, and Godiva. 
and most important of all, our music. That 
was your greatest gift to me. Rachel, 
editor extraordinaire, you have an iron 
will and a soft heart. I hope you never 
change. Thanks to Marie, Becky, Alexis, 
and Allison. To the SOA gang, those 
afternoons were the best of times. Thanks 
Denille, Meagan, Jerome. Kristi, Jahi, 
Moneka, Kim, Greg. Never use Umbrella 
words. And last of all: "Scream and beau- 
tiful things will happen! ' 

Wendy Lynne Chase 

21 Nickerson Rd. 

Activities: J. V. Basketball 1,2; Varsity Soft- 
ball 1,2,4; Detention Club 1,2,3,4; Skip 
Committee 1,2,3,4. 

Thanks to: I would first like to thank my 
family. To my mom, you have taught me 
so much and stuck by me through so 
many hard times, I owe you so much. I 
love you mom. thank you. To Geoff, for 
being the influence I needed, and the 
person I always looked up to. I love you, 
and good luck with all vou do. To my dad. 
I really wish you could have been here to 
watch me grow and learn, but not a day 
passed when I wasn't thinking about you. 
I love you dad. To Harold, for being a 
wonderful step - father and putting up 
with me for so long. I love you too. To my 
little Alyssa, you better know I'll always 
be here for you. I love you sweetie. To 
Gram and Jim, I love you guys for always 
being there and I couldn't ask for sweeter 
people for grandparents. To Uncle Jim for 
always giving me the best advice when it 
came to guys. To Aunt Jaye for being the 
best aunt and always saying the right 
things. To Steve and Mary-Jo for being the 
ones I'll always look up to. To the Griecci's 
for always having a spare key, love you 
guys. Thanks to Sandi for being my sec- 
ond mom and the warmth, love, and 
support you have given through the years. 
I love you. To Jim F. for always being 
yourself and being my second step-dad. 
To Niki for being the big sister best friend 
I never had. Call me whenever you need 
anything, even if it's just to cruise the 
Great, love ya Nik. To Carla I for being 
my very best friend in the whole world. 
You have a great head on your shoulders 
and I hope you never change. I love you. 
To Krissy, Kim. Tara. Megan, Michelle, I 
wish I had more room to just write 
everything we've been through but since 
I don't, I just want to tell you that I love 
you guys, take care. To Andrea for being 
the one who is always home for me to 
come to and to listen to all mv problems, 
I love you. To Jessica, we had a lot of fun 
times together and I'll never forget them. 
Please take care of yourself and make the 
right decisions. I love you Jess. To Jodi, 
you and me have been through a lot and 
I wish the best for you, I love you. To 
Lindsay, please be careful with every- 
thing that you do with the future, I love 
you kiddo, and I don't want to see any- 
thing to happen to vou. To Kristie for 
always being my bud, and always being 
there for me to tell you anything, love you 
Kris, take care. To Tarnia and Bobby, 
good luck with the little one and my best 
to both of you and whatever the future 
my hold for you. To Tiffany, you and me 
have been through a lot this past summer 
and I will never forget those memories, I 
love you and you better keep in touch. To 
Jessyman for the great times this summer, 
good luck with Westbrook and the future. 
To Bill Buckley for always coming out 
with us to make the nights fun, best of 
luck to you. To Mike C. for letting me 
know wnen Baywatch was on and going 
to work every day, not, take care of 
yourself. To Iroc, Real Deal, and Nike 
(just kidding Jason), you guys are awe- 
some, good luck and keep the cars clean. 
To Jenn Hansen, I love you and I screwed 

up, there's nothing I can do but say I'm 
sorry, good luck with all you do. To Brian 
Fedele for being my best guy friend in the 
whole world, thanks for always being 
there for me, I love you Bri. To Jenn 
(henny) for the fun nights at your house 
and the memories, take care of yourself. 
To Jackie (hackie) you've got a lot of 
smarts and I hope you make the right 
choices. To my fellow classmates Kelly. 
Eileen. Sharon, Dina, Lexie. Gina, and 
Linda, for the Lane school days. To the 
guys, Matt H., Aaron, Johnny, Jeff, Mike 
Mc, good luck to all of you. Thanks to 
Andrew P. for lunch '93 - '94 good luck 
and stay out of trouble. To Julie. Sarah, 
and Stacey for being great people, good 
luck. Last, but definitely not least, to 
Randy Steven Messineo, the most impor- 
tant person in my life, thank you for all 
the valuable lessons you have taught me 
and all the wonderful memories through- 
out the years. I love you so much. Good 
Luck to each and every one of you. 
Future Goals: To attend business school 
to become a legal or medical secretary' 
To marry my man (RM) And most impor- 
tantly live happily ever after. 

Adam Chiocca 

24 Pine Street 

Activities: Golf 1,2,3.4; Capt.4; Lacrosse 
3,4; Track 2,3.4; Tennis 1; Interact Club 
2,3,4; B.D. 3; Vice - Pres. 4; SADD 2,3,4; 
Boy's State 3; French Club 1.2,3,4; Vice - 
Pres. 4; Latin Club 3; Spanish Club 4; AFS 
2,3,4; France 3; Italy 3; International Din- 
ner M.C. 2; Musical 1,2,3,4; Madrigal 
2,3,4; Men's Octet 1,2,3,4; Show Choir 
1,2,4; Madrigal Dinner 2,3,4; Mad. Bond. 
Weekend 4; Jr. District 1; Sr. District 4; 
Drama Club 2,3,4; Student Production 
Night 2; New York Trip 2,3,4; NHS 3,4; 
Telemedia 2; Peer Leadership 4; Jr. Prom. 
Court 3; Pep Rally Decorating 1,2,3; Hall 
Decorating -i. Bedford Day 1,2,3.4: Putter's 
Club 4. 

Thanks to: First of all, before I thank 
anyone in this world, I must start with the 
two most important people in my life: 
Mom and Dad. Mom, thanks so much for 
your constant support throughout the 
years, and being my best friend, no mat- 
ter what. Dad, thanks so much for your 
guidance and teaching me to have re- 
spect for others, as well as respect for 
myself. It's been nice knowing I could 

always go to you for whatever both of 

you. Thanks, I love you guys! Thanks to 
my two best friends, Naveen and Sewon. 
We've been through so much, and shared 
so many good times ( Duxbury rich party). 
Naveen, you've been my soul mate 
throughout the years for advice on girls, 
and of course much, much more. Sewon, 
thanks for laughing at my jokes, making 
midnight runs to Taco Bell, drinking Kool- 
Aid with me, for loving Seinfeld, and 
being yourself. Thanks to: Gilbert for 
your advice on that "perfect body" and 
Corey for always having a good come- 
back; Mikey for Lax, and looking out for 
me; Aaron for not calling me a "geek"; 
and Neil for being so attractive. Greg for 
"frenchy" and EAK for making me laugh 
till I bust a gut. Trojanz for loving basket- 
ball and the Horn Sisters. Steve for Bahama 
Beach Club and all the babes and the 
Seville. And McGrath for having such a 
kick ass house and having many parties! 
Wiley for just being crazy, Drew for 
loving singing and the weekend in NH. 
Chris and the Carsons for being my "other" 
family . J. D. for golf, and all the memories. 
Sam and Dave for telling M.F. about him. 
Andy, Chris. Mark and the boy'z of '96. 
The golf team and everybody in Mad. 
especially Ben, Tim. and Jeff Thanks to 
Gary' and all the guvs in Spanish. Thanks 
to all the '95 chicks. Jen B. for the advice, 
Caroline for staying up until 4 in the 
morning to study chemistry, Sharlene for 
having exquisite eyes. Maria, Michelle, 
Courtney. Dibble. Allain. and Geary, what 
can I say? I love you all! Lexie. Carla. 
Kelly, and Eileen for Italy. Kristin. Heather. 
Kristen for French. Emma for always 
being there to talk to; Carla for being the 
best president - "I voted for you"; Trina 

and Jen for having so much energv; 
Weick for loving languages and Michelle 
for "that" voice. Carey, Colleen, and Kristen 
for being the three best sophomores a 
guy could love. I'll never forget you guys! 
Gif. thanks for typing this. And to anyone 
else I might have forgotten. Thanks for 
everything!!! Mr Reynolds for all the guid- 
ance and coaching over the four years; 
Ms. Messmer for making Chemistry inter- 
esting; Mrs. Sullivan for being the nicest 
teacher I've ever had; Mrs. Rainis pour 
votre joie de vivre; Ms. Mays for putting 
up with me; Mr. Kelley for being the 
funniest teacher I've ever had; Mrs. 
Donovan for the most enjoyable English 
class I've ever had. Mr. Low for his love 
of music and making me appreciate how 
wonderful music is "Madrigal is gonna 
kick butt"; and Mr Duggan for playing 
Golf with me junior year. Thanks to 
everyone, I love you all!!! 
Future Goals: Go on to College, become 
fluent in French, meet a wonderful girl, 
and to live life to its fullest. I hope to 
become successful, (rich), have 2 or 3 
children, and just to enjoy life forever. 

Bryant Chisholm 

I would first like to thank the one person 
who made everything possible, and that 
person is our heavenly father. God. Mom 
and Dad for all the guidence and love that 
you have always given me. Jason and 
Jonathan for the good times we shared, I 
wish the both of you luck with whatever 
it is you plan on doing in your lives. May 
the Lord's blessings help you both to 
reach your dreams. To all my friends who 
graduated last year that put me in their 
thanks: Big Chris, Little Chris, Marcus, and 
most of all Damon who became another 
brother to me, thanks for helping get 
through my junior year. To Adelle for just 
being a friend, and all the trouble you 
caused me while we grew up. To Glenn 
who showed me the proper way to eat 
corn from a can; oh and Glenn - comb 
your hair. Coach Sabourin and the whole 
football team, I wish you all the best next 
season and enjoy your senior year. Coach 
Sab you were, and will always be, a 
second father to me. Thanks for every- 
thing. To my English class, I honestly did 
understand Macbeth. To Tim, good luck 
in college. So thank you to anyone who 
had anything to do with my life that I 
didn't mention. Thanks to Jajuanza and 
Brendan and Will, Russ, Jamie, Dan, thanks 
for everything and good luck next year. 
Now, I'm sorry if I left anyone out 

Greg Cohen 

Activities: Football 1; Track 1,2,3,4; Win- 
ter Track 1,2; Hockey 4; Team Hotwheel 
1,2,3,4; NORBA 4. 

Thanx: First and foremost to my parents 
and sisters for all the support they ever 
gave me and for all they put up with from 
me. I love you guys. EARL: For Darby and 
all of the Maine adventures, bustin' log 
riding, pies, peanuts. Grandma's lighters 
etc., Sunday river buddy. Butts on the 
chill sessions. On the Mary Lou tip bra', 
no sling shots for us, 10:10, Baked not 
Fried, Umma Gumma comin' to get ya', 
Raleigh ready and rock steady. Mobil 10 
min, checkin out Porter at her house, 
(una chiste Stacy) You're my best friend 
buddy we be bra's to the end. AARON 
GERSTEL: Kid I'm cool. Kid I'm cool, Kid 
I'm cool, M.O's all night long, the race is 
on, Shirley chicks, you da man. Eye Eye 
Cpnt. of hot wheel. Oooh. bloody regal 
seats, hotdog in a bun, logs ala' shoulders. 
Kid I'm actualy good at a sport, rugburns. 
what's her phone number?, Rockport. I 
know all, just a little somthin somthin. 
Miss me bro - because I know I will miss 
you (you just remember, WE ON A MIS- 
SION!! ) GOOSE: my skating buddy, build- 
ing ramps, ollie contests, friends from age 
10 bucks, my first time, tool kid tool kid 
tool, you wing nut, working on gold rush, 
vette, fights at Neil's, thanx for always 
making sure SOMEONE was making fun 
of me, let's add another ten years to our 
friendship if we don't kill each other first. 
RICK: Ohh not good, shut up Arn, wicked 

Senior Thanks 1 6 1 

fat chance, snowboarding. Boboli pizza, 
sports equipment. Rusty, Booted kid!, 
Kovanponalski, the monster. Getting ar- 
rested on base, hookas and hoes, isn't it 
about time (hucksaw), I'll never forget 
you. BOOGER: Midnight bell runs, tempo, 
partying alone, revenge of the nerds 
speech at Fawn Lake, el productos, all the 
weekends at your house, iguana cage, 
popeye. kid gimme a ride? wash out the 
tempo and we'll cruise forever, I'm gonna 
miss you - oops, you will be here next 
year ('96). MIKE: mmc, Ace V., 7 person 
party, wheelies in vanagon. soccer any 
one? hungry fella? kid chill with me, 
wanna glass of milk, can I have a bagel, 
wedgie master, whooo duuude, har- 
monica, impersonations, fallen peer lead- 
ers, blues brothers, bev, etc etc blah blah 
I love ya buddy, thanx for not always 
making fun of me - regardless, you're one 
of the good ones bra and I'll never forget 
you. SLUG: trooperpolt, ally, all the par- 
ties, Trek cantalope. Mr. Ganu, the 
Morman kid on TV and the kid from 
punky, fire toys knives and mischieve, 
midevil fights with straz and fury with 
hickey sticks up my wranglers, 2 wheels 
in conquest, stay out of trouble and try- 
not to die on us. remember - your body 
sucks, don't sweat it, you're cool with me 
always, instant tire changes, don't worry 
you will finally find the right girl, lifting, 
pasta, fletchers rocket, Boston kids. 1001 
black men. NEIL: don't sweat, best is last 
bra', fara, is my name Neil, red blue 
brown whatever, beamer, basketball, 
Springs Brook, camping out, porno sto- 
ries, bartending. Canada, trips fell through, 
ooooh that's loose, ripped quilts, wanna 
make fiv e bucks? canoe camp, pimpin in 
camp night club, stealing your jeans, you 
Canadian fool, sooorrrryyy Greg I'm not 
a h — b.I was the first to know you in town 
bro, I'll be the last to forget you even if 
your number is 275temp. Peace to TEAM 
HOTWHEEL and all my boys, peace to 
the Trojans (Donny, Boner, Dwyer J - 
love) peace to Sandman for the Seville 
and all its problems, peace to AD and 
Jerad for being friends. Especially AD for 
Walden etc. Peace to all my hookas and 
hoes namely: Jen. Jen, Pietchel. Sarah, 
Liana, Danielle and Michelle, etc., etc. I 
think you know why. Especially Mand D. 
All the rest of you, I love you all. Last but 
especially not least, thanx to Nicole for all 
the times, little something and for putting 
up with me. Thanx to my favorite teach- 
ers being: Sabourin, Max. Pilla. Peace to 
Darby. I love you all, never forget me, I 
will miss you - please never forget me. 
EARL I'm always right. Peace. 

Gina Marie Corea 

4 Minute Man Drive 
Activities: Flags 2,3, Co - Captain 4; Inter- 
act Club Board of Directors 2, Secretary 3, 
President 4; SADD 2,3.4; Student Atmo- 
sphere Committee 1,2; 2001 Committee 
3; AIDS Action Committee 3,4; Spanish 
Club 2,3; Prom Decorating 3,4; Forum 4; 
Gym Decorating 1,2,3; Hall Decorating 4; 
Italy 3; T.J. Maxx 2.3; Express 4; Ricca 
Riding 2: Sarah's House 2,3; The Crew 
1.2; Good Time Billards 2,Vt; Bowling 
2,3,4; M.O.M. 2,3,4; Ditty 2,3,4; Bed Steal- 
ing i. Pilla Fan Club 3.4; Having a good 
time 1,2,3,4. 

Thanks to: I want to thank my parents for 
being the best parents in the whole wide 
world!! You two are the best!! To my 
brother for teaching me how to spell. To 
my best friend and sister, thanks for 
stopping traffic for me!! To Nana for 
always being there for me always! To 
Gizmo for keeping my heart warm and 
for Brandy, for being Brandy, and to all 
my other family members. To my other 
family: I want to thank Megan A. for 
having me stay back in second grade and 
then change to Davis. If I didn't stay back 
I would have never been friends with the 
class of '95! (The best class!) I also want to 
thank Maria K. for being you. I will never 
meet anyone like you again. I am going to 
miss being with you and seeing Gary M. 
or Chris M. Also thanks for calling me at 
3:22 A.M. to let me know you were OK. 

1 didn't want to sleep anyway! Also thanks 
for hav ing a bus! To Jen B. for being my 
best friend in middle school. I will never 
forget how much fun we had, remember 
Washington? You have always been a 
good friend, thanks for T.J. Maxx. To 
Courtney for being my other middle school 
best friend, you know the mature one! 
Also thanks for living on the edge! To 
Danielle A. thanks for being sparky. To 
Michelle C. for being so weird! Thanks for 
being Jim Morrison! I'll miss our little 
chats! To Caroline A. for never taking a 
bus! You have always been such a good 
friend it's going to be way too hard to say- 
good-bye. Thanks for the midnight run. 
sorry I couldn't make it! To Beth and 
Genja for the comfy bed! Thanks for 
coming back this year Genja! To Jessica 
D. for the party and for always smiling! 
Math was a blast!! To Sarah H. for sopho- 
more year. To Kate G. for Thompson 
Island (OK who brought the radio? OK 
whip in the New Kids on the Block). To 
Caitlin B. for the State house and the 
sixth!! To Liana D. for coming back this 
year and for always lending an ear To 
Sharlene T. for always making me laugh 
and for bringing excitement to my 7th 
grade Computer Science class. To Stacey 
P. for the dinner and for coming to 
Bedford To Michelle P. for keeping me 
updated with all social events. To Eileen 
H. for being such a good friend. I hope 
you never change. Thanks for keeping 
me hyper. I'm going to miss you pal! To 
Carla I. for sneaking out of the hotel in 
Italy and not getting caught! To Kellv G. 
for our Cappuccino run in Italy and for 
being the best Hag captain. To Matt G. for 
being the only person in high school that 
hasn't succumbed to peer pressure! To 
Dina L. for Flags and for being my friend 
since third grade! To Sharon S. for putting 
up with Mrs. Fow - Yes Curly Sue is her 
cousin! To Linda P. for having a great car 
and for going to Chadwicks - it's a re- 
quirement for all the waiters to be weird. 
To Lexie R. for being my roommate in 
Italy - squeak squeak - you know what 
that sound is - oh Hubie! Jason is mine!! To 
Christine P. for working at Stop and Shop 
in the flower section. To the Flag Squad 
for all the memories. Kristin and Michelle. 
I'm going to miss you! To Jen S. and 
Jeremy N. for those stupid warm up 
movements before practice. You two are 
the best! To Becca T. good luck next year! 
To the Trojans - the definite party goers! 
To Donny for playing football. To Tico for 
working at T.J. Maxx - Get out while you 
still can!! To Corey G. for letting me put 
cinnamon in your chili! To Steve R. for 
your house and your parties - sorry your 
house got trashed! To Mike M.Jeff S., and 
Jim M. for going muddin and the car 
wash!! To Jaqui for sleeping over my 
house and having your parents move 
while you were over. To Adam C. for 9/ 
18/93 -' think hard! To Rich C. for the "Real 
Deal". To Rhea for daring me to throw my 
shoe at Friendly's roofT To Eric K. for 
jumping over fire. To Carter L. for getting 
caught with stealing pumpkins and being 
banned from the Islands. To Matt H. and 
Greg C. for fooling around with my but- 
tons and getting me pulled over during a 
field trip. To Sean W. for bugging me 
since sixth grade! To Bryant C. for foot- 
ball. To Suzanne S. for loving Express. To 
all my friend's parents for always car 
pooling and raising great kids! To Mrs. 
Gullage for being a great coach and a 
better teacher! To Mr. Corliss for actually- 
teaching me something I will need in the 
future. To Mr. Sullivan for making me 
realize I really don't want to be a lawyer. 
To Mrs Sullivan fi >r being a great teacher. 
To Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. Freed for Peer 
Leadership. And to all those people I 
forgot - 1 will miss you all and Thank you! 
Future Goals: To return to Italy and 
actually see the night life there. To go to 
Steve Miller's concerts every year with 
"The Crew'' and to never lose touch with 
my true friends, and to always be happy! 

Michelle Cronin 

2 Reed Lane 

Activities: Field Hockev 1. Varsity 2,3,4; 
Softball 1,2; SADD 1,2,3,4; French Club 
1.2; Latin Club 3,4; Interact 4; Yearbook 4; 
Youth Ministry 3,4; V.A. Hospital 1,2,3,4; 
Gym Decorating 1.2,3,4; Prom Decorat- 
ing 3; The Crew 1.2; Rica Riding 2; Steve 
Miller 2,3.4. Buffet 3.4; Painting 2,3,4. 
Thanks to: My family - Paul. Chris. Grammy 
and especially Mom and Dad for putting 
up with me all these years. I love you 
guys. Hey Dad - I'll always be your 
nalfpint! Thanks to the girls for being 
great friends. Steve Miller, and all the fun 
times we've had together. Danielle - 
thanks for EVERYTHING! You're the best 
friend anyone could ask for. I love ya 
babe. Thanks for being my other half and 
always being there for me. DARREN! 
Caroline - for being a friend since Junior 
High, for our boyfriend days, the bike and 
closet incident, the nun tree, and for 
being my FF. Sharlene - for being one of 
my closest friends, for all our mix's. Good 
Time Billiards. Officer Saunders, the 
CanCan, and for all the sleepovers! 
Michelle - for being my hip, retards, Tom 
Petty, TB, Five to one baby, - oh and 
Michelle - I'm not a flirt... Courtney - for 
being my neighbor for 17 years, for all our 
fights over Amy and Sarah, and mostly for 
driving me to school every day. Jen - for 
winter track - pink Cadillac, and for being 
the only other person to experience the 
same boyfriend problems. Maria - for 
Joey Conte. McDonald's dancing "You're 
not my father.'' and for being »1 stalkers. 
Beth - for Steve Miller - hey guys. .Genja 

- for falling while running to Springs 
Brook, for obscene pictures - 1 know you 
loved it! and for rolling down sidewalks. 
Sarah - for being a friend since 1st grade. 
I know we've grow n apart but I'll always 
remember the fun times we had - the 
mountains, vacations, the Hugan family. 
Halloween - Blow Pops! Liana - for the 
burglar in your house and for your sister's 
wedding - Kevin Dillon. Gina - for Rica 
riding. HARLEY, ditty, and Mike Horn. 
Megan - for being a bionic waitress and 
for nun tree runs in the Lincoln. Jessica - 
for our talks at parties. Caitlin - for letting 
me embarrass you at parties soph. year. 
Kate - for being dramatic, for gym class, 
and I hope one day you'll find Drew 
again. Stacey - for Todd and Matty days, 
for Dudley Road, and for all your good 
advice. Tara and Kim - for Jay Peak. 
Thanks to the '95 guys for all the parties 
and fun times. Greg - for being a great guy 

- we've had our problems but I forgive 
you, rump shaker! Eric - for being my 
EAK. for all the hugs - some day you'll get 
a kiss. Mike Mc. - for ruining my white 
bathroom and for loving my brother. The 
Trojanz (Johnny, Scott, Mike D . and 
Matt) - for being the best guys in the 
school. Brian - for being B.. for N.H., your 
house in Bedford, you should be in '95. 
Matt H., Carter, Neil. Jeff. Aaron. James 
(Jimmy) - I won't sell out! Rich, Tim 
( Timmy) - you're welcome for the hotdog. 
Steve - for having the nicest legs and for 
being 21. Jens - for vocab quizzes. Gil- 
bert, Corey. Adam. Bryant, and Jason. A 
special thanks to: Todd A., for being the 
best friend in the whole world, for know- 
ing me inside out, for the Enchanted 
Village and the 4th of July. Never forget 
our song. ..Dave S. - for Denny's, your 
simple shoes, for pursuing Mr. Cape Cod, 
and for calling and annoying me every- 
day! Just kidding. Chris H. - for your fish 
and for always being a great friend even 
though you live in Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. 
Allain for being my second parents, thank 
you for the vacations and Maine, and for 
having the best daughter! I love you all. 

1 would also like to thank everyone in 
Youth Ministry '93 - '95. Fr. Ron etc.... the 
Field Hockey team for the best 4 years, 
Coach Woocl forteaching us so much and 
being the best coach. Miss G., Sweaty 
quality not quantity . and the janitors for 

2 fun summers. Paul Stone, Steve Chester, 
Rich A . Wayne. Ron - forthe Belmont Hill 
prom, Phil A., Cedric, Jesse B., Eric G., 
and the Anderson family. The painters. 
DPW. Darren, and the sparklers* 1,2,3,4. 
Meredith and Meg. for being the best 

freshmen and all the freshmen guy 
Thanks to the rest of the class of '95. Ii 
forgot anyone I'm sorry - I'll remember ; 
of you. Lastly I'd like to thank God. U 
Jimmy Buffet, and Odie for being the bt 
dog ever. Good luck to everyone. 
Future Goals: To marry a big rich ma 
never work but exercise to stay skinn 
To one day see Sharlene singing in a nig 
club in N Y. and for once in my life be ( 
time for something! 

Latanya Davis 

19 Hill Terrace 

First I want to thank God. mom, and da 
for beliving in me and just being there f 
me. Simon, thank you for doing ever 
thing I was supposed to do before I h; 
the chance. Travis, thanks for being 
great brother but still managing to get < 
my nerves. Jaqui, thank you for the ejc 
button in my car and your ashey elbox 
in Discover Food class also. Driver's E 
Marcell. for being a clow-n. Emilio, f 
"you know I am." Christina, for dow 
town and Claudetts. Nicovana & Darler 
for being my big sisters. Tim L., thanx 1 
roll - out - of - bed day sophomore ye; 
Chris H.. Maurice, and Oderra. for beii 
hungry and cute. Jajuanza. thank you f 
coming to Bedford and making us laua 
being a clown and helping the footb 
team have a good year, "boy" Adelle. g 
we've been through so much: 4th grac 
Mr. Brown and Ms. Tay lor, that girl Kat ! 
or what ever. 8th grade, beating Angel; | 
butt. ..These past 4 years have been gn 
and I know they wouldn't have been hi 
as fun without you. Thanx. I'm glad we' | 
gotten a lot closer, its about time. An 
way. thanx for everything and see yal 
FSC. Love ya girl. Ben, thank you I 
being the best friend and boyfriend ar , 
one could ever have. I'll love you alwa' I 
For anyone I forgot, sorry, but I love y | 
anyway. Those of you I'm leaving behir 
have fun and stay out of trouble. Y I 
know who you are. Cheerleaders, thar l 
for everything: Myrtle Beach, camp, i ' 
erything. I love you all and will ne\ 
forget any of you. 

Rhea DeSilva 

Activities: AFJROTC Drill Te; I 
1,2; Cheerleading 3; Gospel Choir I 
work 1,2,3,4. 

As I graduate and leave Bedford High ' 
last] there are people who have made i 
high school education possible and fi 
First of all I must thank the Lord almigl 
God. Without your blessings and gu 
ance I would be nothing and end >■ 
nowhere. Thank you and please wl 
with me always. Next comes mom. wi 
out you and your love and devotion to ; 
kids, life would be impossible. Thanks • 
being the best mom possible and i 
sorry for all the hard times I had put y i 
through. To my brother and sisters: try > 
be the best at everything you do. w( 1 
hard and be successful in life. Vane i 
and Marylynne. I'll always be here i 
you and Ian. just remember I'm still of i 
even though you're taller. I love you I 
even though I rarely ever say it. Nico , 
the love of my life: you've not only bt i 
a boyfriend but also my best trie . 
We've been through so much and I h( ■ 
we'll be together always - thank vou fj 
coming into my and my family's life ; I 
making it so much fun and happy - 1 LC i 
YOU. Mrs. Parker, you've been one of I 
best persons I've known throughout A 
years at Bedford. You've always lool I 
out for your METCO kids and was th : 
when we needed help. Thank you . i 
please never lose touch. Angela W. (k< x 
up on the first name basis w/'your su I 
riors). Akilah. I better get a senior pict i 
of you next year. Carlie. welcome b; . 
Nathalie, stop being so nasty. Maw , 
what can I say. As I write this we're t 
speaking . why I don't know, but I v, t 
you to know I've always liked vou i 
vour sense of humor - good luck in . 
thanks to the rest of the METCO kids r 
making the long ride fun. Adelle i 
Latanya, thanks for being good friend: 1 
me throughout high school. Adelle. if J 

162 Senior Thanks 

really want to act, I hope you succeed. 
Tanya, that picture I gave you of the 3 of 
u.s at the Jr. prom, keep it tor memories - 
I'll keep mine. Jaqui and Barbara: you 2 
have been my best friends through the 
years. I'll always cherish what we have 
and remember you 2 always. Jaqui. what 
ever you want in life you'll get (just 
remember our song on rainy days). B - all 
I can say is I hope we make it to Holy 
Cross one day and become the best 
possible lawyers one can be ( even though 
we snuggled through law class). I love u 
both Ree, Kee, & Bee Productions Thank 
you Col. and Chief for being such great 
instructors. I've not only learn about 
Aerospace Science and the military but 
skills that I need and will cany through- 
Hit my life. I've accomplished things I 
bought I never could because of you two 
you've made me a leader! CADETS: 
Alexis and Allison (stay sweet I'll miss 
,ou). Fred and Tara (I'll miss you most of 
ill scarecrow). Simon (keep that secret), 
harlie and Ron (get involved w/activi- 
ies). the 2 Lisas. Jeremy ( 1 believe we will 
level keep people off our desks). Tommy 
what's up w/us - for some reason we 
lever got together to see what could be 
too bad someone else has me now). I 
oveyou, you've been a great friend - stay 
icautiful. Mr.Reynolds. you and my po- 
etical science class have been fun. The 
;roup was mixed w 'people w valid ideas 
nd different beliefs. Kathrine. thanks for 
>eing the only liberal w me - you were 
Iways on my side. Lexie. I'll miss you - 
.'11 your parents thanks for being a great 
unilv to me. Mr. Norton, regardless what 
eople said I always liked you. Thanks 
Ir. Sab. for being such a great math 
acherfor 2 yrs. I didn't do too well - God 
nows, but you did teach me enthusiasm 
nd I believe I can speak for everyone, 
ou're the best and we love you. Thanks 
Ir. Huff for being so understanding and 
Ir. Maxwell and Mr. Sullivan for being 
le 2 most foolish teachers I ever had. I 
on't know who's worse, you both are 
real teachers w/ your sense of humor. 
ju make class run. Julie Bug. keep 
lings strong with your boyfriend, 
athleen, thanks for helping me out in 
tw class. Kristof, thanks for being my 
lend in music class, and Kendrik. you've 
.■en in three out of my 4 English classes, 
id you always said "Hi" to me. You too 
nilio. I just want to remember Reggie. Jo 
Nicole B . Kim Tarbelle. w ho's been a 
eat friend, and whose family always 
ok me in. I can't wait for Trinidad, 
ichelle J., Tony J., and Damon. Damon, 
e've become such good friends, and I 
ipe we can stay that w ay. If I get to Holy 
OSS, I know I'll see your butt on the 
gular. I love you. Bryant, stay sweet, 
m always looked out for others, and 1 11 
issyou. Keep in touch. Mike McAllister. 
. Ir Prom King. It was great when we 
ire crowned and I'll keep the pictures 
a ays as memories. Brendon, you al- 
tys say I never say "Hi" anymore. Well 
i giving you a shoutout. Last but not 
ist, Tim L. Thanks for a wonderful night 
the Prom, you know what I mean). 
' liu'll be in my heart always because 
Ju've been so sweet to me. Love ya. 
.ink's to four special people w ho made 
high school year special: Mr. Flynn. 
s. Donovan, Mrs. Messmer. and Mrs. 
rada. You've not only been teachers to 
but friends, who I can talk to any 
le. Good luck to the future senior 
sses, AFJROTC. and Metco students. 
• your best, and Good Luck. I'm sorry if 
nissed anyone, but I'm paying fifty 
ks for this so far. don't take it per- 
uL Thanks!! 

ure Goals: Get into a great college. 

x'fully Holy Cross. To go to law school. 

I become the best lawyer ever, get 
I Irried, have kids, and have a rich, 
1 '>py, and adventurous life. 

. sica Dibble 

i South Rd 
Ijivities: Basketball 1,2; Softball 1,2. 
I jinks to my mom for being there for 
1 and understanding and supporting 

me for everything. I love you. Thanks 
Unc. for putting up with me. cause I knc >w 
I'm not the easiest person to get along 
with. Thanks Kris for being the best sister 
anyone could want. Thanks Jeff, Doug 
and Matt for looking out for me. I love 
you guys! Thanks to all the girls of the '95 
class for making me feel so welcome. 
Thanks to Michelle Pietchel for being my 
partner in crime. Wa-Wa! Montana. 
Bentley run Junior year. Thanks Wa-Wa 
for being such a good friend. Megan, 
thanks for junior year gym class for B+C. 
Who could forget PHC? How boring! 
Know we can't forget the night w e drank 
Sambocia! Katie thanks for all the B+C 
runs throughout Junior and Senior year, 
and all of our McDonalds runs. My bosom 
buddie and a stalker w me. Julie Nolan, 
thanks for the nights we had to spend in 
Buck and parting on Sat. nights at you 
know where. Liana, thanks l< ir letting me 
crash over many nights and thanks for 
being such a good friend. Thanks to J.B., 
CD., M.C., D.A., ST., S.P., S.H.. M.C., 
K.G., G.C. for beind such good friends, I'll 
miss you all. Good Luck next year. 
Shereen, thanks for putting up w/ me all 
these \ ears Ne\ er f< irget w hen we went 
to the Cape. Thanks tor being my very 
best friend, and Freshman year English 
class, always getting in trouble. Good 
Luck next year. Thanks to Johnny for 
trusting me with his car +for B+C every 
morning. Thanks for putting up w m\ 
attitude. (SORRY JOHNNY!!) Good Luck 
next vear. Gerstel already started sucking 
on it Thanks to my undercover lover! 
You know who you are, just think of 
Porter's house. Thanks to J.M. for looking 
out for me, cause if you weren't, god 
knows what I would have done. Thanks 
to Gilbert for being so sweet. Chock- 
Dude good luck next y-ear. Thanks to 
team Hot Wheels for being so much fun. 
Good Luck to the Trojanz. Good Luck all 
'95 guys. 

Future Goals: To always have fun. no 
matter what! To be successful in everying 
I do. To marry some rich guy and then kill 
him off. To live a long and prosporous 

Michael Donaldson 

305 Concord Rd. 

Activities: Football 1,4; Crosscountry 2,3; 
Latin Club 3; Trojanz 1,2,3,4. 
I'd first like to thank God because without 
him there would be nothing in this world, 
because he is the creator of all. Thanks to 
Mom. Dad, Barbara, Susan, Kathy, 
Stephen, Linda, Robert, and Matthew. 
Special thanks to my older brother Rob 
for always looking over me and helping 
me when I needed it. He has always put 
himself second to go out of his way and 
help me and I love him for it. Life is too 
hard to get through without a family 
because you need people who will al- 
ways be there. Now I'd like to thank the 
boyz: the Trojanz. We've gone through a 
lot of tough times and we always stick 
together. First I thank Matt "kurt Dweer" 
Dwyer. We have had some good ideas 
like "Idaho Potatoes." And don't worry 
Matt, I don't think you're a Skumface. We 
gotta start eating at Pizzeria Unos on 
snowy December nights again, weird 
things happen when you do. I'll look you 
up in 20 years in the phone book under 
"Owner of the Boston Celtics." I now 
thank my good friend and fellow Trojan 
Scott "Boner" Hartwell. When things have 
been down Bone always helps me up 
because we usually have the same prob- 
lems. We are so similar and we feel bad 
for each other. He's always been a great 
friend for letting us use his house and eat 
his food. You got the best family and we 
will always stick together. We even stuck 
together fc >r the prom (Laurie and Renee). 
so it wasn't that good. Finally, my best 
friend, Johnny "Luv" Yang. Better known 
as J - Luv to all you girls out there. What 
can I say about the man whose every 
action is directed to making me a happier 
person. We've been through some great 
double dates (Allison and Kerry, Katy and 
Alle\ Christina and Erika). They didn't all 

work out like w e had planned but we did 
pretty good. We're still going and I won't 
say too much because we'll probably be 
together for the next 100 years anyway. 
Thanks for always being there when I 
really needed someone to listen and I 
hope that I've done the same for you 
because remember "I feel your pain ( 100 
MPH). " Don't ever change and you know 
I Love you like a brother (Where have I 
heard thai before?) Thanks to (he leader 
of the Trojannettes. Christine Perino. She 
has been a true friend who always has 
loved the Trojanz no matter what was 
going on or who ever didn't like us. She 
deserves a lot more credit for the kind of 

Cerson she is than anyone has ever given 
er. She is my Football cheerleader so 
thank you for all the psyi he ba ys Thanks 
aria loi I icing lun to hang an >und 
with. She is also one of our true friends 
and she has been part of a lot of the 
memories that the seven of us have built. 
Thanks for New Hampshire '94. You must 
be the most competitive girl I've ever 
met. I want rematches at Tennis. Bowling, 
and Pool. I will beat you. Last but not 
least, Thanks to Dina because she and 
Scott are the two nicest people one could 
ever meet. She is the one who has to 
listen to everyone's problems and help 
them work them out. She deserves the 
best in life and will someday have it all 
because she deserves it. You Three have 
been the best, and when we look back 
and remember, we'll always have New 
Year's Eve '92. 1 have to thank the Hartwell 
family. The senior guys. Aaron will al- 
ways rule as the biggest XXX, well he's a 
jerk. McCallister is great and I'll meet you 
in Vegas at \ cms Tavern Hansen. Greg. 
Earl. Neil, B. Slug, Kovall, Chisholm, Adie 
and the Geeks have always been part of 
the good times. Thanks to Steve for 
letting us Know how stupid gambling is 
(We lost enough money). Thanks to Corey 
for letting Johnny go to your house in- 
stead of mine. Remember Halloween. 
Scott's house '92. The Senior girls. Thanks 
to Michelle for sitting next to me in 
English: I'll do my essay tomorrow. Thanks 
to Jenn and remember I still have your 
Top Four list. Thanks to Pietchell and 
Maria for being the biggest Trojan fans. 
Thanks to Danielle, Courtney, Caroline. 
Kate, Sharlene and whoever else is out 
there. Thanks to Krissy for staying away 
from Man's monkey. Thanks to Eileen 
and Carla for helping me end my basket- 
ball career by beating me and my friends 
every time. Maybe I'll make a comeback 
someday when you guys stop playing. 
Thanks to the girls out in Reading. Thanks 
to Allisson for something, . Thanks to Katy 
for being nice . Thanks to Ally for pulling 
the switch. . The Cross Country team was 
great for the two years I was a part of the 
team. Barry let us have a lot of fun and the 
people were great. It was a great time and 
I'll never forget it. Thanks. Thanks to the 
crew at Alexanders. Thanks to Kim. Chris- 
tine, Lorraine, Cathleen. Ethan, and Chris. 
Thanks to the Horns out in Indiana for 
letting me and Johnny basically live in 
their house for the summer. We had good 
times. Thanks to Erika for being there 
even though things didn't work out. You're 
all the way in Indiana now but I still think 
of you. See you soon. 
Future Goals: To just live life and take- 
things as they come and to never be alone 

Courtney Donovan 

Activities: Cheerleading 1,2; Spanish Club 
1. Treasurer 2,3; Latin Club 3,4; Tennis 1; 
SADD 1,2,3,4; AFS 1.2,3; The Crew 1,2. 
Thanks to: Caroline for being such a good 
friend and St. Anselm 1,2? and fighting at 
Sarah's party; Megan for informing me 
about all the gossip; Danielle for Fawn 
Lake. I'll never forget the way home; Jen 
for all the scams we've pulled off. being 
a good friend and blowing everything out 
of proportion together; Gina for Kimball's 
Farm; Michelle C. for being fashionably- 
late; Kate for occasional deep thoughts; 
Sarah for Florida, many parties, late nights 
and the 3 Musketeers; Stacey for being 
deep and the 3 Musketeers; Maria for 

Babson; Michelle P. for Babson and lov- 
ing to party; Sharlene for being a Gap girl; 
Beth and Genja for almost getting beat up 
and lost at my cottage; Jessica for her 
BBQ. Liana for loving to party and Babson 
hellnight; Katie B. for sleeping in the 
Tufts lounge; all my friends for all the 
good times we've had and memories 
we've made Greg and Dave for getting 
caught by my dad when playing hide and 
seek at 2 am; Chris and Neil for all the 
great times we had; Aaron for Gunsmoke 
and our deep talks; Brian for parties; 
Carter for breaking into Brian's house: 
Eric for being clueless in math; Mike, Dan, 
Scott W., Steve, Corey, Jeff, Matt, Gilbert 
and Bryant for being great guys and 
always making me laugh: the Trojans - 
Johnny for liking country western music. 
Scott for having parties. Matt and Mike for 
the scavenger hunt. To Ben for being 
supportive; the Dedricks and Cuttinos for 
being my surrogate family. Ma and Dad 
for being my friends, listening to me, 
teaching me to drive and encouraging 
me; Steve and Rick for giving me words 
of wisdom; Mike for being a brat; Lisa for 
being a pretend sister. 
Future Goals: Go to college and become 
a nurse, get married, have a lot of chil- 
dren and live on the ocean. 

Kimberly Duda 

293 Concord Rd. 

Activities:Varsity Soccer 1,2,3, Capt 4; 
Varsity Softball; J.V. Basketball 
1 ,2; Spanish Club 1 ,2; Prom Decorating 3; 
Spirit Games 3,4. 

Thank you to my family: Dad. Linda. 
Becky, Rich, and Pete. But most of all to 
my mom. for being strong and giving me 
support. To God for carrying me through 
tough times and giving me the ability to 
keep picking myself up. To Krissy my 
best friend in the whole world. Thanx for 
summers in Cape Cod. from Jim to Cliff - 
we parry. Watch out for that window! For 
being the only one who can cheer me up, 
never forget our toothmarks on the win- 
di >w bum runs, trips to Cali and Florida. 
Kim, look out for that... Ha Ha real funny 
guys. Who could forget Friday nights at 
the Travellodge? Too bad we had to 
resort to police action. The best wet; 
Burlington Mall parking lot. New Kids, 
one bev please and I don't mean Smith. 
Mr. Buffrin. Hey Gene it ain't gonna 
happen. FARR yeah yeah you know the 
rest. What are you guvs doing with those 
flashlights? GO BACK!! I Love You. To 
Tara, you don't mind those. 1 taught you 
well (maybe too well) just look him in the 
eyes and kiss him - it worked! Could Cape 
Cod mini-golf get any better? BTT. hey 
hold on back there. I must say thank you 
for the late night conversations about you 
know who and you know what. Where 
did they go? Remember society arrives 
late, drive - bys, pins and polaroids. Also 
thanks for sharing Lincle Doug. That's not 
the way I did it. it's not a snapper. Hi Mr. 
Duggan can I skip all my classes today? 
Dammit... Don't let Dick see you naked. 
Steve Miller air guitar and Martha's Vine- 
yard. DICK AND BILL FOREVER!!!! Don't 
throw me down Clark, and Stevie from 
Keene. Love YA. To Jamie La Valley for 
hittin' doughnuts in the tray sideways on 
the westside. To Earl for being Earl, isn't 
it funny how easy it is to end an English 
class with the sound of a closing book? To 
Mike tor Concord Rd. square pegs every 
Sunday and Chem Labs, what would I do 
without you Michael Dean? To Brian 
Blubber Boy" Maranian, thanx for Frank 
Rizzo and being the rudest person I 
know. Also for having mint lookin friends. 
To James, you are the funniest person I 
know Don't forget about I'm dozin, clear... 
and BANG! You and Rich are perfect for 
each other. To Megoon for her cellar. MA! 
New Year's Eve (we're going home right 
now-) and trips to LCA. Don't lose touch - 
i ih yeah. d< ics Trai \ s si >ng ring any bells? 
To Michelle - wasn't that Jack N' Jill 
delicious? I can't remember all the things 
we laughed about, all I know is we 
laughed, and laughed. Don't forget Ed 
Grimely. To Wendy for our talks, and dry 

Senior Thanks 163 

heaves - stay out of trouble would ya!! To 
Matt Giusti, thank you for being a great 
friend, and always remember what a 
great family you have, you guys all mean 
a lot to me. To Kelly (KCK), Carla, and 
EileemWhere do I start? Maybe the Red 
Sox game, and Softball seasons. You three 
are a blast, you wanna play games? To 
Bun, I'll always worry about you no 
matter what - that means whether you 
like it or not. Stay in touch and out of 
trouble. To Dennis McDonald for making 
me laugh, humiliating me. and playing 
the map game. How was I supposed to 
know Shane couldn't watch that? To Craig 
W. for throwing bricks out the back of 
Mary's truck. To Bryant for being a Gemini, 
headbanging and Romeo lines. Marcell 
for wearing slick slacks and oww, my 
nose. Eric K for being EAK. Carter for 
being a lumberjack. To Timmy - good 
things come to those who wait, take good 
care of Fletch. Wiener for being PHAT 
and Johnny for always saying hello 
Kimberly.To '96 girls Bethany, where's 
your ticket?. Suzy, Lisa, and Theresa: you 
girls are too much - hey Theresa 
YEAH .YEAH. To Adrian G.. the goody- 
goody wreath boy, thanks for playing 
with my dog, and in my barn. And to his 
partner in crime Jared - you two are the 
best (along with Aaron of course). Aaron, 
thanks for the smiles, I always know 
where to go when I have hot gossip. I'll 
never sell you out. Danielle and Michelle 
C, thanks for the Vermont ski trip - freeze 
dirtbags. Dribble for PHC. and to Stacey 
for being a great person, I'm just sorry I 
didn't find out sooner. To Sean Waldron 
for all the times I ragged on you. I must 
admit you're a good guy. '97 girls, Nadia, 
Katie, Robbi, Venuti and Geri. To Marry 
Barry thanks for being an inspiration, I 
told you he was diggin' ya'. To Matt 
Dwyer for being monkey boy and a great 
locker pal. To the Ham, I carry your spirit 
and love with me every day. I will always 
love you more than you've ever known. 
Someday we will reunite and spend for- 
ever together. Finally to Jaime, you'll 
never know what you mean to me, I can 
only hope to stay as close as we are right 
now. Thanks for being a great friend and 
the best boyfriend. Te Amo!! To all those 
not mentioned you are not forgotten. 
Future Goals: To complete college, ob- 
tain my degree, marry the man I love, 
start a family.and get a decent job. But 
most of all to be happy and stay close with 

Matt Dwyer 

12 Wilson Rd. 

Activities: Basketball 1 .2,3,4; Cross Coun- 
try 2.3,4; Football 1; Baseball 1; Spanish 
Club 2,3: Trojanz 1,2,3,4. 
First of all I would like to thank my family. 
My parents for always being there for me 
and instilling in me the values that I have. 
Thank you for always believing in me and 
giving me the confidence to be myself. 
Thank you for pushing me and encourag- 
ing me to do the best that I could, even 
when I didn't want to... Thanks to Pat for 
being the coolest little brother I could 
have and also one of my good friends. I 
hope we always stay this close.... Thanks 
to Mike for being the sweet little dude 
that he is and always shooting hoops with 
me or playing catch with me whenever I 
wanted.... To Jessica for being my best 
friend. We've had some great times to- 
gether. I remember them all. like Walden 
Pond and Steve's house w r here it all 
started again. It's a good thing we took 
Mrs. MieTe's class together, otherwise I 
never would have gotten to know you the 
way I do. Thanks for all the times you 
were there for me to lean on when I was 
down. Thank you for sticking with me 
through all those rough times (New Year's 
Eve). You are one of the most important 
people in my life. I love you sweetie.... 
Thanks to Christine for all of our good 
times. New Year's Eve, the empty house, 
those were crazy times. Need someone to 
walk you home? You're a great friend, 
don't ever change. ... Thanks to Dina for 
always being there when I needed some- 

one to talk to. You're a sweethart Dina. .. 
Thanks to Carla Gianetta for having cold 
hands on the train ride home from Bos- 
ton... Thanks to the Harrwell Family. 
Bick, Gail, Melissa (the older sister I 
never had), and Scott. You guvs are my 
second family and I will never be able to 
thank you enough for all that you have 
done. .. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Dugal for 
always making me feel welcome in their 
home ... Thanks to Scott Dugal for hang- 
ing with me and teaching me how to play 
ball. You're a good kid Scott.... Thanks to 
Mike M. for Vern. I wanna go back! 
Euripidees and I'll rippedose. I thought 
I'd never get off that plane. Vern's Tav- 
ern. Excuse me Mr. Hogan. .. Thanks to 
both Cyndi and Mike for always putting 
up with me and Jessica. You guys are 
awesome... . Thanks to Krissy for the sum- 
mer of '93. You're a good person and I 
hope you never get together with anyone 
like me again. Thanks for putting up with 
me. Can I have a kiss? By the way. 
where's my present?.... Thanks to Mr. 
Spinosa for being the best teacher I ever 
had.... Thanks to Mr. Huff for being the 
most patient teacher I ever had. .. Thanks 
to the '95 boys for Halloween of '92. He's 
got a knife!.... Steve, thanks for all the 
good times. For all the times we beat the 
spread and all the times we didn't. Buffalo 
and the under. You're a good kid Steve, 
always spread the sand.... Finally. I'd like 
to thank the Boys, the Trojanz. Johnny, J- 
Luv, you are the most unique person i 
have ever met. You are the true leader of 
the Trojanz. We've had some crazy times 
together like Reading and the train ride 
home. Don't forget about playing pro ball 
in Taiwan, you'll be my manager and get 
maybe 15%. Although I don't tell you, I 
really look up to you. Don't ever change. 
I love ya, babe. Mike, Donny. you are the 
man. Don. you've helped me through all 
the tough times I've ever had. From all 
the songs we made up in Middle School 
to all the lists we made up in Powers' 
class. Thanks for all the money you lent 
me, even though I never paid you all of 
it back. Donny thanks for driving me all 
over God's creation and not making me 
pay for any gas. Thanks for being a good 
sport and going to the movies, even if she 
was only twelve. You're a smart kid Don. 
smarter than I'll ever be. I love ya. babe. 
Scott, Boner, my best friend. We have 
grown up together ever since Carolyn's 
house where you beat me up All the 
Woolworth's runs we made, those were 
the greatest. All the parties me and the 
boys talked you into throwing. There isn't 
anything I wouldn't do for you Boney. 
We go back a long way and I hope we will 
always be best friends. I love ya, babe. 
One final word: TROJANZ!!!!! 
Future Goals: Play college b-ball and then 
play in the NBA. Retire a rich man at the 
age of forty. Always be best friends with 
Scott Boner Harrwell. Johnathon Luv Yang, 
and Michael Donny Donaldson. 

Beth Ela 

Activities: Field Hockey 1,2,3. Captain 4; 
Tennis 1,2,3,4; Horseback 12 years; Choir 
2,3,4; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Musical 2,3,4; 
Prom Decorating 3,4: Latin Club 1 ; French 
Club 2: Spanish Club 3,4. 
Thanks to: Mom for always putting up 
with my antics and for always supporting 
me and pushing me to do my best. Dad 
for all the special times we snared, rock 
hunting, fishing, and for just being my 
daddy, I love you guys. To Kristen, 
wickerbum, for being my "bratty" little 
sister and for just always being around, 
I'm really going to miss you! To Gretchen 
for being more than an older sister, for 
being my friend. Thanks guys, I love you 
both. Love to Mandy and Kayla. my 
puppies. sexy friend, Stomp- 
on-box. We've had so much fun.cuz we're 
just two dumb blondes that can't see over 
the counter, Tomato - oh the saga contin- 
ues. Davis Rd.. I dare you, "I was looking 
for my shoe,'' Lollapoluza, getting stranded 
in a parking lot, saving my dog, "Can I 
have a piggyback ride?", He's not on the 
menu, eating graham crackers upside 

down, thinking it was raining moose, 
rolling down the Rd.. Brotherhood!. 
PizzaPlus. JoeB. - Fourth of July w/ 
sunflowerseeds - hunting for Joe at 
AuBonPain. your tomato present - Joe Z. 
for telling you that he would b.h.for 
months, the gum wad, second burst home 
of the worst, Hampton beach, living with 
me for months on end. I love you Genja, 
you mean the world to me, and always 
will. Jen M. - A.K. AKA M.J., the sardine. 
Jennifer Telephone!. Barbie-bass, secret- 
plans-Scottisha, ReddKross, Lemonheads, 
Lollapoluza, TacoBell and Mt.Dew, Art3, 
pull your socks up the Chili's are coming. 
Chris Farly Anthony impressions, fried 
monkeys, N.Y. "Color me curious, but is 
that a ReddKross shirt you're wearing?" 
Coccoa, come sit over here Cocoa, for all 
our zany adventures, and for just being 
my wacky partner in crime. I miss you 
and love you Jenny! LianaD. - my funky 
friend, thank you for not sailing the seas 
of cheese - call it pointless . . . Primus. Puff 
the magic dragon flew into the sea - 
slamming around your room to 
RageAgainstThe Machine, funky 
sleepovers, our PointBreak viewings - 
just to see Anthony, for being the nicest 
friend I've got. for all those memories we 
have together, for always being there and 
for always being such a good friend Kate 
L. Jem'enfou. Lemonheads, ReddKross. 
Bizzaro. take off eh. shut up you hoser. 
OOPS, special sleepovers, I'm not a spaz 
I swear, silly phone conversations "I like 
you Kate" I want AKAKAMJ. Our Wash- 
ington trip - odd obsessions, there 's this 
band called the R.H.C.P. and I like them, 
for always thinking that we are so funny, 
for twelve tun-filled years of friendship. 
Yung-En - for wanting to ride a cow, 
calling me a pumpkin head, my dogs are 
cute, for making me laugh and for always 
being my friend. Suzanne S. - for a life- 
time of friendship living on Rev. Ridge Rd. 
with PacoLee, Todd. Fudgies, Jimmy. 
Donna. Evan and Brian, we were a wacky 
crew, dressing up in your mom's night- 
gowns and dancing on your driveway for 
Stathie. the perverted-treehouse, think- 
ing that we're long-lost sisters, Cindi 
Lauper. pool-parties, U2, Harvard Sq., 
Porpouise. and all our other wacky ad- 
ventures, I love you and will never forget 
you! Caroline A. - for our backwoods 
escapades - Stock, Springs Brook outings 
with S R. and G.T., getting kicked out of 
Greg Cohen's - Anais - Anais ... A-N-A-I- 
S. many summer days at Wedgewood. the 
gum wad, sleepovers keeping you up 
until five a.m., Steve Miller. Tennis with 
Aldo, the'Ricca party and to Chillies with 
Megadeath, FawnLake for picnics, and 
other things there with Chris, that concert 
at Lisette's was fun, for all the years of 
being my friend. Michelle C. - for being 
my partner in crime at Steve Miller, our 
Springs Brook outings, Davis School - 
Mr.Fichera.Walk for Hunger, you, me, 
Genja, and Caroline's gum wad. for all the 
fun we've had over the years. Aaron G. - 
for throwing me in a puddle and making 
me cry, freshmen year bio with you and 
Josepn, for not being like all those other 
Bedford kids. Danielle A. - for art class 
sophomore year, two years of secret- 
class with Barbas, for always being nice. 
Courtney D - for that night at your 
beachhouse. going to Faneuil Hall, late 
night trip to Bickfords. Jen B. - thanks for 
field hockey. Springs Brook, Steve Miller, 
Tennis for a little while. Sharlene T. - 
thanks for being a Depesh Mode lover 
with me instead of NKOTB in 7th grade, 
for field hockey, SteveMiller, Springs 
Brook, all that stuff. Steve R. and Gilbert 
T. and Caroline A. - for our swim at 
Springs Brook. Maria K. - for being a 
Mr. Reynolds, history 5 lover, for inter- 
viewing Mr. Geary, and for all our outings. 
Catherine W. Bee Dee Bee Dee Bee Dee, 
so Catherine, would you rather explode, 
or let's say implode? Kate G. - we've been 
friends for a long time, I'm your little 
leprechaun, Davis School, weekend 
sleepovers. for being a good friend over 
the past 12 years, I'll miss you! Kelly D. - 
1 11 miss vou and Tracer. Thanks to anv- 

Dad. for all that you've given me. I k 
that many times I take things for grant 

body else who has passed through my I 
and has made an impression on me 
I happened to forget. 

Stephanie Eschmann 

First ot all. I wish to thank you, Mom ai 
at you've gi 
ies I take th 
and through certain phases I must 
been unbearable, but someday I w 
make it up to you — I promise! I love y 
too, Stephen! And I must leave words 
those in my past, but who will always 
with me. Chris — thanks for getting 
through the rough times. But we did n. 
those fun and crazy moments (ballet 
the parking lot, Donald Duck Oran 
juice, getting "drunk" off coke). Melanie 
you are the apple of my eye. the insp 
tion of my soul (sound familiar?) - ^ 
and your wild antics. Jasmine — alw 
remember those "kickin" parties 
Navarre — we sure were part)' plants 
mean animals. Sorry, those cheesy jok 
never fade... And finally, thanks to th 
who I've become involved with since 
year. Dave — I'll never forget this chapi 
in my life. I cannot put in words what y 
mean to me. but then — you already knr 
that. Jen C. and Jen B. — if anyone 
make me laugh, you guys can do it. Lisa 
you're great — it's not often that somec 
IS so willing to listen and care. Becky D 
only about 360 more school days to gc 
make the most of them (and I say that 
a completely unsarcastic way) 
you all!!! 

Krissy Farrington 

4 Glen Terrace 
Activities: Basketball: J.V. 2. Varsity 
Softball J.V. 2. Varsity 3,4. 
Thank You To: My family, especially 
mom and dad. Mom: Thanks for putt 
up with me over all these years, thar 
for being there and just having fun w 
me. Dad: Thanks for all the trips fn 
skiing to Cape Cod and also having 
much fun together. I love you bo 
Thanks to Paul for all the wiffle 
games, football games and giving me 
many nicknames. To the best friend e 
Kimmy D: Waz up? Where do I beg 
First there was the greatest piss pa 
laugh at the mall and when you pe 
your pants on Sarah's front yard. Do 
ever forget the old days with the Don 
and Marky trips, hanging at the mall w 
Sean, Cliff Frisbie, Jim Tobin. the Ca 
Cod, Florida and California trips, the mo 
at Megans, how I hurt my area. Pur 
Power, the ice under Tara's pillow, me 
ing Rick. Reggie. Robert. Dee. and th 
going to Reg's funeral. Thanks for 
Waffle House memories, our teeth on 
window, telling your dad to get bent 
the exciting days with Ed and Froggy 
Junior Prom, Jamie L.. Ally Bino (v, 
ever she may really be), having TacoBi 
with me before we boarded our pla 
Remember Spooky World 1 & 2, Bt 
Nugs, Walter Powers class. Look Star 
Marvin's, Gene it ain't gonna happen 
F - A - RR (double R ) yeah, yeah you kn 
the rest. By the way, is there a Dirty in 
house? Thanks for all the great memoi 
and the things we've been througf 
Love Ya!! We Outaa Here! Tara: All I 
say is that these times we've shared h. 
been fun. We must start off with Dn 
Doggy. I'll never forget it! Thanks 
Sugar Loaf U.S.A., all our New Hamps 
trips. Walter Powers class, always ask 
for permission for things, finally gett 
together with J. T., the Junior Prom 
ing where Big Ben was in Boston, sitt 
on the bench with me during basketf 
all the nights sitting around the table ; 
telling our stories, going into a stall v 
no toilet paper and asking for a pl>| 
paper. I'm also glad I got to experie 
your first bloody nose with you and 
sorry for putting ice under your pill' 
You and I had some of the best places, 
beach, the boat, and my side of the b 
Thanks for being so much fun. We cc 
always have a good time together. 
Ya! Wendy: We've had a lot of fun, 
gether no matter what. Thanks for be 

164 Senior Thanks 

ny first and only blood sister, having all 
hose sleep overs, listening to Harold 
nore. introducing me to Sean, all those 
rank calls, making me spit out my drink 
,hen I was on the phone with Dan W., 
stening to me when I needed to talk to 
omeone and just being a great friend, 
hanks. Michelle P: It all started with Mrs 
ickel and went down hill from there Mr 
luff s class. Mr. Sab's class, and of course 
Ir. Barron in ceramics. Thanks for deal- 
ig with the pennies, the sock ball's and 
le ice. Thanks for the great times. Good 
jck. Megan A.: We have laughed a lot 
ver the years. Thanks for all our Cam- 
ridge trips, finding Derek's house, going 
i the mall every single weekend, the 
jnior Prom. Froggy and Ed. Joe andjodi. 
lookie and much, much more. Thanks 
all the memories. Aaron G.: Thanks for 
II the good gossip and telling our own 
lories. You're the best! Luv ya! Earl: 
ou're the man. Thanks for all the laughs 
ou've given me. Michael Dean McAllister: 
hanks for being the first boy I ever had 

crush in the 2nd grade. You're the 
reatest. Matt D: It was great while it 

sted By the way, it was a necklace I got 
ou. I want you to remember that you 
roke up with me first! I did have fun 
lough. Thanks. Johnny: You're the best 
iend a person could have Thanks for 
yerything that you have done for me. 

iv \a! Mike D.: Thanks for putting up 

ith me while Matt and I were going out. 

ood luck. Scott H.: Thanks for all the 
Jes for Matt and I. Marcell: Thanks for 

rking up the phone and using your 

oken fingers. Carla. Kelly and Eileen: 

m girls are the best, don't ever change. 

lanks for all the great sports memories. 

vant: Thanks for coming to the 99 with 

■ and head banging!! Rich (Dickie) and 
mES: Thanks for being the funniest 
ople I have ever met. Alw ays remem- 
■r Norton and Sab's class. Will D.: Thanks 
r all the times we shared together. I 
sh it could have lasted longer though. 

iv ya! Lisa. Beth, and Suzy: The three 
nniest girls in B.H.S. Thanks for the 
ighs! Good luck. Wayne S.: Thanks for 
the fights we had together and for 
lying darts with Kim. You're the great- 
:. Brian M.: Thanks for going by the 
me Blubber and liking it. Also, thanks 

■ being a great friend. Also thanks to 
itt H.. Carter L.. Linda P.. Lexie R . laqui 

Rhea D.. Brian McGrath. Dan G.. 
mmy B., Greg C, Eric K.. Carla G , Jay 
Cedric T.. Christine P., Tim L.. Adelle 
LaTanya D.. and to anyone else who I 
y have forgotten. Last but not least. 
;hael R.: I love you with all my heart, 
e times we've shared together have 
.■n wonderful and I thank you for that, 
ope that there are many more memo- 
; to come. I want to thank you for all 

i laughs we've shared and making me 
ile all the time. Don't ever change! I 
e You. Finally thanks to the Class of 

]'5, the memories will last for ever. 

Lure Goals: To be happy with what 

it I may choose to do with my life. 

I il Fluckiger 

' inks to: First, to God for guiding me 
t mgh the last four years. Most impor- 
t ly. I'd like to thank my family: Mom. 
I I, Sue, Jim. Mack. Spencer for always 
1 ig there for me and for giving me a 
f ndation on which I can base my life. 
J Team Hotwheels (aka Thunder) for 
1 ig the best friends anyone could have. 
1 -\aron for stealing my stuff and snak- 
L me even' day. For baseball. Bermuda 
1 ngle. Florida. Canada. French class, 
n king. REMEMBER, we're always on a 
tiMon. To Earl, for Sullivan outings. 
Vieyball. moose, putting me in stitches, 
F ns, what the @=°/o& , baseball, hockey 
ai for being like a brother to me. To 
Cjg, for putting up with me in Maine, 
h lework. canoe camp, 101 macking 
ti being my waiter and for having my 
b e. To T.L. Smooth for 2 years of 
b -ball, party sophomore year. Don't 
ft ^t the Doritos, Dr. Coc. To Hansen for 
b ball, hockey. Concord girls, doing 
ir, ard work. J. Cohen's party. To Carter, 

for being a slug, going Boo - yaa mode, 
multiple parties. To Mike, for being a 
good influence on me. hockey, creeping. 
To Eric, for making me laugh, boarding. 
Spooky World. To Brian, for partying. 
New Hampshire, Spooky World. To Jen. 
for putting up with me for a year and a 
half. To Courtney, for being a great friend 
that I could always talk to. I'd like to 
thank the rest of the class of 1995 whom 
I didn't mention. Thanks to all my teach- 
ers throughout high school, especially 
Mr Maxwell, who always helped and 
believed in me. Thanks to the class of 
1993. Thanks to Jenn M. for all the times 
we spent together. Thanks to the Venuti's 
and to the whole Bedford Farms crew. 
Lastly, thanks to everyone that have made 
a difference in my life. 

Katharine French Fuller 

26 Independence Rd. 
Activities: Marching Band 1,2.3,4; Swim 
Team 1,2,3,4; Tennis 3.4; Pit 2,3.4; Dis- 
tricts 1,3; Wind Ensemble 1.2,3,4; AFS 
2,3,4 (treasurer); Spanish Club 1.2,3,4; 
Telemedia 2,3,4; Track 2; SADD 2,3,4; 
Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Tournament 1,2,3. 
First I would like to thank my family. 
Daddy, you are way too nice to me. 
Thanks forall of our conversations. Megan, 
you're the best sister anyone could have, 
most of the time, and I miss you. You are 
such a sweetie and I wish you the best of 
luck in the future. Thanks for being such 
a great friend. Mom. thanks for all your 
support. I know you w ill always be be- 
hind me. I love you all. Thanks to all my 
cousins and aunts and uncles and grand- 
parents (I miss you. Nana), you're all 
awesome. Thanks to Kristin for being my 
best friend for so long. I know we will 
always keep in touch and I'll always 
remember our sleepovers. games, and 
your help with my socks. When are we 
going to get married? Good luck in life, I 
know you'll always be happy. Andrea, 
your political views are just warped and 
you could talk to a wall too. but you're a 
great gal. Invite me to your and Calvin's 
wedding. Kate, here's a shock: Thanks for 
all those summers we spent together 
swimming our hearts out. You're awe- 
some. How do you manage being so laid 
back and political at the same time? 
Michelle, you're too happy all the time. 
But. I love you too. And hey. my hair 
looked pretty good for the semi! Craig. I 
love you half the time, but the other half 
I don't understand you at all. I guarantee 
we are going to travel the world together. 
Cuidate! Jim. stop talking! Naw. you know 
I love you and if it weren't for you I 
wouldn't know anything about airplanes. 
You did survive Bedford, but vou and 
Andrea have to get therapy for your 
political views before you encounter the 
world. Why are we so different? Perk, 
perk, perk. Katie, hey we have survived 
three years living the same life and we 
haven't killed each other. I don't think 
that s half bad. I hope we survive without 
each other. I love your laugh (I would say 
I love you too, but that would be like 
saying I love myself). I hope I'll know you 
by the end of the year. Sputnik! Lauren, 
you w ere the best boss ever, we miss you 
at Bedford. Karen, you should be a musi- 
cian! I love ya kid, don't ever change 
(manjar. .. ). Nathan, stop growing. You're 
a dork. Keep up the flute. You're funny. 
Brian, you're such a nice guy and are 
going to be very successful and I love 
you. so why don't we keep in touch? 
Dave, remember those Sunday Night Par- 
ties? They were a blast. How things change. 
I hope vou're in college. Stina. I'll always 
remember Italy and the summers we 
spent at your house. I hope you're hunky- 
dory. I'm sorry I don't get to see you much 

anymore. Fish juice Sarah, you're pro! 

You're just way too hyper. Thanks for 
your great talks, and stop looking at all 
those guys! Allison, you are such a sweetie, 
I'm sorry I haven't talked to you lately. 
Italy forever! Weicker. speak up kid. I 
wish I knew you better. I wonder if we'll 
ev er become Moslems. Topher. you and 
your hair have changed so much, but y< >u 

know so many interesting things! Keep 
up the meteorology and library work. 
Aarti. we are progressiv e, kind, and strong. 
I'll visit you in India some day. Keep up 
the politics. Oprah, you need to yell more 
while playing tennis. We make a great 
team. AFS is awesome. I hope we keep in 
touch after high school. Trina. you're way 
too high. Keep to that contract. Phil, 
w : atch the hair bud, you can smell mine. 
Hi Phil (wave)! Naveen. you are the worst 
neighbor but an alright guy. Just kidding! 
Remember our summer chats? Aaron. I 
hope to see you at W&M next year. Marie, 
you'll always be my little sister. You're an 
awesome clarinetist. Jen T.. we have to 
speak more Spanish together. I love all 
the things that you remember. Stay happy! 
Freddy, you were my first love and I will 
never, ever forget you. I hope to see you 
again. Flo, vou are too nice to me. I miss 
your squeaking and laidbackness. I had a 
great 3 months, thanks for everything. 
Winston, not Butter! Marcelo. you are my 
current love, too bad you are tohto enough 
to be Chilean. We are living in a fairy tale, 
what happened? Thanks for being a per- 
son I can talk to about anything, we'll 
have a great month together. Te quiero. 
Gracias a mi familia Chilena (mama, papa, 
Rodrigo, Loreto, y especialmente Caro- 
lina). I love you guys, eran muy pacientes 
y maravillosos. Escribanme! Thanks to 
Sarah. Eliza. Sergio. Leslie, and San Felipe 
for the summer (or winter) of a life time. 
I miss you all! (I'll be back!) And thanks to 
Miranda. Ben. Jen S.. Jeremy. Jas< >n. Rv an. 
Joey Carlos. Greg. Carrie. Tara. Heather. 
Mr. Spinosa. Mr. Reynolds. PoIiSci class, 
and everyone else. It's been a great four 

Future Goals: Spend a year in South 
America, graduate from college, go to 
broadcasting school, become an interna- 
tional broadcaster, visit every country in 
the world, be happy, get married and 
have twins, live in Europe, learn three 
more languages, be happy, not see the 
end of the world, and be very, very 

Kathleen Geary 

6 Sunnyfield Rd. 

Activities: Field Hockey 1,2,3; Softball 1: 
Tournament of Plavs 1.2.3. t. BHvMusical 
2,3,4; Choir 2.3: Spanish Club 1.2.3: Latin 
Club 4; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; SADD 1,2,3,4; 
Interact Club 4. Yearbook Staff 4; Prom 
Committee 3,4; Gym Decorating 1.2.3: 
Hall Decorating 4: Mr. Pilla's Fan Club - 
Secretary 1.2.3,4; Ricka - Riding 2; Steve 
Miller Club 2.3.4. 

Thanks to: Thanks to my family for al- 
ways being there for me & giving me the 
strength to never give up. Kevin and 
Brian chasing Santa the truck. Disney 
World, colored shirts at the Living Sea. 
the Trail, & chocolate babies. Thank you 
Nana and Bumpa. and the rest of my 
family. I love you all dearly. Thank you to 
Mr. Fichera for inspiring me to do my best 
and to set goals and strive to achieve 
them. Maria for being the best. Cape Cod 
'90. roll of the die. an angry sea. Being 
mall rats. Washington D.C.. 8-3 Solo pic- 
tures. ITALY!! Maximus& Maximillian .... 
you're w : hat? Let it air dry. CHA .CHA; it 
um ohhh (Lidia). our Italian restaurant 
(Billy): Blanch and Salvitore. Rvan. Henry. 
Amp. and the '80 s. Dave Boffa for being 
my B.C. connection. For knowing every 
'80 s song by title and artist. For being 
another brother to look out for me. 
Michelle Pietchel I don't know what I 
would do without you. Bedford Farm 
runs, being chased by Spooky, "Lets go 
for ride Abby". Being left in Arlington 
National Cemetary. Our talks, the Belmonl 
Crew '94. Thank you to your family for 
putting up w ith me for so long. You are 
the greatest. Toby for being in the musical 
with me, your husband. For being so 
sensible and the one to have all the 
answers. Jughead. You are the best. Katie, 
growing up together, Notre Dame. ITALY. 
Megan, the Lincoln, working at Friendly's. 
Having the loudest laugh ever heard 
ITALY, my falls, wrestling. Danielle for 
being clueless, fighting with Katie in 4th 

grade on your front lawn. DARREN 
Michelle C. fighting over Sarah. The king- 
dom game, and Mr Ficub. For laughing at 
anything. Birthday parties, sleepovers. 
Beth. How many years have we been 
friends? I'm sorry I cut your hair, your 
dog's ghost. Playing the woods, the ducks. 
Jen all our fights at lunch. The Brown 
Eyes club. 5th grade, twins. Courtney. 
Nantasket. being the most mature person 
of our group, and the nicest. Thank you 
for rides, our E block trips. Dibby for 
always having an attitude, barbecue, sum- 
mer of '94. I am really glad you moved 
here. Rides in the war wagon. Caroline 
for our long taks on the ski lifts. Freshman 
English. Bagel. Puck, Uni, & Zack. the 
annoying girl. Tree, money, Megadeath. 
Sarah. J.H. years, sleep overs. Thelst 
dance of 6th grade. Being cast as the 2 
headed monster. Games by the tree. Fred 
Flinstone. Love ya! Stacy for your before 
dance get togethers. Tournament of Plays, 
wenchy cheerleaders. Bonnie and Clyde. 
Liana D. Our walks. I'm glad you are 
back. You are a great listener. Love ya! 
Christine, you are one of the best friends 
anyone could ask for. you have been very 
supportive of me and have helped me 
through all of my "problems". I don't 
know what I would have done w/o you. 
Thanks. Trina. I am so glad that you 
moved here, we are so alike it's scary. 
Our talk in the bathroom. I promise I will 
never go on another walk w o telling you 
first. Traveling to other towns. Your prob- 
lems on stage. Rov Rogers at 12:30 a.m. 
Thanks for everything! Gina, thanks for 
Ditty. Rap Around, your infamous 
sleepovers. I'll miss ya. Genja. the Walk 
for Hunger, those guys, we blew it! 
Michelle Pulsipher, our great talks at play 
rehearsal, thank you for listening. Keep in 
touch. Carla I. for being a wonderful 
friend, you are so funny, our gross talks. 
Shmul, thanks for Home Ec, and Latin. 
Neil for freshman year, the many hours I 
spent at your house. Eric thanks for being 
a sw-eetheart. 8-3, freshman year. Biol- 
ogy, the soapbox sled race at Nashoba 
Valley. Aaron for beating me up in En- 
glish class freshman year. Sarah and I 
fighting over you. Freshman year. Neil's 
house. Conversations in Physics. Latin 
with Kelly. Clash of the Titens. Mike M 
for 5th grade, your collection of sceptors. 
You are a punk. Love ya! Matt H. and 
Carter for being a riot. Carter eating more 
than anyone else. Matt. Marine Biology, 
what a joke. Adam for the semi - formal. 
Thanks! The Trojans: I'm really glad we 
hung out together senior year, you guys 
are the best. Steve, thanks for being the 
best prom date. Last ones to show up at 
the prom. Roaming the streets of Boston. 
Quincy Market in Prom clothes. Scott, 
thanks for letting us hang at your house 
all the time, you are a sweet heart. Mike 
D. thank you for still being my f riend after 
our accident. I am sorry. I was proud to be 
part of your cheering section at football 
games, johnny thank you for being you. 
Even though you would make fun of me 
I still love you! I love your attitude. 
Thanks Matt for getting through Humani- 
ties with me, that class was interesting. 
Thanks for hating McDonald's just as 
much as me. You are a really sweet guy. 
don't change. Thanks to Carla G. for our 
love for the freshmen. I am glad that you 
are hanging out with us this year. You a 
really sweet person. Thank you to Ben 
and Phil for taking a walk with me: no the 
sun is the other way. Thank you to the 
freshmen. Nick. Pat. Dave. Brian. Bobbv, 
& Mark. You guys are a riot. You made 
the dances so much fun for us. Thanks. I 
love you all and I will never forget any of 

Future Goals: To go to college and get a 
job in Environmental Law. and earn a lot 
of money. To meet the man of my dreams 
and get married. And to stay in touch with 
the wonderful friends that I have made 
here at BHS. 

Corey Gelormini 

10 Harvard Dr. 

Activities: JTV Soccer 1; Varsity Soccer 

Senior Thanks 1 6 5 

2,3,4; Varsity Tennis 1,2,3,4, Captain 3,4; 
Latin Club 3,4, Secretary 4; French Club 
1,2; Freshman B-Ball 1. JV B-Ball 2: SADD 


Thanks to: Mom - for working in what- 
ever school I'm in. for always being there 
for me, for being a great cook, and most 
of all for caring about what I do and 
always encouraging me to do my best. 
Dad - for teaching me how to play sports 
and for bugging me to practice all the 
time, for always being at my games. 
Although you both have been a little 
overprotective I will always love you 
even if I don't show it all the time. Kyle - 
for being a great brother and always 
helping me in whatever I do. Craig - for 
all the fights we've had and for never 
leaving my room when I tell you to. 
Trojanz -J-Luv for becoming great friends 
throughout High School, for always show- 
ing up at my house for dinner, for all the 
studying we did by playing N.H.L. Hockey, 
for always being there to talk to, for 
learning to play tennis and yes you did 
ace me once (never again). Dwyer - 
Although we aren't as close as we used to 
be we're still pretty good friends, thanks 
for all the B-Ball games, for rooming 
together in Marblehead "lumps ", for all 
your plans to get girls, and of course for 
making fun of Donny. Scott - for working 
at T.J. Maxx, for all the parties, and of 
course for the semi-formal. Donny - for 
always being at church, for being clumsy, 
for being the best football player B.H.S. 
has ever seen. Matt - for the rides Junior 
year, all the years playing baseball, hockey 
games on Harvard Dr. Jeff - for baseball, 
being smaller than me, and for all the 
wiffleball games. McAllister - for JV Soc- 
cer and Coach Stuart, we're finally going 
to States!, the Tim Rains for Wade Boggs 
deal. Cock - for being a good friend and 
being an awesome soccer and B-Ball 
player. Sandman - for all the parties. 
Gerstel - for UNC, and hating Jordan and 
the Bulls (you gotta move your locker). 
Fluke - for being from Canada and driving 
a beamer. G.I. - for all the rides home and 
for playing soccer. Slug - for partying, 
N.H. at Weirs Beach. Juice - we'll get to 
Ireland from L.S. Naveen - for being an 
awesome tennis player and great friend. 
X- for liking the Pistons even though they 
lose all the time. Chock - for always 
asking me for a ride home. Heeb - for 
always saying "kid" and for Algebra II. Jay 

- for hating the Bulls and Jordan. Craig, 
Seth. Craig - for Boston Garden Sausages. 
Chris - "day of orgasm". Ron - "Covalent". 
Booger - for N.H. and Y.M. Marcell - for 
hurting my elbow playing B-Ball. Brvant 

- N.H. Waldron - drooling at McDonald's 
and for the car ride home from WA. Carla 
G. - for summers at Wedgewood, driving 
in Maiden, Biology with Mrs. Luke, and 
for always being there to talk to. Carla I. 

- taking the bus to school, the Junior 
Prom, accounting, being an awesome 
athlete, and great friend. Jen B. - 8th 
grade and remaining to be good friends 
since, you've always been there to talk to, 
Gil's house after the Semi-Formal. Eileen 

- for beating Donny in B-Ball, for always 
being hyper. Kelly - English with Mrs. 
Giddis, accounting, and for being a great 
friend. Danielle - for the Semi-Formal, for 
becoming good friends, for the ski trip, 
and Ullman and physics. Cronin - for 
being a flirt, physics, Y.M. and I.P.S. 
freshman year. Christine - calling me 
Coreeih and being a great cheerleader. 
Sharlene - for all the years in French and 
Latin with team back, and for analysis. 
Megan - for not skiing on the ski trip, for 
not caring about labs. Linda - for not 
giving Kelly the codes in accounting. 
Gina - for putting cinnamon in Chili. 
Courtney - for always being nice and lor 
having a weird brother. Tara - for having 
no clue in Chemistry with me and waking 
me up on the way home from the ski trip 
Krissy - for Speedwriting with Sabrina. 
who won in around the world? Kim - for 
the scavenger hunt and for chilling at 
McDonald's before the prom. Sarah - for 
copying my homework off Johnny in 
Latin. Stacey - for being nice iooking and 

a good friend. Adelle - for being my 
cheerleader. Jen K. - for lunches last year. 
Pietchel - for the Semi-Formal and for 
your brother. Jaqui. Beth. Kale. Caroline. 
Lexie, Sharon, Wendy, Rhea, Maria - for 
being good friends. The Soccer Team for 
making States. Jesse, Chris, Katz, Sheflin. 
Ondovchik, Sam, Pietch, Dave, Shaun, 
Jeff. Bill. Bob. Dave - the best neighbors 
anyone could have. Dave - for all the 
walks and talks up and down Harvard 
Dr., all the B-Ball games in the middle of 
the night. Dominos, Hi-Lo, and the foot- 
ball pools. Thanks for being the best 
friend anyone could have. George from 
the Cape for all the good times we've had 
and for roaming the halls every year. 
Thanks to all my teachers, especially Mr. 
Sabourin, Mr. Spinosa. Mr. Corliss, Mr. 
Kelly, and Mrs. Bosak. Thanks to my 
coaches, especially Mr. Wilson for always 
being fair and for making me play to the 
best of my ability. Mrs. Deardorff - "men- 
tal toughness". Thanks to anyone else I 
have forgotten. 

Future Goals: To graduate and go to 
College. To see Donny get in for more 
than 3 plays in a football game. To see J- 
Luv not show up at my house for dinner. 
To dunk a basketball. To meet Michael 
Jordan. To see the Trojanz together in 20 

Carla Giannetta 

41 Meadowbrook Rd. 
Activities: Class President 1.2,3; Senior 
Class Liaison 4; AFS 2,3; Spanish Club 1,2; 
Yearbook 1,2,3,4, Sports Editor 4; SADD 
1,2,3; Jr. Chamber of Commerce 2; Latin 
Club 3, Vice-President 4: Talent show 2,4; 
Student Advisory Committee 4; Legisla- 
tive 2,3,4; JV Field Hockey 1, Varsity 2,3, 
Dual County All-Star 3, Captain 4; Varsity 
Softball 1,23,4; Ice Hockey Manager 2; 
Bedford Summer Softball 1,2; Wedgewood 
Tennis 2,3. 

Thanks to: The Girls - Lexie, Christine, 
Dina, Linda, and Sharon - "Friends For- 
ever" - The Denny's Crew, the talent 
show, Dunkin' Donuts, "guys suck!" ...To 
Lexie for being my best friend ever since 
we met at age 4. We have gone through 
so much, both good and bad. I don't know 
what I would ever do without you, espe- 
cially living five houses down from you 
(that came in handy many times!) I mean 
that. I hope we can keep in touch forever. 
Thanks for Junior Prom '92: "I don't want 
to go," "Do I look all right? ', "Do I need 
money?". Thanks for California, our trip to 
Hilton Head: the big fight. Frances, the 
movie we will make, "MAMA MIA", and 
En Vogue. Thanks for coffee frappes, 
"you've got the nooks and you've got the 
crannies", slurping spaghetti, Beaches, 
and our bike accident. To Christine - "ini", 
" rino", thanks for letting my phone "beep 
like a time bomb", that ever so annoying 
"I'm sorry", "Oh my god, wicked ma- 
ture!", obstructed view, Nov. 7, 1992!!!! 
(naked, naked), for not being like your 
typical cheerleader. "Fat Free 
Entenmann's!!! ", "Tap the Bottle", doing 
the "Bedford Scene", driving to the High 
School when we had nowhere to go, our 
trips to Hampton, the teddv bear, L-A-N- 
D C-A-R-E, Rte. 128, and all of the advice. 
To Dina - "Dinina", for NH, the cop on 
Great Rd. ( "throw it in the pillow case!!!"), 
for having something in common with me 
(stalkers!!! ). Listener's Guide, Powers' class 
(we never did learn anything in that class, 
did we?), and mostly for all of the support 
and advice. You are the best listener and 
advice giver ever. Thank you so much! To 
Linda for freshman English and junior 
History (Montana), "I'll save these for 
later", NH summer of '93. and "Fat Free 
Entenmann's!!!". To Sharon for your little 
get togethers with Jason and Ryan. Those 
middle school years!!! Thanks to Charlie - 
my "brother" - for being my best boy 
friend ever, studying tin finals sopho- 
more year, our bike rides, the advice, and 
the bathing suit incident ("I can't believe 
you!"). Thanks to The Trojanz: Matt. Mike 
"Donny", Scott, and Johnny 'J-Luv'. 
Thanks for being cool and being your- 
selves. I love you guys! Never forget NH, 

summer of '94: Zima's (good goin' Johnny! ) 
and Lately". Johnny, thanks for hanging 
out with me, for the talks, for "heavy!" 
and "Ah, I'm blind! ", always having an 
attitude, and remember you will always 
be the Latin king! To Pietchel - "Is that a 
tall ship?", L-A-N-D C-A-R-E, Hampton 
'93, Rte. 128 (the man), "I need a 
blowdryer!" at Bosak's, and all of the 
obsessions with Westfield. To Dave S. for 
everything (need I say more?). To Corey 
for studying 6 minutes of spelling a day 
and driving in Maiden. To Tara for Mary's 
Forerunner, Softball, and for being the 
best secretary our class could have. To 
McAllister for being so spirited, for help- 
ing out so much with the prom (water 
fountain). To Dave D. forTne Doors. To 
Chris R. for "These Are The Times To 
Remember" and for the knee! To Mark V. 
for Sr. Prom (Magnolia St.). To the '92- 93 
hockey team and Mr. Sullivan for control- 
ling the guys on the other team for me. To 
the '93-'9-t Softball team, especially Carla. 
Kelly, Eileen, Kim, Krissy, Jen Robb for 
always falling and Sarah Ro - "How you 
fiya!" To the '94 Field Hockey team, 
especially Kate. Catherine (for camp. 
Beetle!, Catherine!), Caroline. Maria, 
Genja, Jen, Sharlene, Danielle, Lisa, 
Michelle. Beth, Bethany. Kristin, and 
Becca. To my coaches Miss. G., Miss. 
Douris, Mrs. Wood, Mr. Wilson, and Steve. 
I couldn't have done it without you! 
Thanks to Mark Mclnnis, Dave D. (*92), 
Colin R. (for being like my brother and 
caring about me), Steve R., Fanelli, Nerney 
and "Chapstick" (for Latin), Gina C, Adam 
C, Rich C, Matt O., Maria G., Matt H. (for 
Jr. prom, what a night, huh! and for taking 
my parking space), Erika H., Jeremy L. 
(for the Prom), Julie S., Jessica D., Ryan 
W. (for middle school and for the beach 
in Del Mar). To Mr. Sabourin (for enthu- 
siasm and encouraging me), Pete C. (for 
fixing all of my ailments), Mrs. Gullage 
and Mrs. Maczko (for being great advi- 
sors), Mrs. MacGregor. Mrs. Jordan, and 
finally Mrs Bi isak for being the BEST 
teacher ever!!! Thank you for the cookout 
and teaching me more than you know. I 
will never forget you. Thanks to the 
Perinos. Axtells. and especially the Merrills 
To Kathy for being supportive when I 
needed it. Rick, Wayne, Ashleigh ( "What's 
up G? Not much I'm just chillin ), Katelyn 
(lor NH, "Stay", our rings, and for being 
the little sister I never had). Julie (for the 
many talks and advice). Thanks to the 
class of '95. to everyone who voted for 
me, and Eric for being my campaign 
manager. Good luck to you all in the 
future. Special thanks to Whitney, 
Grandma and Grandpa, and Mom and 
Dad for being supportive, very lenient, 
easygoing, and extremely understanding. 
I love you. Sorry I never expressed any 
affection of any kind but hey, some things 
never change!! Thanks to David for being 
annoying. Hey that's what little brothers 
are for! Most of all thanks to Christopher 
Thanks for the canoeing trips, for keep- 
ing chicken bones in vour bathroom. NH. 
and most importantly for changing my 
life. You mean the world to me. Chris, I 
will never forget you and all of the fun 
times we've had together. 143!!! 
Future Goals: To go to college and gradu- 
ate, come back and watch Chris train 
dolphins, get a great job, earn lots of 
money, drag race part time, and most 
importantly 7 to be happy in whatever I do. 

Matthew Giutsti 

-t2 Shawsheen Rd. 

Activities: V. soccer 1,2.3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; 
N.D.C. 1,2,3,4; Going crazy 1,2,3,4; Rock 
(limbing 1.2,3,4; Camping 1,2,3.4; Cliff 
Diving 1.2,3.4; Wheelin -4. 
First off thanks to God and St. Jude for 
helping me stay alive as long as they 
have, they know I've tested it some times. 
Also for helping me every time I needed 
help. Thanks also to the Holy spirit and 
Jesus for looking over me every 7 day of my 
life. Thanks to mom for being the stron- 
gest person in the world. You held the 
family together through tough times. You 
mean more to me than I can express. I will 

make you more proud, I love you. Than! 
to dad for putting up with me. You alwa* 
worked your hardest for the family. Than! 
for teaching me things only you con 
teach someone, sorry I never watebe 
you build a fence. I love you Bet 
Understand the only reason I did thin; 
for you is because I really do Love yol 
believe it or not I do. Catherine I'm sor: 
I wasn't always the best big brother bin 
did try. Catherine, you have the bigge 
heart, always use it, it will get you far 
life. Toby thanx for being so lovable ar 
stupid. Nonnie and Nonno, I hope y< 
guys understand how much I love yo 
Sorry I don't get out there that often I V 
try to get there more often. Nonno, you 
never know how much I look up to y< 
and brag about you to my friends. Nonni 
thanks for being so cute and the best co< 
in the world. I love you guys. Thanks 
Joe Halenbek. Harley Davidson, and tl 
Marlboro man for showing me how to Ii< 
my life. Mv friends have been there f 
me through the thick and thin. I apprec 
ate all that you guys have done. Dan I 
always being happy. Jesse for fixing n 
truck Wendy for caring about me. Brya 
for never being second best. Phil for tl 
talks. Chuck for being Chuck. Corey I 
being huge. Eileen for being a loon at 
living her own life. Carla for being Itah. 
and just not caring. Coc for being li 
coolest in-crowd member. Dina for ben 

innocent ya right! Mike lor heath 

me at Jr. prom king and Homecomir 
Michelle tor alw ays telling me she lo\ 
me, I love you too. Stacey for keeping li 
roots. Sands for being a cool kid. Tara I 
being in all my classes. Charlene I 
helping me if I needed it and listening ai 
for the advice. Van Halen. Angela I 
giving it a 3rd try. you look good in t 
woods on a wire. Johnny for being hn 
self. Dennis for being a cool boss a 
good friend. Sean for taking me evei 
where and always putting up with i 
attitude. Sam for always being there a 
not going to jail for a si 50. Sam stay c< 
brother, but always go mental. Matt 
you're just an awesome friend. I alwa 
thought of you as my little brother. Ta 
care while I'm gone. Leno, you're my t\\ 
brother, you understood me and ths 
what I needed. Thanx. You were alw. 
there and I know you will always 
there. Thanx, I miss you brother. Matt 
you're a goon for moving. I don't a 
w hat anyone said, I love your attittu 
Thanx for being crazy with me and he 
ing me. if I ever needed I could alw; 
count on you. We got it in us! To all i 
friends, I love you guys and I'm alw t 
there for you. Rich. I can't tell you wl 
you've done for me. you kept me 
school and helped me do the right thn 
Thanx for always being there and sho 
ing me what I stand for. I love you. T.i 
care of Dale Dana Ray and the Harley. . , 
Gullage. thanks for treating me like a > 
and taking me everywhere. Tracy 
being a human pretzel and alw ays tell 
me she was staying out of trouble. '. 
Duggan, Mr. Petrillo. Mr Hunt. Mr. Kei 
Mrs. Mitchell. Mr. Maxwell. Mr. Dipiet 
Mr. Powers. Mr. Pavao. Mrs, Pelliga 
Mr. Reynolds, Mrs Sakelakos, .' 
Ambrose, and Mr. Haley for being 
best of the best. A special thanks to ,\ 
Jordan for helping me through sen- 
mentally and educationally. Thanks 
giving that extra effort for me. I'm tak 
you to college with me Also to Pete C. 
being the best Trainer and I still th 
they should pay you a million a year, 
make you teach physics so I can tint 
stand it better. Kelly. I saved you for 
because I don't know what to say ar 
was hoping that it would come to me. . 
it did. You taught me a lot Kell and c" 
though I didn't always show it I anpr' 
ate it. Thanks for caring for me all the f • 
and understanding me. I'd name times ' 
had and memories we shared but th ' 
are too many and I'm sure there are m 
more to come. Thanks for being a fri< I 
and always listening. I love you fori. ' 
and always. Thanks for being there. 
Future Goals: Attend auto college. 1* 

166 Senior Thanks 

Ondv and Miani go airborne ranger. See 
Fanelli build a car that can roast em at 60 
m.p.h. Be a magazine cover for being the 
best psychologist in the world. To always 
drive a truck, trust in God and luck, have 
2 dogs and a Harley. get married, have a 
son to carry on the Giusti name, and get 
my mom a Saab. 

Eric Michael Green 

23 Railroad Ave 

Activities: Media Intern 1. Dunkin Donuts 
1 ; Telemedia 2,3.4, Talent 3.4; The Eric & 
Mike Show 2.3.-i; Drama Club 2.3.4; Tour- 
nament of Plays 2,3,4; Latin Club 3,4; 
Forum 3,4; Sun Coast Motion Picture 
Company at the Mall 3.4; The Targeteers 
3, Volunteer 4; Student Production Night 
3,4; Prom Decorating 3; Spirit Games 3.4; 
AFS ~i; ASDF Typing Posse 4; Talent Show 

Here it is. My official thanks to triends, 
family, teachers, influences & various 
others: Aerosmith, Nathan Ahlgren (for 
all the laughs, Peer Pressure Guy, loving 
the 70's, Vanagon. for all the fun times 
we've had & for being incredibly honest. 
& loyal). Stephen & Ingrid (for making 
me feel like an Ahlgren). Paul Amenta. 
Ron Blanchette (for all the fun times!), 
Craig Browne (talking about rock, babes, 
sports & other important things; imper- 
sonating Bill Cosby. Michael J. Fox. Rich- 
ard Pryor, & Canteen Boy to perfection: 
the Celtics Draft Party. Thanks for being 
such a great friend). Elizabeth Cameron, 
[he Capriles family (especially Grandma 
Florence, the Hodges. & the Hoopers). 
Katie Carpenter. Chris Carson (for being 
>ne of the most positive, open-minded, 
likable persons I know. Thanks for the 
parties. New York trip. YMCAing at Dunkin 
Donuts. all the talks, loving coffee & for 
5eing such a great friend). Dana Carvey. 
Sarah Carvey, Greg Cohen. Ben Cordes, 
Michelle Cro'nin. the Danzig family (espe- 
iaHy Meyer & Sylvia, the Nelsons <X the 
~ohns). Marilyn Danzig (for being the 
lest step-mom I could ask for& for taking 
in interest in everything I do). Courtney 
)onavan, Michelle Donnelly. Mr. 
jougherty. Kim Duda. Karen Freeman, 
Catharine French-Fuller (the Katie Couric 
>f BHS), Aaron Gersta! (Schwingfest!!!), 
"aria Giannetta (for being one of the most 
urd working, determined people I've 
ver known. I know you'll do great at 
whatever you pursue in life). Matt Giusti 
for all the great advice, long talks & for 
■elieving in me at times when I didn't 
ven believe in myself). God. Beth (for 
■eing an excellent sister & for putting up 
ith me when I'm obnoxious). Mom and 
lad (for raising me with love and sup- 
ort, for influencing who I am & for 
Iways pushing me to do my best. I don't 
now now I can ever repay you for 
verything you've done), the Green fam- 
y (especially Grandma Anne. Aunt Louise, 
ncle Calvin & Aunt Judy), Kelly Gullage, 
ileen Hartwell (for being a good friend 
id neighbor since the bus stop days of 
ementary school I.John Haystrand, Steve 
ector, Sarah Higham, Carla Inferrera, 
inajanot, Dave Jones. Mrs. Jordan, Matt 
>y, Dave Kern (for all the times you 
dn't annoy me, & for laughing at all my 
kes& impressions). Jack Kerouac. Jens 
Jllmann. Bill Larkin, Kate Leary (for 
•ing my date to the semiformal), Ms. 
ihrum, Mr. Lord, Miss Mallott. Mike 
:azzone (I don't even know where to 
•gin. "That time you did it on purpose", 
i still got a half hour - waaahh!". Going 
I fast food joints. Harvard Square, 
■nmore Square, malls, movies, Celtics, 
d s< in. GN R/Metallica, Aerosmith, Pink 
'}yd. Green Day. Weir's Beach, New- 
ark City. Water Country, camping, for 
ling the greatest co-host I could ever 
agine. for cheering me up when I'm 
■ling down & for being one of my best 
'ends since junior high). Dennis 
Donald (for being more than just a 
■idler & a boss, but a friend), John 
mahan ( for being an excellent step dad 
: or being the neutral point between me 
inom). the Monahan family (especially 
rry ik Christine), Mike Myers, Jeremy 

Nash, Jim Peers III, Michelle Pulsipher. 
Mr. Reynolds, Jason Reedy, Katie Roche, 
Henry Rollins, Lexie Ross. Greg Ross (for 
liking the same tunes I like... well, most of 
them, for making inappropriate comments 
& for being an excellent friend all these 
years), Kristina Roussak, Jen St.Savuer 
(for being wicked awesome), Ms. Savarino. 
Andrew Schwerin (for being my director 
& for being a really nice guy). Scott Serpa, 
Rachel Siegel, Julie Smith, Vilas Sridharan, 
everyone I work with at Suncoast, Alison 
Sundet (for being my date to the Junior 
Prom), Jeremy Tate. Sharlene Tobin. 
Becky Venuti, Matt Vigna (for being a 
really good friend since I was 3. We've 
had our differences here and there, but 
you've always been there for me. Thanks 
for all the good times we've had so far), 
Naveen W'adhera. Ben Waterhouse. Craig 
Wiley (for being one of the most creative 
people I know lS: for being incredibly 
spontaneous). Everyone who \\ .is a guest, 
crew member or contributor to The Eric 
& Mike Show. Everyone I baby-sat for or 
mowed lawns for. Everyone I worked 
with in Tournament & Student Prod. Night, 
all past Targeteers that were not men- 
tioned earlier. Everyone who let me in- 
terview them for Forum, and all the 
talents I have worked with. I know I 
probably left someone out w-ho helped 
me out sometime between November 
1994 and June 1995. So I'd like to thank 
[insert your name herel for being cool! 
Future Goals: To have my own cable 
show on a national level, to be on SNL. to 
be an MTV VJ. to have season tickets to 
the Bruins, to become a really excellent 
musician and filmmaker, to travel and see 
the world, to marry a foxy lady, to never 
waste my limited time on Earth, and 
above all, to have fun at what it is I'm 

Daniel Grey 

Out of all my years on this green planet 
called Earth, there are two people who 
have made my life the greatest. This 
thanks is the most important thanks out of 
all of them and it goes to my mother and 
father. The reason for this is that they 
have always been behind me 100%, and 
no thank you in the world will amount to 
how I really feel, but, that I love them. To 
my friend Matt G., thank you for all those 
situations that you have helped me out. 
and also for being a great friend. My 
thanks goes to the band Damis. Adam. 
Mark. Mike , and Ian. To my friend Andy 
Hall, I give my thanks too, for all those 
great scuba dives and movies. To my 
brothers, I thank you for beating me up. 
My brother Doug for helping me on my 
reports. Mike for all those times that I 
borrowed your truck, Mark for being a 
friend as well as a brother, and Melissa for 
annoying me. Julie Smith for being the 
light of my day. Charlene for going to 
dinner with, if she says yes, if not then, 
then for being the one to teach me to 
dance. Thank you to the little green men. 
who hide in my room. Thank you to 
L'nited divers, and Divers World Inc. for 
being the best dive stores that I have gone 
to. Thank you to Mr. Maxwell for making 
English exciting. To Chris for being one of 
a kind. To all my Matt friends. I thank you 
for Spooky World. Ron for being my co 
worker. To my dog for being a big dork, 
and to everyone out there, thank you. 
My future goals in life are to become a 
marine biologist, discover The Lost Citv of 
Atlantis, marry a bright woman, who likes 
pels and does not care if I grow a beard. 
( >wn a dolphin, and own a submarine, like 
the one on Sea Quest. 

Kelly Gullage 

139 Page Rd. 

Activities: Softball 1,2,3,4; Flags 1,2, 3; 
Basketball Mgr. 1. 2; Cheerleading 3. 
Thanks to: Mom for being more than just 
a mother to me, and being one of my best 
friends. I don't know what I would've 
done without you there for me. Thanks 
for being there if I was upset and for 
alwavs noticing if I was. Also for not 
getting too mad at me when I was impa- 

tient or hyper. Thanks forgiving me more 
than I could ever ask for. I love you very 
much. Daddy for letting me be your *1 
daughter and for always trying to spend 
as much time as you could with me. For 
always making me feel safe when I was 
with you and for always being around if 
I ever needed you. Thanks for helping me 
to be "Bigger. Faster. Stronger." I could 
never live without you. I love you very 
much. Robin for always treating me like I 
was your daughter and never letting me 
feel like I wasn't. I've enjoyed always 
being able to talk to you. I love you very 
much. To Gram and Gramp for being like- 
second parents to me. Gram for always 
being so worried about me and Gramp for 
always waiting up for me. I love you guys 
very much and couldn't live without you. 
To Aunt Sandy and Uncle David for 
always coming down to visit. Thanks for 
always having so much fun with me. Aunt 
Sandy for taking me to Florida and for 
those hilarious things that happened 'get- 
ting locked in the mall). I love you guys 
very much. To Brad for being my favorite 
cousin and for being so much run to be 
w r ith (Cheap). I always have fun playing 
catch with you and good luck in the future 
with baseball, you're going to be the best. 
I love you. To Uncle Joe for giving me a 
long neck and for the dead finger, and to 
Aunt Patti for taking him away before he 
pulled my head off. I love you guys. 
Tracy, even though we didn't always get 
along, I always had fun with you w hen we 
did. It may not always seem like it, but I 
do love you. Always remember our moun- 
tain biking adventure. Jess, for always 
making up those stupid things with me in 
the pool and for always being good to talk 
to. I love you. Maryjo for always getting 
along with me, and for being so cute. 
Maybe someday you'll find your real 
(Chinese) parents. I love you. Johnny for 
always making me laugh, especially when 
you made fun of Jess and Mary. Keep up 
with the boxing so I can go watch y ou 
someday. I love you. Thanks to every 
teacher I've ever had. Especially Ms. 
Gullage, you were the best. To Mr. 
Sabourin for always having enthusiasm. 
Mr. Corliss for just being a great teacher, 
Mr. Pavao for telling me and Tara that we 
were pains, Ms. Bosak for being so cute, 
and Mr. Petrillo for always giving me help 
when I needed it. To Tara for all the fun 
we had in 8th grade and for all the talks 
we had. Kim for the stories we made up 
in Softball and for making up names for 
everyone IK.C K ). Lexie for being a friend 
and for always being there for me, Pearson 
for being a riot and for ragging on K R 
w ith me. Dina for all the talks we had 
during Flags. Michelly for just being 
you.Gina for all the great girl parties, and 
Sam for helping me study and for being 
good to talk to. Thanks to all flags, I love 
you all. Sorry I screamed at you guys, 
thanks to the softball team, we're the 
best and w e're going to win it all. Thanks 
to Mr. Wilson for being a great coach. Ms. 
Barry and Steve for helping me during the 
summer (good luck in the future you 
(wo) \|so to R< >nnie tor helping making 
me B.F.S. Thanks to all the Targeteers, I 
love you guys and to Dennis for being a 
Great boss. Finally to Eileen and Carla ri ir 
being the best friends anyone could ask 
for. Eileen: our tea stand, monopoly mara- 
thons, talking on the Cell Phone, GH par- 
ties, costumes, laser tag, EAKP, and all the 
other goofy things we've done. I know 
we don't always get along, but I also 
know we would never stop being friends. 
Carla: my lifting buddy, hanger music. 
Trixie's butt, nugget lights, flashlights in 
Eileen's ear. and Romper Room during all 
nighters. Also thanks for being my favor- 
ite catcher and always catching for me. 
You guys are the best and I could never 
live without you. Thanks for always help- 
ing when I was upset. Even though we 
are going to college I know we'll never 
lose touch. I love you guys. Now Matt. 
You have been much more than a boy- 
friend to me, you've been a best friend. I 
could never have lived without you al- 
ways keeping my head on straight, being 

there when I needed to talk, always 
giving me a shoulder to cry on, and 
making me a stronger person. You have 
the biggest heart of anyone and you've 
always shown that to me. You've been 
tons of fun to be with, when I was a 
psycho - freak and when we hacked 
around. Sorry for the crap I've put you 
through, thanks for sticking with me 
through it. I know we'll have a big future 
together. I love you very much, you will 
never know how much. Thanks for ev- 
erything. Also special thanks to the whole 
Giusti family. You've always made me 
feel like a part of it. 

Future Goals: College, play softball. get 
married to the only guy I've ever loved, 
have kids, a dog. live in a huge house 
with tons of window s, become a owner of 
Disney World, be Cinderella, and ride on 
a float. 

Matt Hansen 

Activities: Varsity Hockey 1.2,3.4(Capt. 
4); Baseball 1.2; Lacrosse 3.4; Team Hot 
Wheels 4; The Boys 1,2,3.4; Latin Club 
3,4; Pimpin 1,2,3,4; Da Boom 3,4. 
Thanks to: Earl for being my co-pilot to 
school and 5 a.m. practices. BMX riding, 
the fight over the knife, being my team- 
mate in every sport we ever played, my 
first black eye, making fun of Blubber 
(Willie, make me some taco's), DJarum 
days, helping me build every fort we ever 
had (Sunbeam), Snapper riding, throwing 
sticks at the Lamas, CCD ("urn, we built a 
bike track"), sips out of the kegs at 
cookouts, and for being the only other 
member of T.H.W who would "smoke up" 
with me. Aaron G. for being my middle 
man with the ladies, my nickname, punch- 
ing me in the ribs, eating all my Turn 
Lovers, for being the only other member 
of T.H.W with facial hair, scaring the kids 
at the movies, sophomore baseball bench 
pal. letting me blow by you with the same 
move, running over the cat, The Regal, 
C.T.D. our near locker room brawl W In 
I outta," chilling at Troy before the dance 
with me, and for making me look like a 
hero at my neighbors (sorry bra), "We on 
a mission. Pimpin '95. Slug for O. C.N.J 
"urn, Carter can you pull up your shorts ", 
letting me puke in your trash can, Steve's 
picture. Underdog woman. Boo - Ya, and 
hiding in Tico's room with me on Hallow- 
een. Neil for being the prettiest boy I 
know, letting me drive your cars, and for 
taking so much abuse from the Boys. Tim 
(Coc) for your black culture. Eric K. for 
being the biggest pimp, but being so 
unsuccessful, Nashoba pipe runs, Nash 
skateboarding, U.S. A (U Stink Arnie). 
Take care of that leg and good luck riding 
Mike M. for unchangeable Phil, late night 
creeping in N.H., Wayne's toilet, tee pee 
adventure ( "Mike, light the fire"), my first 
time. Cooper Tone, the Kinder Care crash, 
digging me out of Parker Rd.. Heath St.. 
the costume shop, the day no one wanted 
us, skin flute, hemorrhoid night, Carolina's 
house (Carlos), the whiskey, ski patrol 
jacket, and for being the funniest kid I 
know. Heeb for the Water Lily, Randy, 
the BSA, skateboard fights (you know 
who can ollie higher), mackin tips. "Kid 
Tool", snowboard trips (W'aterville - 30), 
weekend parties, and for your various 
uses of blue duct tape. Thanks to the 
Trojenz (Matt. Donny, Scott, Johnny), 
nice try guys. Wayne for Junior Prom and 
also my first time. Chip for being my 
future partner and owner of Amoco (get 
ready), Jen K. for being my girlfriend tor 
8 months, shaving M.H.. good times, and 
for being so understanding about the 
breakup (Yahh). Thanks to the girls of '95 
(Higham, Porter, Dibble. Pietchel. Albani. 
Koen, Brown, Cronin. Tobin, Hartwell. 
Inferrera, Gullage), and to all the girls I 
missed. Erin for giving me a second 
chance, for all the times you got me in 
trouble, your waterbed, the Jewel, driv- 
ing me back to Sudbury, and late night 
sneaking out. I'm glad we've remained 
such good friends after all we've been 
through. See yaat N.U. Sara Bo. for being 
one of my best friends for so many years. 
Good luck to you and Chet. Thanks to the 

Senior Thanks 167 

rest of the girls of 94. Brian M. for being 
the best one - eyed hockey player I know. 
AD and Jarrad for Spooky World and for 
being the biggest punks I know. Mike L. 
for being the coolest underclassman. Kim 
and Krissy for Riverside and the blow-up 
doll. Dickenson for Friday night cruises in 
the Vette and for the pipe. It's in good 
hands. Thanks to the GOLDRUSH and the 
VETTE for doing the impossible despite 
your appearances. I would also like to 
thank all the parents of my friends for 
everything you ever did for me. Special 
Thanks to: My mother and father for 
everything you have ever done for me. 
You guys were always there when I 
needed you and have provided me with 
the strength and guidance I need in order 
to move on and be successful. I can't 
thank you enough, I love you. Tojenn for 
being cool to me when you were in a 
good mood. Good luck to you and Dave, 
I'm sure you both will eventually stop 
fighting and also get your lives in order. 
Future Goals: To follow through and 
accomplish everything I set out to do, be 
successful in the career of my choice, 
never get married, and have a Team Hot 
Wheels reunion at Taco Bell in 25 years. 

Eileen Hartwell 

11A Highland Ave 

Activities: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Softball 
1,2,3,4; SADD 1,2,3,4; Mediation 2,3; In- 
teract club 4. Thanks to: mom, dad - for 
always trusting and believing in me. You're 
the best. I love you. Lisa - for always 
being there for me. Bobby - for being 
almost as weird as me, magic carpet rides, 
and being hyper with me. I love you both. 
Basketball, Softball teams. Coach Wilson. 
Coach Sullivan for teaching me so much. 
Theresa - for always trying to be better 
Geri - for always giving 100%. Parisellas 
for your generosity and love for the 
whole team. Gina for years of friendship. 
Lexie for your sleepovers. Linda for hat- 
ing you know who as much as me. Tara 
for Softball chats when we were left out 
of the plays. Kimmy for being the original 
poopfart. Krissy for our airplane ride. 
Brian for being Brian and the rest of the 
Maranians for your hospitality and and 
witnessing my most embarrassing mo- 
ments. Paul for our marathon phone con- 
versations, always being there for me to 
talk to, and being a great friend. Ms. Barry 
and Steve for being cool and all the help 
over the summer. Targeteers for all the 
great times we had. Dennis for always 
believing in me and not actually firing me. 
Matt G. for being a good person and 
friend, and for making my best friend 
very happy. Sam for being one of the 
nicest people I know and putting up with 
me being annoying. Matt O. for your 
chronic bad moodiness, looking out for 
me. Kelly and Carla - in our years of 
friendship there are endless memories, 
too many to write on paper. You've put 
up with me which I owe you a lot of 
thanks for. You guys are the best friends 
anyone could ask tor. Without you guys 
I'd be lost. Wherever our roads may lead 
us I wish you the best, your friendship 
will always be valued and have a place in 
my heart and life. Thanks for your great 
personalities and especially your trust, 
love, honesty and friendship. Inferreras. 
Gullages - for not charging me rent for all 
the time I stayed at your houses cuz I'd be 
bankrupt. To all my teachers for every- 
thing they've done for me. 
Future Goals: Go to college, play basket- 
ball, marry as manv rich elderly men as I 
can and inherit all their money when they 
croak. Be Happy! 

Scott D. Hartwell 

35 Elmbrook Rd. 

Activities: Spanish Club 2; SADD 3,4; 
Spirit Games 3; Trojanz 1,2,3,4; Brian's 
house 1,2,3,4; Mica Fan Club 2,3. 
Thanks To: First of all, I'd like to thank my 
Mom and Dad. You guys supported me, 
through all the stuff I pulled (Halloween 
and 2 Columbus Day weekends), and 
pushed me to be my very best for the first 
18 years of my life. I love you both very 

much! To Nama and Aunt Margaret for all 
the love and support. Andrea and Michael 
for all the laughter. Melissa, thanks for 
being the best sister anyone could imag- 
ine and for being my very best friend!! 
You always helped me out and covered 
my butt when I needed it most. I love you! 
Now I'd like to thank all the Trojanz. 
We're the 4 closest kids in the school and 
we'd do anything for each other. We've 
been through everything together, not to 
mention everywhere together ( Waterville. 
Wells, N.H., R.I., ... the mall). We've had 
great memories together and I hope we 
always stick together. Matt, it's hard to 
believe we even became friends and now 
we're best friends. Remember our 2 un- 
successful operations, and you trying to 
steal Sharon away from me. Just remem- 
ber. I always had your back when Johnny 
wanted to beat you up and I'll always be 
there when you need me again. Johnny. 
I know vou always say I don't appreciate 
you and all the things you do for me, but 
I do. Hell, you brought us to our peak!! 
Remember the Waterville girls (by the 
way, mine was better). I even lied for you 
and you know how 'Scott never lies." I'm 
sure 1 11 see you in college next year. 
Mike, we ruined your life and we brought 
you to a lower class bum like the rest of 
us. You always have a special way to 
cheer me up and make me reel better. We 
get on each other's nerves a lot and I 
always end up hitting vou but we alwavs 
make up. But Donny. CLAMS DO BITE!! 
The Trojanz would never be the same 
without you! You're gonna grow up and 
be the best husband out of all of us. Steve, 
I know we've grown apart within the past 
years but you're a great kid. Thanks for 
almost getting kidnapped with me, for 
having the cleanest house, all the nights 
we slept over and watched quality mov- 
ies, and all the times you picked me up 
and dragged me home when I couldn't 
have made it myself. I'll never forget it! 
Gilbert for all the times you cleaned my 
house when I needed it most and all the 
Waterville trips. You're a great friend! 
Corey for working at the Maxx, helping 
me on all my tests, and being the talkative 
one out of us. Christine, Dina. and Gianetta 
for supporting the Trojanz in the early 
years and for making us who we are now. 
We've had some great times together 
(N.H. and New Year's Eve) and hopefully 
we'll have some more. Christine for the 
"all - nighter" we pulled, all the times we 
went out, our wedding in Mr. Smithson's 
class and your great sense of humor. 
Thanks to the Childhood crew. Never 
forget Jay and Sara! To Danny and Jen B. 
for being the nicest girls I know. Cronin 
for chasing me around in my undies ( and 
denying it since), and for always being 
my princess. Me and my Mom fell in love 
with you in kindergarten and since then 
you've always been in my bed-time sto- 
ries. We love you! Pitch, for the Jr. semi, 
we had a great time and we lit up the 
dance floor didn't we? Thanks for being 
one of the Trojanz' biggest fans and for 
always knowing where the party is. To 
Sharlene for always dragging us to a late- 
night movie. . We've had very interesting 
bed-night talks, luv ya. Loooori for the 
prom even though you couldn't make it 
out after. I might never talk to you again 
but we had fun back in the day. Geoff C. 
for being a great friend through the years. 
You'll never know how much you taught 
me. Hope everything works out for you. 
A special thanks to the Horns for screw- 
ing up 2 of my best friends for life. We all 
miss you! Brian for all the fun times at 
your house. Cohen for being the only one 
besides the Trojanz to back me up when 
the Rados showed up at my house. Hansen 
and McAllister for the early parties when 
we finished Bick's keg. Neil for always 
beating me in Law and Analysis. Gerstel 
for always wanting to be a Trojan. Jeff S. 
for just being a cool kid. Dugal for making 
Matt become leader and whipped at the 
same time. We'll be partying at UMass 
together soon. Gina for being a iaughoid." 
Remember all the bed - night stories I told 
you? Linda for all the interesting bus rides 

with the drivers kids and for first realizing 
I needed to go to Seiz Sperling. Carla I. for 
the great times in middle school bugging 
every teacher possible. Sorry about the 
crayfish down your shirt! Kelly for all the 
food you gave me at lunch in middle 
school. Thanks to the Reading girls for 
finally stopping calling us! Invy for all the 
good laughs. Thanks to the Dywer family 
for teaching me how to wipe. I still wear 
my seatbelt. Mr. Yang for the great con- 
versations! To the Trojan Doggpound... 
GOOD LUCK! Make me proud! To all my 
Limpy fans: I'm still trying! 
Future Goals: To finally learn the months 
of the year in order. To see Johnny and 
Donny get married. Go to a good college 
and have a higher tolerance than Bick 
while I'm there. To have my mom keep 
telling me bed-night about my princess 
every night and to never lose touch with 
any of my friends, especially the Trojanz. 

Kristin Horrigan 

283 Davis Rd. 

Activities: Flag Squad 2,3,4; Pit 1; Musical 
2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; French Club 1,2, 
Treasurer 3, President 4, AFS 2,3,4; Sci- 
ence League 2,3,4; Math League 1,2,3,4; 
NHS 3,4. 

Thanks to: My mom and dad for support- 
ing me in all that I have wanted to do and 
for never pushing me to me harder than 
I push myself. Karen and Kathy for treat- 
ing me like a person. Grandma for claim- 
ing to be five feet tall and telling my 
friends that you got drunk. Michelle for 
being my sister, sharing every moment of 
the last two and a half years, being my 
self-confidence embodied, communica- 
tion (eye problems, powers, subtlety, 
mint chocolate chip ice-cream), going 
through everything right before me, be- 
ing one of the nicest people in the world 
and making me cry all the way home — I 
love you! Eileen for having the most 
incredible memory of anyone I have ever 
met, being an independent woman with 
me (Prom '94. AFS France, think blue!), 
studying for SATs on Friday night, under- 
standing my mind and inspiring me with 
your example. Katharine, my oldest friend 
in the world, we've come a long way 
since Tuesday afternoons in second grade. 
I'm so glad that we've been able to 
remain close, now about the wedding... 
Kate for being a hilarious person, gym 
talks that got me through sophomore 
year and for being a down - to - earth 
person with a great sense of perspective 
on life. Chris for philosophical talks on 
Sunday morning, understanding my phi- 
losophies, getting paid to talk to me and 
being a shoulder to cry on — You'll always 
be neutral in my eyes! Katie for summer 
ballet, understanding dancing (Sat. Maine 
rehearsal), being my hurdle buddy and 
for always being a lot of fun. Big Nate for 
letting me give you a nickname, being my 
first semi-date and becoming a good 
friend afterwards, being a chem nut like 
me (balancing eq's rule!) and stalling 25 
times. Carrie for Art II minor, Chamber 
Music, teaching me a whole new vocabu- 
lary (slimey!), making me hyper, being 
my chauffeur, French club and telling me 
about the year to come. Jen T. for remem- 
bering everything I did in middle school. 
Christina for being my best friend fresh- 
man year, running summer '92, driver ed 
and being my orch. buddy. Andrea for the 
awesome Adv. Chem ambush and AFS 
France. Jen C. for also being my friend 
outside of dancing, prom shopping, and 
writing me more letters than my parents 
did (summer '94). Colleen for dancing 
even longer than I have. Robin for being 
a truly nice person. Kim for teaching me 
to always give 110%. The Kids in Motion 
and everyone at The Stage Door. The 
Class of '94: Sarah. Julie, Heath. Caroline. 
Megan, Anita, Lauren, Alison and Dave. 
Heather. Marie. Jeanie, Ben and all the 
other juniors that I may become friends 
with after the time that I wrote this. 
Advanced Chem '93-'94 for teaching me 
the Amazon animal noises necessary to 
succeed at science league. The flaggies 
(past and present). Linda C. (for staying in 

touch), Fiona, Naveen, Lora, Jen S.. Ph 
Adam, Gina, Dina, Aarti, Trina, Lis; 
Catherine. Craig (the fund of knowledge 
Mrs. Krueger for inspiring me to pursu 
chemistry, Ms. Lohrum for having infinit 
time, patience and confidence. Mrs. Raini 
Mr. Stephenson, Mr Huff. Mrs. Andersoi 
Mr. Maffa and all the other great teachei 
at BHS 

Future Goals: Be the first Rockette who 

5'4". Be happy. 

Sewon Im 

Activities: X-C 1,2,3,4; Tennis 1,2,3.4; V( 
Track 2. Basketball 1: NHS 3,4: Dram 
Club 3,4; AFS 4: SADD 2,3,4; Weigl 
Lifting Team 1.2,3.4; Stogey Club 1.2,3 
Kung Fu 1,2,3,4. 

Thanks to: Michelle P. for Mame anj 
being such a special friend: Jen B. an 
Cronin for being so nice; Shariene for th 
peanut butter and saying HI; Eileen f< 
Sejwan chicken; Maria for being such 
geek in Adv. Bio, you're gonna make it 
med school; Trina for prom, being • 
hyper, i need my shirt! "; Kathryn W. fi 
being so whiny ; Kristen for talking ever 
day after school; Carey about guy prol 
lems and saying wassup; Colleen - you'i 
simply the best; Emily for lettin me sic 
the seat and being related to Mr. Ullmani 
Grid for the awesome threesome; Me, 
Mer. and Krista for being "neat"; Lora 
for all those talks and being a best frieni 
E.K. for being a riot: Heeb for being a re 
geek; Nathan - Wachu laughin at!?: Jim f< 
takin steroids; Aaron - thanx for redefi 
ing the word geek, all the names you 'J 
given me, the whip, being a snake, rij 
ping all my shirts, rippin me everydaj 
geekthang - Tokyo and Bangladesh i 
gether now you know you in trouble, I 
making geek classes the best - they are 
the same without you; Fluke for alwa 
taggin up with geekstle. being so rac 
bandwagon and a snake, stickin w 
French V. you two can't touch us in bh. 
Corey - for all the trashtalkin; Scott I 
being a Trojan and the parties; Donn\ 
thanx for the stogeys. Matty for X-C a 
being the next L. Bird; Johnny - thanx f 
lettin me copy you, Asians rule. Stevi 
MIT rocked until Doshi came, parties 
the Sandpit, and 4 kick ass X-C seasor 
Gilbert for the D.donut - Bell runs, sneak 
in Lex. Club, lame French projects, Bilk 
and NY; thanx to the X-C team for mak 
this year the best: Barry, Rag. Pollyfa. 
Yung-En, Yung-Tsyr, Gearbox. Aarc 
Pete. Pat. C. Carvey, Amanda and Sara 
Deb, Caroline, good luck next year! Cho 
- we've had the best times, thanx for 
the B.Bell runs. NY was the best. Man 
liftin at the Club. Plvmouth was awesor 
and so was the HANDOFF at Duxbu 
gettin Naveen a little more than bug, 
playin bluff all night, the buggy pirat 
Concord hill, and the long talks about 
our problems, thanx for everything, ke 
in touch; Naveen - thanx for being in 
my classes for four long years and get 
the same grades - 1 wonder why. thanx 
sharin the same problems, slackin a 
savin f-it!. for being the biggest reve 
boy and rationalizer with me, Ind 
accents, hockey, playin football all nij 
instead of the French project. Plymoi 
was the best with Chockdude, bluff 
night. Renee jokes, Billy J, NY. Man 
almost quittin X-C but making it the bt 
4 great years of tennis, quittin w. tn 
with me. talkin about everything, and 
list goes on. Thanx and good luck to 
rest of '95. Finally, I want to thank God 
getting me through and thanks to D 
Mom, and Michelle for your support a 
for putting up with me for all these ye; 
Future Goals: To be successful at wli 
ever I do. mass produce stogeys. open 
the world's largest Gold's gym. see Navi] 
get real buggy, and just to be happy ; 
nave fun the rest of my life. 

Carla Grace Inferrera 

175 North Road 

Activities: Varsity Basketball; V 
sity Softball 1,2.'3.4; Marching Band 
Spanish Club 1,2,3; Latin Club 4; Legi; 
tive Committee 1,2,3; S A D D 3; Choi 

168 Senior Thanks 

tanks to: My family (Mom, Daddy. An- 
ony. Gina) all of you played an impor- 
it part in my life. Thank you so much, 
love you all! Nonna and Nonnu, God 
less you both. All my other relatives, 
ve you all. Kelly and Eileen, We've 
en through so much together that it's 
possible to write it all down. We've 
irned a lot from each other and I hope 
I keep on learning. Linda, you could 
vays make me laugh and cheer me up. 
ith our senses of humor combined could 
ep us laughing for hours. I'll never 

get the times we've spent "YO-HO 

rk Helmet." Lexie, you've always been 
ere for someone to talk to, thanks so 
ich. I'll visit next year!! Basketball and 
ftball teams. Tara. Kim. and Krissy, you 
,ys are great to play with, we always 
|ve so much fun "COKE!!" 
leresa(MacDaddy), you are so full of 
lergy, always wanting to learn more 
d become better at what you do. Keep 
cing questions. You'll find someone, be 
;ient! Geri P., you're like the younger 
:er I never had. Thanks for putting up 
■ h me, you are a great addition to the 
;ms. Keep it up! Mrs. Sullivan, Mr. 
lson. Boot. Steve, and Miss Barry, you 
ws are the greatest. I've learned so 
ch in the past four years and I owe a 
j of it to you guys. (And Steve, thanks 
( always having something to talk about! ) 
i Haley, I'm so glad you became a part 
i he high school staff. You've made a lot 
changes, a lot of positive changes. I'm 
jina miss the way you run things. Just 
nember that I can knock you out in 2 
k me hittin' you, you hittin' the floor! 
| Hanson, I'm so happy we both played 
t same sports. I have the utmost respect 
[ you and always will. I know I can 
aays have a straight out talk about 
i thing with you. That's what makes 
)i different, you're no BS-er. Love and 
tnks. Ro. Roey-bear. wa'sup man, peace, 
hnks for tolerating my disgusting hab- 
i my dirty mouth, making fun of you 
ristop. Romance in France eh Roey! We 
f yed great together, thanks for keeping 
ri on my toes. Stoneham girls and par- 
es and Mr. and Mrs. Marinelli. 
Csholmhead. we've known each other 
Fta good 4 years, but to me it seems like 
f!;ver. I'm glad we always had classes 
['fther (except for this year) and were 
E to talk and have fun. Thanks for 
p/ing some great football and good 
Ik in the future with whatever you do. 
I',' girls, you know who you are. US 
kory II class. Michelle P. you're gonna 
be to learn to buy your own gum! Matt 
fGreg C. Jeff S., Carter L., Eric K., for 
ji being the guys! Especially Matt and 
Gg, we were Tike the three musketeers. 
» did everything together. I'll never 
R;et our childhood, there's so much to 
a ember and to hold on to. Love all you 
gs! Hard-core monoply games, Naked- 
ly ed. Springs Brook, Wedgewood, or 
ji cruisin the town on our bikes. Mike 
Vwhat can I say. are the KING!! 
1\ are the sweetest and nicest guy 
aind. I wish you all the best. Neil, do 
still have the gatekeeper game? 
T:nks for the times at your house and 
it hanging out together. Aaron, GNC 
always five, vou got nothing to worry 
a; at! Matt G. and Nick Defino (QUEST). 
M G.. back in the days I'm glad you 
d ended on me for someone to talk to. 
V' re a great guy. Johnny, where do I 
b n? 6th grade homeroom when you 
ci plimented me on how I smelled good? 

th grade graduation and I was your 
'ie?" or just your overall character. 
V 've always been so sweet and caring 
ai I appreciate it so much. I hope you 
kJiv I do. I feel like you'll always be 
tr i for me and vice-versa. Love you lots 
ail I'll never forget you! Mark, thanks for 
le ing! (only kidding). We are very good 
fr ds and I hope we always will he. I 

1 always talk to you about anything. 
Tl iks for all the times we hung out 
(other. Jeremy Nash. Mickey Mickey 
Mlse, Mickey Mickey Mouse! Gina C, 
gi me Fridays DAMMIT! Wendy, we're 
tr* ds who've been through A LOT. So 

many memories, good and bad. You can 
always count on me for someone to talk 
to. Love you babe. Flag Squad and Band 
Pully, Kristin H., and Dina. you guys are 
great to talk to. "I can feel my ovaries!" 
Keep smiling. The Targeteers. Becky V., 
you're like my identical rwin I never had. 
Never lose your crazy sense of humor. 
Denn'is. we've known each other a long 
time, I think we're blood! Thanks for all 
your love and support. Keoni. we've 
been together a short time, but I hope it 
lasts a long time. You've made me very 
happy! To all the people I may have 
forgot, you all have touched my life in 
some way. Good Luck to everybody! 
Future Goals: College, play softball till I 
die, become a lucrative CPA, live in a log 
cabin overlooking the mountains. Maybe 
get married, maybe have children. Be- 
come an opera singer and whatever else 
I want to be. Be nappy and grow old 

Adelle Johnson 

9 Franklin Dr. Tyngsboro MA 01789 
God, Mom and Dad, without your sup- 

Cort I couldn't have got this far. My 
rother T-Bone, for making all the mis- 
takes that I wouldn't make but still made, 
and Ruby and April. I love you all. Mookie 
Madness, we've been through a lot. The 
van and the 357 was a nice experience. 
I'll never forget it. You're always in my 
heart no matter what. Remember I'll al- 
ways love you. Bryant, thanks for the 
speech, and the summer fair and not 
telling anyone and keep brushing your 
teeth, love ya. Key-Lo-Lo. the Hookups, 
Weston, dorms, lies, rumors, the fights 
with the tricks at our school. B-ball games, 
Mo, Tiger, you, me Sat., Sun, church 
Managing you in singing, living next door 
to each other, stay away from my man old 
dog Larenz Tate, you know to keep in 
touch. I love your stankin' booty. C-ya big 
nips, and pubes from camp. You're my 
best friend. Duane Martin's mine, Hee. Jo 
W. for having the best looking legs. 
Cheerleaders, thank you. Latanya, you 
were the first friend I met when I got 
here. We broke apart through the years, 
but I'm glad we got the chance to become 
close friends again. Perino. girl. There are 
so many things to talk about. We got to 
know each other in Driver's Ed, all the 
chats were good yet evil. Love you KIT. 
Tim, for having a nice body for a white 
guy. Thanx for my twin and Antwon. 
Brendan, my pinkie pal. 4 summers ago 
could've been but didn't, but what did 
was good, and now I know your lips 
aren't chapped. Don't forget Fred and 
Penelope. Love 4EVA. Genja, let's float 
Joseph. Base boys, Odie, Chris. Maurice. 
Chris, take your time on who you stick it 
with. James. Rich for the funniest guys 
I've met besides Martin Lawrence. Pietchel. 
your hair and you're beautiful. Senior 
Metco girls, it was nice. Take care. Bar- 
bara, you're a trustworthy friend. I think. 
HA. Jajuanza Hashbrown, I'm with you 
now until football season is over, then I 
won't need you cuz you won't be known 
for anything. Just kidding. You still have 
to take me to Texas no matter what 
happens, you made the beginning of my 
senior year fun. Just remember, ain't yo 
mama pretty. Sweet sexy thang you. Boyz 
II Men is nice but not in the car. I love you 
always and I really was kidding about the 
beginning. Thanx to my family once again. 
I love you and even if I drop out of 
college you better still love me. Smile. 

Barbara Johnson 

57 Ridgeview Ave. Mattapan MA. 02126 
Activities: Gospel Choir 4; Spanish Club 


First and foremost I would like to thank 
God Almighty because without him none 
of this would be possible. Next I would 
like to thank my parents for always being 
there for me even though I didn't always 
agree I know it's for the best. I thank my 
sister for always being there when I 
needed her. Also my brothers Jay and 
David, my family downstairs Lillian. David, 

Amalia. and Marcus. I'd like to thank 
Jaqui and Rhea for being part of the three 
musketeers, even though we grew apart 
ya'll are still close to my heart. I want to 
thank Angela. Carlie, Natalie, and Marcell. 
my fellow METCO seniors. I also thank 
Adelle and Lantanya just for being crazy. 
I want to thank Akilah and the rest of the 
METCO bus (ya'll know who you are) I 
want to thank'all the Bedfordites includ- 
ing Steve (nosir). And of course the 
football team for finally winning a Home- 
coming and of course Bryant for taking us 
there. I want to thank Mrs. Parker for 
tiring to keep order. Iwant to thank the 
Bleckly Boyz for leaving, coming back, 
leaving, and coming back again and giv- 
ing all us girls heart attacks. I want to 
thank Haneef and Corey for always giv- 
ing me a good laugh like always getting 
called to the office every period. I want to 
thank all the former graduates and the 
graduates to come for giving me that 
extra push that I needed to go on. Iwant 
to thank all the teachers I've had for 
helping me even though I read or slept all 
through class. I want to thank Mrs. Metcalf 
and Mrs. Piantidosi for always being there. 
I want to thank every one I forgot to 
mention. And for those I am leaving 
behind, good luck but there never was 
and never will be one like me so don't try 
too hard!! 

Aarti Kapuria 

Clubs ana Activities: Drama 1 ,2,3,4; S.A.C. 
1,2,3,4; Science League 2,3,4; Band 1; 
APS 2.3.4; Spanish Club 1,2,4; Softball 1,2; 
Girls' State 3; NHS Treasurer 3,4: BGGB 
Pres. 1,2.3,4; 3am Club 4; Fun World 4. 
Thanks: First and foremost thanks to Ma 
and Papa for pushing me to do better and 
teaching me life. Bhaiya, for being so 
supportive and believing in me. I love all 
of you now and forever. Thanx to Nita 
and her family for being my second 
family. Thanx to Naveen and his family 
and the Chhabras for being an important 
part of my "growing up" years. (TE- 
QUILA!) And now for the class of '95: 271- 
0728, let me ' take to long, let 
me sum up: are you in my English? 
Beware of the leading man. Thanx for 
coffee, full moons, playgrounds, and An- 
tonio (among other things, course)! And 
thanx for. urn. I forget, cause you have 
the clue right now. Love ya! Craig. I will 
never forget you. Thanx for Advanced 
Chem (Hi. what's a mole?), calling me a 
true romanticist. Fun World, having great 
eyes, not knowing the words to Birds and 
Bees, et al. Above all, thanx for always 
being there when I needed you. Love ya! 
Carson, thanx for being Ego-Man. Renais- 
sance Man. and flowers in Biology. Got 
any coffee?!? Katie, are these Australian or 
Austrian Crystals? Quick. Cosmo, call me 
a cab! Ooh, acceleration! I hope he doesn't 
mato. (P.S.10 A 970)you're a great friend. 
Katharine, who's got the beat? ....Thanx 
for teaching me what international rela- 
tions really are. Angie. thanx for not 
knowing how to keep liquid in your 
mouth and smiling with oranges. Don't 
Snarf! My hair's still longer than yours! 
Jim, thanx for being the only pilot I know 
that can say more in one breath than I can 
in a week and for calling me Atari. Thanx 
also to Amita for being my favorite fresh- 
man no matter what grade she's in. Thanx 
to Mrs. Krueger s Adv. Chem '93-'94!!! 
Enthalapi forever. Thanks to those who I 
meet after the fall. Love to all! 
Future Goals: To be happy, lucky, suc- 
cessful, and without regrets living on my 
kumquat farm in India with a romantic 

Jennifer Kiger 

Activities: V. Cheerleading 1,2.3.4; V. Soft- 
ball 2,4. J.V. Softball 3: Drama Club 1,4; 
V.Soccer Manager 4; Prom Decorating 
3,4; Powder Puff 2.4: Hall Gym decorat- 
ing 2A4. Senior Thank you's: To my 
family: You guys are the best. With a 
military it is hard to stay together, but we 
managed, and we have always been a 
close family. I love you all, and thank you 
for putting up with my teenage phases. 

You taught me to be myself, and not what 
others want me to be. You guided me into 
the right directions, at times there were 
obstacles to go through, but we made it 
out all right. You have always been sup- 
portive of my decisions, or at least hear 
me out. You are truly my idols. Jeremy, 
thank you for being such a great big 
brother and a great friend. You're a great 
guy and a great listener. I love you Styles 
Amy: Boot Scoot'n' Boogie, Soggy French 
fry. Peanut butter and Puffs. Shaquill and 
Ralphie, Taco Bell and Tower Records, 
RUMORS, 16 tubes, 1st of July. Hakuna 
Matata, my roller-blades were stolen. 
Jarrod's b.b gun, Manaray at Hampton. 2 
hot dogs and 2 Pepsi's, Great Wall. Forrest 
Gump, gangster packs, NASIMBAJ. You 
are truly a great friend. Thank you for the 
TRIP to Nelson s I will never forget our 
summer of '94. I love you. Michelle. 
Megan, Sarah and Stacey F< >r making me 
a true part of '95. You guys are the best. 
Lunch was great, anyone up for sitting on 
the heater? Megan, Sarah and Stacey for 
hippie day '94. Brownie: you're a great 
friend. Thanks for all the SMART advice. 
Cancoon anyone? Dina. Wendy. Megan, 
and Danielle: Early childhood '94-'95. 
Trying to miss the bus. Wendy: for always 
being there for me. The weekend from 
hell, "Shotgun all weekend", the beach 
and your freezing waterbed Mike M: for 
being such a sweetheart. You truly de- 
serve the best in life. Jenny-Penny (J.P.), 
Aladdin, four pieces of pizza, and in the 
bathroom with our good friend Capt. 
Morgan. Aaron: Well it didn't quite hap- 
pen but I had a great time trying. Your 
friendship means a lot to me. Thanks for 
the summer chats about reality and rela- 
tionships. I love you!! You are the Best 
boy-friend I never had. Mikey: Fiv e months 
of waiting somewhat patiently. The Lion 
King. 25 grapes, bigfoot. eternity, sun- 
flowers, soccer, "cheeks and thighs", 
leaves, my dives, blue dress, massage 
sessions. Spooky World twice, "Hey, Hey. 
Hey", one big turn on. crusty bread with 
mayo, ice-cream, cough drops, bed-time 
stories, Buddy and Toby. Chip, Oct. 29. 
Sept. 3. lipstick, trip in the hallway. Russ's 
house (3 hours). Thank you for standing 
by me through everything. You're not a 
fool, just a sweet, hard-to-find guy. Don't 
forget the cabin with candles. Sweet- 
thang. Kerry and Cindy: You two are the 
best. Thanks for the memories in Myrtle. 
HI KERRY. Funk-e Fresh. Doing nails in 
the basement?. Riding horseback on a 
cotton cloth. Cyndi, the soccer games, 
babysitting at my house, an dour little 
wants and needs. I love you both. Col- 
leen: For the great friendship my junior 
year. The camping trip. "911" (drowning 
in the river). Myrtle beach, dacquiries. 
"Lammy-Whammy". prom night. Phone 
Dud, Buc to my rum. coffee ice cream. I 
wish you the best. Perino, Adelle and 
Jaqui: Thank you for your constant friend- 
ship and advice. All of you will go far in 
life with your spirited attitudes. Thank 
You. I love You. Matt H: for all of the 
memories, both good and bad. Lantern 
Lane, hickeys on the forehead, monkey 
bites, Ms, the Satellite, Aladdin on Ice, 
hockey games, souveniers from Myrtle. 
Fox arid the Hound, and Christmas (Ty). 
You will always have a very special place 
in my heart. Best of luck. I love you. Greg. 
Eric, and Jeff: for lunch my junior year, 
sippin on Jennie's juice, daddy's sand- 
wiches, and making me "one of the guys." 
Jarrod and A.D.: The runs to the border. 
Tower Records. Water Country, my base- 
ment. Hampton. "Thanks but no thanks" 
island, manarays, dressing up in my clothes 
and 90210. Will: Sexy, your bedroom wall, 
our little chat in your room, ice-cream 
fights, chocolate frappes, showering .11 
Colleen's house, and seductive looks. You 
are one of the most gorgeous guys in 
Bedford. Russ: our studying sessions, PJ. 
U.S. History and my breathing techniques. 
Shaun: "HEY". U.S. History 1 and 2. Ge- 
ometry, EASY SNOB, farts, and "he doesn't 
deserve me" Lisa M.. Suzanne. SSSBecky. 
Johnny. Jason, Rich. Beth, Carev. Julie A. 
and S.. Eric G.. Jessica D.. Kelly. Carla. 

Senior Thanks 169 

Gina, Nick D., Bobby H., Corey, Tommy. 
Jackson. Emilio, Adam C, Dan. and of 
course Lynn Mee. Good Luck lo the class 
of 1996. 1997 and 1998. 
Future Goals: To attend college, own a 
day care center, eventually work for 
juvenile deliquences, and to become a 
wonderful wife and mother. And to live 
life to my fullest desire. 

Maria Koen 

392 Great Road 

Activities: Field Hockey 1,2,3,4; Tennis 
1,2; Cheerleading 1; Spanish Club 2,3,4; 
Latin Club 3; SADD 2,3,4; National Honor 
Society 3,4; Nun Tree Runs 2.3; WOOPS 
3; Rica Riding 3. 

First and most importantly I thank my 
heavenly father forgetting me this far and 
for giving me everything that I have. 
Thanks to my family for putting up with 
me. and supporting me through lite. Mom. 
thanks for teaching me what's important 
in life, and for making sure I stayed out of 
trouble, te quiero mucho. Daddy, thanks 
for being the proudest father in the world, 
and always believing in me. Nancy, thanks 
for being the best older sister a girl could 
have, for Thanksgiving at Denny's, the 
cruise, for letting me borrow your clothes, 
and for all our childhood memories. Katie, 
thanks for being my best friend for 10 
years, and for always being there for me. 
Thanks for our \ ac ations - Cancun '92 and 
''i V >ik Beach, and Papuse Pond. Don't 
ever forget sleding, the mutent. The Aqua 
Lounge (chemical free high). The Drink- 
ing kids, snowstorm sleepovers, crank 
calling (opi one kanope). and most of all 
for telling off fro monster. Liana (local I'm 
gonna miss you so much! Thanks for 
N.Y.C. , Ferry Beach, Nantucket, Club 
Fed with B.M., week day sackouts, Let- 
tuce Lips, The Children's Place, and 
haenous pictures. Tobey. thanks for be- 
ing a total riot, formal going 2,3,4. late 
nights "Carmine?" KOJACK. bleh and blah, 
mobile trips - Jughead "Hi Sharlene" 
"Feelin kinda warm in the Caratch Area!" 
Freak Virgin, Blueberry Morning and fro- 
zen vegtables, "I don't want any part of — 
s world," "Hey guys there's a light show" 
WOOPS - "want an arrowroot?" You're a 
riot. Good Luck, I hope you get every- 
thing you've dreamt of. Pietchel thanks 
for being my partner - Bert. Lavern, etc. 
Sophomore year was the best: fake fights, 
breaking and entering, "All I wanted was 
my nylons off," Don't ever forget York 
Beach '93 RHYTHME & BLUES our dream 
guys. Casper "you two on the boat now!" 
pumpkin stealing '93. Ho-Ho-Ho Steve 
Miller Santa Clause. Thanks for being 
someone I could cry to. Pizzeria Lino and 
Lugi talks. Billy Joel 1+2 (security guard) 
"I let it air dry," (Mike is in the house!). I 
love you Pitch and I'll never forget the 
times we've shared. Here's to many more 
good times. Geary, thanks for being like 
a sister to me, for putting up with my 
attitudes, and getting depressed with me 
- our 5 room Hat. Don't ever forget junior 
high memories. Cape Cod "it's just a roll 
of the die" Maximus and Maximillian, and 
the Jr. Prom. Next year UNH, were hunt- 
ing down R.L. like a dog. Jen B Good, 
thanks for being a true friend, for being 
my Italian Disco buddy, Crazy Jane, 
Babson. and freshman boys! Corky, thanks 
for being a sweetheart, accutane talks. 
Hull, "I was rock hard," partying 10th 
grade and for being Thelma. Sarah, thanks 
for being the strangest kid I know, Legos, 
Walden Pond. 8th grade mall rats, J. W. 
and for the rockers. Dani for neighbor- 
hood memories - the Richie Valensuelo 
family, Mr. Busdriver, and hiding in the 
tree, DARREN. Michelle, thanks for Joe 
Conte, never showering, and for being a 
stalker. Meg, thanks for Friendlv's - 2/1/ 
2 inch peaks, 2D wheasing, CHA-CHA- 
CHA, crazy bus, Boffa dreams", nun tree, 
Littia "absolutely not, and umm ohhh" Al 
(Kelly), thanks for medical exploring, 
twin schedules, stressing together, and 
for Kelly obsessions. Dibble Wha-Wha. 
thanks for Papa Gino's. Reading for Col- 
lege (6,6,24). Gina. thanks for the Didi, 
Rica Riding in Harley. Rap around! Stacey, 

thanks for stealing your mother's car. 
Beth thanks for the 1960s. Genja, my little 
German friend, thanks for Hull, getting 
kicked out of bars, and rolling down the 
sidewalk. Thanks to all the guys for 
making high school fun. Trojans for never 
thinking we were beat and late night 
movies. Yang, thanks for the 1:00 am 
phone call. Princeton Review (we got 
ripped ofD. Donny, thanks for playing 
football this year, letting me trash your 
bathroom, and breaking the record (7 
shots). Scott for partying at your house 
and Dwyer for attempting to get into 
Harvard with me B Tempos rule!, E.K. for 
Taco Bell runs. Carter for Jr. semiformal 
and being the only guy who isn't afraid of 
Juanita. Greg for our handshake, math 
and physics help and for throwing me 
into Springs Brook. Gilbert for the Jr. 
prom and Fanuel Hall. Robinson for 
your family pictures, being the sandman, 
and summertime o 'in ci ts 1 lansen, thanks 
t')i ( .liters house. Also thanks to Adam 
and Sewon. And thanks to Jeff. Aaron and 
Neil for Halloween '94. Melly, thanks for 
keeping in touch, crisis woman "Don't — 
— with my bunnies," Thanks to Julie for 
being the biggest Bedford wanna be. 
Boffa for knowing every 1980s song by 
title and artist - gotta go bye. Thanks to 
anyone else I forgot its been a blast! 
Future Goals: To graduate from medical 
school, become a doctor and work side 
by side with Alba, marry a professional 
baseball player, make lots of money, 
have lots of beautiful children, and to 
never lose my faith or my high school 

David Kern 

21 Hayden Lane 

Activities: Soccer JV 1,2 Varsity 3,4; Ten- 
nis JV 1; Athletic Trainer 3; Prom Decorat- 
ing 3.4; Hall Decorating 4; LEFTY 1,2,3,4; 
NFTY-NE 1,2,3,4; Homework N/A; Lunch 
1,2,3,4; Napping 1,2,3,4. 
Thanks to: First of all I'd like to thank 
Mom and Dad tor helping me over the 
years, for pushing me to get things done, 
and for putting up with me. Rachel, thank 
you for putting up with me. Thank you for 
letting me think I'm right when you know 
you are. You may think you're smarter 
than me but you're wrong 1 1 think 1 ) Brian, 
thank you forgetting me into vour kind of 
music, taking me to all those Bruins 
games and concerts, being a friend not 
just a brother, and introducing me to 
college life. Muffy, thanks for being a 
fluffy cat. I love you all!! Traci (Beautiful ) 
thank you for spending so much time 
with me. Those were the best 6 months of 
my life. You really changed my life. 
Thanks for all those special, wonderful 
memories like the Aerosmith concert, 
Canobie Lake Park, Winter- Wonderland, 
Conclavette at the Kil's house, Junior 
Prom, the NFTY-NE events we went to 
together, Lauren's Party, all out 3 hour 
phone conversations, "Totally '80s," our 
birthdays, all the rest and hopefully many 
more to come. Josh, thanks for all those 
crazy memories. "The OREOS are fall- 
ing!!", "GRENADE!!!", "Otowatatoniachow," 
that midnight swim in the winter, wearing 
tuxedos to a pizza joint, the dog attacking 
the punching bag, and all the rest I forgot 

Thump. .. AAARAAR.... Splash Jake, 

thank you for being exactly like me. Just 
remember all the cool things like the 
Aerosmith concert with Traci, Sue, Hadas, 
and Caroline. "O.K. mister ... poopy pants." 
"Rex!" Don't ever let a 220 pound dog 
whip his head around near you, you 
know the consequences. Skiing 
Sn< >wb( larding at Winter- Wonderland was 
awesome. Singing to all the songs on the 
radio when we were in the car. The mice 
in bunk 20, and everything I forgot. Sue. 
I'd like to thank you for being so nice to 
me, for letting me tickle you, for being 
there for me when I needed to talk to 
someone, and for so many other things. 
Thanks for all the memories. Kramer, 
thanks for the awesome times in Israel, 
the awesome time moshing at the Hel- 
met Rollins Band /Sausage concert, talk- 
ing for about 3 hours up at the school. 

hosting Tomer at your house so I could 
see him all the time. The five of you are 
the best friends anyone could ask for. I 
thank you guys for always being there for 
me. And all my friends in NFTY-NE that I 
couldn't write "I love you all!!!" Errol and 
Eugene, thanks for making illegal things 
fun. Remember how immature we were 
at Hebrew School, well we still are!! I bet 
I could still beat you in pool and at car 
racing! Don't forget the Aerosmith and 
Green Day concerts, those 50 - 100 mile 
bike trips we took before we had cars, "I 
shoot fire!!", and all the other crazy things 
we did. Levine. thanks for all the memo- 
ries we have of Israel, the sunrise on top 
of Masada. the pick-up basketball games 
in Israel, the time we went skiing at 
Wachusett, playing pranks, giving me 
free food at Chadwicks, and all the rest. 
Miller, don't forget all the times we re- 
corded our version of SNL, all the NFTY- 
NE events we went to, playing soccer in 
your backyard, biking at midnight, climb- 
ing on the roof of Diamond, playing 
pranks, driving around pointlessly at mid- 
night, being immature at Hebrew School, 
and everything else I forgot. Cara, I bet I 
could have made honors if I had a better 
grade in chemistry. Thanks for all the fun 
times we had in Nantucket. Hawaii. Ja- 
maica, the great views in The Cayman 
Islands. Vienna, and Hebrew School. Jer- 
emy, thanks for being there and helping 
create all the memories we have of the 
bike trip. "Anne, Jeremy just rode his bike 
off a cliff!", the exciting soccer games we 
had, the times we went skiing. Boy Scout 
Camp, our wonderful science classes, our 
chemistry video, and all the crazy things 
we did together. Craig, do you want to go 
to Taco Bell? Thanks tor going skiing with 
me every Friday night, racing our remote 
control cars around your track, and all the 
other stuff we did. Eric (Wayne), thanks 
for the usual Monday morning talks about 
SNL. how the Bruins are better than the 
Canadiens, music, and for being a friend. 
Mrs. Jordan, thanks for guiding me through 
the past two years. You've been a big 
help! It's been fun working with you. To 
all the people I couldn't write to and that 
helped me over the years, I thank you 
and love you. 

Future Goals: To go to college and get a 
degree in Vet. Medicine or Psychology, 
buy the car I've always wanted (Porsche 
911 Carrera), get season tickets to the 
Bruins, and marry a woman I love, have 
kids, and live a happy, enjoyable life! 

Eric Kovall 

18 Fox Run Road 

Activities: Track 1,2,3; Varsity Baseball 
1,2,3,4; Varsity Football 1,2; Varsity Bas- 
ketball 1; Captain of Nintendo team, Team 
Hot Wheels #1, Taco Bell Posse 4-life. 
First of all, thanks mom and dad for 
always backing me in whatever I have 
w r anted to do, whether it was with your 
money or your love. Matt H. Boom Kid? 
Don't forget who gave you your first 
Beastie Boys tape. Tell your kids to be 
stranger than the next guy. Greg, remem- 
ber \\ hen I fell out of the canoe. I hope 
you become the next Mcgyver. Aaron, 
you're the stingiest person hut that's cool. 
You will have bankage in the future. Neil, 
canoe camp rocked back in the day. I 
hope you don't go bald because you will 
lose your style points. SLUG! you're the 
slowest person on the soccer team. SORRY. 
T-dog, thanks for the rides everywhere 
around town. Mike "lick peanuts", thanks 
for pulling backscratchers with me at 
Wacnusset. Earl, farmers field was the 
best to go BMXing. I hope you're a 
plumber so you can clean out peoples 
pipes. BOOGER have fun next year in 
BHS Don't sell guns. Adrian and Jared, 
you guys are the biggest punks and I 
LOVE THAT. James, rip wheels in the I- 
ROC. Haven Roka you will be king of the 
city, keep droppin the AEO night as- 
saults. Trojans are the toughest guys. 
Gilbert, thanks for breaking all my toys. 
We were best pals, don't forget me. 
Nicole and Lindsay, thanks for being true 
friends. I love you both. You cheered me 
up during the bummer of my life. I 

consider both of you my best friend 
"does that answer your question ladic 
Class of '95 Ladies, Michelle C. and 1 
Maria, Sarah, Sharlene, Kate, Stac 
Courtney. Caroline, Jen, Danielle. Dribbl 
Anyone I forgot I AM VERY SORR 
There are many names and not enouj 
money in my account. Tabor. Kim . Abb 
Greg D., Lisa H. SSSSS. I hope you all w 
remember me because I will do the sam 
Oh yeah, the next person to buy a Mu 
tang is a loser and will get shot whi 
doing a lap around McDonalds. 
Future Goals: To marry a blond with bh 
eyes, move to Malibu, hang out on 
beach and drink strawberry daquirii 
and open my own taco franchise. 

Jens T. Kullmann 

6 Saran Ave. 

Activities: French Club 1. 2; Science Ch 
2, 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; S 
Team 3. Captain 4; Track 3; Athlet 
Training 4; Emerson Hospital 3 
McDonald's 3, 4. 

Thanks to: First of all I want to thank n 
family for believing in me. I want to thai 
my mom and dad for putting up with n 
(sometimes) crazy ideas; my brothi 
Bernd. for being there when I needi 
you even though at times you were a rt 
pain. I want to thank all my teachers tli 
I've had throughout my four years f 
challenging me and making the class 
interesting. A special thanks to M 
Lohrum for being a great counsel 
Thanks to all my classmates and friem 
Ron B. and Jeremy T. for discussii 
English tests (those things were ridic 
lous). Dave K. for playing, full-conta 
indoor soccer during Gym class. "Twinki 
for being a lunch buddy and alwa 
eating my "chocolate bread" Eric i 
you've got to stop throwing apples 
Gym class ( ha-ha!! ). Michelle C for bei 
a studv buddy for Vocab. tests Thanks 
my fellow McDonald's employees Ch 
R. and Jeremy N. for making the ji 
bearable. Thanks to Pete for being t 
best athletic trainer on earth. To r 
coaches and teammates for making tl 
year's Ski season awesome. To the V, 
sity Girl's Soccer Team for letting r 
come to your games as a trainer. I adm 
all of you for your hard work. Keep up t 
F&F girls. Thanks to all the Juniors. Soph 
mores, and Freshmen, and anyone el 
whom I forgot to mention. 
Future Goals: To graduate from colle 
and get a job in the hotel/restaurant fie 
(besides McDonald's). To find the rk 
girl and to have fun. and to be sucess 
in life. 

Carter Lanoux 

Activities: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Lacrosse 1.2.3 
Track (indoor and outdoor) 1,2.3.4: V< 
leyball 1 .2.3. 4: 1 lac kv Sack 3.4; Hot Whe 
4; Taco Bell Posse life; Cheese Rolli 
1,2,3,4; Colecovision - high score C 
bage Patch Kids. Kickball 1,2,3,4. 
Thanks: Thanks to my parents, family, i 
sister, my animals, and all of my frien< 
I would sincerly like to acknowled 
everyone that has been there for n 
contributed to my life, and helped i 
out. Thanks to everybody for whaling 
me in their thank-yous. my teachers a 
all who I may miss, although I will ne> 
really forget you. I only have twei 
minutes to write this before Mr. Rina 
leaves, so I cannot remenice over all I 
hilarious incidents from over the ye 
and this could be funny, but sorry I j 
slammed Kov all down on the keyboa 
To those I've li >ved. everyone, my frien 
I'll always love you. 
Future Goals: Just a few - to have a re; 
good time and live on a remote isla 
with large native women feeding 
exotic fruits. 

Kate Leary 

89 Page Rd. 

Activities: Field Hockev; Swi 
ming 1,2; Track 1.2.3;' Choir 1: Sh 
Choir 1.2,3,4; Madrigal 2.3.4; Dou 
Sextette 2.3.4; Musical Dra 
Club 1,2,3, VP 4; Student Governm 

170 Senior Thanks 

ssembly 3. Moderator 4; French Club 

hanks to- My parents - you are alw a\ s 
j supportive of everything I do and 
ncourage me to do my best. To Nana for 
eing great and buying Applejacks, both 
hucks for knowing every obscure fact, 
rid Ally. To Caroline for being the coolest 
ttle sister ever. You are my best friend, 
rid we understand each other so well! 
hanks for being a frog, over-explaining, 
wking like me. being slow, renting vid- 
as. and buying Doritos. I will miss you so 
mch! Joanna, you are a cool little sister's 
iend. though fickle, and so are you. Liz. 

Katie. Lora. and Michelle for our 
eshman Foursome days! Never forget 
in-can. Medusa photos, frogman. Dunkin 
omits, and Hampton pictures! Katie - 
>u had the coolest hair in kindergarten! 
hanks for letting me ride your trolley 
id making middle school bearable. Why 
en't we moving? Watch out for color- 
langing Skittles, and keep laughing! 
ichelle - thanks for the Musicals, espe- 
allv Mame! We had some great times. 
ti sorry we're not so close any more, 
iways talk weird, and never fake hyster- 
s! To everyone I've ever played Field 
ockey with, especially the Seniors. I had 
great season. The twelve of us worked 

• well together - I'll miss you! Kristin - for 
m talks you were my savior so many 
nes! This year was incomplete without 
ir shared class! Andrea - for annual 
inkee Red Sox games with the Dads, 
mmer swim team rivalry. Camp Fire 
rls. shared tallness.. . we've been friends 

ir a million years, and you've always 
en there for me. Katharine - for sum- 
its since pre-adolescence. post swim 
im practice talks, shindigs including the 

| sisters. Carvey girls, etc.. . loving for- 
>n guys, sorry about the little lunch 
jm explosion last vear! This summer 

(isn't the same without you! Lauren, 
u're a great person at the snack bar and 

- FH car pools. Sarah Carvey. you are 
e funny girl and thanks for laughing at 
■ lame-o jokes, Megan, you're great to 
ng with, too! Christina - you are a 
mderful friend, and I thank you for 
.Gs. French Projects, et letting me kill 
therine. Hall of the Mountain King 
es! Eileen - we continue to brave 

• tain classes together. I'm glad I met 
•j. be strong and we will surv ive! Chris 

>r the bus stop. Madrigal, being such a 

1 xl sport about my cruelty as a fresh- 
i n, helping me vent my evil feelings. 
; 1 being a great guy! Cara Mac - You are 
t;r so cool! Your endless stream of 
i shes never fails to amuse me. Crossing 
I Bridge rules, you must get your act 
tether about book reports! Madrigal 
uild be horrible without you... have a 
{at time next year! Promise to lead FH 
ti winning season! Kristin - you are a 
. at girl, and you'll be a fantastic Captain 
r:tyear. I'm glad I got to know you from 
c pooling! Jen C. - for Ceramics and wise 
s Health remarks. Jen T. - For being my 
i l in first grade and for remembering 
e rything anyone ever said! You are 

V funny and a very great friend! Randi 

- r never coming over to my house to 
fv because you were too shy! I've 
rsed you in high school, but we can 
a ays watch movies! Sarah R - for Mame! 
^ i helped me so much with advice and 
jC'S about everything in those few 
n iths! I missed you this year! Stephanie 
-lysics Rules! You are a cool girl! Lisa - 
Pjsics was rad. and you are a great 
p son to share the bus with for a million 

V "s! Genja - you are a funny girl, and I 
[I ik you for sharing your bananas with 
n Sharlene - I had so much fun on the 
V ! trip discussing Linda and just about 
e ything else! Thanks to Trina and 
E ly for being a part of the tall girl line 
u l chorus! Emily - vou are possibly one 
o le funniest people I've ever encoun- 
it J. Thanks tor moral support about 
Ou oices and for loving dances. Naveen 
-It being a lovely friend, dropping 
tfc^s in French. Youth Chorale, being 
viige. being tortured by Mike N., 
et You have helped me through this 

stupid year immensely. By the time you 
read this we will have MADE IT! Lora - 
I've missed you so much this year! Your 
moving made me realize how much I 
took our friendship for granted. We have 
so many memories and we are on the 
same wavelength! We must always stay in 
touch, be it through upside down station- 
ary or what! Thanks for that wonderful 
sophomore period of spontaneity. Beatles, 
Caramel Oatmeal Squares, Texas Brown- 
ies, etc.. .Thanks to trie entire Patino fam- 
ily for letting me hang out at your house, 
and introducing me to the joys of pork 
and tostados. John Paul, you're the best 
little bro I never had. and Rita the best 
older sis! Catherine - your friendship has 
meant so much to me! you are almost like 
,i sister after all. we have the same smile 
and the same mellowness! Even Flow, 
computer Family Feud, being Pretty Dis- 
gusting. Hanging at Hampton, calling 
people Crayola Crayons, Youth Ministry 
ski trip. etc. ..You have definitely made 
my high school years worthwhile. Good 
thing you befriended that Lora girl to get 
to be friends with me! Just kidding.. .the 
three of us had so much fun together. 
Beth - You are the second coolest kid in 
town - me being the coolest, of course! 
For illustrations of nicknames. Bizarro. 
take off. eh! Shut up. you hoser. jemenfou. 
sleepovers, including special ones, get- 
ting lost in Westford. the obligatory 

s cute! OOPS! I've had so much 

fun at shows with you and am amazed at 
your superhuman strength! I know just 
the guy for you - AK. You are a wild and 
crazy gal. and talking to you makes me 
cheer up! Hey, we've known each other 
for 12 years, through all our different 
friend phases we've remained friends! I 
like you. Beth! Mrs. Mclnnis - You are one 
of the kindest, most supportive people I 
have ever known. You have helped me 
so much with music and life! To Ms. 
Siegel. Mrs. McCarthy, Mrs. Rainis. Mr. 
Reynolds. Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Low. Mr. 
Barbas. and Mr. Spinosa for really caring 
about their students and making my edu- 
cation in Bedford worthwhile. 
Future Goals: To appear in a feature film, 
be president of something important t pos- 
sibly the L .S.). stay in touch with every- 
one I care to, surround myself with those 
I love, find my soul mate, live in California 
at some point, and w hen I die not to wish 
I had done more with my life. 

Tim Likosky 

552 Springs Rd. 

Activities: Soccer 1.2,3.4; Basketball 1, 2, 
3. 4: Baseball 1,2. 

I'd like to thank my mother, father. Crou- 
ton, and Bob. you've all been a big help. 
Bob, thanks for taking me into your 
house. I'm glad my mother married you. 
Thanks to the Perry family. Robson. and 
Antoine for all the summers, there's lots 
more to come. Carter for being mellow, 
chillin with me in Boston with Scott K.. 
fighting drugs and alcohol with me. Cohen 
for changing my tire at McDonald's E 
period, all your famous quotes, 'hot dog 
in a bun". Gerstel. the cheeseburgers 
downtown, macking with me. "bring some 
chips, and d< >n t h irget the c« >ke ". the day 
we went to U Mass Boston, we'll have 
more memories next year in college if we 
stay in Boston. Earl, for just chillin like 
me, baseball team. Fluke, the Bermuda 
Triangle, that night in Hampton with 
Aaron, the basketball rivalries in your 
driveway. Corey G.. soccer team, just 
being yourself, good luck with tennis. 
Guisti. helping me through soccer, good 
luck with you and Kelly, with the military, 
where you belong. Thanks to Brendan j.. 
Odeara. Cedric. chillin with me at Spar- 
row, hard next year. 
Marcel, playing pool w ith me. Dad. and 
Cameron in Cambridge, chillin down- 
town. Bryant, this past summer. D angelos, 
what a team we made, good kick with 
football. Adelle for being so big. Jacqui 
for dinner finally. Rhea for a great prom 
night. Latanya. for sophomore year. Tara 
for all the good times. St. Joseph's, don't 
tell John w hat we did that night he was 

gone. Kim. where s my birthday present?'. 
Kovall. the arcade in the hood, playing 
the gun game with the boyz'. Slug Jr.. Jaci, 
Adam and Yinnie for showing me how to 
play soccer at Frankie's. Rochelle for 
lifting weights with me. The Lion King. 
Coach Wilson for giving me confidence 
for next year in college. Laura for all the 
times we shared together. 
Future Goals: Become a history teacher 
and play soccer in college, move out of 
Bedford and into Boston where I've be- 
longed. Win the Atari World Champion- 
ships in Donkey Kong. 

Trina Limoges 

6 Page Road 

Activities: Student Government 1,2,3; 
Vice-President 1 ; Varsity Soccer 1 : Chorus 
2,3; Madrigal 3.4; Band 1.2: Musicals 
2,3,4; Spring Play 3: Tournament of Plays 
4; Drama Club 3.4; Double Sextette 4; 
Vice-Pres. of B.G.G.B. 4; 3:00 Club 4. 
Thanks to: Aarti. where to start? 
Prom... what? Summer of '94 - lots o' 
memories! Kumquats 4ever. thanks for 
sugar coating them when I needed it. Full 
moon, coffee, rain & best friends. ..'nuf 
said? Love ya Tiger Lily. I can never write 
enough THANK YOU's to you! You're 
always there. all I need to know is 3036. 
Don't forget me, okay? Chris - Grape Man! 
Hope you have 35 rubber bands, but 
you'll always be my best friend. Thanks 
for listening £4 talking about the impor- 
tant things when I don't. Remember Billy 
Joel - And So It Goes. Xanadu. TC Syn- 
drome & Chimabui live on. You always 
put a smile on my face or dry my tears, 
thanks for being there. But I know you 
just like my mother. Craig, my "fairly 
decent friend ". Is that against the rules? 
Thanks for caring & know ing me better 
than me. Katie C. - wave.wave. For being 
the sweetest friend I have, and for loving 
Singin' In the Rain. Alyssa - for your 
pen — , um, keys & friendship-. Don't let 
the Secret Society die. Jeezemcrow, I'll 
miss you. Jeffie - hi neighbor. For listen- 
ing to my problems. No blue funk or Adv. 
Chem. next year. Smile. I love ya. but I'm 
not converting to the big U. Benny - 
Sweetums! Remember I was your first 
stage kiss! Stop plaving in the woods w-ith 
Jeff. I m jealous. Emily - George! For 
putting up with me & 4th of July week- 
end. Nilla Wafers? Seven Keys was the 
best! For being a better friend than you 11 
ever know. Molly - Chicky monkey! For 
being weirder than me. Kate G. - For 
Mame cast party bonding (no more look- 
ing at the sunrise) Italian guys & being a 
great friend. Naveen - For teaching me 
Hindi, always smelling good, and pinches 
during "Foxtrot ". Philip - for trusting me 
& laughing at my dumb jokes. We're 
going to Casa Bonita. Rachel - Don't stress 
next year! You've had your limit. Thanks 
for listening. For Madrigal - even - single 
person. I love you guys! Bond Weekend 
rocked. To the best room - CO-leen. 
Michelly. Heather. Jen for great talks and 
memories. To Jen St.S. for Jolt & always 
making me laugh. Lisa L - for making the 
"new girl" at home, and helping me so 
much. You are the greatest friend. For 
Kate G., Sharlene, Jen. Alyssa and every - 
one else who got over there hate of me 
and became great friends. For the lunch 
table crew and Tournament cast - cheaper 
than naming everyone. Class of '94 - gone 
but not forgotten. Love you all - Sarah Ro 
for Mame, Psych & smiles. Can' - for 
friendship and other favors. Mary for 
"The Laugh" & being sweet. '94 cast 
Seven Keys - especially Dave - for having 
the best... key of all. Jason for cracking me 
up Ryan for making me laugh & listen- 
ing to be whine all summer. To Virginia - 
the friends I miss. Vicki - you are forever 
a part of me. even across miles, we're 
friends til the end. For my parents - 
thanks for living with me! You inspire me 
and I love you! For Annette & Matt. I miss 
you guys so much. FLA lives on. To Meme 
& Papa for teaching me love and strength. 
See ya Tuesday. Papa. I love you always 
For all those above, and those I'm too 

poor to mention (love that 1000 word 
limit). I'll miss you - but you're all in my 
heart and memories 

Future Goals: To make it into college, 
figure out what I want to do w ith my life, 
and spend the rest of my years happy 
with friends, family, and romantic hus- 
band on my kumquat partnership 
farm. First of all. I would like to thank the 
Almighty God for guiding me in the right 

Lisa Looney 

9 Jonathan Lane 

Activities: Field Hockey 2.3,4: Spring Track 
2,3,4; WinterTrack 3; Drama Club 1,2.3,4; 
Choir 1.2,3,4; SADD 3.4; French Club 
1.2,3; Spring Musical; Tournament 
of Plays 4. 

Thanks Mom and Dad for believing and 
supporting me. Kristen for your keen 
fashion sense and your crazy jokes. Chris- 
tina, I enjoyed running together. Jen. 
unassigned was fun. 3 Lisa tears. ROTC 
for treating me as a member though I'm 
not. Dave. Phil. Simon. Jew els. Stephanie. 
Trina, Ron. and Eileen for listening to my 
problems, and Shawn for dealing with my 
mood swings. Erica words would not be 
enough. LYLAS. 

Michael McAllister 

433 Concord Rd. 

Activities: Soccer JV l.V 2.3,4; Hockey V 
1; Lacrosse V 1,2,3,4; C 4; French Club 1,2; 
Latin Club 3; Gym Decorating 2.3: Prom 
Committee 3."*: The Boys 1,2,3,4. 
Thanks to: Hansen for being my best 
friend. Where do I start? The Goldrush. 
V.A.G.C. parties. That Girl at Water Coun- 
try - Geronimo! Your wrestling spirit. 
Midnight runs to Carolina's. Carlos, Buzz, 
Pelletiah. Alton Bay. Creepin, Natas 
Kaupas, Thurston Howell. That day when 
no one liked us. Kiss me I'm soapy! Bike 
patrol. Steph's party. How many people 
are in this group? Hockey. Run DMC, 
Oggie, Robo, B28. Getting beat up. Crash 
dummies. Skunks in Farmers field, TP 
parties. Keyhole guy. My Tutor, And 
mostly for giving me some of the best 
times of my life. Cyndi forgiving me more 
than you will ever know and for giving 
me the best two years of my entire life. I 
Love You. Porter for Winter Wonder 
Walks. Physics, Bev. Sledding. Kennie. 
Piggy. Prom. Trust, Friendship. And non 
stop laughs. Dugal for giving me even - 
thing. Lanoux for Mississippi Mud. Wanna 
make a movie? Big shower for a big boy, 
Tighry whitey s. Skunks at Fawn lake. 
Stogies. Straz, Thunder. Trooper. Lax. 
Soccer. Octoberfest, No dozin' here! BC. 
PB, Parties. And mostly for being a real 
friend. Cohen for Heeb shoes. Nicknames. 
Fiz wiz. Can I have a bagel?, Aerostar, 
Mackin tips. Shirley. Kid you wanna go 
play soccer? Georgios. Afros. Man" Lou. 
Water Lily. Vice Grip, Duke. Hot Wheels, 
Mustaches. Torque Converter Blades, Job 
stealing. Blues Bros. And for always con- 
sidering me one of The Boys. Sully for the 
prom. Tea. Party =1. BF. Earl. Hakuna 
Matahta. Hansen's glasses. Sticking your 
head in the kiddie pool. Stu Thompson. 
Never giving me a towel. Forcing me to 
get my license. Never getting yours. Don't 
sweat me.Walkie Talkies. And the Frisbee 
Fags. McGrath for the curse. Tempo. Bell. 
Alton, Parties. Booger. Prom season. Tho- 
mas Oakridge. YM, And some funny times. 
Gerstel for understanding. Being the =1. 
Youth Soccer. Megan's pool party. Crash 
Dummies. Generosity. Always laughing 
at me. Being my =1 fan. Being strong. And 
for being someone I respect and admire. 
See you in the Ivy Leagues! Flukenger for 
Alfonze. Better than the last time? Nickel- 
odeon. McKinley, And for being gor- 
geous. Kovall for boarding. Math. TB. 
Kovall be funny. And ziggy. Robinson for 
Dave. Seville. Stories. Sandman .Jello. 
Parties And for serious talks. Chisolm for 
math. Throw ing around the old pigskin. 
Lax. Carrying your books. Ed Grimley. 
Stories, Rumors. And especially for being 
someone I always looked up to. Dwyer 
forVern. Mr. Hogan.Vern's Tavern. Choco- 
late chip. I just can't make a funny. Trips 

Senior Thanks 171 

to Friendlys, Dot your i.Walden runs, 
Double dates. And advice. Someday we'll 
make it to Vegas. Yang for being Luv-ly, 
The Compton Cowboy, And the rest of 
the Trojans (Donaldson and Hartwell). 
Callahan for the Parker Parquet. Happy 
Days, Eddie, Lax. The belts (I own the 
layup bell), Baseball cards, Come from 
behind championships, The feather. 
Motown, Tim Martin, Nintendo, Wilbur 
Hicks, High Rollers. Wink Martindale. 
Buried maps. Rusty, Stickbail, And for 
being my first and best friend. The Imx 
Team - Lord for weight gadgets. Fanny 
packs, Nintendo Nuts, The Lord Dome, 
The Sumo, And for being one of my 
original friends. Chiocca for taking a lot of 
heat. Being strong. Putting your best into 
everything. And being a great person. 
Thoren for always being ready to talk 
Lax, And loving the game as much as I do. 
Kleekamp. Reid. and Mix for imperson- 
ations. Fox, CCR, Spinal Tap. Seeds. Big 
Hits, And loving to party. Coaches Schmitt 
and Goodwin for teaching me so much 
about lax and life. Believing in me. En- 
couraging me. Laughing. And tor pushing 
me to be the best player I could possibly 
be. The Soccer Team - Likosky for Pre 
season training. Tim Dog. ABD, And for 
being an awesome Captain. Gelormini for 
UUU, Coach Stuart, WWF, And baseball 
cards (I'll trade you my Boggs for your 
Raines) Guisti for being strong. Being 
there for a laugh & support. Soccer memo- 
ries, And for being genuine. Good luck in 
everything you do. To the Juniors -Sheflin, 
Katz, and the Ryans for being my best 
fans, Laughing at everything I said. And 
for being the only group with the same 
sense of humor as me. Coach W for 
pushing me to my fullest, Believing and 
trusting me. Inspiring me. And for teach- 
ing me about life. To all the girls - Pietchel 
for Heritage. Serious talks. Words of en- 
couragement. And funny times. Kiger for 
advice, friendship. And JP. Farrington for 
being my first crush. Memories. And mostly 
for being a great friend. Duda for Square 
Pegs, The barn. Horseshoes. And Sun- 
days. Slavin for Tuffy, Back seat. And 
Davis memories. Inferrera for being 100% 
genuine. And for being one of the best 
and strongest people I know. Higham for 
Ralphie Boy. Koen for CPCTC, Punk. 
Cronin for YM, Crowbar. Allain for a very 
memorable relationship. Puke Perry'. And 
for always smiling And \lbani, Tobin, 
Brown, Geary. Buxton. And Alba. Jaqui. 
Latanya, And Adelle. Boffa and Mclnnis 
for teaching and taking care of me. And 
always making me laugh. Maxwell for 
being the best. Ms. Bosak for always 
telling me anything is possible anil for 
always pushing me to be my best. Thanks 
for being a great teacher and an even 
greater person. To all The Lads in Ireland. 
To my Family - Pat and Denise for show- 
ing me so much about life. Ben for being 
yourself. Nat for being my absolute best 
friend. Nick and Joe for making me laugh. 
M & D for providing me with so much and 
being better parents than I could ever 
hope for. And thanks to anyone else I 
may have forgotten. Thanks for every- 

Jeremy Nash 

Activities: R.O.T.C. 1,2,3,4; Cadet Staff 
2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2.3.1; Drum Ma- 
jors^; Foreign Language Band 3.4; Spring 
Musical 1,2,3,4; Softball 2,3,4; Bowling 
1,2,3,4; Work 2,3.4; Targeteers 4; Madri- 
gal 4; Talent Show 4; Tournament of Plays 
4; District Chorus 4. 

First, I would like to thank my family: 
mom. thank for supporting me in every- 
thing I do; dad. thanks for being there to 
joke around and have fun with; and my 
little brother, Bryan, well, thanks for 
letting me beat on you for fourteen years 
- and for being a little brother. To the 
Armstrongs: for being my second set of 
parents, and to Loren: for being a big 
brother to me. To Dennis: for giving me 
a shot at that band 'thing': it's been an 
honor to make music with a person of 
your caliber -thanks. ToSSgt Brian Bishop: 
for letting me see what's available for me 

in the Air Force - 1 just hope I do as good 
as job as my father and grandfather. To 
Marching Band\W'ind Ensemble: I have 
really enjoyed playing music in that class, 
and I want to thank you for letting me 
lead and conduct you on the field - 
"Friends are friends forever . '. To Alex 
Brill: Thanks for letting me borrow your 
uniform; it fits perfectly!! To Jen St. 
Sauveur: thanks for being a great co- 
Drum Major; for as long as we've known 
each other. I knew we could do it. To 
LtCol. Campbell and Chief Braga: ROTC 
has given me many leadership skills - 
they will be very useful to me in my 
future. To S. Barbas\B. Reagan: for actu- 
ally trusting me to LEAD a BAND!! I m 
glad you had faith in Jen and myself. To 
B. Low: for letting me bug the heck out of 
you and still be friendly. I finally had time 
for one of your classes for my last year 
here!! To my teachers who have pushed 
me to do better: Mr. Palmer. Mr. Maxwell. 
Ms. Rainis. and last, and far from least, Mr. 
Sabourin - "Did you do your homework?" 
To the ROTC cadets: as far back as Jim 
Hagon. and up to the class of 1998. 1 have 
enjoyed working for you, working with 
you, or making you work for me. what- 
ever i he case may be. Thanks a million 
To the kids from the base: we may be the 
outcasts of this school, but where would 
this school, or Bedford, be without the 
base in their backyard? To John and Tom 
at McDonald's: thanks for landing me a 
job in approximately 2.583 seconds. To 
the Targeteers: I have enjoyed working 
with you all - continue the great tradition 
after us seniors leave. To POMS: for the 
continued support of the music program 
here at BHS - what you're doing is really 
great - please keep the torch going. To 
Chris R.: Good luck in boot camp; you'll 
be out bv the time this is in the yearbook 
- oh well - I'll see you in the Air Force 
soon. To Art: for inspiring me to do the Air 
Force Band of Liberty. To all of my 
musical idols: Kenny G. David Lanz. Aaron 
Neville. Michael Bolton, and Weird Al 
Yankovic (you look too much like me, 
except for the hair) To Jen and Jeff: 
"W'aiting on a Big Mac!!' To the Percussion 
section: Geary, Wolfy. Boomer, Simpson, 
little Nash, and Steiglitz - we rocked this 
year! - just keep getting better. To anyone 
else I may have forgotten (you know who 
you are): I'm sorry for not mentioning 
you, so this space is for you (lot of space, 
huh') And to the one person who has 
made everything in my lite and my family's 
life possible: God. Without you, it couldn't 
have been done. My deepest and most 
heartfelt thanks goes out to you. 

Friends are friends forever, if the Lord's 
the Lord of them, and a friend will not say 

never', cause the welcome will not end 
Tho' it's hard to let you go. in the Father's 
hand's we know, that a lifetime's not too 
long to live as friends." - Michael W. 

Future Goals: To become an active mem- 
ber in the United States Air Force, hope- 
fully go to college at UMass Amherst off 
an ROTC Scholarship and major in nurs- 
ing. If no scholarship is attained, then to 
become a Security Policeman (Law En- 
forcement), or become a member of the 
Aif Force Band of Liberty. To make the Air 
force a career, then retire from the Air 
Force with a lovely wife and two or three 
beautiful kids. Then I'll think about be- 
coming a cop in Downtown Kansas City 
in Missouri. 

F.milio Nazario 

To my parents, who've always been there 
for me through thick and thin for eighteen 
years of my life. Words alone cannot 
describe my feelings towards you both. 
Even though we went through very tough 
times, you know I still love y'all! If it 
wasn't for you guys, I wouldn't be here 
today. Gracias por todo. To my sisters, 
Lisandra and Alexis. We've been through 
a lot together. I hope both of you become 
somebody in this world. There's going to 
be a lot of people who are going to try to 
sidetrack you and take you down with 
them. Be careful. One more thing; never 

let a man take away your pride and joy 
because a lot of men out there only want 
one thing. I love you both. 
Para mis abuelas. Nana y Grandma. Yo 
estoy muy agradecido por tener dos per- 
sonas en mi vida que me amen mucho 
como ustedes. Ustedes me mostraron 
como dar amor y respeto a otra gente. 
Ustedes han tornado un pa pel importante 
en mi vida y para siempre. Tambien 
ustedes me han hecho recordarde donde 
soy y quien soy. Gracias por todo. Las 
quiero mucho. 

To my fourTiti's: Myrna. Lilly. Edith, and 
Meti. I love all of you. You guys have a 
place in my heart and always will. Thanks 
for everything. 

To my three favorite cousins: Liza, Mel- 
issa, and Lena. We've been separated so 
many times it's not even funny. It's going 
to be up to us to keep the family together. 
Don't ever forget that. I don't know what 
I would do without you girls! We are 
inseparable. We are Puerto Rican. 
To my friends at Bedford. I can't forget 
you guys. LaTanya. Marcel], Adelle. Jacqui. 
jim, Tom, Julie and anybody else I forgot! 
I'm sorry but I'm not rich ya know! 
Thanks for making my year at Bedford a 
phat one. Peace out. 
Last but not least, I want to give a big 
shout out to all the "Boricuas" out there. 
I have to say that I'm proud of my 
heritage and my people. "Que viva Puerto 
Rico!" I can't forget the Bronx either. Big 

OEileen O'Pray 

Activities: Tennis 1.2,3.4; Ladies' Golf 3.4: 
AFS 2,3,4; French Club 2,3,4; NHS 3,4; 
Musical 1,2,3,4; Show Choir 3; Tourna- 
ment Lighting 2,3.4; Science League 2,3,4; 
Advanced Chem 3; Chemistry Scouts 3.4. 
Thanks to: Mom for always being there 
for me. putting up with my messv room, 
and loving to shop. I wish I could be as 
nice and great a person as you are. Dad 
for always being wiling to help me with 
physics or offer - Dad's miscellaneous 
services'. You're the smartest person I 
know and I thank you for always encour- 
aging me to do my best. Both of you for 
staying up all those nights and always 
believ ing in me. I never thought I'd finish 
high school here, but we did it! Shannon 
for being a great LITTLE sister and always 
borrowing my clothes. I'm really going to 
miss you next year! Grandma for being a 
wonderful listener. Grandma, Grandpa, 
and Roxie, its been hard being away from 
you dudes, but I love you. Russo - pickle 
and gummi bear shopping at Costco, 
chugging iced tea, COMPLETELY negli- 
gible physics, illegal hacking. Muerte, 
and being my first triend at BHS. Kristin - 
bank robbing, our blue prom, bisou 
d'escargot. Man in the MOOOn. archae- 
ologist admirers, being so much like me. 
talking on the phone at any hour, and 
supporting all my adventures. Vive La 
France! Jen - thanks for listening to my 
Bluntschili (and others) stories, postcards. 
Thorn Birds (he's cute...), programming 
the HP. incredible memory, and being an 
awesome lady golfer. Aarti - sharing my 
birthday and checking out guys at de- 
bates and Perot rallies. Christina - football 
games, "borrowed" MGs. Big Nate - I'll 
aways look UP to you for your Amazon 
animals and groovy Vanagon. Michelle - 
Driver's Ed. Spinosisms (troika), musicals. 
Craig - Village People. Advanced Chem. 
Phvsics nicknames. F You! Katie -Clam- 
bake, Man in the Moon, surviving Poli Sci 
arguments. Kate - Malabar French video. 
Mame, G period naps. Katharine - AFS. 
gym. being a cheerful and understanding 
( if Democratic) friend. Lisa and Fiona - 
homeroom was a blast! Jim and Craig B. 
- You are physics gods! Thanks for giving 
me a clue. Chris - surviving Wally World, 
History, Village People. Stephanie - being 
a great neighbor and keeping me awake 
mornings. Yung-En - Harvard breakfast 
and Waterstone's. Jeannie for being a 
great doubles partner. Phil and Joey for 
always listening. Lora - morning adven- 
tures and exchanging "goods" — I miss 
you! Jen for being a great friend just 

across the street. Jen - Scrod ar 
Fishamajig. All my teachers, especial 
Mrs. Krueger for inspiration and adve 
tures in chemistry. Mr. Reynolds for e 
couragement in golf and unique politic 
experiences — Reynolds for President!. .\ 
Spinosa for memorable quotes and tl 
world's best (and hardest) history clas 
Thanks to Ms. Lohrum for always beii 
willing to listen and sharing many lunchc 
Thanks to anyone I haven't met vet ar 
everyone else at BHS. In the final anal 
sis, the past 3 years have been great! 
Future Goals: To reach 5'2". beat b' 
Reynolds at golf, and win the Nobel Pri. 
for pickle research. 

Christine Perino 

ActivitiesVice -resident 1 ,2; Cheerleadii 
2,3 captain 4; SADD 1,2,3,4; Spanr 
Clubl,2.3.4: Hall Decorating 4; Gym Dei 
rating 1,2,3.4; Prom Decorating 3: C 
chestra 1.2; Softball Manager 1 : Trojannet 

Thanks To: My parents, without then: 
wouldn't be who or what I am coda 
Thank you for always being there to gr 
me that extra push - no matter what 
love you. My sister Stephanie, to this d; 
I cannot thank you enough for protectn 
me. Cambridge fights!! You are the Ix 
sister in the whole wide world and I 
very proud to say that you are my sist 
Tooftairy!! Dina. thanx for letting me li" 
at your house, taking me on eve 
vacation. listening to me melt snow, 
know I'm beautiful ". and being the on 
other person who needs tp lessons. Y< 
are my best friend in the whole work 
don't forget it. Linda, for making n 
laugh. New Hampshire trips, sledding i 
no snow. "That didn't hurt ". Let me gue- 
take notes ", being my first friend, at 
dragging me and Jaqui down stairs, at 
talking to me after I puked in your lak 
Carla. 128 trips rule. I love old mt 
Thanx for having a phone that beeps li 
a time bomb, never getting caught, beii 
my president, and partying wi 
me.Westfield - here we come. Sharon t 
sharing boyfriends, getting me a jc 
Ummm hi!, the date with Josh that ne\ 
happened. Lexie. the first person to ta 
to me. swearing on my computer, the gr 
dog. country music, camp, and confidii 
in me. MY TROJANz. Matt, without y< 
life would have been boring. Thanks I 
walking me home, the Globetrotu 
game, "where am I", trying to be so smoc 
and for being just like me Love , i 

17 2 Senior Thanks 

Lisa Paschkewitz 

Thanks to: All my family for the endless 
support over the years. To Mom and Dad 

- thanks for guiding me in the right 
direction, for giving me the best set of 
values to live by, and for kicking me 
when 1 got out of line. I wouldn't be 
where I am today without you two. To 
|ohn - thanks for being such a great big 
brother, for leaving me your footsteps to 
follow, and for all the help you ever gave 
me. To Susie - thanks for being the little 
sister you are. I hope I've set an example 
for you; remember, follow your dreams, 
work hard, and you will make it to the 
Olympics Thanks to Brian Ipnolito and 
Eric Holt - you guys are the best, most 
inspiring swim coaches I've ever had; 
thanks tor pushing me beyond the limit 
and believing in me. Thanks to all my 
teachers. To Ms. Messmer - thanks again 
for making my Summer College experi- 
ence possible and for all the fun in A & P. 
To Mr. Spinosa - thanks for all the extra 
help in history. To Mr. Sabourin - thanks 
for making me see that math can be fun 
(III always remember to have enthusi- 
asm!). To Col. Campbell and Chief Braga 

- thanks for 4 great years of ROTC. To Ms. 
O'Malley - thanks for all your help. Thanks 
to all my friends. And above all, eternal 
■hanks to God for the strength and deter- 
mination that has given me the ability to 
ollow my dreams. 

Vlichelle Pietchel 

Activities: J. V. Soccer 1; J.V. Field Hockey 
>; Varsity FH 3; SADD 1.2,3,4: Latin Club 
2. Yearbook -t; Gym Decorating 1.2,3,4; 
J rom Decorating 3; Interact -t; Tennis 1,2: 
^eve Miller 1,2,3,4; NBG'S 1,2.3.4; Spar- 
ser 2,3,4. Thanks to: First thank you to 
ny family for always putting up with me 
hrough the years, I love you all very 
nuch. Tina and Sara for being like sisters, 
tow to the girls for all the good times 
>teve Miller. Carters and Sara's house, 
ou gyes are the best, you have helped 
ne out so much over the years. Good 
jck in whatever you gyes do. Kate G. - 
Lets Go For A Ride Abby", Courtney - 
iabson. Thelma and for saying "Its Earth 
riendly", Caroline [Tablel-Tennis Pietchel 
Alba. Arlex Driving. Jen B-Good. B-Bad 
tc. - Where should I start: 1st grade all 
le fights. Italy "I let it air dry". Babson, 
ouise and for saying "cool'd ya off". Gina 
Mom, Rica, Riding, To Danielle and 
lichelle - painting, Sparker.Nov 7, New 
ear's Eve '94, Semi Formal, T.B., Big 
and and for all retarded comments, 
laine and the gossip, oh Darren. Tobin - 
odyguard. fight in Megan's car. "Power 
f Love" thanks for letting me live at your 
3use. . painting, Katie - Get your clothes 
n and get off the beach, leg warm- 
■s,l:00 in the morning, Decelles, our 
eat night of the summer oh and ruff!! 
aria - Ernie for nicknames Shirley. Billy 
>el, "You two on the boat now", ama 
na, HO-HO, Slackers, Breaking an En- 
. . "Mike's in the House - To the both of 
>u for being great friends. Liana - 4:00 in 
e morning Switch, whose Maggs? for 
itural Born Killers, disco dancersand for 
•ing such a good friend through the 
ars. Fingers! Dibble - WA-WA, my twin, 
ontana. Junior. War Machine. Stacey - 
r being my long lost friend, Greenday 
50 in the morning. "Did I Do It Right?". 
>rolla. Sarah - Cape Cod Shrimp Scampi, 
losquares, Sparkler, "Mom, its Michelle's 
orite song" "Don't Eat the Bagels" 
le's Kind of Wierd" - To the both of you 
san. Sally, Sharon. Greenday, U-MASS 
ve outside. Nantasket. etc. Thanks for 
ing the three muskateers for being 
;at friends and for always fighting for 
itgun with me. Megan - Wolfie 18 years 
friendship. Eddie and the Cruisers, 
mouth. Bruins, Latin, Asinine on the 
ach. Friendly's. Belmont, Gilbert, Hey 
DJ Crazy "Nun Tree etc. Thankyou 
always being there for me and never 
ing me down, for sharing your clothes 
n a bit reluctant" Hows the Pope? Good 
k to you in whatever you do. I will 
/ays be here for you. "Oh go play in the 
rricane." To the Albani's thanks for 
ng my second family. Tara, sorry about 

your arm, cutting my hair and for loving 
pictures and for always being a good 
friend. Krissy, Toy Works. D C. etc. Kim 
- Ed Grimley. Jack and Jill to the both of 
you for being great friends. Wendy C. - 
junior Prom. Dina and Christine for say- 
ing I never call vou. Perino - Lanclcare 
128, Carla - NH 128. Landcare to the three 
of you my college buddies and for being 
great friends. Aclelle - you're gorgeous, 
pay up, Jaqui "Kick it Ron" to the both of 
you for calling me chemo. Beth - Semi- 
Formal, Genja - Nantasket Wendy - Joey, 
Italy. Linda and Debby Jones, Elina. To 
the gyes for all the great parties and the 
great times. Robinson - Van Halen Dwyer, 
Donaldson. Yang for being great gyes 
and for being able to fight. Eric - for being 
the funniest kid I know. Hanson and 
Lanoux for the women hitting in the 
bumper at N.H., Dave Craig, Neil for your 
style, Sullivan for being a great friend in 
8th grade "This ride's for Free" Greg - for 
being the king, Gerstal for gossip, discov- 
ering foods and for always being a great 
kid. B. McGrath for your house. Scott for 
the semi and for being a great person 
McAllister for being a childhood friend, 
for our long talks and all great parties. 
Guisti and Infererra for being the best. 
Marcell f( ii" being so cute, Nolan Munchies, 
for loving Bedford, Jen Kiger Boogie, 
Jessica - ISPY. To Steven Cestrone for 
being a great person. To anyone I fogot 
I'm sorrv but Good luck to the Class of 

Future Goals: To get married, be rich, 
stay happy, stay in touch with all my 
friends. To 

live in Bedford next to Megan. Oh and 
have Adelle pay me my money at our 

Stacey Porter 

8 Maple St. 

Activities: Soccer 1,2.3,4; Basketball 1; 
Swim Team 2; SADD; Class President 1; 
Interact Club; Spanish Club; German Club; 
Drama Club. 

To start, Thank you God for giving me a 
great perspective on life and being my 
guide and strength through everything. 
Mom, I LOVE YOLI so much - you are so 
courageous and beautiful. I long to be 
like you, you deserve more than is com- 
prehensible. Aaron, for being my brother 
and an incentive, I LOVE YOLJ. To my 
whole family - 1 Love You!!! Kermie, you 
are the bestest friend a person could ever 
have; long talks, winter walks, trust, price- 
less laughs. You're poi-fect. Cyndi, you're 
a sweetie, never forget drama. I'll never 
forget you. Julie S. - a heart of gold - my 
sister - don't grow up too fast!! Sarah H. - 
we've done it all! Mons pubi, St. John, 
Boston runovers. Green Day, »9. My 
party companion. I'll never forget you. 
Michelle P. my long lost pal, the Peach, 
"Are we doing it right? ", laughs, "Oh s — 
, Oh s — !" Courtney D - the 3 Musketeers, 
believing in me and being honest. 
Sharlene. cartwheels in the common, 
SNOW DAYS!! All the Boyz. Trojans. Greg 
the "Bagota". Earl - prom, you're the 
perfect date. Greg and Jeff for putting 
food on my door and figures on my bed 
Guisti - your bluntness, honesty and friend- 
ship helped me through a lot. To the 
Girly's - Steve Miller, my mom's car. I love 
you all. Fun comes easy! Soccer Team, 
you're the best; Kim, Tara - Cheddar - 
Bum? Tournament Pals - yer funny! I 
could go on forever to past and future 
friends so Thank you, so called. "Smart- 
ies, Anti-socials, jokers, drama freaks, 
Partiers, Snobs, Mediocres, and Normals'" 
for being you. Cliques don't make it, it's 
what you make of everyone together 
Accepting everyone for who they are and 
being diverse makes life so much more 
interesting and important. Everyone's spe- 
cial! My memories are forever. To those I 
didn't mention - you're not forgotten or 
unimportant. I can just tell you myself. 

Michelle Pulsipher 

Thanks to:THE WHOLE CLASS OF 1995!!! 
You are all truly great people and I wish 
you all well in the future. Be sure to keep 

in touch. The Class Officers Julie, Tara, 
Matt, Carla. and Sharlene for working so 
hard and putting up with me. Jenny - 
trick-or-treating Freshman year, Brutus 
and Anthony (thou naughty knave), 
Double Sextet - Wow. Nathan - all those 
soccer games. Natick is a nice town, not 
the peacock noise again. Ca - O Help O 
Help Alas O Me. Kelly and Carla - for 
ovulating on Wednesday night practices. 
Christina - Freaky & Tim's snickerdoodles. 
the 4 Latin Losers. Chris - for always 
paying the tip. Genja - for beating me up 
in gym Freshman year. Naveen - Billy 
Joel, graveyard talks, fall of Junior year 
"that's life." Maria - for loving Billy Joel as 
much as I do. Kate G. - tournament. Billy. 
Maine. Drama with Gidis. Gina - for 
always screaming at the flaggies. (Thanks 
to the flaggies too) Dina - "I love my 
friend Dina..." Mike and Stacy - for keep- 
ing me up the night before these were 
due and for being really great people Jen 
T. - for walking into the pole and remem- 
bering everything in the world. Jim - for 
letting me fly the plane and for helping 
me with my oh so great computer skills. 
Craig - for everything except Cats. Prom, 
and the two months we w ent out. Ka - I 
love You! Want to play Risk? Katie - for 
getting the tick off my leg. tea party and 
croquet, driving me to SATs, you're such 
a goon, but I love you. I really do. Kate - 
for enduring MEH. Maine!, playing dolls. 
Canasta on the beach, for keeping our 
friendship alive even when it was hard. I 
love you. Eileen - MEH. Help us Spinosa, 
summer Driver's Ed., Mr. Judge's stories. 
Mac and Alyssa - never forget "Carousel", 
I'll miss you. Ben - It didn't really hurt 
when I slapped you right? Vilas and Brian 

- for eating lunch in random places. Tim 

- for asking my advice then telling me that 
no one cares about what you think. Andy 

- my bark is worse than my bite. Jesse - 
how many times did we have to do the 
first scene of our French skit? Chris - your 
dimples are adorable. Andrea - Shel 
Silverstein and The Bible Story Freshman 
year. Grid - for having a fun nickname. 
Emily - hamburger joke - book and ba- 
nana hanger Kristin - Reggie, self 

- appointed..., poor Nathan, May 7th, my 
eyes hurt, Miss Saigon, Wayside Inn, 
painting the bleachers, semi-formal cri- 
ses, Mr. Judge and his outrageous yacht 
story, "I'm sick of driving", ratio, you have 
incredible powers. What would I do with- 
out you? I love you. K.E. - I didn't forget 
you. Ro. my family, my teachers, and my 
future friends. 

Future Plans - to become a foreign diplo- 
mat and perhaps work in the United 
Nations. The State Department might be 
nice, or maybe President of Moldova. The 
sky is definitely the limit, or maybe Broad- 
way is. I think I'll build a Broadway in 
Siberia, then I can be the star of every 
show. See you all at our reunions! 

Jim Ratichek 

8 Daniels Dr. 

Activities: Cross Country, 3; Hobie Rac- 
ing. 1,2.3.4; Telemedia 3,4; Radio Shack 
4; Flying. 2,3,4. 

Thanks to: Most of all, God, for helping 
get me through. My family, particularly 
Mom and Dad - I really appreciate your 
support in every area - I couldn't have 
done much without it! Thanx to Peter and 
Greg, my flight instructors, who gave me 
a different "education". Mr. Palmer, for 
being crazy enough to go flying with me. 
right after I got my license. Mr. Sabourin 
and Mr. LHlman for getting "enthusiasti- 
cally" covered in chalk marks. Mr. Rinaldi 
for more computer parts than I know 
what to do with, and Freshman Technol- 
ogy. Ms. O'Malley for her patience. Mr. 
Stephenson for being himself, and work- 
ing to help me survive level 5. Eileen and 
Andrea for bringing the pickles (may the 
phorce be with you). Anlgren (SCM I tin 
interfacing with his calculator, and Craig 
Browne for watching him do it. Atari 
( game boy. Genesis, etc) for always being 
upbeat and friendly. Shell and Perky for 
freezing your butts off with me to New 
Bedford, and back. Dorf, for breaking 

SEG. Katie Carp, for being able to drive 
straight and do physics (stop! you could 

break my stereotype of ) Perky (no, I 

could not forget about our ambassador) 
- thanx for all the foreign publicity you 
give Bedford. Seriously, good luck in 
travel, languages and whatever else you 
get into. Have fun in politics, but don't 
get too good at it. Watch out for guys w ho 
fly, and stay Perky! Wooly (kid. dude) 
you're a great copilot. If we could learn 
how to avoid bent props and blown 
cylinders we might have a future in 
flying... Remember coming home from 
CDW in the back of 9DM. the Statue of 
Liberty, rain storms, and thanx for eating 
that camera on the way to Philly. It was 
fun - you're a good kid and a great 
friend... If you ever need to take care of 
business above 5,280 ft, let me know! (I 
won't tell Chuck.) Thanks to everyone 
else who helped me out - 1 did not forget 
you, I just wanted to save you from the 
embarrassment of being ruined in my Sr. 

Future Goals: What happens, happens! 
Probably get into aero, engineering, and 
hopefully sail and fly like crazy... 

Carlie Reynolds 

52 Hazelton St. Boston, MA 02126 
Mommie and Carter thanks for every- 
thing, you've always been there for me, I 
must admit this year was a tough one! To 
all my aunts and uncles, my sister and 
brother I'm grateful! Especially to Cynthia. 
To my younger cousins and Bay. I Love 
You! A.R.N.F.: Woburn High class of '95. 
Mrs. Parker thanks. Marcell I won't forget 
ya. Bra! To Terrance, we were together 
for 3 yrs. and you'll always be remem- 
bered, to Kailah. Shannin. Felisha, and 
Quiana ya'll are my girlz. Felisha. hang in 
there, only 2 more yrs. to go. Kailah vou 
and Patrick will have your hands full!! 
Shannin keep the forty's out of your life!! 
Let's never forget the '3' kids and the 3' 
C's! To my baby Qaasim what more could 
a girl ask for, you're there for me when 
ever I need you and you respect the 
things I want to do with my life. I LOVE 
YOU!! Luv ya. Bedford! Thank you: 
I love you Mommie and Carter thanks P ir 
everything. Thanks to my aunts and uncles, 
especially Cynthia for your help. Too all 
my cousins I Love You . and my grand- 
mother for your support. Thank you Mrs. 
Parker your wonderful. I hope you're 
around for many other kids. 

Stephen James Robinson 

9 7 Old Burlington Rd. 
Activities: Cross-Country 1,2,3,4; Captain 
3,4; Basketball 1, Captain 1; IndoorTrack 
3,4, Captain 4: Spring Track 1 ,3,4, Captain 
3,4; French Club 1.2.3; S.A.D.D. 1.2. 
First of all, I must thank my family. Mom, 
you've been the best to me, even though 
I havn't always been the best to you. I 
know we've had our ups and downs but 
you have been the most understanding 
mother a kid could ever have. I admire 
you for your strength, and I will always 
love you. Dad, you've always been there 
forme whenever I needed anything. I still 
feel that I can rely on you even if you are 
in Florida. Thanks to the Robinson bros. 
Ken for looking up to me. Stay tough, you 
can accomplish anything you set your 
mind to. Doug for being lost. Sorry" if I ate 
all the food!! Start working!! Dave, thanks 
for always hangin' with me. Lets stay 
friends. Len and Clark, I don't see you 
guys much, but when I do. it's great. I 
want to keep in touch. To my only sister 
Sarah, thanks for always taking an inter- 
est in me. I appreciate all that you have 
done for me. you're the best. Ellis for this 
computer that I am writing this on. Thanks 
to my friends. Gilbert, for perfectly fitting 
the definition of the word "friend." For 
always being willing to go anywhere or 
do anything. For all of the jams you've 
bailed me out of with money, cheating, 
etc. Kid. start partyin'!! To Brian for al- 
ways wanting to "cruise the Seville," for 
being up to party whenever, for always 
being there to just hang, for always gettin' 
bagged, and for always getting over any- 

Senior Thanks 173 

to the Trojanz. Dwyer for being my long- 
est lastin' buddy. I hope we didn't lose too 
much money! Leave Coco alone!! J-Luv 
for being my hardest friend to get along 
with andfor making sure people came to 
my parties?? You'll always be my boy! 
Donny for always being cool. Don't get 
too many more tickets! Wear a hat!! Scott 
for being my only friend with a clean 
driv ing record. Thanx for Waterville. Don't 
be limpy ever again!! To the '95 guys. 
Greg C. for gettin busted with me on 
Great Road and for being the best come- 
back artist I know. Kid, LC! Slug for the 
parties. The legend of The Sandman w ill 
always live on in your house! Kid, are we 
hittin' CZ? Earl for always wantin to party. 
Mike M. for meaningful conversations. 
Goose andGerstell for always making my 
lunches interesting. Fluke for always 
thinkin you're good when you're not. 
Erik K. for being the funniest, freakiest 
kid I know. Chock Dude for cruzin' BBC 
with me and for wrecking my sunroof. 
Thanks to the '95 chicks. Caroline for 
always hangin with me at parties and lor 
just being a great girl. Dan for always 
being excited to see me and for being 
happy all of the time. Crobar for being 
one of the most seductive girls I know. 
Tobin forUMass and alwaysbeing willing 
to talk or hang out. Maria for summer 
concerts. This year we're taking the bus!! 
Michelle P. for choosing Amici's and for 
being out of control at VH. Jen B. for 
being one of the nicest people I know. 
Kate G. for the junior prom and being 
cool. Beth for the semi, and being friendly. 
Dibble for having a great smile. Liana D. 
for being understanding and forgiving. 
Thanks to everyone else. Barry D. for 
being the best coach I've ever had and a 
great friend. The X-C team. Naveen and 
X, it's been a great 4 years. Paul. Raug, 
Brian, Aron, Pete. Pat, Alvin, Adam, Yung- 
Tsyr, and Ethan. Good luck in the future. 
Work hard!! Thanks to Emma for being 
one of the few people that are always 
caring about me. Jim R. for helping me 
with car stereos. Christine P. for watching 
my house while I was in California and all 
of the phone conversations. The McGrath 
family for always making me feel wel- 
come. The class of '93 and the Rattoes for 
crashin' all my parties. To Mr. O'Brien. 
Mr. Dougherty. Mr. Maxwell. Kerry Mills, 
Cait Hurley, Peter Cacciola, Mr. Palmer. 
Officer Wardwell. my many dogs, and 
anyone else who I forgot that influenced 
my life. THANK YOU ALL!! 
Future Goals: I plan to continue my 
running career in college. Graduate and 
become rich. Run the marathon. Keep in 
touch with my friends. Get married to 
someone I like and live happily ever 

Alexandra Ross 

Activities: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; 
Musical 1,2,3,4; Targeteers 3,4; Choir 
1,2,3,4; Show Choir 2,3,4. 
First I'd like to thank the entire class of 
'95. You guys were great through the 
years. Next, I'd like to thank my four 
closest friends - Dina, Linda, Christine 
and Sharon. We have been through a lot 
together, but we've managed to stay 
close. Dina - you were always there to 
listen to me. You understood all my 
problems and you never judged me. I 
don't know how to thank you for just 
listening. Linda - thanks for all the dinners 
out, the trips to New Hampshire, and just 
being a great friend. Christine - thanks for 
always making me laugh, your party 
(sophomore year) we went crazy. Thanks 
for lending me your trust. Sharon - thanks 
for the semi-formal, soccer 093) and just 
being there as a friend. To all of you: 
thanks for all the sleep-overs, the fights 
and the chats with my mom. I love you 
guys, and no matter what I say, you guys 
mean everything to me. And just to clarify 
things, there was no order in thank-yous, 
you are equal to me. To the Perinos, 
Pearsons, Schofields, Paula, and Ms. 
Lipczer. thanks for putting up with me all 
these years. To Carla I., Eileen. Kelly - 
you guys were great friends. Thanks for 

Italy and New Year's Eve 094). Carla I., 
thanks for all the movies and sharing vour 
stories about your friends outside Bedford. 
Thanks for being the funniest person I 
know. Eileen - thanks for the football 
games. Kelly - thanks for being a great 
triend no matter what. Tara - thanks for 
four years of homeroom (Powers, Ullman, 
then Rull) - we always luck out. Biology- 
was great and studying for finals at my 
house. Thanks for my sweet sixteen party 
and thanks for being a friend. Adam C. - 
thanks for being a great friend who I can 
say anything to. Junior prom was the best, 
you were the best date anyone could 
nave. Thanks for always trying to beat me 
on my tests.Thanks to all my teachers 
over the years, you have taught me a lot. 
expecially Mr. Low and Ms. Messmer. 
You have opened my eyes to many- 
different things. Thanks to Dennis 
McDonald and the Targeteers. I had fun 
working with you. Thanks to the soccer 
and sottball teams, and good luck next 
year. Thanks to all my friends at camp - 
Shelly, Kelly, Susan, Jackie, Denise, Krista, 
Andra, Tina, Janie and everyone else. 
Carla G. - I know we have been through 
a lot these past years, especially the last 
two, but you mean a lot to me and always 
will, no matter what happened in the 
past. You can't change what happened, 
and I can't forget, but remember me and 
the good times we've had. Giannettas - 
thanks for being my second family for so 
many years. You were always there thanks 
so much. And finally, to the three most 
important people, my family. Colin I 
know we don't always get along, but you 
are a great friend and brother most of the 
time (a little overprotective). I'm going to 
miss you and I hope you know that you 
mean a lot to me and that I love you. Dad 
- 1 know we have our disagreements, but 
I love you and you have always sup- 
ported me. Mom you are my best friend. 
You are always there to listen and sup- 
port my decisions, even if you don't 
agree. You are my hero and my role 
model, and Ihope that I become as great 
a mother as you are to me. I love you with 
all my heart. 

Future Goals: To go to college, play 
soccer, do something that will make me 
happy. Get married and have kids and be 
a success. 

Gregg Ross 

Activities: Varsity Swimming 1.2,3,4; Jun- 
ior Varsity Baseball 1; United States Swim- 
ming 2,3.4; Marching Band 1.2,3; Wind 
Ensemble 1,2.3,4; Spanish Club 2,3, Trea- 
surer 4; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Spring Play 
3; Tournament of Plays 4; Telemedia 
2,3,4; Radio Show 4; Jammin' 2.3.4; Altai- 
Boy 1,2,3,4. 

Thanks to: Mom and Dad for being my 
role models, for guiding me through the 
tough times, teaching me the values and 
morals that have made me a descent 
person, providing for me. being kind and 
generous, listening to what I have to say. 
and for loving me when I thought no one 
else did. I love you more than I can 
express with words and can only hope 
someday I w ill be as loving and caring 
parent as you both are. My brothers Matt 
and Mike for being the best friends any- 
one could ever want. I'm real lucky to 
have both of you. Nathan Ahlgren and 
Eric Green for my best buds. For all the 
time we spent together, the good times, 
the bad, and every thing in between. 
Thanks for the laughs and the talks, you 
guys mean a lot to me. Hey Nate, watch 
those closed doors. Always remeber to 
release the emergency brake. Without 
you guys I don't know what I would do. 
Craig Browne for being my partner in 
crime freshman year - rock n' roll, Of Mice 
and Men. flip it baby! What's your leg 
broken or something? Craig Wiley for 
having the same birthday as me and for 
stealing all the women from me. Jen St. 
Sauveur for being my bud and for always 
making me laugh hysterically. Lora Patino 
for alwavs listening to what I had to say 
and for helping me get back on my feet 
when I was down. I miss you more than 

you know! Steve Aftosmis, Lino Miani. 
and Jeremy Nash for jammin' harder than 
anyone else I know. Sarah Shamel for 
being the only girl w illing to go to the 
junior prom with me. Adam Chiocca - that 
lady was HUGE!! Naveen Wadhera and 
Flo for being a riot at lunch junior year. 
Ron Blanchette - Perfect Ten! Michelle 
Hackmer for being my best friend from 
the marlins. Genja Williams for having 
way too much fun in my front yard. Richie 
Snell for making me laugh wicked hard at 
Heritage practice. C.C, M.P., K.F.F., K.C., 
T. L .J.R.. E.P.. K.H .and A.R., for hangin' 
out. Mr. Sullivan and Ms. Messmer for 
being the coolest teachers in the school. 
Everyone else I forgot that ! s just too bad!! 
Class of '95 rocks!! I'm outta heeeere! 

Andrea Russo 

Activ ities: Varsity Swim team 1,2,3, Co- 
captain 4; Tennis team 2,3,4; Track 1; 
A.F.S. 2,3.4; Science League 2,3.4; Tour- 
nament of Plays 2,3,4; School Council 3.4; 
Musical 3,4; SADD 1,2,3,4; Advanced 
Chem 3: Fun World 4. 
Thanks to: Mom and Dad: All I can say is 
thanks. You guys are the greatest. Petie: 
for letting me call you shorty all these 
years. Bethany: for fighting with me all 
the time, never putting the new toilet 
paper on the roll, and becoming such a 
great friend. Calvin: you are my best 
friend. I love you. Christina: What can I 
say? Thank you for eveiything. We're 
evil 1 Eileen: drinking beers, pickles, 
fooseball, Doritoes. Physics (huh?!?). 
Muerte, France. KathArine (my swim- 
ming buddy): I'll always appreciate you 
in my heart! You are going to work in the 
U.N. one day, my dear liberal! Never 
forget our locker room talks, and our 
solitaire addictions. Katie: you're awe- 
some! You are the sweetest, nicest person 
in the world. Don't ever change! Always 
watch Seinfeld! Kate: for going to nun- 
camp with me. for having colorful fights 
with me, for the baseball games (did we 
ever WANT to keep score?!?! ). You are the 
best. Aarti: my oldest friend, orange smiles, 
being a great friend this year. Craig: for 
matching at least once in your life, the 
orange dinosaur, and beer bread. Aarti 
and Craig: for corrupting my mind. Big 
Nate: for stalling in Zeus so much and 
breaking down my door and wall. Chris: 
for being my fellow Republican and talk- 
ing to my frog. Greg: for being a yodel 
and Jen S. for calling him one. Jim: for 
explaining phvsics to me - 1 would never 
have survived for so long without you. 
Michelle: for being my fellow klutz. Kristin 
for always being so graceful. Andrew: for 
never failing to get a teacher on to a 
completely irrelevant subject. Trina: for 
being so cheerful and tall. Catherine: I 
don't know what, but I want to thank v< iu 
anyway. Genja: for getting into a fist fight 
w ith me, throwing my notebook out the 
window, and playing with elephants 
Fiona: for stopping Calculus that day. 
Naveen: for keeping me in at least a 
comatose state during a certain boring 
class. Jen T.: for remembering everything 
and watching Seinfeld. Eric: for watching 
Seinfeld and alw-ays asking me if I dial 
Vilas: for being my co-captain. Joey: for 
trying out those awful pick-up lines on 
me. Phil: for being so gross and per- 
verted. Lora: we all miss you. Swim team: 
you guys are great! Thanks to the Fun 
World crew\ the plasmatic grape people 
(Green Day), Adv. Chem (don't forget 
our little surprise attack!) and the pickle- 
people. Thanks to Mr. Reynolds, Mrs. 
Krueger. and Mr. Spinosa. You guys are 
the best teachers. Stephenson - you're 
awesome. Thanks to everyone else for 
everything else that I either forgot or that 
hasn't happened yet. It's been a great 
four years. I'll miss you all! 
Future Goals: To go to college, swim for 
the team, major in Bio-medical engineer- 
ing, get married, discover something im- 
portant while working, raise a family, live 
happily ever after in a very warm suburb, 
and learn to laugh and drink at the same 

Lisa Scheiern 

Activities: AFJROTC 1.2,3,4; DT 2.3,4; CC 
2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Science League 2 
Softball 3; Math League 4. 
Thanks to: God for keeping me saf 
through the years and helping me througl 
H.S.; Mom and Dad for supporting m< 
through school and for the rides, money 
and the car. along with the lessons. At 
all of those last minute favors. I love y< 
guys very much and appreciate all th 
time and work you've inv ested in me! Lc 
for all the laughs and food. I couldn't a- 
for a more run sister to hang arounc 
Watch out. China just got hit by meteor 
ites. The Spam and Funky Charms w omar 
Tanya and Phil for all of the games, fooc 
and laughs. Hanscom AFB w ould be 
boring without you guys. I love you guv 
with all my heart! Some advice: Tany: 
learn how to sew. don't ever lose you 
fingerprints, and please, make sure th 
kids are out of the car BEFORE you dri 
off. I just love eggless cakes, yummmmv 
Favorite games: Clue. Parcheesi, and Lif 
that is until you lose. Phil, that Dr. Pepp 
is going kill you one day. I think it's abot! 
time you got a new hat. all righty ther 
Don't ever grow : up! Favorite gamt 
CASTLE RISK: Kim Melick for helping m 
with college and all of the fun times at th 
movies. Rockport. and Acadia. I lov 
you!: Uncle Booby and Aunt Tracy forth 
fun times in Florida. I enjoyed stayin 
with you guys and playing with Litt 
Bobby. I hope to see you at my gradu. 
tion. I love you guys a ton!; Li 
Paschkewitz for helping me through El 
glish. Some advice: watch out for tho: 
frisbees. I think that "mammoth' vvoul 
be a better word than "rather large 
Guess what?, my hair is no longer norma 
It s GREEN, and SPEAK UP. I can't he 
you!: Becky Holland and Ron Blanche 
for helping me through Adv. Chemist: 
Some advice: Becky, don t ever t 
sledding in a metal bowl! and be sure 
protect your front. Ron. Eddie likes sp; 
ghetti. Hey Bert. I love vour burpir 
story!; Rachel Stieglitz, what's up wit 
that German book?, and don't ever tal< 
me on that Turkish Twist again: Li 
Looney, learn to spell and write neatc 
You definitely live up to vour name; Gir 
Janot, you're a great friend. Feel n 
hands. I have never been so scared in n 
life when I walked on that beam. Clai 
Morehead. I'll never forget that Spani- 
video; Sarah Frederick and Kim Hanso 
forthe spiritual advice; Casey Twietmeyt 
It was fun playing basketball. Disnt 
Yatzee, and Backgammon. I hope to st 
you again; Mr. Sabourin. Mrs. Kalanowsl 
and Mrs. Krueger for being great teache 
and teaching me to persevere and n 
give up. Gal. 6:9 Let us not grow w earv 
doing good, for at the proper time we w 
reap a harvest if we DO NOT GIVE I 
Mr. Sabourin, yes I have ENTHUSIAS 
Mrs. Kalanowski, for teaching me t< > w 
better, and Mrs. Krueger, what did s 
say?; Mrs. Devaney, for teaching me 
become a better art student. Steve a 
Ms. Barry, for helping me to become 
I letter s< iftball playerand believing in n 
Colonel and Chief for the great time 
ROTC. Some advice: Colonel, you need 
get some enthusiasm from Mr. Sabour 
you remind me of Eeyore I love y< 
stories! Chief, you need to get manic 
Thanks for getting me involved in D 
Team and Color Guard; I love you Su 

Future Goal: To Major in Math and Ei 

Sharon Schofiel 26 Maxwell Rd. 
Thanks to my family for all of your low 
support. I love you! Also thank-- i<> Da 
forthe cranberries at my window at 1 1| 
& for being there to talk to. To Adam 
plaving Raid when we were kids & 
forgiving me for being a jerk. To Dan 
being a good friend & for pointing out 
my zits. To Josh for being a true frien 

174 Senior Thanks 

le phone * as me. I'm sorry for going 
with Ryan when you liked him! And 
v w ere you the girl in the talent show? 
Linda for being friends since sixth 
de when we had driveway laughing 
sions about nothing. Don't ever change 
ir attitude towards teachers-esp. En- 
ih ones & always student ones- 
ntagna. To Lexie for watching every 
vie possible, for playing soccer & 
riving 2 years of Spanish with me. 
nember your cookies at our swap 
cy-" I'll save these for later!" To Chris- 
; for being my sister at S&S. No, I don't 
rk in the florist! Did you ever get 
Dreed from Scott? Thanks for getting 
nped with me at lunch! I'll never forget 
1 Hopefully Billericans are nicer-we'll 
! Let's hope the psycho witch from hell 
k us forever. To Dina for carpooling 
h me to dancing. No, let's not dance 
talk for a 1/2 hour. Thanks for getting 

in the middle of Lowell with me 
ing my license. Also for walking all 
und town visiting Mike's mom and 
iking milkshakes when you couldn't 
k it! Seriously, the six of us have had 
ups and downs but somehow we've 
remained friends. When we go our 
erate ways next year we may stay in 
;h but we may not. No matter what I'll 
ays remember the good times and 
et the bad. I wish you all the best! 
id luck! Lastly thanks to: Chuck for 
ing cool eyes, Loren for making me 
;h, Phil for listening to my probs, Gina 
surviving Ms. Fow and her sailboat, 

D and Scott for being boyfriends 
i me & Christine, Corrieah for geom- 

Kelly & Matt for staying together so 
;-good luck, Carla I for making me 

h, Aarti for loving George Michael. 
'■■ K for aiming a gun at Mr. Judge, 
rea for Campfire. Mike S. for being 
: ocker buddy. Mike P for calling me- 
: Julie-good luck with Tony. Phil T for 
[lish and gym, Sean for Papa Razis. 
ela for being so blunt. Johnny & Ryan 
. laying "Dial my Heart" to me. Finally, 
iks to Maureen M and Angela B for 
: ling me so many things about life. 
i of course, to Russ for being there for 
1 irough some pretty tough times. You 
iv how I feel! Good luck to the Class 

ire Goals: I want to graduate college, 
e good job and settle down and get 
ted to a guy that honestly loves me. 
nt to have kids and no matter what- 
t jppy!!! 

i rew Oliver Schwerin 

8illside Ave. 

.(. ities: Telemedia l,2;Telemedia God 
/..Science Club 1; Math League 12 
OS; Cercle Francais 2,3,4; School At- 
mhere Committee 2,3,4; US First 3; 
Ins 2; Madrigal 3,4; Men's Octet 2,3,4; 
h- Choir 3,4; NHS 3,4; Slacker 2,3,4; 
p Games 3; Ultimate Frisbee 2,3,4; 
lrtephenson Fan Club [1,4]. 
osd and Joan: All I can say is that I feel 
« very lucky to have you two as 
flats. We've been through a lot of 
irr, together, some good and some bad. 
» never forget all the good advice that 
ot;ave me over the years. Thank you 
onpporting me and helping to make 
lie no I am today. I will always love 
oi sometimes less, sometimes more, 
nil .ways and forever. To my friends: 
"h: ;s go to all of you for such wonder- 
ul jmories and a feeling of belonging 
tfii could not be possible otherwise. 
I illy difficult to think about all of us 
!0i off in different directions after know- 
ng ich other for all these years. Am I 
jet'g too deep? I tend to do that... 
in; ay, Special thanks to Buzz for being 
Bij a really cool guy. impromptu lunch 
•ib impressions of animals, Data, the 
iES Mr. Powers, and French Videos 
F-V Craig B. for vegge-ing out in 
abi (at special little wave his hair makes, 
•eii a genius in Adv. Physics class, 
■tar;; contests in 5th grade (do you 
«r iber that??), F V and for calling me 
Chris Carson, for "after dinner 

mints". FA', and an incredible personality 

- "Caaahsun, yah beuuutiful kid!". Chiocca, 
for "zero tact", "stupid" questions, and an 
unforgettable car ride to New Hampshire! 

- Chock you're the best!, Dan Gray just for 
being Dan Gray, Eric Green, for sponta- 
neous uncontrollable laughter in the face 
of editing, for invoking torrential down- 
pours, Zorka, and The Rat, Aarti for 
always listening, David Kern for an awe- 
some bar mitzvah way back when. Jim 
Ratichek, thanks but no thanks, just kid- 
ding, you're awesome Jim. Jen St. Saveur. 
for being nice but altogether way too 
hyper. Kristina Roussak for being a very 
nice person. Star Trek fan. and "identical 
twin" questions - I hope you have a 
beautiful life. Gilbert for brutal honesty 
throughout the years, chorus in Middle 
School, and piano wizardry, Naveen for 
pizza at "72", constant support, TSC, and 
for being 'Veen, Craig Wiley for Bucca- 
neer costume, for denying anything Mr. 
Ullman says as "completely negligible", 
for being certified in everything, for know- 
ing Ken's birthday, and for being one 
heck of a friend since birth, Mike D., Matt 
D., Steve, and Corey we go back a long 
way, "Corey, it's Thursday", Neil for con- 
sistent fashion and slick. Jeff Haynes for 
low bass notes, huge hands, three shoes 
to a pair, theme music, that cool tackling 
game, an awesome house and an awe- 
some wicker chair/swing, headphones. 
Doug Graves, and most importantly for 
being Haynes, Deardorff for a cool per- 
sonality and the extra "f". To my teachers: 
Madame Rainis for being so excited about 
French every single day. and Mr. 
Stephenson for being Mr. Stephenson. 
Future Goals: To finish college, find true 
happiness in whatever I do, make the 
world a better place to live in, keep tabs 
on all of you, and make it big somehow. 

Tara Slavin 

231 Davis Rd 

Activities: Soccer 1.2,3,4 Captain 4; Bas- 
ketball 1,23; Softball 1.2,3,4; Secretary 
1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 1,2; SADD 1,2,3; 
Prom 3,4. Thanks to: First I would like to 
thank my parents for always being there 
for me, bringing me up right, and most of 
all putting up with me. I love you. Erin for 
being my smart little but bigger sister. 
Auntie Pat for being my own fashion 
consultant. LIncle Doug for letting me pull 
your finger and for Pink Floyd. Also 
everything that you both have done for 
me. Auntie Kay. Auntie Marion, Uncle Al 
and Tammy. Kim. I don't know where to 
start with you. Thanks for being someone 
to turn to for a good letter and for being 
a good friend We have had some good 
laughs BTT, Martha's Vineyard, soccer 
camp with Frank Rizzo ( thanks for teach- 
ing me to do laundrv). for the joy ride in 
Pete's truck, the ski trip FREEZE! Well, 
good luck with Jaime. Krissy for being a 
good friend and always someone to turn 
to for the answer. Never forget drunk 
doggie. Mr. Wendel, Sugarloaf, Mo's 
bench, the prom, all the trips to N.H with 
John and Mike, the TUDE. for telling me 
Big Ben was in Boston, and for washing 
your tips in the bathroom! Good luck with 
Rossi. Megan for the sleep overs, the glue 
ball and the screaming you know what! 
Pietchel Pepsi? Thanks for taking pictures 
with me, breaking my arm and the toilet 
in Chadwicks, what do you want 2,3,5 
Good Luck. Eileen for playing 1st base, 
and for riding your bike for 5 hours 
stalking Brian's house. Carla I. for Run- 
ning man and for being an unreal catcher, 
good luck with Softball. 5,4,3.2,1 BAM! 
Kelly G. for our fashion show, show pile, 
our interesting conversations, always 
thinking like me, 8-3 the winner learning 
group. Wendy C. for freshman year sto- 
ries. Brian Maranian for so many great 
times and for being a great friend and 
always someone special to me. Keep in 
touch. Good Luck. Keoni Monte thank 
you for being there and for always under- 
standing me. Tim L. for being a good 
friend, and for St. Josephs, good luck with 
soccer. I know how hard you've worked, 
oh yeah, don't tell Laura! Lexie R. for all 

the homeroom experiences and Biology 
with Norton. Pearson for pulling my hair. 
Carla G. for being a great president, sorry 
about your car. Matt D., Julie S., and 
Michelle P., it w .is great working with you 
all. good luck. Michelle C. and Danielle A. 
for YM and the ski trip. Who stole the 
Robe? Kristin H. for building tree houses 
w nil me. Mike M. for calling me tick t< >c 
tyrone and for Guy?? James P. YEEESSS! 
Todd Wilson forthat very- first kiss. Johnny 
Y. for tapping my head. Jeff S. for middle 
school. Matt H., Carter, Greg, Aaron, Neil, 
Eric K., Corey, Dan. Rich. Bryant for being 
great guys Matt G. for always caring. The 
soccerteani: Robbi, Espi, Stacey, Mac and 
all the Freshmen. The softball team and 
coach Wilson for being the best team and 
experience of my life. Steve Morris for 
always helping me to improve. Ro Peace. 
Jen H. we never will forget you. Mary 
Hanson for letting me borrow 7 your flow- 
ered dress and for supporting me through- 
out my 4 years of high school. The 
McGraths for being my second family. 
Mike Rossi and family for all the trips to 
N.H. Take care of Krissy. Jim Sullivan for 
being a great kid. The juniors: Lisa M., 
Schmuhl, Julie A. .Bethany, Mac, Danielle 
T. for hiding in the woods with me in 
N.H., Grow up! Matt T. for being my lab 
buddy. Seniors: Jen B., Maria Sharlene, 
Christine. Courtney. Kate G . Sharon. Jaqui. 
Caroline. Some of the teachers: Miss Barry 
for being someone to look up to. Ms. 
Gullage, Mrs. Jordan and Mr. Haley for 
caring about athletics. Thank you to ALL 
of the Tay lor family for always making me 
feel welcome and now a special thank 
you to John my best friend. I guess I 
should start by thanking you for letting 
me sit with you on the ski bus. but most 
of all for all the fun times that we have 
spent together. N.H., Aladdin, proms. 
Chili's, Golf?? Also I want to thank you for 
always being there forme and making me 
a part of your life. Good Luck. You mean 
the world to me. I love you. Oh yeah #35 
- 50 is out of place. To anyone I missed 
I'm sorry. Good Luck to the class of 1995!! 
Future Goals: To always succeed in what 
ever I do. Live a long and happy life with 
my family. Learn to drive a standard. 

Julie Smith 

Activities: Vice President 3,4; Worked at 
Hanscom Commissary 1 ,2,3.4. Supervisor 
3.4; Junior Advisor for Parish Council 3.4; 
Weight Lifting forever; Guitar 1,2; Peer 
leadership 3. 

Thanks to: Big Gar and Annie - you are 
the greatest. You have made me what I 
am today. Love you to death. Mark - for 
letting me visit and watching over me. All 
my friends: Conney - I will always re- 
member the Metallica concert and our 
trip to Maine!! Can I sit on this!! Lucinda - 
for being my sponsor/sister. Jenny N. - 
such a sweet child... see you at Florida 
State - Nadicksbernd family love your 
guts Amy Akillian. Aetnro Santiago. Erica 
Willie, and Mika, my lunch buddies. To 
David Showalter for being you - an indi- 
vidual and updating me on all the new 
music. My partners in crime Sarah-Beetles 
and Lori Melmack. Sarah - Crayola's car 
rides, D's, shopping trips, sleepovers and 
4th of July. Lori - don't ever eat McDonalds 
on a first date, you're a great friend. 
Stacey - I will always remember Florida. 
You are truly a shining star. Always stand 
up for wJiat you believe in. Keep smiling 
sister. Luv ya. Tony - for being my big bro. 
lifting w ith me, always telling me the truth 
even if its not what I want to hear and just 
being an awesome friend. I love you! 
Nellie - GORGEOUS - for making me rice. 
You're a sweetie. Chris MaCardle - for 
making fun of me. All my kids at the 
commissary'. Aaron Parmer for being a 
great neighbor. Brucie, Chris. Miller. Chris. 
Givivas. Lou Amaya, Johnny Yang (yes I 
remember) Simon for advice, Dave Crook 
for seeing life the way I do and being 
someone I can respect. Tara. Matt. Carla. 
Michelle for all your hard work and being 
great people. Ms. Gullage for being a 
great advisor. All my teachers for your 
help and concern. Lisa Looney, the sweet- 

est girl I know, don't ever change Lisa 
Scherin for tutoring me in Spanish. Fmilo. 
you're a nice guy. Anyone I forgot I am 
sorry. To Bedtorcl High - It's been fun. its 
been real. But it hasn't been real fun. 
Jennifer St. Sauveur 
Activities M jailing Band Drum 
Major 3.4; Double Sextet 2,3,4; Musicals 
1,2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; President of ASDF 4; 
Latin Club 3,4; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; D.Q. 
3,4; Science Club 4. 

Senior Thanks: (Thank you God for let- 
ting me live through High School!!!!!) First 
of all, I would like to thank my parents for 
always being there with an open mind, 
and for letting me grow under your care. 
No matter what I have said or done. I will 
always love you both. Julie, to whom I 
owe my fashion sense, makeup know- 
how, and revenge technique as well as 
those Sunday night cries, Tuna-Ala-Mac, 
The Four Seasons. Bany Manilow at Christ- 
mas, and college ways. I love you Jul. 
Also Neggie and Frey who will always be 
my Alvin and Simon, hiking boot-bud- 
dies, and my favorite marchers, I like 
broccoli. D.B.H.C.!!! How could I ever 
have survived Senior Health without you?! 
(Remember Adam's troups...) Or Madri- 
gal, or Marching Band, or Wind Ensemble. 

or Phil at lunch you're the best; word 

up! And tojunia. my Maddy buddy (uh- 
huh-huh-huh; heh-heh-heh), dinner script 
writer. Track companion, and dancing 
partner. Wrath of the Gods; Bernie and 
Junia's folder rocks forever!! And my 
fellow Double Sextet leader. .. where 
would I be without you Michelley? You 

kept me sane in Madrigal hex Tim heh 

hen heh. ..Tournament and the Musical. 
Not to mention the "Good stew for us" 
weekend. And to Trinish my Jolt 

buddy. ...okay, let's go to sleep 

•BURP* And Phil. Where would I be 

without your constant counseling, per- 
verted jokes, (band horns up!!) and hugs. 
I love you Amoeba-Man. Jeremv: thank 
you for teaching me how to have fun in all 
that I do, that it's okay to sing on the 
phone, and how to really love people for 
who they are. ("In my life ... I loved you 
more" ) Orfdorf; many thanks for drives to 
McDonald's, always listening to my sto- 
ries, your dedication to Marching Band, 
using your computer to write this, and 
talks in the band room (oh baby....). 
Zuba-Band Vilas; thank you for being a 
huggable friend, fellow trumpeter, yel- 
low submarines, and feeding me fries on 
Dudley Road. Also, thank you to Mr. 
Brian Reagan. I would never nave gotten 
the chance to do half as much in the Wind 
Ensemble or Marching Band were it not 
for you. You have inspired me to become 
a teacher, because you have taught me 
that I cannot live without music. And 
BAND. I love you all. You have made 
even fall in this school a precious gift. 
Especially those I had the privilege of 
Drum Majoring for; I will never forget "A 
Whole New World" or "Circle of Life". 
Also thank you to Jeremy Nash whom I 
had the privilege and joy of working with. 

Someday we will meet again on the 

football field at LIMASS. in matching Drum 
Major uniforms. (We are THE BEST!! SO 
THERE!) Also thanks to Alex Brill, who 
inspired me to become a Drum Major, 
and that I could do it with class. You have 
been more of an inspiration than you will 
ever know. Thank you to Shed, my trum- 
pet buddy (do you want to be on the 
bottom or the top?), telemedia groupie, 
Madrigal-lova (chief rocka!!) and my c< >m- 
panion through Junior/Senioryear. Thanx 
for teaching me that I am special. Also to 
Mr. Barry Low and Mr. Barbus for being 
my teachers of music for High School. By 
your example, I will follow music in 
whatever I do because you brought me to 
it. Thanx to the Carsons! Without you two 
my parents might never have let me do 
many things. Also thank you for raising 
the best friend I ever had: Chris. You have 
been my friend since. ..God-kni >w s-when. 
and you always will be. I always have, 
and always will love you like a brother 
Thank you for showing me how to live 

Senior Thanks 17 5 

life without letting it get to me. Thanx to 
Greg for letting me take you down in the 
band room, and for sharing your yodels, 
fruit rollups. and Senior year. Also to Eric 
Green, and Gina The TYPN' POSSE!!!! 
You guys are awesome. Latin II rocked 
cause of you two. ASDF!!!!!!! Double Sex- 
tet, thanks for putting up with me. Also 
thanks to Naveen (Lips) Wadhera. I'll 
never forget the Madrigal weekend.... 
you were my first. .. Also thanx to Adam 
for showing me how to take chances and 
to have fun in Humanities. Thanx to Lynn 
Vermeer for introducing me to the trum- 
pet. Who would have thought that I 
would have ended up playing weddings? 
You're the best, thank you for starting me 
off. Thanx to Tanza for CCD. and March- 
ing Band, (your mom hates us!!!) To 
everyone I thanked; I love you all. "I will 
remember you, so please remember me." 
Future Goals: To go to college, become 
the Drum Major of the UMASS band, get 
married, see Lithuania and to always be 
surrounded by music. 

Rachel Stieglitz 

14 Old Stagecoach Rd. 
Activities: Concert Band 1,2,3; Marching 
Band 4; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 
3,4; SADD 4; National Honor Society 3,4; 
Recycling Program 3,4; Stage Crew for 
Musical 4; Volunteer Bingo 1,2,3,4; 4-H 
Club 2,3. Treasurer 2,3; Bedford Day 
Camp Counselor 3,4; Sign-In-Board De- 
signer 2,3: Volunteer Gift Wrap 1,2,3,4; 
LEFTY 2,3; Conformation 2; Hebrew- 
School 1,2; Wedgewood Swim Team 1; 
Regular Babysitter 1,2,3,4; Library Assis- 
tant 4. 

Thanks to: To my parents for creating a 
wonderful life and helping me live it by 
showing me love and respect. To my 
brother. William, for always giving me an 
opportunity to start an arguement. To my 
great grandmother - I will always follow- 
in your footsteps and try my best to 
accomplish this goal. To Gama Ruthie for 
the annual swan boat trips, the carnival, 
overnights, the Ritz Carlton, the Marriott, 
and other wonderful memories of the 
days spent with Papa and you. To Grammy 
for living so close to both my heart and 
my home and for just being a nice person 
to talk to. To my cousin, Ricky, for being 
not only a cousin but also a friend, your 
visits to Boston over the summer, the 
three hour tour to Stonehedge, Barney, 
our tiresome bike rides, and being a foot 
taller than I am. To all my relatives for 
sharing my joy during good times and 
helping me survive through bad times. To 
Lisa S. , my best friend, for just moving to 
Bedford, our many laughs during lunch- 
time, the German Book, Canobie, our 
memories of Lisa P.: "What's your prob?". 
The Frisbee Incident, 'It's normal", the 
physics labs, the book in my yearbook. 
To Lisa P. for helping me with Spanish 
homework, being such a serious and 
funny person at the same time, and Mr. 
Reynolds' history projects. To Phil for 
"You want to be a librarian, right? ', phys- 
ics labs, and for senior sociology. To Jen 
Brown for being in my gym class, "Hi. I'm 
Pebbles ", and making study hall in the 
library more interesting. To Kristina 
Roussak for my delayed Christmas present 
and our argument about "Tintern Abbey". 
To Jen S. for supplying me with pens 
during sophomore year and being one of 
the drum majors of "the power and class 
of Bedford". To Jeanette tor comments on 
my clothes, helping me survive through 
Mrs. Estrada's class and making those 
Spanish videos possible. To Josh for teach- 
ing me about counseling at Bedford Day 
Camp, and physics class. To Michelle L. 
for helping me with homework in Geom- 
etry, To Alissa for skiing at Nashoba 
Valley. Lefty events, Concert Band, the 
awful version of "I Just Can't Wait to be 
King", and Gunstock and Sunapee. To 
Dara for living so close to my house, and 
4-H Club. To Rebecca and Carrie for 
living next-door to me, being the best 
neighbors possible, cup of noodles, the 
bus stop, and nights spent at each other's 
houses. To Jeremy N.. Sarah. Michelle M.. 

Alissa, Pam, and Mr Reagan for making 
marching band so much fun and rehears- 
als bearable. To Rachel. Jeff. Katie, and 
Joey, because they said so. To Mrs. Reed. 
Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Sullivan, Mr. Pilla, Ms. 
O'Malley. and all the other teachers for 
making my learning experience some- 
thing that I will remember forever. 
Future Goals: Going to Skidmore College, 
becoming a graphic designer, marrying 
the man of my dreams, and making a 
wonderful life with him and our families. 

Jeffery Sullivan 

Activities: Football 1; Baseball 1,2,3,4; 
Hockey 1,2,3,4; Team Hotwheel 1,2,3,4. 
Thanx to: First I would like to thank my 
mother and father for putting up with me 
for all these years, Jim and Mike for all the 
fun games in the back yard. Team 
hotwheel: you guys are the best. MATT: 
my boy from day one, thanx for all the 
rides to school and to hockey in the 
morning. Special thanx for corrupting me. 
I've had some of the best times with you. 
I've never laughed so hard. GREG: where 
do I start. Maine was great. Darby rules 
(had to give a shot out to Darby) Greg 
10:10. NEIL: thanks for the rides to the 
work and home even if you would not let 
me in the car, "Earl slip it IN". I'll never 
pay to get in that junk box. "I don't want 
a red one". AARON: Thanks for showing 
us how to be such a good boyfriend 
"Aaron hold this for a second". And I 
didn't sell you guys out at Spooky World. 
MIKE. Kid chillin thanx for ripping my 
shin. That party was great even though 
there was 7 people there "not in here 
baby". SLUG: thanx for riding with me 
after lunch. That fire extinguisher better 
be gone by the end of the year. ERIC: the 
Taco bell king. Thanx for trying to show 
me how to snowboard and the Karate 
fights in fourth grade. I killed you. 
TLSMOOTH: you are the biggest pimp I 
have ever met in my life. Sophomore year 
party was the best glad you got a piece. 
BRIAN: thanx for all the good times in 
new Hampshire. I don't think you have 
had fun yet with being caught. This thing 
can't do 50. Oh yeah? 60 oh yeah? 80 I 
think I hit him. Have fun next year buddy. 
STEVE: thanx for coming through for us 
all those times. Thanks to the Trojans and 
the girls of '95. Stacy, thanks for the prom, 
I had a great time. And thanx to the BF 
crew and the Venuti family. Especially 
Mr. V., Dave FT.P brother, thanx forteach- 
ing me the way. Al, you're the best, thanx 
for all the good times at your house. Also 
thanx to Brenda, Boffa, Beth, Cristen, 
Katy, Ro, Kristina (you didn't tell me what 
to write). Dicky, Corey, Neef, Brian M., 
Wayne S. Jerad and AD (You are the 
biggest punks I know) Danielle M., Mark 
L., Vinny, Bobby, Robby C. (AA) and your 
buddy Nick. Also Mr. Sabourin, Mr. Max- 
well, Mr. Reynolds and Coach Bevens. 
Greg, no you're not. 


4 Maple Street 

Activities: Indoor/Outdoor Varsity Track 
1,2,3,4; Field Hiockey 2,3,4; Musical 2,4; 
SADD 2,3,4, Treasurer 3,4; Interact 3,4, 
Board of Directors 4; Prom Decorating 
3,4; Madrigal 3,4; Double Sextette 4- 
WOOPS 3; Latin Club 3,4, Photographer 
4; French Club 1,2,3; Steve Miller 2,4; 
Nuntree runs 2,3,4; NBG 3,4. 
Thanks to: Mom thanks for being you. 
You've stood by me through so much and 
continue to amaze me everyday - I love 
you; Dad although I see you mostly when 
I close my eyes you've never left my side. 
We aren't as close as we could be but 
what we do have, I hold closest to my 
heart and always will. Rach - my friend of 
17 years - 1 don't know how to thank you. 
Lex saw some interesting times - home- 
made slip-n-slide, BigBear fuzzy tights, 
MOMMY... I love you, hiking DM 
hitchiking. and my entire lifetime. I love 
you and will miss you too much! Rich - 
you've been my 2nd father, my toothfairy, 
my santa, my easter bunny, my big brother. 
I'll never forget octapus dances, 
soccergames, karate, getting lost on 

Amtrack in Conn, and driving lessons 
(nice try though); Nancy, you've been the 
inspiration that's kept me going. You 
always have time to lend a listening ear - 
I trust you with everything - last August I 
needed you so much - thanks Nan and 
Rob. To Pitch thanks for being one of the 
greatest people I know., Belmont (fights, 
me crying/you - let's go/OK!; we're being 
paged) NBG, ILAMYA, power of love, 
XMAS-eve, islands (wanna a cigarette? 
DH.JM yelling) Nancy?... Rachel?... Ruthy?, 
"have I made you cry yet?" ILYSMK; to Jen 

- my first friend. I'll miss the latenight, 
gaptalks, mall elevators and farm ani- 
mals, keep in touch - 1 love you; to Maria, 
thanks for mobilemen, WOOPS wanna 
lannadoon?. attractions, Blah Bleh. 
Shoomp, Caratch Area (um), Semi and 
prom '93 (I wanna go home, I want no 

part of world) and everything else. I 

love you and will miss you - always keep 
in touch; to Cron - thanks for Saunders - 
but I don't know my SS», can-can. bil- 
liards, mixes, Adrian, sleepovers, discus- 
sions, and the summers. I'll always re- 
member you; Katie - my shrink - latenight 
obsessions, cruising, Waltham, Hallow- 
een, and being a great friend - 1 love you. 
Danielle - thanks for keeping my skiis, 
prom '93 - our table rocked, highways, 
painters (ha-ha-ha!, BS you can be mine) 
and basic instinct; Stacey thanks for deep 
talks. Maple St, New Year's '93, hiking 
and being there whenever I needed - I 
love you and keep in touch. Thanks to: 
Sarah for freshman year and Springs 
Brook; Meg for Belmont and Dudley; 
Court for Tufts; Beth for being crazy; 
Genja - falling at Springs Brook and 
XMAS cards; Geary for Red Sox, 80 s and 
plays; Jessica for the party; Alba for the 
rock; Gina for MOM; Liana for everything 

- parties, discussions, Barc's, latenight 
and being the nicest person I know; 
Catherine (Pshht) and Kate for NH and 
Madrigal - you guys are a riot! Thanks to: 
Carter (Clyde) - for pumpkin stealing. 
English III, and annual household parties; 
Steve for UMass - 1 wish I had a sense of 
direction, could you explain admissions?, 
picking me up, Aerosmith, and listening 
to me; Brian for 4am; Eric for kisses at 
dances; Greg for Springs Brook, black 
nails, The Little Mermaid, and gravita- 
tional talks; Johnny, thanks for the mov- 
ies and slaps! You're always there to 
listen to me vent - thank you for every- 
thing. I'll never forget you. Aaron (Max) 
and Neil for Halloween '94; Adam for 
Madrigal and leaf raking; Matt D. for 8th 
grade; Mike D. for solitaire, Scott for 
being a Trojan, Tim, Matt H., Jeff, Naveen, 
Carson, Phil, and Mike Mc. for always 
laughing. Guisti - thank you for being a 
true friend - Van Halen, Wachusettes 
(audey audey audey), advice on love, 
being my Dad, and listening to me no 
matter what I have to say. I'm going to 
miss you and I pray that we will always 
keep in touch (you call me this time!) I 
love you! Oh yeah - Matt and Dan thanks 
for the kitchen table. To Madrigal, thanks 
for NH! Thanks to all the girls in field 
hockey - you guys are great. I apologize 
to anyone that I didn't mention but meant 
to. To the rest of '95 - thank you for being 
the greatest class I have ever known. 
Take care and I love you all. 

Future Goals: To marry- the love of my 
life, have three beautiful children, see the 
world from a mountain top, become happy 
and sucessful, enjoy the rest of my life, 
see Beth Ela get her license and always 
remember the friends I've made here. 

Philip E. Toole 

4 Colonial Place 

Activities: W.E. 1,2,3,4; Musical 1,2,3,4; 
Marching Band 1,23; Yearbook 4; Span- 
ish Club 1; SYMS Club 3; Phillips Academy 
Symphony Orchestra 3,4. 
Thanks: I would first like to thank my 
mom and dad. You guys have put up with 
a lot of my *@!* for a long time. And I 
think that qualifies you guys as parents of 
the century. I Love You very much. To my 
sister - please just hang in there. High 
School does get better. I promise. And as 

I've said before - don't be like your i 
brother. Keep up the grades. To R. 1 
- my sister away from my sister, I c 
believe I'm leaving you! You mear 
much to me. I Love You. Remember 
"me" days. GREEN, and blue thong biki 
(WOW) One last thing - please wait 
Zion. Tara. I can't thank you enough 
loving music so much. Yanni and a\ 
Rice rule. Beauty did what to the crel 
prince? (And Alexis, Tristan, and Laurel 
Baroque music Rules! Bertha and B 
"Cabaret" was so much fun! "WilkomrJ 
Bienvenue. Welcome!" Never forget 
"Dracula" bond That movie kicks ml 
butt. I Love You. Erica M., hon. whM 
say? Besides 16 trashcans. that is. ChM 
How big is your eraser?? Thanks a bul 
for the walks. They were much need« 
Love You, too. Lisa L., my partnel 
crime, you've taught me. if nothing el 
to just not give a damn about whatl 
other person thinks. Thanks for bein M 
one who was there on May 6. 199J 
meant a lot. You were the first o 
Madonna kicks butt. Whoa! Jen S; 
there's so much to say. So here goes 
a quick (??) summary - Chocolate, WaB 
Kiwi, Amoeba - Man, Banana - 1\T 
History- class (all three years) Polo, Ma| 
ing Band! "A Whole New World." Ca 
Gullage, Nash d4 Chiocca & Waterho 
Ciaccia, Mur & Woof & Duh - huh, c" 
rocka! band horns up, and Shoop. Wl 
I can't go on! You've been a major pa 
my life , and I'll never forget you. 
coer s'ouvre 15 ta voix. In other w 
thanks for makin' me laugh for all tl 
years. Love ya lots. Allison T.. w 
come a long way since Canobie. Anc 
really glad we did. Thierry, WHAT- 1 
Never forget Art Class! Pilla rules! ; 
your mom! (seriously) Josh S., whe 
start? Aaah. Delaware. Thanks for 
kick - butt talk. Virginia totally rock: 
Truth or Dare by the ultimate ph 
symbol!!! Jen M., thanks for being ni 
me ever since the beginning, in Cane 
Pilla rocks, even though he hates 
guts. Ha-ha. Joke. Trina. where woi 
be without you? Back in Virginia 
those beautiful, sexy people prob; 
But seriously. Thanks for Deing thei 
Virginia. Remember this - "Trina. he h. 
written back!!!" Ben was doing wha 
the way down there? The Trina S 
Casa Bonita! COLORADO! Sh( 
Animaniacs! What'll we do tonight. B 
Don't ever forget me. How- could 
with the perverse-joke-wavelength w 
got? Chris C, my Driver's Ed. bud! Th 
For the totally awesome talks in th 
brary. Scoutmasters and everything 
the solo in Marching Band. (No, I wa 
be Jasmine this time!) Thanks for t 
awesome legs! Palmer rules!!! Lora 
espanol buddy, gang-bang hoodlurr 
the base! Pavao is on dmgs. You wen 
best "June" dancer - coLORAdo Roc 
Ine & Codo! Muchas gracias, Patitotc 
quiero mucho. Jen B., for being ther 
me when I needed it most. Jen T. 
sorry for corrupting you. Mur! You wo 
that one! KathArine, can I smell your 
Stina, remember The Crying Game? ^OC 
really a guy? Alyssa R.. muchas. mu 
gracias. Jodete! No. jodete! P 
totalmente es "las pelotas." La Tienc 
Papel es el mejor. (not mo' betta) Jei 
N., I can't say the word in the yearb 
Marching Band Rules! Katie E., K/ 
Katie C. Michelle P., Lisa S.. Eileen 1 | 
Naveen, Catherine W., Michelle S I 
Craig W.. for the ]oking around. 1 a[ e 
ciate it. Jeremy C, Virginia was so I' 
some! Marie T., my clarinet bud, Jel 1 
my Phantom bud. Vilas. Marching 1 1 
was totally cool, and Dorf. Gina J., th 
for the talk. You know, motorcy 
Wayland, Rivers, and all that stuff. Be 
I know we got off to a really bad star 
things turned out okay. Sorry- for ai 
comments. I know how it makes 
uncomfortable. (Just jokin'l!) Keep < 
trouble, now, ya ere? Kamah H., 1 1 
admire your perseverence and the 
that you're just so darn jovial abo 
Keep smilin ! Brian G.. Dave W , WO 
Emily U., GEORGE! Ingrid A., I 

rlieve you're finally in W.E.! We had so 
jch fun in that class, even though we 
:ver shut up! Now to my SYMS buddies 
tolleen D.. and Miranda. We had a blast! 
iranda, your Cat in the Hat hat is so way 
ol! I still want some more tape notes, 
ough Colleen - you give great hugs! 
ways remember Soft-serve! Those sculp- 
res got way outa hand. Steve, I'm sorry 
iu didn't find someone. Better luck next 
ne, eh? Deb, you are really brutal, 
jures you would play field hockey, 
mrtney, you are so awesome! Thanks 
r being so cool with things. Sadie, I still 
ink we should go for a walk on the 
ach and recite poetry together. Forget 
eryone else. Also thanks to Cara S., 
issa D., Carla I., Sharon S., Lexie R. 
rah S., Sarah C, Katie W., Mrs. Ander- 
n, Megan F.-F., Dave J., Bev H., Mr. 
rbas. Mary D., Dave H., and Karen H. 
id, finally, to the teachers who've made 
difference. Mr. Reagan, welcome to 
dford! Theory was fun, and maybe I'll 

the homework some day. Good Luck, 
u show great promise. Mr. Low, for 
vays being so nice and giving me 
portunities here and there. Sr. Pavao, 
ichas, muchas gracias! Ud. es un mae- 
3 muy bueno! Pero, necesita Ud. a 
jar los drogos. Chiste senor, chiste! Yo 

yo se, callate, Felipe. Gracias muchas 
;es! Ms. O'Malley, how can I thank you 
Dugh? You listened, you understood, 
j laughed at my jokes, you got me out 
i gym class. . . ooops! I slipped! Don't 

rr) - I'll keep in touch with you from 

lege. (If I ever get there!!!!) Ms. Mitchell, 
j're a very kind and understanding 
■son'. Thanks so much for the talks and 

caring. Thanks to anyone I become 

lly good friends with after I wrote 

se thank - you's. 

ure Goals: To become a world-famous 
chologist, find a wonderful lover who'll 
with me in the mountains of Colo- 
o. Visit Casa Bonita with Trina, see 
hel's kids graduate, and to see my 
er win an Oscar. 


"lenridge Drive 

ivities: Tournament 1; Jr. District 1; 

lent Prod. 2; AFS 2,3.4; Golf 2,3,4; 
ing Musical 2,3,4; Madrigal 2,3.4; 
able Sextet 2,3,4; SYMS 2.5; Flute 
iir 2,4; SADD 3,4; NHS 3.4; Drama 
b 1,2,3,4; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Science 
gue 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Wind 
emble 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; 

nee Club 4. 

nks: I would like to thank my good 
s, BN(A), JBC, C A 2, C(Z)C, TC, LC'e. 
;ki, BDorf. Katyrind, Calletana, KH, 
Mrs. Krueger, KJL, Mrs M., Fiona, 
D, O'Pray, LYP, ABR, VS. DBHCtJSts ), 
mi hermana Adrienne, my Mom and 
, you guys are all the greatest. EMO, 
ember Bluntschili, Waldo and the 
imower men, going to the movies 
i RJOD? Scrod, remember skiing w/ 
;ki, the Junior Prom and countless 
povers? LYP, TOO BROAD! PT, TC, 
fcl:olate croissaints? Tennis and Golf 
Hi, Science League, and Adv. Chem. 
My if I left anybody out. Love, Jennifer 
P, Thanks to the yearbook staff espe- 
pjy Rachel for being cool about my 

N een Wadhera 

3 dependence Rd. 

jMties: X-Countrv 1.2,3.-1. Captain 4; 
Dna Club 1,2,3,4, President 4; SADD 
li',4, President 2,3,4; Tennis 1,2,3,4; 
Pj 3,4, Secretary 4; Telemedia 2, Kicked 
cf,!; Aaron Geekstel Knitting Club 2; 
Hj ael J. Fox Fan Club 1,2,3,4; Foot 
Dies 2,3,4; Geekveen 3,4. 
Ttiks a lot to: Lora, for being the 
hi; light of my high school career, for 
se ting me, then liking me, for the cast 
fcj , for late night phone calls, for THE 
tii .. for being so receptive to my Jacks, 
to ;ver getting your license so we could 
fShj t Speedy, for distractions in the car, 
to Iways making me late in getting 

home, for taking me to "Grease ", for trust, 
for going to my prom and being my "Lady 
in Red", for complimenting everything 
about me including things I know weren't 
true, for watching "Benny and Joon", 
moving to Texas and ruining my Senior 
Year, and for getting me through 
HighSchool. To Sewon X for being a great 
friend, always being someone to call for 
absolutely no reason, for the phone-study 
method before every test (there's no way 
I would have made it through HighSchool 
without you), for being in every single 
class and activity with me, for the accents, 
for loving Seinfeld with me. for the Buf- 
falo Wings, for winning every money 
game and making us the best 2-on-2 team 
in the history of basketball ( P-R will never 
die and Asian Connection's *1!), for all 
the Genesis Ice-Hockey games - I will 
always be the best; for letting me make 
you the the girl in every play and for 
enduring all the Aaron geek-attacks with 
me. To Kathy W.( Katrine) for always 
being a great and supportive friend, for 
being stubborn and throwing things at 
me. for always apologizing with "Sorry" 
cards, for having a B-day party with me. 
for writing me a recommendation, for 
long phone calls, for discussing your boys 
with me, for the Dance-a-thon, for buying 
me the Curious George and for being so 
very honest. To Kate, for tons of great 
talks, for hating the same people, for 
being hilarious and a great actress, being 
vintage, for Boobs, and for being Fooool 
on the VA trip. To Adam for moving here 
with me in the 7th grade, for sharing 
everything with me - especially your love 
problems, for tons of sleep-overs and 
advice, for Plymouth, for late night games 
of Bluff, for the Awesome Threesome, 
and for making X and me your best buds. 
To Mitch, for tons of great talks, Billy 
Joel, for being so positive and for being 
one of my closest friends. I look forward 
to watching you on Broadway That's life, 
right? To Steve for being the running God 
and all those Emma jokes. To Paul for 
being the King of Farts and making this 
the smelliest season ever. To the rest of 
my X-Country boys: Rag, Yungs, Brian. 
Pete, Matty, Path, Aaron, Ethan, etc.. To 
Barry for making me a captain. To Yung- 
En for arguing even when you knew you 
were wrong and for all those Drama Club 
pictures. To Gilbert for not knowing how 
to play Bluff in New York, being giggly 
around the boys, and for being so awful 
at sports. ToJ-Luv for being a good friend, 
the good talks, just wanting to party, and 
for trying to improve my social life. To 
Donny for breaking my nose. To the 
Trojans for making BHS interesting. To 
Genja for all the rectums, making leaves, 
breaking into Mrs. Krueger's room, for 
smiling every time I swore at you, and for 
having the fattest chin ever. Don't worry, 
you'll grow out of it. To Geekstel and 
Flukadork for being snakes, taunting me 
throughout HighSchool and getting me 
the best nicknames. To all of Madrigal 
and my Bond-Weekend boys: Frosh, 
Fuzzy, Waterdork and Chrissy. To Chrissy 
for letting me call you that and for "Turn- 
ing the Radio up" all of Junior year. To 
Cara for being Cayra just for me. Stay in 
touch. To Jen SS for being Lips and 
Blondie. To Trina for loving my cologne 
and wanting to borrow my shirts. To 
Alyssa for sharing notes with me while I 
slept in Messma's class. To Sociology 
Class junior year -you know who you are. 
To Mrs. Sullivan for being a great teacher 
and friend and for a class that educated 
me about you-know-what. To Emily and 
Ingrid for being the coolest sophomores 
anywhere. Don't worry. High School does 
end! To Corey for knowing that the X- 
Country team is better than the Soccer 
team. To DreDay for being the ultimate 
philosopher, for great talks and the Beard. 
To Aarti, for all the gossip during those 
Indian parties. To Alan and Anita for 
college advice. To the Bedford Indian 
community, for being super cool, sup- 
portive, and recognizing all that I did in 
High School. And most importantly, thanks 
to my family, both here and in India, for 

being so loving and supportive. Special 
thanks to Renu B for getting me an 
earring, and to Kiran B for always psycho- 
analyzing every thing I said and making 
me the villain in front of my brother. To 
Mom and Dad, I'm finally making it out of 
here. How long have I waited for this? 
Thank you two for everything; you've 
made me who I am today and I'm ex- 
tremely grateful. Mom, thanks for being 
so understanding and always taking my 
side even at your own expense, for stay- 
ing up super late with me and being very 
patient with Karan and me. Dad. thanks 
for all the yelling, for being a great friend, 
for giving me a car, for all the yelling, for 
working so hard, and for paying for 
college. You're a cool guy. You are still 
not allowed to visit every day or remind 
me of my homework. And last but *1 on 
my list, thanks to Karan for being the 
bestest brother in the world. You're the 
toughest, bravest, most mature, loving, 
kind and generous person I've ever met, 
so don't ever change and hey, Waller, I'm 
always here for you. Don't miss me too 

Future Goals: To have a beautiful wife 
and family, to be rich and successful, and 
to come back for our class reunion and 
laugh as I watch Aaron Geekstel washing 
my Porsche! I also want to work out at X's 
Weight-Lifting Club. 

Sean Waldron 

36 Shawsheen Road 

Activities: Varsity Soccer 3,4; Indoor Track 
1,2 Captain 3,4; J.V. Baseball 1,2; Varsity 
3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4. 
Thanks To: My parents and my little 
brother for putting up with me. Juice for 
always being there, Ondy and Sam for 
being themselves, Lacoc for the put downs 
whenever I felt good, Marcell for being 
my friend and bro, Jaqui for being my 
cheerleader and never giving me a psyche 
bag, Caroline for helping me with cheat- 
ing in Luke's class, Bryant for never 
letting me forget Lavern, Rich for the part 
and Sega, Gabe for being Italian, Corey 
for that Westford night with the truck, 
Eileen for the b-ball games. Slug for being 
yourself, Dina for always being my friend. 
Future Goals: To see Ondy on the six 
o'clock news for bashing in S.F., Juice to 
get his truck on the road, Sam get a new 
car, for me get out of H.S. in 4 years go on 
to college and play sports till I can't do it 
anymore major in education become a 
teacher and get married have two kids 
and raise them to be the best they can be. 

Catherine Weicker 

27 Fox Run Rd. 

Activities: JV Field Hockey 1,2; Varsity 
Field Hockey 3,4; Spring Track 1,2,3,4; 
Chorus 2; Madrigal 3,4; Musical 2,3,4; 
Double Sextet 4; Tournament of Plays 
1,2,3,4; French Club 1,2,3.4; Latin Club 
1,2,3; Spanish Club 4; AFS 2,3, co-presi- 
dent 4; Science League 1,2; Drama Club 
1,2,3,4; SADD 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,vice-presi- 
dent 4. 

Thanks to: Mom for cheering at my games. 
To Dad for making me smile. I owe you 
guys so much. Gazillions of thanks to my 
rad sisters. Jackie, for introducing me to 
the club scene when I was ten. Nat, for 
giving hugs and finishing Zork. Thanks to 
all of my friends who I won't be able to 
mention - you made life more interesting. 
Caroline, we've been buddies since first 
grade. We survived shelf accidents and 
hand-me-down clothing disasters. Thanks 
for putting up with me. Savage Beasts 
must think positively in order to win. 
Yung-En, I don't want to twist your arm, 
but thanks for feeding Filou (meow), for 
caring whether I understand Math, and 
for zoetropes. Yung-Tsyr, for bowling, 
pool, Bob's, and other "it's 9:30" activi- 
ties. Jen Clerkin, for not being able to 
follow art class discussions and starting 
rumors. Beth. Beedeebeedee. Glenn, for 
humming the Darth Vader march. 
Cayetana, for laughing at football games. 
Kate, you're a pretty disgusting prom 
date, but an excellent friend. Thanks for 
consulting teen mags for my love prob- 

lems and looking up my ailments on your 
CD-ROM. I can "alwess" count on our 
mutual unfriendliness for entertainment. 
Will we ever agree on the merit of a 
video? To my field hockey juniors - my 
"children" - thanks for making it a great 
season. Kristin, for complimenting me. 
Cara M. for playing ping pong with me 
when nobody else would. Lora, thanks 
for motivating me to try out for Madrigal, 
being a day older than me, being Wayne 
on the Base, talking and listening at the 
same time, folding notes into shapes, not 
having call waiting, and riding the 
oxymobile. I miss you, friend. Alyssa, 
thanks for riding shotgun, making Stop & 
Shop runs, coaching me on the right way 
to tie a balloon, sharing your bottle of hair 
dye, introducing me to the world of 
"tetchingness," and rescuing me from 
Cecil. Sharlene, for being a Madrigal de- 
linquent with me. Thanks for deciding to 
go on the weekend and buying me Skittles. 
Gilbert (Sparkly), what will I do without 
your radiant smile and brilliant eyes? 
College will be a scary place without 
them. Emily U., is your arm tired from 
waving, yet? Naveen, I apologize for 
throwing that notebook at you. Thanks 
for listening, giving sage advice, filling 
me in on gossip, and keeping secrets. I 
will never forget Ms. O'Malley s English 
class and motor oil. Our sweet sixteen 
was quite the event, Babbaloo. Thanks 
for dumb arguments on who had the most 
homework, least friends, or bleakest fu- 
ture. I won, by the way. Most of all, 
thanks for making me laugh at every- 
thing, including myself. Craig W., for 
being cursed with a last name starting 
with W, meaning that you had to sit 
between Genja and I. If you hadn't been 
there, one of us might not be alive today. 
I'll make you an alpine scrunchie to show 
my gratitude. Thanks for being a Bowie 
fan. Genja, for telling me complex stories 
of people I don't know, being such a 
cooperative project partner, CRISIS, 
"Aschfri'-'thosen." "Schei u tabletten," being 
mathematically retarded with me, and 
daily proclamations of who you aren't 
talking to. Thanks for listening to me 
whine in bad German, giving me Kinder 
eggs, and always giving your opinion. 
Thanks to my French V class and the 
seniors on field hockey. Many thanks to 
Coach Wood for showing us what it is like 
to win. Finally, thanks to Mr. Maffa who 
believes in my non-existent talents as a 
cellist and never fails to inform whoever 
I am with about them. 
Future Goals: To go to a video store with 
Kate and Naveen and unanomously de- 
cide upon one film within 30 minutes of 
arrival. It can be done! 

Heather M. Walker 

Thanx to my family for putting up with my 
bouts of insanity, to Tadpole for her 
dedication to friendship and her inner 
light, to Tyson for the comfort of his 
shadow, to Cusraque for providing shel- 
ter for freaks like me, to Mrs. Ralston for 
her soul, to the Congregation of the 
Library Kids for all the butts, to Talson for 
the truth and his heart. To Wien for being 
"Wicked Fresh", to all the green cars, to 
Mr. Pilla for messin' with my head, to 
David Crook for the stimulating conver- 
sations, and to all else who have the 
freedom to be themselves and follow the 
light of their souls. 

Future Goals: To love and be loved, to 
write a book and star in the movie of it, 
and to exist in peace. 

Craig Scott Wiley 

31 Great Road 

Activities: Telemedia 2,3,4; Varsity Soft- 
ball Manager 1,2,3,4; Tournament of Plays 
1,2,3,4; Stud. Prod. Night 2,3,4; Spring 
Play 1,3,4; Theologically Confused Club 
1,2,3,4 ....; Rifle Team 1; Fencing 1,2; 
Marching Band-3.-2,-l.l; Science League 
1,2,3,4,_; HOBY 2; AFS Host 1,3; AFS 
Student 2-3; BHS Student ?,?.?,?; Pres. 
Classroom 3; School Comm. 4; Windex 
Club 4; Rock Climbing 4; 
Thanks To: My mom for always being 

Senior Thanks 177 


there, even when I didn't deserve it, I 
can't thank you enough. Mr.P for being 
entertaining Dad. Katrin for making my 
family more confusing. Kris, Shep for 
talking to me when I should have been 
writing papers. Eric forgiving me papers 
(and keys) so I wouldn't have to write as 
many. To Haynes for being U.U.! Miranda 
for the cake fight. The Tall Uncoordinated 
Sweaty Handed People for making me 
feel like I fit in. Estrada for teaching me 
more Spanish than I care to know. To the 
Administration, I'm not sure what for. 
Krueger for passing ADV Chemistry. 
Ullman for being. Lord and Doctor for 
providing a great opportunity, and some- 
times making it so difficult. Reynolds for 
being the most inspiring teacher ever. 
Nate for stupid sounds Peacock? Trina. 
enough said, don't break the rules. O'Pray 
and Horrigan for robbing the Bedford 
Banks. Pulsipher, I'm not sure for what, 
but I want to thank you all the same. 
Learv for always being weirder than I am. 
Dorr and V for keeping Telemedia alive 
next year. Watershed for being smaller 

than Mr. Lord's Inferrera for blood. 

Craig, for having the coolest fort. Gelormini 
for realizing Piper is better than Warrior. 
Weicker for saying my name real cool. 
Schwerin for putting up with my editing, 
it's morally wrong. My Softball girls, for 
making springtime worth it. Andrea, don't 
worry you'll see the light, and become 
U.U. Naveen for being so cool, pushing 
me in, I haven't forgotten. Greg for being 
Greg. Eric G. for ALWAYS being there. 
Katharine for being Katharine, no doubt 
I'll see you in S.A. Phil for being coura- 
geous. Carson, for being so enthusiastic 
about all my stupid ideas. Carlos and 
Freddy for being both brothers, and best 
friends. Aarti for being like a sister, and a 
great friend. Katie for Cramp 
SeeYouTommorrow, putting up with my 
great taste in movies, etc... Ratichek for 
letting me fund your flying, being my 
moral conscience or at least trying to be, 
and for always being a dude and a kid. I 
would also like to thank anyone whom I 
have left out, and everyone who had to 
deal with me throughout high school, for 
putting up with me, you probably didn't 
deserve it. Thanks Again. 
Future Goals: I wish I knew. 

Scott Wiener 

Thanks 2: Mom and Dad, Erik K. (dog). 
Evan and Kelly Ferguson. Harmony, Kate 
L., Steve Sweendog, Jesse Littlefield ROKA, 
Wrench, Aurielius "Opalenik", Space 
Jamie, Jessica Albritton, Marc Gosbee 
(house man), '95 Girlies, Andy Brown, 
Crouton (fool boy), Heatha Walka like 
Luke Sky, the Star Wars series. Corey and 
Haneef (budda), Dave Craig 
( REPREZENT), AEO clique, Nocturnal Un- 
derground, NSD, Kickin' Futuristiks, 
DYREKT (nuff said), MYTE ONES, 
Mr. Anthony Pilla, Teacher Extroadinare!, 
Sheinfeld (he's a funny guy), MURAL, 
KABDOG. AREA, Gabe Leroux, Keith 
Steadman. the Yungs, Jim Mortanen, 
HAVENROK, CUZE, ARISE (I played the 
part now who's to blame), Ed Lover. 
NEVERTHELESS (how can you say no to 
an angel?), and everyone I forgot, you 
know who you are. 

Future Goals: To become a photographer 
someday, to dance uncontroll ablv until I 

Angela Williams 

First and fore most, give an honor to God 
for with out him nothing is possible. To 
my parents and grandparents, thanks a 
lot for being there for me, your job is not 
done yet, but the best is yet to come. To 
my brother Thomas, you're more than 
any sister could ever want for a big 
brother. You have always been there for 
me and I do appreciate it. To Evelyn and 
the rest of my church family, thanks for 
being there for me when I needed you. 
To Mrs. Jordan we have become attached 
to each other. It's hard to say good-byeto 

not only a teacher but, a friend too. We 
must keep in touch. Miss.O'Malley thank 
you! You have been a great deal of help 
to me. I will always remember you. Mrs. 
Parker and your METCO program have 
been an inspiration to me. Thanks for all 
you have done. This is not good-bye but, 
just a time to show the world what I'm 
made of. To Carlie Marcell, Barbara, Rhea, 
Adell Jaqui and many others peace-out 
and be good keep in touch! 

Genja May Williams 

Beth's house 

Activities: Field Hockey 2,4; Tennis 4; 
Swim Team 1,2,3,4; SADD 1,2,4; French 
Club 1,2,4; Spanish Club 4; German Club!! 
4; Study abroad 3. 

Thank you: I would first like to thank my 
mom and dad. You have both stood by 
me and supported me in all that I have 
done. Not only were you my parents, but 
you were also my friends. Thank you for 
the opportunities and guidence you have 
given me. I love you. Adelle, thank you 
for floating boats, playing on the swings, 
walking to school — my hair!, and letting 
April pee on my lap!! "Let me tell you a 
story... Iwas at swim team and there was 
this girl, Ariel..." Aaron, thanks for beat- 
ing me up all six years that I've known 
you, G-Force! Gerstle and the Greasers, 
and calling me by my "other" name in 
public. Some things never change 
Naveen, I've never loved hating some- 
one so much. Thanks for 10th grade 
chem, you nerd. I know you secretly love 
Arthie! And you really do have a big nose. 
Thanks for all your help in math. Knock 
Knock... Gilbert, thanks for being the 
only person in French 5 dumber than me! 
Liana, thanks for pretending to be foreign 
exchange students,, and for always being 
honest and sincere, I admire that in you. 
Thank you Carter for being beautiful! 
Lindsay, thanks for complaining all the 
time, library fights, and never forgiving 
me for not being able to come over on 
your birthday. Gregg R, thanks for being 
a goon. Gina - you stole my bed! Amy. 
FRICTION!! — thanks for giving me a rea- 
son to stay awake in Physics, and thanks 
to Brian for sneaking out of class with me. 
Gina D. thanks for having a cute younger 
brother. Catherine W. thanks for being a 
slacker with me, for keeping my secrets. 
German School - 1 still don't know if Nila 
is a boy or a girl - thanks for the Moonlight 
argument, "Hast Du ihm gesehen?"Good 
luck in your career as a translator/pianist! 
Und neheme Deine Scheissetabletten! 
Bryant, thanks for making me fall on the 
ice, getting detention with me, and for all 
the long talks we've had. I learned a lot 
from you and I hope our friendship con- 
tinues. Thank you Cayetana for helping 
me write the letter, I nope you enjoyed 
BHS. Steve L.. you always made me smile, 
thanks for the rose! Kate G. Thanks for 
letting me use your necklace for Humani- 
ties. Sarah H. for Biology - hitting Ms. 
Craig with a crayfish. Craig, are we still 
going steady? Andrea R. one word: EL- 
EPHANTS. Matt G. - thanks for lunches in 
the ROTC room. Maria C. thanks for your 
comments at field hockey - "What (who I 
the hell was that?" You , Liana and I have 
to go out for pizza again (Courtney's) 
That was the craziest night of the whole 
summer! Mountain Drew - Thanks for "I 
think (You know who) likes you!" Eric K, 
I've had a crush on you since 1st grade! 
Caroline, thanks for Springs Brook, Giddis. 
caravaning with me at practice as we 
struggled to keep up with Jen, loving my 
purple head band, listening to me com- 
plain and trying to cheer me up. Philip T. 
what can I say except DL T CKTALES! Thanks 
for kick the nerd. JILL (I'm sorry about the 
umbrella on the rooD. Thanks for being 
an all-round great guy and for making me 
laugh - Did you really think you could 
push me down the hill? Thank you Johnny 
for always giving me a hard time, walking 
me to Physics, and Chuckey Cheese's 
( almost ). Michelle C. (moaner) thanks for 
Springs Brook experiences, talks at 
Courtney's. "The Picture" Geni, and the 
WNV dance! Thank you Tom for ski trips. 

the trailor. and making life more fun. I 
made a list of everything I want for 
Christmas... Beth - Hey baby, what's your 
sign? I don't know where to start — Thanks 
for the midnight music fight, coming to 
work with me - can I have a cherry blo- 
pop? Davis road Runs - "I was looking for 
my shoe". Lollapu - "eat this french fry off 
of my knee — Mike, come back" loving 
S.S., FNX, Friendly's - helping me put the 
present together, Tomatoe talks, "I DARE 
YOU", ego boosters, ski trips, "we have 
good bread", THE welcome home party. 
Grahm crackers in my kitchen, crvirig 
when Aaron pushed you in the puddle. 
Can I borrow an egg?", sub shop nights, 
the gum wad (C.A. andM.C, too) "you can 
leave now". Bull with the Red Eye, New- 
Year's on the boat - "everyone loves to be 
bit", introducing me to all ten thousand of 
your stuffed animals, BROTHERHOOD, 
and nights at Hampton Beach. I'll never 
forget the fun times we had and I hope we 
always stay in touch. Thank you Gretchen 
for Harv ard soccer boys! and Joe for 
pancakes at 1:00 in the morning! And to 
the whole Ela family: Mr. and Mrs. Ela. 
Gretchen, Beth. Kristen. Mandy and Kayla 
- 1 really appreciated all those nights you 
let me stay in your home - Thank you. 
Thanks to all the guys, Josh, Jason, AD. 
Jarrod, Brandon, Jackson, and anyone I 
may have left out - 1 know you egged my 
house. .. . I had lots of fun in middle school, 
going skiing, and growing up together. 
Thanks to Sharlene for sophomore year 
field hockey. Thank you Katie B. for 
picking me up on base. Thank you Josh 
Montgomery for being my programming 
partner. Thanks to Jen, Danielle, Courtney, 
Michelle P.. Stacy, for all the fun we've 
had. Thanks to Scott W. for being obnox- 
ious. Thank to Micheal Koch for all the 
fun times we had. I love you. And finally, 
thanks to Katie White, the best friend I 
ever had... 

Future Goals: To live in Europe and to 
buy a cow named Betsy. 

Johnny Yang 

4 Washington Street 

Activities: Played everything but quit. 

TROJANZ 1,2,3,4. 

Thankz to: GOD 4 making it all possible. 
Mom 4 working hard to support me and 
dad 4 putting up w/me 4 seven years. I 
luv botn of you very much. Special thankz 
to: Mrs. Hartwell. you're like a mother to 
me, I luv u and I'll never forget u. Mr. 
Hartwell, thankz 4 letting me be your 
favorite, and Melissa my sis, thankz 4 all 
the talks. Thankz to the Gelormini family. 
Mrs. G, 4 all the Italian food I can eat. 
Thankz to Donaldson's and Dwyer family 
4 letting Mike and Matt hang with me. 
And thankz to all the families who sup- 
ported me. Extra thankz: to the Trojanz 
Boyz: 1st Matt (Kurt) Dwyer 4 being a 
good friend and one who I look up to in 
a weird way. I might not show it but I do. 
Sorry about the 7th grade DDT. I still 
don't know how we became friends. I 
hope u'll come to LI Mass with the Boyz, 
but if u don't I hope u'll still stay close and 
whatever you do in life just remember 
one thing (KIT) think Angela W. 2nd Scott 
(Boner) Hartwell 4 being the nicest Tro- 
jan and never let anything break us apart, 
no matter what. Remember Waterville? 
What was your girl's name? And what 
happened? Yeah Scott never lies. Scott I 
luv u like a brother even though we fight 
about Matt all the time. And don't cel- 
ebrate yet. cuz we'll probably be going to 
U Mass together. And u'll have to deal 
with me 4 another 4 years. No matter 
where u go or what u do always keep in 
touch, because I would never want to 
lose a good friend like U. Da last Trojan 
Mike (Donny) Donaldson, my B-friend. 
my 24-hour money machine and my bitxx. 
We been through so much,, deep talks, 
Reading girls, Kate & Ally, late night 
drives, and the most important Horn's. I 
know nothing in the world can break us 
apart. And remember I'll kill u if u don't 
go to the same college as me. Ll're more 
than a B-friend, U're like a part of me. 
can't do anything without L> babe. I'm not 

going to get too deep, cuz we'll 1 
together 4 another 100 years. So I'll sa 
it 4 later. Thankz to: Steve (Sandma 
Robinson 4 all the laughs and parti< 
Thankz to Corey (Jelly) G. -t all the Sej 
Italian food, and H.W. I can't pass Juni 
year without you. To: Sewon. Navee 
you guys are the true brains. Navei 
thankz 4 the talk. Gilbert thankz 4 beii 
realistic and think girl and stick. Brian N 
thankz for all the laughs and the use I 
your house. '95 boyz: Goose. Slug, ai 
A.G. for being my favorite Thankz 
E.K., Cock. Miky. Rocket, and Earl 
partying hard all 4 years. And Aaron ke< 
in touch wherever you do. Thankz to I 
Giusti 4 being my Tag Team partm 
Thankz S. Dugal 4 being obsessed aloi 
with me. He came a long way. thankz 
working with me and good luck ai - 
don't touch any of my girls Thankz 
Jered 4 not selling me out like A l 
Thankz to '95 girls: Maria and Pietchel 
being the biggest Trojan fans Dibble 
trying to get me to smoke again, and ta 
care of half cat. Krissy 4 the $ w/Mal 
Danny 4 being so Q and nice Michelle r 
flirt, my girl, my J Buffet, thankz 4 all tl 
good times. Jaqui 4 J-Semi. Sarah 4 I 
Prom, I miss B&C at Danny's, and hangii 
out on schoolnights. Stacy 4 having t 
same B-Day and being deep and hope 
get to know u better in the future. Tob: 
the girl w/ the pretty eyes, and my mi I 
night movie girlfriend, thankz 4 eveiw 
thing, hope to see u at UMASS. Tro]anett< 
Dina 4 being the nicest, thankz 4 all t 
talks. Perino. my parry girl, if u need a hi 
call, keep smiling. Last CJ. thankz 4 Brut) 
Lynda. David, dinners. NH. being hard] , 
get. and the most important thing is beii I 
the only girl that I never kissed. Carla 
can go on 4-ever but thankz 4 everythi 
you done 4 me and done w me. Than 
to Wendy C . 4 being mv B-friend in mi 
school, u took care of me. thankz ai 
good luck. Liana D. 4 being the oth 
messed up one. thankz 4 being tht 
when I'm in a weird mood. I rea 
appreciate it. Thankz to Jen B. 4 beinj 
close friend. And I will never forgive t 
not going 4 Mike. How did u put up ■ 
me? U're always there 4 me. trying 
make me happy and telling me positi J 
things and I nope u know I'll be there 
u, but what ever u do don't put a pi 
triangle on my car. Thankz to Julie Smi 
my 1st kiss. I still don't know why i 
didn't get together. C.I. my 1st luv. the j 
who stole my heart 4 seven years. I ho 
u know what u put me through, wel 
hope we can get to know each oil 
better in the future, and after get a chan 
w/u. Little thankz to Meredith. Meg, a 
Krista 4 being friendly and Sara Treleg 
and Dave Giannetta 4 being my freshm 
picks. Shout out to Da Nutz. Warren 
Nick Dogg, and DJ. Take on traditi 
make it last and have a great time. At la 
DA HORN'S Erika thankz 4 everythii 
and all I have to say is I TOLD U SO. Oi 
if u listen to me. I luv u sis. To Christi t 
true luv. I still don't unders tand u, a 
what happened. Remember cherries a 
oldies. I hope u'll remember everythi 
we did together. To all the people w 
were a part of my life. GOOD LUCK AT 

FUTURE GOALS: For my best frier 
Mike and I to find luv and happinc 


178 Senior Thanks 

CIS -us 

serves the nation with 
pharmaceuticals & health care products 

Success and good fortune 
to the graduates of Bedford High School... 

CIS - US Inc. 10 De Angelo Drive Bedford, MA 


Compliment's of 

Heating & Air 
Conditioning for 

Industrial Commercial Institutional Residential 

44a North Road Established 1971 617-275-1668 

Bedford MA 01730 1-800-649-7860 

The Bedford Jewish Community 
Extends its congratulations to the graduating 
Class of 1994 and their families. 

We all love & respect you & we are proud of your "footprints" left in 

the sand. 

Congratulations to you & the class of 1995... especially to Linda, 
Wendy, Eileen, Kelly, Lexie, Christine, Matt, Greg, Jeff, Gilbert, Eric, 

Corey, Johnny,& Carter. 
Thank you for all the wonderful memories. 
Love and Thoughts 
The Inferrera Family 

Gina, Thank you for bringing such joy to our 
lives. Our love, blessing and best wishes as 
you continue on your life journey. 


Mum, Dad, Angela, & Peter 

May you find what you want in life, know it 
when you see it, and have the good luck to 
get it — and keep it! 

Congratulations to the Class of 1994! 

Chapman & Corea Real Estate 
328 Great Road, Bedford, MA 01730 
(617) 275-6080 

Ads 181 


We are so proud 
of you! 

Having you for a son has 
been one of the greatest gifts 
life has given us. 

Much Love. 
Dad, Mom, Matt & Mike 


May your wishes 
all come true! 
Mom, Dad, Amy 
Laurie & Mark 



Baudanza Electric Co. Inc 

Electrical Contractors 
Supplies - Lighting - Sales 

Frank Baudanza 

328 Great Rd. 
Bedford MA 

49 The Great Road 
Bedford, MA 01730 

Many oops's 
still ahead! 
The key is to 
keep smiling 
and always 
keep your 
You'll do just 

Love from Your Mom & Dad. 

Guy A. McGarry D.D.S. 

50 Loomis Street 
Bedford, MA 01730 
(617) 275-7072 

182 Ads 

Zupkus Environmental Associates, Inc. 
18 Notre Dame Road 
Bedford, MA 01720 
(617) 275-5745 

Dear Mike, 

We're very proud of 
you. You've brought us 
much happiness and we 
wish you all the you and 

sijccpw Hfp hnK to offpr 

JUttVJil lilt- / 1 n .1 l \t t/l/ll • 


Mom, Dad, Kim & 


John Cadotte we love you a 

lot! Always stay as special as 

you are! 


Mom, Dad, Lisa, Yerky, 
Shamus, Michael, Bailey, Tif- 
fany, and especially Phan- 

Hey, Congrats 


! When you said you could do it -indeed 
you could. Math Physics, Chemistry, 
Art... Skateboard, Snowboard, 
Mountainbike... Friendlies, ProMotion. 
You are definitely going to get where 
you want to go. We're proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Jen, and Jodi 

' Jenni, 

Always a joy to our daily life. 

i Forever a pleasure to those lucky 
enough to know her. We wish 
you continual happiness 

• through your journey into adult- 
hood. Remember to keep on 

Mom, Dad, Ryan 

Best of Luck! 
We Love You — 

Mom, Dad, Allison 

Class of 1995 

from the 

American Legion 

357 Great Road 
Bedford, MA 

Renzo Salon 

428 North Road 
Bedford, MA 

gratulations and best wi 
on your future quests. 

Millipore Corporation 

80 Ashby Road 
Bedford, MA 01 730 

184 Football 


c rom Spire Corporation 

Our very best Wishes for health, 
happiness, and prosperity to the 
class of 1 995 and to all the students, 
faculity and administration of 
Bedford High School. 

f n Energy... 

Spire is the place to grow. — 


Spire Corporation/One Patriots Park/Bedford, Massachusetts 01730-2396 

Ads 185 

that will 

Jack Taylor 

Ed Lloyd 

Ads 18' 

First we carried you to the shore, 
then, when you could walk, we held your hand 
You loved to watch the boats galore, 
as you stood with us barefoot in the sand. 
Now we stand alone on the beach, 
watching you aboard that ship. 
It's taking you beyond our reach, 
on what will be a wonderful and rewarding trip. 

Remember, Andrea, whatever you do, 
and whatever turns your future takes; 
we will always 
love and be there 

for you. 
And don't forget 
to share your 
sweat with the 

We are all proud 

of you. 
With love from: 
Mom, Bethany 
and Pete 

A^fc If. -M^ 

to the Graduates of 


from the law o] 
Dick, Dyson, 

Bolton, EC. 


Tres Chere 

Barbra J. Niblack 
89 Concord Rd. 
Bedford, MA 01730 

Our dancer and all- 
around super star. 
You 've grown into an 
amazing young woman. 
Now go and show 'em! 
We all love you and are 

very proud. 
Mom, Dad, Karen, 
and Frank 




326 Great Road Bedford, MA 1 730 

Bedford Charter 

BEDFORD, MA 01730 

B21 188 a 

You've brought laughter and joyful music into my 
heart. You have made every experience in life a 
positve one. Building on love, kindness and 



Congratulations to Philip Toole from his uncle & 
aunt, Eric & Judy Boss. We are very proud of you 
and know that you will go on to do great things. 

Congratulations Chris Aumann, We're proud of 
you, Chris! May your life be full of the sunshine 
you bring to us. 


Mom and Dad 

For Philip E. Toole: 

Congratulations, love, and best wishes. I am very 
proud and happy to have you for a grandson. 

A. Ernestine Boss 

To Jenny St. Sauveur, 

You're the sunshine in our lives. Keep the music 
in your heart and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" 
will come true for you. 


Mom, Dad, Julie, Jeff, &Jon 

Aaron- Who said High School wouldn't be fun? 
We've learned a lot from you these past 4 years. 
Thanks for being a great son—you've made our 
job really easy! 


Mom & Dad 

Jessica Dibble 

We wish you all the Best that life has to offer. 
Keep that beautiful smile on your face and in your 

We Love You- 

Mom -Richie & The Family 

Dear Sharon, 

You've come a long way from "shmuckled up" and 
"mustbeard". We're very proud of the beautiful 
person you've become. 
Good luck, Sharon. 


Mom, Dad, Michelle and Mike 


You are the pip, the dean, and the squeezer; and you 
hung on to that boat! You have always made us 
proud, and we love you very much. 

Mom and Dad 

To our delightful and beautiful Jennifer, our sunshine. 
"Wishing you a future filled with the happiness and love 
you've given us all. 

Mom., Katie, Papa, Monica, Francisco and Kevin 

Congratulations on your graduation! 
Your enthusiasm (dare we say perki- 
ness?!) for the world and all that it has to 
offer is infectious! Don't lose your joy in 
discovery; continue to travel the globe 
with an open mind! And report back to 
us; we will always be very interested in 
what and who you find! 
All our love, 

Mom, Dad and Megan. 





Richard H. Schofield, CREA 

MA Certified Residential #43 

Suite 208 

363 Great Road 

Bedford,MA. 01730 

Telephone (617) 275-0792 
FAX (617) 271-0411 

Good Luck! 
Class of 1995 

Dr Eugene Eagles, III, D.M.D., P.C. 

Bedford Medical Building 

50 Loomis Street 

Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 



Amercan Association cf 
Orthodontists ■ " 

190 Ads 


Fine Chinese Cuisine 
BEDFORD, MA 01730 



OF 1995 


Sewon Im 

Adam Chiocca 

*«W *tittUt$ 

,(/} % Nathan flblgren 

Gat Tara Chapman MWMIc Pwl^er CWopWa™ 



Best of Luck 

to the 
Class of 1995 

192 Ads 

To Dav 
Thank yot 

For making us laugh- especially when we didn't want 
For being Muffy's personal athletic train 
For being sensitive and kind, even when you tried to act "toug 
For being a great big brother, ands also a great little broth 
For being nutty enough to hide on the rc 
For being able to fix anything that movl 
and for moving a few hearts that needed fixiM 
For your individualism, your independence, and your leaderstm 

For you commitm^ 
(and for the times we wanted to have you committe 

Mom, Dad, Brian, Rachel and Ml 



CLASS OF 1 995 

Resource Information Systems, Inc. 
Bedford's Economic Forecasters 

The First Church of Christ 
in Bedford 

Wishes the class 1995 
congratulations and suc- 
cess with your future plans. 

We can't begin to 
express the pride 
we have in you. You 
have grown to be a 
very special young 
man. All our love. 
Mom, Dad & Jen 



Oscar S. DePriest IV, D.M.D. 
Gregory R. Sopel, D.M.D. 

Concord Woods 
290 Baker Avenue 
Concord, MA 01742 
(508) 369-3831 

Bedford Common 
56 The Great Road 
Bedford, MA 01730 
(617) 275-5507 

Service Inc 

FAX 275-0000 



FoRMERly of NEW/buRy Street 
an<J BlooiviiiNqdAlES 

56 SouTh Rd. 
BEdfoRd, MA 01750 

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Your energy, honesty, creativity, hard 
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go in life. We're so proud of the young 
man you have become! 
Much love, Mom, Dad, John, Marilyn & Beth 

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You have a gentle and 
caring heart. Always 
let this be your guide 
because it is a gift 
from God. We are 
proud of you. 
Dad, Princess, Cheryl, 
Charmaine, Aisha 

_ Cory, 

m You will always be our 
May the days ahead 
continue to bring you 
much " Happiness and 
j Success" 

Dad, Mom, Kyle and 


We love you for being the 
kind, caring, loyal person 
that you are. Your enthusi- 
asm spontaneity and joy of 
life brightens our every day. 

Mom, Dad, 
and Krissy 

We're so proud of you! 

You've come so far 
and worked so hard to 
get there. We love 
Mom, Dad, and 

Andrew Oliver 
May all your 
dreams come 

Love, Mom and 




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Congratulations Nathan ! 

We are so 
proud of you 
and all your 
ments. God 
bless you! 


Mom & Dad 
Stefan & Ingrid 

Johnny Jump-up -- in its time, 
Lots of action -- that was fine. 
Now a man - a diverse chap, 
Too big now -- to cuddle in a lap 
Take your intellect -- and all you've learned. 
Apply them wisely - we have no concerns. 

Love, Dad, Mom, and Sage 



Wherever you go, 
Whatever you do, 
We'U always be there for you. 
Love, Mom, Dad, & Blake 

How proud we are of you and 
all that you have accomplished! 
We love you very much. 
May happiness and joy 
be with you always. 
Love, Mom, Dad, 
Sarah, Andrew, & Matthew 

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From war to peace, sports to music, disasters to triumph, 
1994 was a momentous year. It was full of laughter and joy, 
of sorrow and sadness, of glory and triumph. 

In February, the XVII Winter Olympic games were held 
in Lillehammer, Norway. In speed skating, Dan Jansen won 
his long awaited and long deserved Gold Medal, and 
Bonnie Blair made history by being the first American 
female Olympian to win five gold medals. Nancy Kerrigan 
captured a silver medal after recovering from an attack 
involving fellow-figure skater Tonya Harding. Katarina 
Witt, Brian Boitano, Katya Gordieva and Sergei Grinkov, 
Victor Petrenko, and other professional figure skaters 
competed with the amateurs for the first time in history. 
Tommy Moe, Picaboo Street, and others from the US ski 
team also captured glory on the slopes. 

The civil war in Rwanda began on April 6th with a plane 
crash killing President Juvenal Habyaruama. Soon, the 
long-simmering tensions between the Hutu tribe and the 
Tutsi tribe were ignited. Before the year was over another 
500,000 Rwandans had been killed and another two million 
had fled for neighboring countries. 

Peace in the Middle East seemed like more than a dream 
when Yasser Arafat, the leader of the PLO, and Yitzhak 
Rabin, the Israeli Prime Minister, signed a peace treaty in an 
attempt to end the hostility between the Arabs and Jews in 
the Middle East. President Clinton, who played host as 
Rabin and Hussein signed the treaty and shook hands, 
shared their optimism for the future. 

In June, O.J. Simpson — the football star, sportscaster, 
commercial pitchman, and actor — made front headlines 
once again. But nothing could have prepared him, or his 
fans, for the role he would play. First, Simpson was 
suspected in the brutal murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown 
Simpson and her friend, Ronald Goldman. His arrest for the 
two murders was unforgettable; America watched his white 
Bronco travel along the California freeways and then 
surrender at his own home. This has opened one of the 
most famous murder cases in American history. 

In July, Tropical storm Albert caused the flooding in 
Georgia. Thirty-one people were killed, hundreds of bridges, 
farms, and roads were destroyed, and even caskets were 
uprooted from cemeteries! 

On August 3rd, Stephen G. Breyer from Massachusetts 
was sworn in as the 108th Supreme Court Justice, replacing 
Justice Harry A. Blackmun. 

In August, the music world celebrated the twenty-fifth 
anniversary of Woodstock '69. The reunion (of sorts) was 
a time for the parents to show their kids the music that 

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influenced their childhood, and the importance of rai 
gear. When it was over, the rain-drenched and muc 
covered people went home from the sloppy fairground 
looking like the walking dead — who died smiling. 

During the summer, the World Cup came to the USA 
Here, Brazil and Italy fought for their fourth World Cu 
Trophy. After two hours of regulation play and overtime 
the two teams were still tied at 0-0. The outcome of th 
World Cup came down to penalty kicks, where th 
Brazilians had more luck and won their fourth World Cu] 
Trophy. Also, Space Shuttle Discovery lifted off for its fin 
untethered spacewalk in ten years. Astronauts propelle 
themselves along the shuttle arm during the seven-hou 
spacewalk, demonstrating a jet pack that could be used a 
a life preserver for space station crews in the future. 

On September 15th, Frank Corder, a depressed, drunt 
and suicidal truck driver, stole a plane from Baltimore an 
crashed into a tree on the South Lawn. The plane came t 
rest on the wall of the White House and burst into flame* 

In September, twenty-one-year-old Heather Whiteston 
from Alabama was crowned as the 68th Miss America 
Whitestone, who is the first deaf Miss America, captured th 
hearts of millions with her ballet performance to music the 
she couldn't hear and her slogan, "Youth Motivatior 
Anything is Possible." 

Additionally, Aerosmith, the heavy metal "bad boys fror 
Boston," took home three MTV Music Video Awards i 
September. At the awards ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. Michae 
Jackson were presented; the marriage between Jackson an 
Lisa Marie Presley (Elvis Presley's daughter) has been 
match made in tabloid heaven. 

In the fall, Americans watched the story of Susan Smit 
of Union County, South Carolina. She searched for her tw 
young sons, who she claimed had been kidnapped. Bu 
as the investigation continued, Smith confessed to havin 
put her kids in her car and then letting it drive into a lake 
drowning the children. 

Also in 1994, many people who had made history passe 
away. Included in that lengthy list are: Menachem Mende 
Schneerson (Lubavitcha Rabbi), Cab Calloway (big-ban 
leader), Jessica Tandy (stage and movie actress), Harrie 
Nelson (TV actress), Tip O'Neill (former Speaker of th 
House of Representatives), Richard M. Nixon (former U 
president), Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis (forme 
first lady), John Candy (movie actor), and Kurt Cobai 

And, as we reflect on the past year, we realize that we wi 
never forget these truly significant events! 

Millions of Rwandan refugees fled from their homeland. 


In a historic moment, PLO leader Arafat and Prime Minister 
Rabin shake hands and agree to stop calling each other "yutz" 
during important high-level negotiations. 

iill and Hilary are caught off guard at Woodstock "94. Look what a nice mud bath can 
io for people! 

The Juice is loose ... in a white Ford 



The Bedford High School 1995 Yearbook was printed 
oy poor hungry blind workers in third world countries 
: or outrageously low wages, and ably smuggled to our 
chores by the Jostens Printing & Publishing Division, 
101 Science Park, State College, PA, 16801. Our plant 
epresentative was Linda Nolf , our Jostens double agent 
vas John Neister, and our plant Picasso was Rick 

Senior portraits and group photos were taken by 
epresentatives from Burlington Studios, and eventu- 
illy given back. Special thanks go to Jack Kelly and 
)iane of Burlington Studios, 99R Cambridge Street, 
Turlington, MA, 01830, and Tim Ryan of the Bedford 
ahletic Association, who consistently put up with us, 
lever once mentioning our constant unreasonable 
lesires for more! The underclasshuper portraits were 
iken, re-taken, and taken again by grim-faced, dis- 
;runtled employees of O'Connor School Pictures, 1348 

Main Street, Tewksbury, MA, 01876. 

The yearbook cover was printed on some inflexible 
substance and colored with Bleu Royal #347, Blanc 
#534, and Or Riche #327. Any other colors you might 
have incurred on your cover due to shipping and 
handling are not the responsiblity of the Yearbook staff. 
Headlines, secondary headlines, punch lines, sidelines, 
fine lines, picket lines, power lines, and practically 
every other word in the yearbook were printed in either 
Garamond, Zapf Chancery, or New York font. 

The divider art was by Jeff York and Ellen Gersh, who 
are pleased to announce that they have finally gotten 
their names in a Colophon. No animals were harmed 
in the production of this Yearbook. For a transcript of 
this yearbook, send $25 to Rachel Siegel at Room E-3, 
Beford High School, Mudge Way, Bedford, MA, 01730, 
or by calling (617) 275-1700, ext. 127. You'll get what 
you deserve; we promise. 'Bye, y'all! 

Colophon 20"